A Friend of Mine is Going Blind - YT audio
A Friend of Mine is Going Blind. Last YouTube upload for today. Now I can make the others public again (after conferring with my website advisor). If it causes problems with you know who, I'll change them back to unlisted. I wanted to do this after uploading 3 new songs as I've read the max YT notifications for those who have subscribed is 3. This song may not be new for everyone as I've had the MP3 on this site for many years but I'm hoping some haven't heard it. I have a great story about this song which I've only told once - when we had a MJ fan/friend dinner in MN in 2017. I realized it would have made a good story at Michael's memorial service but I wasn't thinking clearly and didn't feel welcome or included there. So I've decided (long ago) I'll put it on the Your MJ Stories page on this website one of these days. I also promised John Dawson Read the story a couple months ago so I have to get it done soon! I'm also very proud that John and Michael "met" through the message board of this website and they were great admirers of each other.

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A Friend of Mine is Going Blind - YT audio - by Cindy M - 05-27-2019, 05:48 PM

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