New Rememberance
By Craig Bickhardt on the Tributes page.
Cindy McArthur, Webmaster
Ms.Cindy - thank you for keeping this site going. 
I have to say, I truly wish I had the opportunity to see
Mr. Johnson in concert. I absolutely fell in love with every aspect
Of Mr. Johnson. 
When I'm depressed I simply turn to his music, videos and taped concerts.
And what a privilege it was for you, Ms. Cindy to know him
So well 
I wish I had known more about him, he seemed to be
On the private side, other than when he talks about his 
2.boys at concerts,  it still cracks me up.
Again thank you, this means so very much to me.
Much Love - Tammy (from Baltimore)  Heart
Hi Tammy, I’m so glad Michael’s music lifts you up! Thanks for your post!
Cindy McArthur, Webmaster

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