Lifetime Guarantee uploads YT audio
Yesterday and today the following were uploaded. These songs were recorded for Lifetime Guarantee but were omitted.

One Step Ahead of the Bad News
This was given to me by MJ in 1992 on a cassette and went through a couple conversions and the pitch was off.

Love You Back
This one and the next were on a cassette in July 1982 when MJ came visiting and I dubbed it to reel-to-reel which is what i converted it from yesterday. 

One Step Ahead of the Bad News
So an earlier version than the first.

I also have versions from July 1982 of those songs along with Temptation and Q.T. with no vocals. Also, Temptation and three versions of Q.T. with vocals. I've never listened to all of them closely to see if I could tell any differences. 

I don't know if all of these were before they were mixed but they could be since One Step Ahead of the Bad News was.

Lifetime Guarantee was MJ's least favorite album. Fans either seem to love it or not like it so much...
Someone wrote on the message board:
"Lifetime Guarantee was produced by Ray Bardani and Michael Colina--who also produced many of Michael Franks' albums. MJ sought them out as producers because he really liked the way Franks' albums sounded. I only spent time with MJ at length over one lunch and we talked about LG. It really had some great moments with David Sanborn's great sax solo on "I'm Gone" and the MJ's great vocals throughout--I loved "Who's That Look In Your Eye" as well...lots of great moments but he said it was sort of an experiment that as a whole failed musically."
Cindy McArthur, Webmaster
Why were they omitted? was there a time constraint or???
Were they omitted because MJ didn't like them?
There were unreleased masters, as MJ called them, on many of his albums. I assume it was a decision made by him and others but I couldn't tell you for sure.
Cindy McArthur, Webmaster

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