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Full Version: 1983 audio, outdoor concert
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Weird story. This cassette has been on a shelf for months. Had no idea what was on it. Don't know who gave it to me but it's from around May 1983. Five songs:

My Old Yellow Car, Old Fashioned Love, People Still Fall in Love, Gimmie That Wine, California is a Mental State

You've got a lot of GOLD on those shelves of yours, Cindy.
It's beenĀ on a bathroom shelf, between the Q-tips and the cat's prescription medicine.
I sent you the cassette about 15 years ago. Michael was giving a concert at Sibley Park in Mankato and the concert was being broadcast on KEEZ radio in Mankato. I recorded it off the broadcast. I would play it from time to time and decided that maybe you could use it. Glad to hear it again. Thanks.
I appreciate you sending it to me so I could share it with everyone and for giving me the details today. Off to put the details on the video! Thanks so much!
P.S. Thank you for recording it! And I found your email where you offered the tape.