YAHOO!! Congratulations on the silver anniversary of MJBlue. Quite an phenomenal achievement. And never underestimate its importance to those of us who share a love of Michael's life and music.
Thanks so much! I never would have remembered! I never do and John M. usually reminds me. Mj and I did remember the first year though. Received a dozen red roses.
Cindy McArthur, Webmaster
Thanks for maintaining this site. I was active until shortly after Michael's passing. When i went to visit today, i couldn't find any record of my prior account so i just reregistered.
I was heart broken to hear of Hugh Prestwood's troubles. Clearly, writers like Hugh and performers like MJ should have never faced hard times. The music industry is not rewarding quality and that's just criminal.
Stunned that we're approaching five years since Michael passed. When i lived in Minnesota between '79-'82, my new friends introduced me to the early years of Michael's music- There Is A Breeze and Ain't Dis Da Life etc. I have those on vinyl and the Early Album CD collection. A song like Mr Arthur's Place will pop up in my mind from time to time and I'll go to my music system and binge for awhile. I'm sure that echos many of his fans on this site. We were given a gift on knowing his music. It's one I try to share with others who appreciate the quality of his voice, his guitar playing and the music he chose to share with us.

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