Two New Photos from c. 1972
I was recently given these two lovely photos from the estate of Joy Malmgren, a long time MJ friend. She was associated with the Extempore Coffeehouse in Minneapolis in the 1970's. Her note is the photographer was Rob Larson. The thinking was these were taken at the Extemp but a comment "As I look closer at the picture I believe the mics do not look like ones from the Extemp at that time".

I'm dating these to around 1972 because I have many other photos where he's wearing that plaid shirt though I haven't been able to completely identify any of them with the exact date. They could be 1973 or 1974 instead. The photos are on the Concert Photos 1970-1999 page.

[Image: 72extemp1.jpg]

[Image: 72extemp2.jpg]
Cindy McArthur, Webmaster
As a former guitar teacher, I was always impressed by how Michael’s position was so absolutely perfect. Forty-five and ninety degree angles everywhere. Perfect left hand. Amazing right hand. Never wasting energy or compromising position for the sake of physical drama. It all went into the music.

If I was still teaching, I would simply hand every student these photos. “Do it this way.”
Jeff Gitchel
Loved reading this. I bet he would have, too. I'm assuming he learned this in Spain? But that's a guess on my part.

It's nice these photos show this.
Cindy McArthur, Webmaster

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