Amazon Wish List / radio mention / Requests
Hello all,

I have started a Amazon wish list for supplies I need to maintain Michale's website and organize his music media. I only have one item on there as of now. I thought I'd start this in case you thought any monetary donations would go to cat toys or high priced wine.  Tongue  Still unemployed so I'm thankful I cut out all wine a few months ago.

An old friend/former coworker messaged me the following a couple days ago:
Tonight on while in the car at about 5:55 pm radio station Love 105 was cueing up an MJ song and they mentioned the MJBlue website
This is a Twin Cities radio station and the song was "Almost Like Being in Love." Wonderful that his music is still being played and it made my day to hear about the website mention!

If I can find it (currently misplaced, hence my Amazon wishlist), I'm putting up a video later today which was a recent request. If anyone has specific video or song requests, please let me know.
Cindy McArthur, Webmaster

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