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Alone Enough - Concert Audio - Cindy M - 04-23-2020

Alone Enough
In Concert 12/28/79


RE: Alone Enough - Concert Audio - drd - 04-23-2020

Wow, he has such a way with a song, the inflections in his voice. He just KNOWS HOW to sing. Amazing

RE: Alone Enough - Concert Audio - Cindy M - 04-23-2020

This was a concert I did not attend. I was in the hospital due to a car accident and a fractured pelvis. He and Sally taped it for me and the nurses found me a cassette player. My tickets were used by my 11 year old sister and older brother; I had planned on bringing my sister. They went backstage and MJ gave my sis the tapes. He and Sally visited me in the hospital and gave me Christmas presents - one was a complete set of The Lord of the Rings. He was very famous in Minnesota due to Bluer Than Blue the year before. The nurses were all gaga, they recognized him when he asked for my room number, and when one of the nurses who had been in my room went back to the nurses station, the others asked her about MJ. She replied "He's smoking a cigarette, just like anyone else!" (Back when you could actually smoke in hospital rooms.) You weren't allowed any phone calls after 8 but his were always put through after 11pm.

RE: Alone Enough - Concert Audio - drd - 04-23-2020

Hahahaha, great story. I like that, "hey, he's just like a 'regular guy!" OMG...too funny. I bet you got special treatment after that. Maybe they were looking at you afterwards thinking, 'should I recognize her too? Yea, I think....yes she must be....oh, what's her name?

I love it, Cindy, those are the experiences that make life special.

RE: Alone Enough - Concert Audio - Cindy M - 04-27-2020

My sister told me years later I was very demanding towards the nurses. I wanted soda, pain shots, etc.