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Hello!  Was thumbing through some YouTube videos of Michael’s last night, and kept seeing the “MJ Blue” listed, so figured that was Michael’s own website. Today, found the official site and started reading. Then joined up a few minutes ago. First off - I had no idea until today of MJ’s passing a few years ago. And I had no idea until yesterday that he’s been at it as long as he had!

Saw Michael at a concert (late 80’s?) at the Casa de Amistad center (Lon C. Hill park) in Harlingen, TX. Had never heard of him, and frankly can’t remember under what circumstances I even attended. However, I was completely blown away by his show. He was so genuine - voice and instrument seemed as one singular, effortless unit. Never had I seen a small crowd so 100% focused on someone performing their craft. I bought the “That’s That” CD there that night, and very soon knew all the words to all the songs. And, as a young man in my late 20’s at the time, I must admit that the album was used more than once to help swoon the fairer sex!  

I am a middle-of-the-road guitar player, but MJ’s style and delivery of music and vocals is what I always strived for. *Feeling* the songs. “Some People’s Lives” is one of my all-time favorites - and what I was looking for on YT last night. 

Cindy (and others) - thanks so much for keeping Michael’s legacy alive. I look forward to sifting through the hours of concerts etc that you and others have made available. I’m sure I will find even more reasons to keep listening to his music!!

Thx again!
Thank you for your story and for posting!