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Singer, Songwriter & Guitarist

Kiss Me Goodbye mp3

Kiss Me Goobye Live 10/6/2012

August 8, 1944 - July 25, 2017

What one remembers of Michael is the texture of his voice, the meaning of the lyric and the music of the guitar - singer, song and sound.

MJ studied classical guitar in Barcelona and he played with a unique and distinctive style. Singing, playing, writing and recording were the only things he'd ever done and he loved making people laugh in his intimate shows and moving them with the music.

Michael passed away at his home in Minneapolis, MN on July 25, 2017 following a long battle with chronic heart and lung disease.

His warm heart and gentle spirit will be forever missed, but his musical legacy is a gift that will always live on.

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Some day Michael Johnson will be able to transcend the critics, experts, and the self-proclaimed purists who block his road to success among the general public. Until that time his fans will have to continue to answer to the questions of "Michael Johnson?"
--Excerpt from a 1975 review of For All You Mad Musicians