Minuet & Garbage Can YT Audio
Minuet is from MJ's 1967 home demos. I don't know the composer. He only had "Minuet" written on the box. I wish he had continued to perform classical pieces.


Garbage Can. Demo. The first concert recording I have of this is from 1971 and he continued to perform it so it's one of his longest performing concert songs. Gary Gauger thought this was a demo for his next album after Breeze. But since there are 3 songs on that tape which appeared on Breeze, i think it was a demo for that album, not FAYMM. I have many recordings/videos of this song but I had never heard it in a non-concert setting. Of course it's missing the "Guitar solo!" part. And the "If you think you've reached the bottom, just look down" prologue.

Cindy McArthur, Webmaster

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