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Guthrie June 22, 1975

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I have run this site from the beginning in 1997, starting as http://members.aol.com/mjbluer and switching to mjblue.com in 1999. It's been a labor of love in every sense. It's gone through many designs, with Michael's help for the creative part. It had become pretty stagnant the last few years except for always keeping the concert schedule up to date, selling CDs and Michael's photos adds. After his death, I redesigned it to be responsive across all platforms in addition to adding more pages and photos. Though it has a simple design now, I hope Michael would be happy with it and I always keep in mind, what would he want.

In addition, Michael asked me to be his archivist and gave me all his media - cassettes, reel to reel tapes and DATs. Though he made his wishes known to the family, they decided not to follow them. I continue to improve and add to this site and to his YouTube channel when my energy levels allow. He also gave me many newspaper articles years ago and I'll be adding many of those to the site soon. If there's anything you'd like to see or hear, please contact me. This is all for you, because as we all know, Michael had the best fans in the world.

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Besides the occasional CD purchase, mjblue.com, is currently fully funded by Michael's webmaster (maxed out credit cards) ever since MJ had to stop touring. Your contribution will help this site and MJ's YouTube channel continue to thrive. Donate through:

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