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Michael's voice - retnavycpo - 07-29-2020

I listened to "No One I Know" on YouTube yesterday.  Thank you Cindy! 

It occurred to me that Michael's voice has always sounded so familiar to me.  I heard "Bluer Than Blue" for the first time, when I was at Mankato University, living just off campus in a apartment.  Two girls who lived across the hall would play his music often, and it seemed to me that (even though I had never heard any of his music); it was like listening to a long time friend.  When I met Michael in 1998, it was more like a reunion of old friends, even though we'd never met.  Michael had a way of making everyone he met, feel that way.

And every time I listen to his wonderful music, I always feel better.  

Thank you Cindy, for keeping his music alive.  Peter