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A message was posted recently asking if I had a list of songs written by MJ. Here's what I have in my database. As far as I know, MJ contributed both to the lyrics and music. (And one song was written about me - if you don't know which one, you can guess.) I have several others on demo cassettes submitted to his publisher which I'm sure he wrote or cowrote. I should contact them.

Annie's First Rain - Michael Johnson
At the Drop of a Tear - Michael Johnson, K. Flemming
Back On Track - Michael Johnson, D. Gibson
Back to My Blues - Michael Johnson, Jack Sundrud
Better Brother - Michael Johnson & Michael Lille
Big Lippin' - Michael Johnson & J Salestrom
Breakfast Again - Michael Johnson, Kent Robbins
Burning My Heart at Both Ends - Jim Varsos, Michael Johnson
Cain's Blood - Michael Johnson
Central Standard Time - Michael Johnson, Kent Robbins
Circus - Michael Johnson, Laurie Kuehn, John Denver
Come to Me - Michael Johnson
Crying Shame - Michael Johnson, Don Schlitz, Brent Maher
Dancin' Tonight - Bill LaBounty, Michael Johnson
Distant Fire - Michael Johnson, Wayne Carson, Bill Piburn
Do It Yourself - Michael Johnson, Joanie Chappell Beeson
A Dream Within a Dream - Michael Johnson
Driving Through the Hills of Mexico - Michael Johnson
Either You or Me - Hugh Prestwood, Michael Johnson
Emilio - Michael Johnson, Tom Keaton
Farewell to Lorien - J.R.R. Tokein/ M. Johnson & M. Henley (music)
Fate At the Wheel - Michael Johnson, Mark Henley
Froggin' - Mark Henley, Michael Johnson
Got You Covered - Biff Rose, Michael Johnson (prologue & epilogue)
Gotta Learn to Love without You - Kent Robbins, Michael Johnson
Happier Days - Michael Johnson
Heather’s Money - Michael Johnson, Randy Goodrum
Hills - Michael Johnson
Home - Denny Brooks, Michael Johnson
Home Free - Michael McDonald, Michael Johnson
I Could Love You with My Eyes Closed - Michael Johnson, Kent Robbins
I Don’t Have a Prayer - Jim Varsos, Michael Johnson
I Just Want to Sing with You - Michael Johnson
I Need You Now - Michael Johnson, Rick Beausford
I Need Your Light - Michael Johnson, Jim Varsos
I'm Hurtin' - Michael Johnson, Bill LaBounty
I’ve Already Flown - Michael Johnson, S. Franks
It’s All Done With Mirrors - Michael Johnson, Jim Varsos
It's Still You - Michael Johnson
Jimmy - Jeff Klaser, Michael Johnson
Labor of Love - Michael Johnson, J.D. Martin
Lady on the Horse - Michael Johnson
Leave It Alone - Michael Johnson & Bill LaBounty
Leave It to a Child - Michael Johnson, Randy Sharp
The Line - Michael Johnson, Jim Varsos
Minute She's Gone - Michael Johnson, Craig Carp
Mommy, You Can Trust Me - Michael Johnson, & Martin Yarborough
Mona Ray - Leo Kottke & Michael Johnson
My Father's Shoes - Michael Johnson, Susan Longacre
My Own Satie - Leo Kottke, Michael Johnson
Never Gonna Look Back - Bill LaBounty, Michael Johnson
No One I Know - Michael Johnson, Jon Vezner
Nobody Home in My Heart - Michael Johnson, Liz Hengber
O.B. Glad - Mark Henley & Michael Johnson
Okay It’s Over - Michael Johnson, T Damphier
One Mile Apart - Lisa Aschmann, Michael Johnson, Karen Taylor-Good
Punchline - Michael Johnson, Michael Lille
Ready for the Rain - Michael Johnson, R. Orrall
Rose - Bill LaBounty, Michael Johnson
Rusty Rails - Michael Johnson, Gary Scruggs
The Same Heart - Michael Johnson, C. Carpe
She's Almost Gone - Michael Johnson, Kent Robbins
A Single Word - Michael Johnson, Chappell Beeson
Slow Dancin’ Ends Too Fast - Michael Johnson, C. Carpe
So So - Josef Myrow, Mack Gordon, Michael Johnson
Software - Michael Johnson, Randy Goodrum
Someone’s Out There - Michael Johnson, Jim Varsos
This Ain't the Night to Be Me - Michael Johnson, Kent Robbins
Time to Time - Michael Johnson, female unknown
To Feel a Friend - Michael Johnson
Way Too Blonde - Michael Johnson & WT Davidson
We’re Still Holding Hands - Michael Johnson, Kent Robbins
What Did I Do With You - Michael Johnson, Kent Robbins
When She Smiled at Him - Michael Johnson, Chappell Beeson
Wilson Girl - Michael Johnson, Ted Sherman, Mark Henley
With You, With Me - Michael Johnson, Kent Robbins
WWOOWW!! I had no idea he was so prolific. There are so many facets to MJ that almost nobody knew, certainly I didn't.
And if I search back through my notes and links I could find out which one was written for you (I used to know) but I can't put my finger on it right now. So embarrassed.
You've opened up a whole new world for me.

P.S. Michael always spelled Mona Ray as Mona Rae.
Amazing! That's 75 songs! Wish he would've recorded more of his own songs! Do you happen to know if anyone else ever recorded songs MJ wrote?
4Runner had a hit with the 2nd Cain's Blood. Other less famous recorded that song also - can't remember if it was the first or second version. They'd give their CDs to MJ at concerts and he'd leave them with me so I probably still have them.

Central Standard Time was recorded by The Kendalls. (I think they also recorded a country version of Bluer Than Blue but not sure.)

Mary Travers (Peter Paul & Mary) recorded a great version of Circus - it was my mom's favorite song before I even knew MJ wrote it. I played it for Michael in the 90's. He claimed he had never heard it or knew she recorded it. (I found that hard to believe.) And he sang it for me and I recorded it and it was the only time I had heard him sing it until I was given old demos and concert tapes from 1968-1970. I thought it was one of his best songs.

Judy Collins recorded Emilio.

Michael told me the daughter of a famous musician was going to record Leave It Alone but I don't think it happened. I can't remember the daughter or father's names. Lawson maybe?

Others have recorded the songs he covered because of his versions, like Jim Salestrom and Hobo Jim with Bristlecone Pine. Alison Kruass learned I'm Gone and Ghost in This House from MJ.

Sorry I don't know of any more...

Thank you SO much for this list! I had zero idea that MJ had been involved with writing so many songs! "Dancin' Tonight" is one of my favorites, but also from that list, I really like "What Did I Do With You". So many wonderful songs by a wonderful person. Pete
Today I was reminded of Suzy Bogguss' recording of "When She Smiled at Him" in 1994.
Gosh, so many songs on this list that I've never heard and wish I could!
(07-17-2019, 07:39 PM)Corliss Brecht Wrote: [ -> ]Gosh, so many songs on this list that I've never heard and wish I could!

Well hopefully you will hear all of them as I put the on YouTube!
(06-11-2019, 06:21 PM)Cindy M Wrote: [ -> ]Today I was reminded of Suzy Bogguss' recording of "When She Smiled at Him" in 1994.

Nice song and recording... thanks Cindy