1973 Audio Performance - YouTube
Michael Johnson - Cookhouse 1973 - audio only

Radio broadcast September 1973; recording date unknown
Songs: Cain's Blood (MJ), May You Never (John Martyn), Chicken Road (Joe Greene), Happier Days (MJ), Catch Another Butterfly (Mike Williams), Love and Sex (Tom Rapp), Study in E Minor (H. Villa Lobos), Garbage Can (Ted Anderson), In Your Eyes (Crow Johnson), Here Comes the Sun (George Harrison), In the Name of Love (Estelle Levitt, Kenny Rankin), Got You Covered (Biff Rose/MJ), The Ladybug and the Centipede (Leon Bibb), Take Five (Paul Desmond, Dave & Iola Brubeck), On the Road (Carl Franzen), Rooty Toot Toot for the Moon (Greg Brown)

A Cookhouse performance of 5 songs was on PBS in March 1974. i have the audio but haven't compared if it's from the same show.
Cindy McArthur, Webmaster
Cindy this is my favorite thing you have posted so far!!!!  Just wonderful Smile Great performance and fun to hear something from that far back....Michael sounds so young and fun to hear him play some of the old stuff! Love it!   THANK YOU!!!

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