Acapulco - YT Audio

In Concert, Queen City Balladeers Wise Owl Coffeehouse, U of Cincinnati 1970
Songwriter: Michael Peter Smith

I always knew it as Acapulco 1967 and could find not evidence that Michael Smith wrote it until now. In 1970, Smith was in a group called Juarez and in 1970 they released an album which is the same year MJ sang this in concert. I've uploaded their version if you'd like to check it out.
Bummer that MJ left out the castenets.

Michael Smith also wrote The Wonderful World of Sex and You Sure Have Got a Pretty Nice Bod. Also Steve Goodman's The Dutchman and Spoon River. In 2005, Michael shared Smith's song with me: Fred the Talking Frog. It's delightful - check it out if you can find it. (If you can't, here it is:

MJ sang Acapulco on This Must Be The Place, WCCO-TV in the Twin Cities in the early 70's. Sure would be nice to get the video of that.
Cindy McArthur, Webmaster

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