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Full Version: YouTube-Full concert video 1996
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Michael Johnson - In Concert 11/15/1996 Rockford ILĀ 


Songs: The Honey Wind Blows
Why It Kills Us to Compromise
It's My Job
The Line
Sweet Lorraine
Never Gonna Look Back
Company Man. Nothing Sweeter than Sin
Cain's Blood
Bristlecone Pine
The Number and the Name
Dirty Hands Dirty Faces
Ghost In This House
Roller Coaster Run
The Last One Singing the Blues
Miami Beach
Jacques Cousteau
A Friend of Mine is Going Blind
Ain't Dis Da Life
The Moon is Still Over Her Shoulder
Life's a Bitch
Some People's Lives
Give Me Wings
Photographs and Memories
Don't Look for Love
Excellent, thanks so much, AGAIN, Cindy.