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Symphony concert - Youtube audio - Cindy M - 07-13-2019

Michael Johnson - In Concert with Symphony
Possibly Abilene Symphony 9/18/1993


Bluer Than Blue, Sailing Without a Sail, I'll Always Love You, Drops of Water, Almost Like Being in Love, I Can't Get to You From Here, It's My Job, Old Folks, Garbage Can, Dialogue, Roller Coaster Run, Give Me Wings, This Night Won't Last Forever

Photos: Rochester MN w/Minnesota Pops Orchestra 6/27/85 (photo by Cindy), MIS Orchestra, Maryville, TN 2/13/11 (photos by Jolanda Jansma)

Added at the request of POB. Requests are always welcome and I tend to get to those faster than adding ones on my own but I'm trying to be better.

RE: Symphony concert - Youtube audio - drd - 07-13-2019

Thanks so much for this, Cindy. Another gem.

RE: Symphony concert - Youtube audio - robin e - 08-31-2019

Love this one too Cindy!  Beautiful ! Heart Heart Heart Smile