New Tablature and a Your MJ Story and available Out of Print CDs

We have new tablature from Dale: Dirty Hands, Dirty Faces. As always, you can find it on the Lyrics & Chords page.

I have put my collection of out of print CDs on the Online Store. Included is a signed Back to Back and a Keepers Live which contains Bristlecone Pine. Just in case you're missing anything from your MJ collection.

Lastly, an addition to Your MJ Stories from Peter Casella remembering his 1979 interview which reflects Michael's humble personality.
Cindy McArthur, Webmaster
Reading Peter's note I couldn't help thinking you don't meet or hear of many musicians today with as acute a sense of humour as Michael had. Not that I know many musicians but still. Even watching his videos I have to laugh. And they certainly don't humble themselves. There are exceptions of course, but music in general today doesn't have quite the same...I don't's hard to put a name to it. Anyone can put out a CD nowadays and I don't think they give the same consideration to quality as the earlier musicians did. And Michael indeed was a quality, polished musician. I wish I'd paid more attention to him earlier. But what a treasure trove I have now.  Thanks Cindy.

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