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Full Version: Remembering and being thankful....
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On this two year anniversary of Michael's passing, I simply wanted to say how thankful I am for Michael's wonderful music.  His voice was like no other.  His guitar playing was nothing short of magical.  Not a week goes by that I don't listen to his singing, and I watch the wonderful youtube videos that Cindy uploads to Youtube (thank you Cindy!).  

I am sad today, but so grateful to have lived to experience meeting and listening to Michael perform in person.  So memorable.  Peter
Well said Peter...that pretty much sums up my sentiments as well!  As a fan and concert goer or MJ's since 1981 I am still in awe of his talent.  His voice, guitar skills and great sense of humor still lift my spirits each and every time I watch or listen to him.  His music lives on and for that I am so grateful! Heart
If only all those unpublished songs could be mastered to CDs.... I know I'd buy them in a flash!