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Thank you for the add to this forum...
I had just seen recently of Michael's passing and was saddened to hear that he was gone. I found this forum and wanted to share an experience I had meeting Michael Johnson.
In 1987, I was fortunate enough to meet Michael and hear him do some short acoustic sets in a small lounge in Watertown, SD.
My band was playing at a motel lounge in Watertown, SD, sometime in late fall of 1987.
We were about to start our show when this man came up and asked if he could take the stage and play some acoustic sets during our breaks. We were a bit skeptical because we had no idea who this guy was. He then said his name was Michael Johnson and that he was the writer/performer of the song, "Bluer Than Blue", among others. We were all fairly young in '87, but we'd all heard this song on the radio in the past. Apparently he had produced some kind of proof of his identity to our lead singer, so we agreed to let him play. I'm so glad we did! At one point, he played "Bluer Than Blue" and that definitely was proof of who he was!
I didn't get to have a long, in depth conversation with him, but did find out his being there when we were was by pure chance. He just happened to be traveling to his home in Minnesota and chose to stay at the motel who's lounge we were playing in and thought he'd ask if he could do some songs to pass the evening.
I did get to talk to him long enough to know that he was a really nice, laid back guy.
It is an experience, although I don't remember every detail, I will never forget who he was and that we were fortunate to be able to share a stage with him for a night.
Thank you, Michael, for the experience. May you rest in peace as you sit in and play the great gig in the sky...
Love this story. Thank you for sharing! It’s a shame his passing wasn’t widely publicized. I guess they didn’t want anyone to know for some reason. His executor accused me of notifying the Minneapolis paper (I didn’t, I think it was Michael Monroe). After Minnesota Public Radio called me wanting a quote, I later found out my sister, who had known him long before I had, had called them. There was nothing on the local TV news, on which he had appeared so many times live. If I had known better, I would have called everyone. Only the CMA awards that year showed his passing in their In Memorium section. He deserved better.