23rd years of mjblue.com
Hi. I am new here. I will keep this short, but there is so much I could say. Thank you for the posts to youtube. I am from the USA but moved to the Philippines. The last few months I have been living in and out of a hospital. My twin boys had to be Csectioned 2 months early. They have been trying to stay alive in the Neonatal ICU. This has been a very hard time with lots of days to reflect. Michael Johnson was always my favorite since BthanB came out. Never owned much of his music. It was not easy to find, but I looked thousands of times during my life in every record store I shopped at. Thanks for the music posts. They have been comforting in this difficult time. I will now take the time to read every post on mjblue. The live stuff and demos are wonderful. Please keep posting. Thanks to Michael Johnson. You left us a treasure on your art that makes the world a better place. My twin boys love your music. It soothes them. They will grow up listening to you and share it with others along the way.

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