Orchestra Hall 1985 concert audio
Michael Johnson - In Concert 12/26/1985
Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis MN


1981 Photos by Todd L. Winge
Songs: O.B. Glad (Michael Johnson & Mark Henley), Circle of Fifths (Raun MacKinnon), Never Gonna Look Back (Bill LaBounty & Michael Johnson), Drops of Water (Bill LaBounty, Roy Freeland), Life's a Bitch (Thom Schuyler, Fred Knobloch), No One Can Hurt You Like a Friend (Don Lange), Troubled For You (Ted Sherman), The Sunset Years (Mark Henley), White House Pet (Mac McAnally), Mr. Arthur's Place (Thom Bishop), Thanks to You (Jesse Winchester), Empty Hearts (Michael McDonald), Old Fashioned Love (LaBounty & Freeland), I'll Always Love You (Tom Snow & Eric Kaz), Twenty-Five Words or Less (LaBounty), It's My Job (Mac McAnally), Departure (Hugh Prestwood), Sailing Without a Sail (LaBounty & Freeland), Sermonette (Jon Hendricks), Yellow Car (Thom Schuyler), People Still Fall in Love (Thom Schuyler), Temptation (Randy Goodrum), Lucky Stars (Raun MacKinnon), It Goes Like It Goes (David Shire & Norman Gimbel), Rosalee (Stuart Harris), Give Me Wings (Rhonda Fleming & Don Schlitz), Hangin' On (Mickey Jupp & Chris East), I Can't Get to You From Here (F.O. Knipe & S.D. Chandler), Magic Time (Jamie O'Hara & Kevin Welch), The Moon is Still Over Her Shoulder (Prestwood), There's a New Kid in Town (Don Cook, Claude Putman, Keith Whiteley), Walk Me Round Your Garden (Richard Pinney), One Note Samba (Carlos Jobim)
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