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(12-23-2020, 12:07 PM)Cindy M Wrote: I have lots of live recordings, whether on the road or at my house. But I didn't always get to record him when he sang to me. I sure miss that, an understatement.

Wow!  This post brought back a very powerful memory!  Many years ago, Michael was opening for Dan Seals at Massasoit College in Brockton, Massachusetts. After Michael sang, Dan Seals was on stage.  However, Michael and I sat in the lobby catching up on all that had happened since we last met and talked.  We could hear Dan Seals singing in the auditorium behind us.  The conversation stopped as Dan Seals began to sing his next song.  Michael leaned back against the wall and stared off into space.  He said, "I LOVE this song," and sang along to "You Still Move Me."  He was not singing to me, he was just singing along with Seals.  As he sang, my heart felt like it was breaking in pieces, wishing that someday some man would sing a song like that to me.   Cindy, you were very lucky to have had Michael sing to you.  Treasure those moments in your heart always.

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