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Full Version: MJ + MN symphony orchestra
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In June 2000 MJ did a concert with the MN symphony orchestra.  I'm very curious how this played out. Do you have any video or audio of this event? Not sure how a symphony wouldn't overwhelm 1 guy and his guitar but I'd love this!
Isn't that funny? This concert popped into my head a couple days ago! That's so weird. Anyway, Michael gave me a recording of it but it's on a cassette I haven't come across lately but I'm keeping my eyes out for it. I DO have photos from it on the concert photos page but I didn't take any photos during the concert. I video taped one song from the show, Run My Life, which is also linked from the concert photos page. My still camera had a video feature but it was limited to 30 seconds so I stitched all of them together. I wish I had splurged back them for a decent video camera. BTW, this is the February 27, 2004 show. I'm not showing a 2000 show...

[Image: ohbackstage.jpg]
I didn't look hard enough. So yes, the June 25, 2000 was with the symphony. I remember buying a dress and new shoes and selling CDs and sitting on the side with Deanna. I remember the rehearsal and I thought I took photos then but can't find any. I remember having a break with MJ outside beforehand and he said he liked my new sandals. But like I said, I know I have a recording of the concert.

The 2004 concert was him with Jelly Roll Johnson and Becky Schlegel was the warm up act. That's the one I took lots of soundcheck photos of.

I have quite a few audio recordings of him with symphonies. Maybe both concerts and rehearsals. I'll look at my database.