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Full Version: How Can It Be?
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How can it be two years?  It seems like forever actually.  I find myself today at the Mayo Clinic, ironically the last place I heard Michael sing when he was using oxygen.  We got done with appointments early morning that day and Michael's performance was during a late lunch hour.  I knew there was a lot to do at home, so I told my husband we didn't have to stay if he was in a hurry to get home.  My husband saw Michael walking around pulling his little tank and said he thought I might want to stay, not knowing when Michael would be performing close again.  I am so happy we made that choice.  I am grateful for those of us who Michael brought together...getting to know Cindy has been a gift.  She has worked her tail off for all of us.  I woke up this morning humming "Kiss Me Goodbye" and it caused a flow of tears.  I guess it's message needed to be brought to my attention, for we do not know when our last time with someone will be.  Be well.