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Remembering and being thankful.... - retnavycpo - 07-25-2019

On this two year anniversary of Michael's passing, I simply wanted to say how thankful I am for Michael's wonderful music.  His voice was like no other.  His guitar playing was nothing short of magical.  Not a week goes by that I don't listen to his singing, and I watch the wonderful youtube videos that Cindy uploads to Youtube (thank you Cindy!).  

I am sad today, but so grateful to have lived to experience meeting and listening to Michael perform in person.  So memorable.  Peter

RE: Remembering and being thankful.... - robin e - 07-26-2019

Well said Peter...that pretty much sums up my sentiments as well!  As a fan and concert goer or MJ's since 1981 I am still in awe of his talent.  His voice, guitar skills and great sense of humor still lift my spirits each and every time I watch or listen to him.  His music lives on and for that I am so grateful! Heart

RE: Remembering and being thankful.... - hiratsuka - 08-02-2019

If only all those unpublished songs could be mastered to CDs.... I know I'd buy them in a flash!