Ugly Woman - new Youtube demo 1970
Michael Johnson - Ugly Woman c. 1970 demo

I can't make the last two words. Help?

On a reel to reel tape with a 1970 concert and 4 other demos
The last recording I have of him performing this in concert was in 1972.
aka "Gonna Go Out and Find An Ugly Woman to Love"
Written by James Ford, recorded by James Reed
Ain't gonna drink no more tobacco
Aiin't gonna smoke no more moonshine
Ain’t gonna talk about pretty women
Ain't gonna bother now to waste my time
Ain't gonna drink no more black coffee
Thinkin' about her till the broad daylight
I'm gonna go out and find an ugly woman to love

I'm gonna go get on my walkin' shoes
And walk on down the avenue
I'm gonna keep on walkin' till I find an ugly woman to love
I don't care if she's short, don't care if she's fat
Good to me and that's where it's at
I'm gonna go and find an ugly woman to love
Cindy McArthur, Webmaster
Sounds to me like 'buy bonds.'

...drink no more tobacco, smoke no more moonshine????

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