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  updates, Lonnie Knight related
Posted by: Cindy M - 08-31-2022, 12:05 PM - Forum: mjblue.com Updates - No Replies

to the https://mjblue.com/mjmemor.html page, 
Lonnie Knight backstage pass:[/url]
[Image: lonnieknightpass.jpg]

Photos and short video clip from NYE Benefit 12/31/2006. With Lonnie Knight.

Video: [url=https://youtu.be/7jeXqcpst5Y]https://youtu.be/7jeXqcpst5Y
 - Love at Last Sight

[Image: lonnie1.jpg]

[Image: lonnie2.jpg]

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  I Will & Rooty Toot
Posted by: Cindy M - 08-09-2022, 10:17 PM - Forum: MJ YouTube - No Replies

Posted yesterday on Michael's birthday

I Will & Rooty Toot Toot for the Moon, audio concert 1979


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Posted by: Cindy M - 07-25-2022, 02:02 PM - Forum: MJ YouTube - No Replies

5th anniversary of MJ's passing.


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  Paper Moon
Posted by: Cindy M - 07-15-2022, 10:15 AM - Forum: MJ YouTube - No Replies


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  Back to My Blues
Posted by: Cindy M - 06-17-2022, 01:02 PM - Forum: MJ YouTube - No Replies

Songwriting demo:


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Posted by: drd - 06-10-2022, 04:47 PM - Forum: mjblue.com Updates - Replies (4)

YAHOO!! Congratulations on the silver anniversary of MJBlue. Quite an phenomenal achievement. And never underestimate its importance to those of us who share a love of Michael's life and music.

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  Last of the articles and new photo
Posted by: Cindy M - 05-24-2022, 09:22 AM - Forum: mjblue.com Updates - No Replies

So, MJ gave me his file folder of newspaper articles over a decade ago. I've put up the most interesting ones, accompanied with their photos.

Here's a listing:

Michael Johnson — Varied Style - 1973

Michael Johnson combines folk-pop styles - 1978

Only the Song is Blue - 1981

Still Singing the Blues - 1982

Michael Johnson is singing state's praises to the world -1984 - audio included

Mellow Magic - Popular balladeer charms SCS fans with favorite songs -1984

His songs have 'Wings'—say country fans - 1988

Nothing Lasts Forever: Michael Johnson finds things sweeter the second time around- 1988

A Way to Begin: Michael Johnson talks to Gordon Hayes - 1989

Michael Johnson and Jim Ed Brown light up the stage at Secrest Auditorium - 1991

Minnesotans in Music City - 1993

Michael Johnson rings in New Year in New Ulm - 2006 (Gold record donation)

Also added his guitar taping song list to the Memorabilia Page and new reviews of Lifetime Guarantee and Life's a Bitch.

New photo:
[Image: joeyrory.jpg]
Joey and Rory, Lari White, Lionel Cartwright, Michael Johnson, unidentified

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  MJ Tablature and Chords Website
Posted by: Cindy M - 05-24-2022, 08:30 AM - Forum: Michael Discussion - No Replies


And Ill Always Love You - Tab
April Fool - Chords
Blew By You - Chords
Bluer Than Blue - Chords
Bluer Than Blue (ver 2) - Chords
Bluer Than Blue (ver 3) - Chords
Bluer Than Blue - Ukulele
Dialogue - Chords
Doors - Chords
Doors (ver 2) - Chords
Emilio - Chords
Give Me Wings - Chords
Give Me Wings - Ukulele
I Cant Get To You From Here - Chords
I Will Whisper Your Name - Chords
Ill Always Love You - Pro
Ill Always Love You - Chords
Ill Always Love You (ver 2) - Chords
Ill Always Love You (ver 3) - Chords
Ill Always Love You (ver 4) - Chords
Ill Always Love You (ver 5) - Chords
Ill Always Love You - Tab
Ill Always Love You (ver 2) - Tab
Ill Always Love You (ver 3) - Tab
Ill Always Love You (ver 4) - Tab
Ill Always Love You (ver 5) - Tab
Ill Always Love You (ver 6) - Tab
Ill Always Love You - Guitar Pro
Ill Always Love You* - Ukulele
Pilot Me* - Bass
Ponies - Chords
Poor Little Robin - Chords
The Love She Found In Me - Chords
The Love She Found In Me - Ukulele
The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder - Chords
This Night Wont Last Forever - Chords
This Night Wont Last Forever (ver 2) - Chords
This Night Wont Last Forever - Ukulele
Whenever I Call You Friend - Chords
Whenever I Call You Friend - Ukulele

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  Black Orpheus
Posted by: Cindy M - 05-23-2022, 11:28 AM - Forum: MJ YouTube - No Replies



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  1981 concert review
Posted by: Cindy M - 05-20-2022, 12:38 PM - Forum: mjblue.com Updates - No Replies

Title: Thank you, Michael . . . .
Venue: Bemidji High School Auditorium - January 23, 1981
Review: Christine Peterson, Features Editor, Northern Student

He walked onto the stage, sat on a stool, and without a word to the audience,began to play his guitar. After singing his first song, the Bemidji High School auditorium's walls echoed with wild cheering from the audience. Ironically, Michael Johnson's first spoken words at Friday evening's concert were "thank you. " No , Michael, it's the other way around—thank you!

Throughout the 90 minute performace, Johnson kept the audience entertained with his slection of songs franging from bittersweet ballads to good time folk tunes. Another personal dimension to the concert were Johnson's witty ad humorous comments interspersed between his songs.

Johnson sang many of his hit tunes, including "Circle of Fifths," "There Is a Breeze," and by audience request, "25 Words."

Laugher filled the air when Johnson treated the crowd with his "Wonderful World of Sex," and "Drop the Big One Now." He then moved to play his famous Top 40 hit, "Bluer Than Blue," which warmed the audience's heart and made his top notch performance complete.

As Johnson neared the end of his performance, the crowd begged for more, and they got it. He took onto the stage for a final encore, spurred on by the overwhelming response from the audience. After his final song for the evening, many fans cheered and screamecd for several minutes after Johnson had left the stage. When interviewed offstage, Johnson is the same person he portrays when performing—down-to-earth, witty, and friendly. Wearing his faded blue jeans, sweatshirt and hiking boots, Johnson revealed his feelings about the many aspects of his life as a performer.

When Johnson is on the road, there are many different sides of performing which he values but, for him, people are the main factor behind a successful or unsuccessful road trip. "You value instant friendships—becaues in three or four hours, I meet people that I just wouldn't get the chance to meet," Johnson said. "Usually I don't remember names and stuff the next time around, but if you need some help and somebody you don't know helps you, 'thank you' really helps mean something. But if you need some help and somebody you don't know doesn't help you, 'to hell with you' really means something. Everything is increased in value when you're dealing with people."

Before going out to perform in front of an audience, Johnson, like every other star, has his own way of psyching himself up for the performance. "I usually warm-up unti I really want to play and then I quit. It's like being my own opening act. I don't practice scales or anything."

There are many acts when Johnson gets stage fright. "The hardest thing to do is to get on stage when you don't want to get on stage," Johnson admitted. "It's frustrating—putting all the things together with the show, and when it doesn't happen right, and everything's the 'before-show nightmare,' it's not worth it sometimes."

Judging from Johnson's tell-tale happiness, a person can see that performing is worth it for him. He admits he wouldn't have it any other way. "I've said sometimes I really wish I had a 9-5 job, but I know if I did, I'd really envy what I do now."

In between concert performances, Johnson escapes at home. What does he do in his spare time? "Well, right now I'm paneling trhe downstairs bathroom," Johnson laughed. He enjoys his solitude in his Minnetonka home, and spends his free time by playing with nine-month-old baby boy, Stan, and his dog. Occasionally he throws a frisbee around and admits to watching some TV. Most of his songwriting is done at home.

When dealing with public recognition, Johnson has no complaints. He is not mobbed by screaming fans yet. But Johnson does enjoy recognition—he feels flattered and honored by the public's questions. When asked if he gets hassled by the public, Johnson replied, "No, it's kind of nice. I'm not Billy Joel. I'm not that rich and famous. But they do recognize me at Ridgedale in Minneapolis."

Among other stars, Johnson has performed with singer Anne Murray, and rock bands Spiro Gyra and Blood, Sweat, and Tears. He is currently under the management of a new producer, Steve Buckingham, who also produces Melissa Manchester and Dionne Warwick's music. Johnson is working on his third album which he hopes will contain many songs he has written.

To improve his performance in the future, Johnson would like to write more of his own music and he also wants to be a freer performer on stage. He doesn't have grandiose goals the way many performers do, such as fame ahd fortune. Johnson looks at his performing future realistically. "I certainly don't put myself on a parallel with Hemingway but he said that a writer should always be a little bit tired, a little bit cold, a little bit hungry, and la little bit poor—because everything mean more."

[Image: bemidji.jpg]

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