(09-16-2019, 05:18 PM)pob Wrote: Well, in that case....

Think Gustavus will part with any tapes of Michael's concerts?  He had such a long history with them!

The sound engineer a few years back recorded them. He gave me CDs, edited songs only. I reached out to him to get the full shows and he said his DAT tapes were deteriorating and he was happy to send them to me. But my subsequent email and text have gone unanswered - I hope he's okay. Today I emailed the person who put on the concerts every year and who gave me the engineer's contact info to see if he knew anything so we'll see. The concerts before and after this engineer's tenure were not recorded. Sure wish I had the 70's shows since he had performed there for over 40 years!!

I have a couple of shows Michael had on DAT tapes but he recorded over the beginning of them. If I don't get the other DAT tapes, I'll put up what I have.
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