Feeling so thankful for Michael's music...
I wanted to post some thoughts I had this morning, about what Michael's music means to me.  Although I listen to many types of music, it is Michael Johnson's music that I feel a personal connection to.  His voice and style of singing is different; more relevant to me.  The lyrics of his songs seem to be about my life.  I've experienced the pain of several failed marriages and other relationships; including family problems.  Michael's music has helped me through all of that, and continue to.

When I met Michael at the Chattanooga River Fest in 1999, it was like meeting a old friend.  He made you feel at ease.  Completely sincere.  Michael was real.  

Not a week passes that I don't listen to his music, which call up memories (both good and bad).  

Thank you Cindy, for this forum.  It helps me put in words how much Michael's songs mean to me, and it is so nice to read that so many others feel the same.  Peter

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