Talking with Michael
The first time I actually met Michael was at a Riverfest performance in Chattanooga, around 1999.  I waited for hours in high temps and humidity, making sure I had a seat up front.  When Michael did show up, and set up a small table to put his cds on, I mustered up the courage to walk up to talk to him.  He immediately put me at ease.  So down to earth, just so friendly.  We talked for a few minutes, and it was like I had been friends with him for years.  He was that personable.

The summer heat and high humidity was bad that day, but I didn't mind it because Michael was right there, singing and masterfully playing his guitar.  He would hold his guitar, cradle-like.  I've never seen a performer, ever, who had such a clear connection to his instrument.  Not that other musicians don't; it's just that I had personally not witnessed it. 

Over the years, I saw Michael perform many, many times.  A few times at the BlueBird Cafe in Nashville, and Puckett's Grocery near Franklin, TN.  But on those occasions, he would share the stage with other singers, so he didn't get to sing that many songs.  I much preferred seeing just him perform solo.  I always wanted him to do "one more encore"!  Peter

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