My MJ song database
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I have 610 songs in my database which were performed by MJ. I have a total of 653, the others include DB&J, Mark Henley, MJ's ads, songwriters' demos. I don't have listed the songs he told me he had performed but which I had never heard or didn't have recordings of. He used to have a list on his laptop of all the songs he had performed in his long career and he once read song of them off to me once at Gustavus backstage. I NEVER thought to ask for a copy of the list. When he asked me to be his archivist, again, why didn't I think to ask for it.

This is an example of the song section of the database. (I also have sections for songwriter and venue.)

Any thoughts what I should do with this info with regards to the website? I could list every song and songwriter but it would be hard to list the venues attached to each song. (Unfortunately I don't have online SQL database knowledge.) I suppose I could simply state whether he recorded it, performed it in concert, etc.

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Cindy McArthur, Webmaster
Cindy, this is a gold mine.
I could soak it all up, but in what format? I assume what you have above is a graphic representation of the database?
Depends on how much space is taken up on your server(s) but what you have here would be good for me. It has all pertinent info plus lyrics. Links to audio recordings would be an asset but I'm sure that all would be a WHOLE LOTTA WORK!
Amazing. Anyway that's my take.

If graphics are not an option, then....I don't know how ele you could present all the info.???

Attached is a page from the venue section, 438 entries. These can be concerts, demo tapes, a TV show, etc. This database is in FileMaker Pro. If I had the brains to convert it to a SQL server database to put it online, well, I don't. When I try exporting a page to a web format, it's messy, plus it would be one page for each entry and not all info is exportable. I stopped keeping it up years ago then started again in 2017. But I have many lyrics to add and tapes I've never added which I'd have to find first. Everything MJ gave me in 2017 is up to date except the lyrics.

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Cindy McArthur, Webmaster

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