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3 uploads - Cindy M - 03-30-2021


The Minute She's Gone

Love of the Common People


Nashville Now, around late 1987 (That's What Your Love Does to Me & It Must Be You)

RE: 3 uploads - drd - 03-31-2021

Thanks for this, Cindy. Haven't heard from you for a while.

I haven't seen the Nashville Now video before, maybe I just missed it. Great material. And I think by the look of things it was recorded sometime during one of his appearances in 1989. He looks more like he did inTexas Connection than earlier. Though you would know best. And he mentions London, but I don't know when he made that trip.

Keep up the great work. Us die-hard fans keep lapping this up.

RE: 3 uploads - Cindy M - 04-02-2021

Because his two songs were from Wings, I figured earlier. But definitely could be later. Don’t know when he went to London. I received this recording from someone else.