Hi Cindy.
Glad you are up and running again. Michael had great judgement when he got hold of you. He generally was, you know. I can't think of anybody as loyal, as dedicated, as hard working, as just plain unstoppable and as worthy of promoting Michael's legacy as you. If possible I would like to purchase the Jacques Brel playbill at whatever price you care to put on it. There are quite a few memories (and stories) for me connected with Michael's  time (bearded) in the Chicago cast and I would dearly love to have it . I seem to remember that there were at least some rehearsal tapes done at the time but I am not sure .. or if so if they were kept. Jack Cecchini (Jack Cecchini Classic and Modern Guitar Studios --Evanston Ill) --who was one of the musicians for the Jacques Brel Review and who Michael took some lessons from during the run-- might know … though that was a long, long  time ago.

If you find the playbill, just let me know what you want for it. Thanks again for all you do!
Bruce Scott McKellar      

Hi all,

I plan to add a new page of MJ Memorabilia

On my list to take photos of:

MJ t-shirt of RCA best of
MJ t-shirt and matching hat from Wynonna/Clint back tour
Gold MJ guitar pin
Flute and flute songbook
Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris playbill (gotta find it)
Gold record (I'll Always Love You)
The MJ Album Songbook and song sheets???
Promo Kit from 1997
The stack of his concert contracts???
Ticket stubs???

Please reply here or drop me a note if you can think of anything else. Thanks!

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