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Motherlode 1973 - YouTube audio - Cindy M - 07-17-2019

Michael Johnson - Motherlode c. 1973

Songwriter: Richard Pinney (Dick) - Also the songwriter of other other MJ covers: Walk Me Round Your Garden, She's My School, Bad Roads in Spring, No One Can Hurt You Like a Friend (according to MJ, denied by RP)


Demo for 2nd album (For All You Mad Musicians)
This was a tape recorded for drummer Gary Gauger. When I spoke with Gary last year, he said he never heard it. 

MJ gave this to me back in the 70's. So I've had it for quite awhile but listening to it today to check the lyrics to include with the YouTube video, since he changed them frequently, I was awed by his vocals and guitar.

Recorded "On top of this mountain just above Salt Lake City."

Song 3 of 6. Guessing on year.

[Image: 9427.jpg]

RE: Motherlode 1973 - YouTube audio - Gitchel - 10-26-2019

Wow. I actually used to perform this song. That’s a memory I’m not sure I wanted ;-)

But thank you!