Song of Old Lovers - YouTube Audio
A recent song request from POB. This is the best version I have and it's in my top 10 of MJ songs. I wish he had demoed it. I'm unsure of some of the lyrics. I listened to all of the versions yesterday and changed a bunch. On March 8, 1983, Michael called me to get the lyrics. I guess he must have known I kept them all in a notebook in those days. As I read them to him, he corrected me on some but I don't know if what I had now included those corrections. (I had seasons "fogged" and Christmas "seals" - still not sure. I'll have to find that notebook!)
I've always doubted he was really calling to get the lyrics from me - he didn't forget lyrics!  Rolleyes He was performing at O'Shaughnessy that day, benefit for the Encore Program and put me on the guest list as I hadn't known about it - in those days you only found out about concerts if you read the newspaper. MJ did give me a recording of this concert years later and he had performed this song at the beginning of the second set but the recording was started late. Here is my database info:

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