Carl Franzen Writing!
Carl Franzen (On The Road fame) has published a short story. Here is the preface and cover image:

When I was little there was something my mother did that was befuddling. She’d get a letter in the mail and then let me know things that weren’t written in the letter. “How do you know?” I asked. 
She said, “You have to read between the lines.” 

Hmm. I wondered as I disapproved slightly. Why wouldn’t the person who wrote the letter put the words in the letter? Was she telling secrets? I never really answered the question. But the picture of me staring at those handwritten letters, with blue ink on crinkly writing paper, trying to see the magic words appear, remains. 

Before you begin to read these pages, let me first tell you what this was. It started as an email to my sister, now the late Joanne Grueskin, the first woman elected to the city council in Sioux City, Iowa. I wanted to tell her about a night in St. Peter, Minnesota where I had gone to see Michael Johnson in concert. I knew she’d be curious and could have written the basics, leaving it at that. But once I got started it was too difficult to call a halt to the process. To be fair, this is not completely about Michael. He is the permission, forming the bookends; the preface.

In between are stories of my concoction, and the not-so-frivolousmention of automobiles that allowed me to skip from page to page. The result is long enough for a chapbook, although I wouldn’t mind if you call it a letter. But not the kind my mother would get in the mail. I don’t skimp on details. Everything that needs to be said is said. Or is it? You’ll have to read between the lines to find out.

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Carl doesn't want to sell these or upload it. He'll give it away to anyone who participates or contributes. For instance, he has an event at the Irreverent Bookworm February 4th. You just show up and ask him for "More Words Than You Can Shake a Stick At." It's a delightful read.
Cindy McArthur, Webmaster
Carl will be at the Eggroll Queen Feb 15, 5pm.
Cindy McArthur, Webmaster

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