Faithful 1973 - YouTube audio
Michael Johnson - Faithful 1973 (AKA Lovin' You & Leaving' You...)

Songwriter: Eric Andersen
Demo for 2nd album (For All You Mad Musicians)
This was a tape recorded for drummer Gary Gauger. When I spoke with Gary last year, he said he never heard it. MJ gave this to me back in the 70's. Contains a lot of crickets and a motorcycle. Recorded "On top of this mountain just above Salt Lake City."
Song 4 of 6. Guessing on year.

Personal note: Michael didn't much of a CD collection at the end. As I was going through all of his media to take home, I came across Eric Andersen's Blue River (1972). He urged me to take it but I said I already had it. I've loved it since I was in high school. Highly recommended. That got me thinking he also really wanted me to take his 8-tracks of The MJ Album and Dialogue, which I had given to him many years before but I said no. I regret that now, would have been a nice addition to the future memorabilia page. I know he thought no one would want them after he died and he was right. I so regret not taking them. I originally had two of the MJ Album. When I found one in mint condition, I gave him that one and gave me the other. When I when through a purging phase 8 or 9 years ago, I'm pretty sure I threw it away. But maybe it's with that Jacques Brel playbill. I would love for all the things I think I threw away to turn up. I see there's an 8-track on eBay for $20+$8 shipping. Beyond my budget right now.

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