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Yesterday I uploaded a MJ/Mark Henley concert downloaded last year from the Paste Magazine site which no longer has all these concerts. And they only had the songs listed but I was able to dig deep and find the in between intros. Yay! "Are My Thoughts with You" has always been a favorite of mine.

Amazingrace, Evanston IL, with Mark Henley 5/26/1975
Songs are:
Motherlode (Richard Pinney)
Mona Ray (Leo Kottke & Michael Johnson)
Wilson Girl (Michael Johnson, Ted Sherman & Mark Henley)
O.B. Glad (Mark Henley & Michael Johnson)
Are My Thoughts With You (Mickey Newberry)
Medley: Bye Baby Bunting (traditional)/Fathers and Sons (Carl Franzen) /Mother Nature's Son (Lennon & McCartney), 
Rooty Toot Toot for the Moon (Greg Brown) - unfortunately is cut off

Set 2: 
Mona Ray (Leo Kottke & Michael Johnson)
Sweet Substitute (Jelly Roll Morton)
What's Time to a Hog (Dean Webb & Mitchell F. Jayne)
Cain's Blood (Michael Johnson)
The Sunset Years (Mark Henley)
O.B. Glad (Mark Henley & Michael Johnson)
The Time to Live (Buzzy Linhart)
Don't You Go Under (Mark Henley)
Love and Sex (Tom Rapp)