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Full Version: Gustavus Concert Tapes
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The Gustavus recording engineer will be sending me all his DAT tapes of the concerts he recorded. Previoussly he had given me mix CDs or the concerts with only the songs. 

He says "All The recordings I have are DATs. My DAT player is failing but the last time I played the tapes they were deteriorating so good to have someone work on them and preserve those wonderful concert performances."

Unfortunately I gave back Michael's DAT machine to the family and used units are pricey on eBay. I couldn't find any for rent ion the Twin Cities. 

The tapes should be baked first if they're deteriorating. The place I go to for baking and conversion, TwoSquares, they don't charge for the baking if you pay for any conversion. Unfortunately conversion is $20 a tape. I don't know how many tapes I'll be getting and if it's a large amount if TwoSquares will give me any price break. In any case, I may have to ask for donations as I'm without funds.

When I get the tapes, I will add another posting. Just wanted to let you know, we might have some great concerts to listen to soon!
I'd love to hear/see those tapes so let us know what's happening with that.

Michael did many, many concerts the day after Christmas, but did he ever do a concert that was primarily Christmas music? I seem to remember reading he wanted to do a Christmas album but sadly, that didn't happen.
Yes, he always said he was going to put out a Christmas album. It's too bad as classic carols performed by him would have sounded great, like his "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," especially if they had been just him and his guitar. His other Christmas songs weren't classic carols.
The only Christmas songs I've heard him do are This Time of Year and Upon a Christmas Eve. Do you have more?
Winter Sky, Christmas in Their Eyes, New Boots, Shop, Douglas Mountain, There’s a New Kid in Town, were his “holiday” sings. There must be others I’m sure.
Do we need to start a fundraising drive for the work to be done? If people just contributed $20 each, it would mean a concert would be done right? Or do you need the DAT player too? I am stupid about these things.
(07-18-2019, 09:01 PM)Iowafemale Wrote: [ -> ]Do we need to start a fundraising drive for the work to be done?  If people just contributed $20 each, it would mean a concert would be done right?  Or do you need the DAT player too?  I am stupid about these things.

I haven’t gotten the tapes yet. One thing I’ve found with Michael’s music is that many people makes promises and don’t deliver. But some do! I’ll let everyone know if I get the tapes. 

Because he said the tapes had started to deteriorate, they should be baked and converted by professionals. That cost would be the same as buying a used DAT player off eBay.