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YouTube videos as of 7/20/2019, in order by type and alphabetical or recording date:

Annie's First Rain, 1968
Annie's First Rain, 1970
Bad Roads in Spring, 1976
Bag End, 1970
Better Brother
Blue, 1967
Broke Down Girl, 1967
Brown-Eyed Woman, 1968
Cain's Blood, 1973
Circus, 1968
Daddy was a Mover, 1976
Do It Yourself
Don't Let It Go to Your Heart, From the film "Waltz Across Texas" 1982
The Edge of the World, 70's
Either You or Me90's
Everyone Tuesday, 1976
Faithful, c. 1973
A Friend of Mine is Going Blind, mid 1980's
The Glory c. 1973
Good to Be With You, 1968
Here You Are (The Photograph)
I Need Your Light
I Shall Be Released, 1968
I Will, 1976
Ice Cream Phoenix, 1971
If Wishes Were Horses, 1968
In Your Eyes, early 70's
The Joker, 1967
Lady on the Horse, early 70's
The Ladybug and the Centipede, 1968
Lean on Me, c. 1982
The Line
Leave It to a Child
Love and Sex c. 1973
Love is a Cross 1989
Love City (Postcards to Duluth) 1968
Marcie, 1968
Motherlode, 1976
Music Weaver 1971
Muskrat Love c.1972
OK, It's Over
On the Night Before Christmas, 1980
On the Road, early 70's
On the Road, 1971
Passion Flower, 1971
Pineywood Hills, 1976
See You Soon, early 70's
Simple Gifts, 1973
Someone's Out There
Somethings That We Do, early 2000's
Sticky Summer Weather, 1968
Study No. 5 in B Minor, March 1967
Two Ships in the Moonlight
What Did I Do With You
Take Me to Aruanda, March 1967
Time and Sky, March 1967
Ugly Woman, 1970
What If
When She Smiled at Him
When the Feeling Comes Around, 1977
Win Back Your Heart, 1979
A Woman Like You
Yellow Cat, 1980
You’re Discovering I’m Not What I Seem, 1968

  • New Boots, February 1974
  • Moondance Festival, WCCO-FM Minnesota 11/27/74 WCCO-FM, songs: Muskrat Love, The Glory, Cain's Blood, Walk Me Round Your Garden, Love's Laughter, To Feel a Friend, Bach Fugue, Cody, Troubled for You
  • Good Morning, NPR, 5/13/1989, songs: You'll Always be Heart and Soul to Me, I Will Whisper Your Name, Jacques Cousteau, Diamond Dreams
  • MPR Morning Show, 9/29/92, songs: White House Pet, Why It Kills Us to Compromise, Half the Moon, Bristlecone Pine
  • WTIP North Shore Community Radio, 9/10/10, songs: Old Fashioned Love, Don't Let Us Get Sick, April Fool

Concert songs, chronological order

Full Concerts - Audio & Video
  • Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA 10/8/1993, Songs: Drops of Water, This Night Won't Last Forever, The Moon is Still Over Her Shoulder, Roller Coaster Run, Ghost In This House, The Wonderful World of Sex, Bluer Than Blue, That's That
  • Massasoit Community College 5/13/94, Songs: Cain's Blood, The Moon is Still Over Her Shoulder, Jacques Cousteau, She's Real, Ghost In This House, The Wonderful World of Sex, You'll Always be Heart and Soul to Me, Ponies, That's That, Bluer Than Blue, Photographs and Memories, Give Me Wings
  • PBS Bemidji MN concert 1995, Songs: Company Man, Miami Beach, Roller Coaster Run (Up Too Slow, Down Too Fast), Ponies, Garbage Can, Bristlecone Pine, Dirty Hands Dirty Faces, Cain's Blood, Jacques Cousteau, Bluer Than Blue, Photographs and Memories, Give Me Wings
  • Rockford IL 11/15/1996, Songs: The Honey Wind Blows, Why It Kills Us to Compromise, It's My Job, The Line, Sweet Lorraine, Never Gonna Look Back, Company Man, Nothing Sweeter than Sin, Cain's Blood, Bristlecone Pine, The Number and the Name, Dirty Hands Dirty Faces, Sermonette, Ghost In This House, Roller Coaster Run, The Last One Singing the Blues, Miami Beach, Jacques Cousteau, A Friend of Mine is Going Blind, Ain't Dis Da Life, The Moon is Still Over Her Shoulder, Life's a Bitch, Some People's Lives, Give Me Wings, Photographs and Memories, Don't Look for Love
  • Memorial Hall, Rockford, IL 3/21/1998, Songs: San Diego Serenade (Tom Waits), It's My Job, Bristlecone Pine, Dirty Hands, Dirty Faces, Why It Kills Us to Compromise, Mona Ray, Nothing Sweeter than Sin, Roller Coaster Run, You'll Always be Heart and Soul to Me, Better Brother, Garbage Can, Empty Hearts, Miami Beach, Circle of Fifths, If I Fell From Grace With You, Company Man
  • Soundcheck Hopkins Center for the Arts 12/26/02, Michael's soundchecks were as enjoyable as his concerts for me. I got to hear the new songs and sometimes the very old songs (Gravy Waltz). There is distortion in the sound; not sure why as I don't remember the video camera having an adjustable recording level. Songs: Tennessee Waltz, My Favorite Lies, Learning How to Love, Don't Ask Why, Gravy Waltz, Fate of Fireflies, Just Because You Didn't Answer
  • Clark Place, Stevens Point WI 12/28/2002, Songs: Magic Time, Oklahoma Stray, So So, Miami Beach, Company Man, Dirty Hands Dirty Faces, Fate of Fireflies, Political Science, In the Name of God, It's My Job, Bristlecone Pine, Garbage Can, Just Because You Didn't Answer, Doesn't Mean I Didn't Call, Roller Coaster Run, Mona Ray, Here You Are (The Photograph), One Note Samba, Learning How to Love, Upon a Christmas Eve, Photographs and Memories
  • House concert 9/12/2006, Songs: Bluer than Blue, My Favorite Lies, 25 Words or Less, The Coming of the Roads, Catfish, I'll Always Love You, Miami Beach, Departure, Learning How to Love, Testament to Amelia/Marie, When the Feeling Comes Around, Here There & Everywhere, So So, A Friend of Mine is Going Blind, Oklahoma Stray
  • Soundcheck Red Wing, MN Hobgoblin Stoney End Music 4/13/07, Songs: While My Guitar Gently Weeps, When the Feeling Comes Around, Departure, Froggin', The Honey Wind Blows, It's My Job, Empty Hearts

Full concerts - audio only
  • Amazingrace Coffeehouse, Evanston, IL, with Mark Henley 6/29/74, Song list: Don't You Go Under, Every Reason, What's Time to a Hog, Troubled for You, The Wilson Girl
  • Earl of Old Town, Chicago IL, with Mark Henley 12/8/74, Song list: Michael & Mark: Don't You Go Under (Henley) Mark Henley: Full Moon of April (Henley), There is a Breeze (Henley), Riversong (Henley), Nickels & Dimes (Henley)
    Michael & Mark: Bad Roads in Spring (Richard Pinney), The Sunset Years (Henley), OB Glad (Henley & Johnson, Hold on to Me Babe (Tom Paxon), What's Time to a Hog (Dean Webb & Mitchell F. Jayne), Troubled for You (Ted Sherman)
    Michael Johnson: Fathers and Sons (Carl Franzen)/Mother Nature's Son (Lennon & McCartney), Sweet Misery (Hoyt Axton), Rooty Toot Toot for the Moon, Bluesette (Jean “Toots” Theilmans & Norman Gimbel), Study in E Minor (H. Villa Lobos), Garbage Can (Ted Anderson), Cain's Blood (Johnson), Love and Sex (Tom Rapp), Walk Me 'Round Your Garden (Richard Pinney)
    Mark Henley: Everyone Tuesday (Henley), Love's Laughter (Henley)
  • Gusman Cultural Center, Miami, FL, 6/14/81 Radio Broadcast, May You Never (John Martyn), Political Science aka Drop the Big One (Randy Newman), The Power (A Williams, D WIlliams), See You Soon (Paul Johnson), It's My Job (Mac McAnally), Catch Another Butterfly (Michael Williams), This Night Won't Last Forever (Bill LaBounty & Roy Freeland), Twenty Five Words or Less (Bill LaBounty), I'll Always Love You (Tom Snow & Eric Kaz), The Wonderful World of Sex (Michael Smith), Old Folk (Jacques Brel), beginning of Bluer Than Blue (Randy Goodrum)
  • Northrup Auditorium, Minneapolis MN 10/14/1978 Set 1, Songs: See You Soon, Damn It All (Movin' in the Same Circles), Got You Covered, Circle of Fifths, Twenty-Five Words or Less, Foolish, Almost Like Being in Love, Walk Me Round Your Garden, May You Never, I'll Always Love You, In Your Eyes, Testament to Amelia/Marie, Here Comes the Sun
  • Northrup Auditorium, Minneapolis MN 10/14/1978 Set 2, Songs: Rooty Toot Toot for the Moon, In the Name of Love, Poor Little Robin, Old Folks, Ain't Dis Da Life, Bluer Than Blue, Lucky Stars, Sailing Without a Sail, Dancin' Tonight, When You Come Home
  • Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis, MN, Set 1 - 12/26/1984, songs: Bluer Than Blue, White House Pet, All I Really Need, Sailing Without a Sail, Quel Domage Pour L'Amour, No One Can Hurt You Like a Friend, Troubled For You, I Want a Son, Old Fashioned Love, A Friend of Mine is Going Blind, Sweet Misery, Oranges and Roses, Rosalee
  • Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis, MN, Set 2 - 12/26/1984, Songs: Secret of Life, It's My Job, My Old Yellow Car, Circle of Love, Drops of Water, May You Never, Old Folks, People Still Dance in the Dark, Ain't Dis Da Life, Pilot Me, Departure, Little Town, Gypsy in the Photograph, I've Been Around, In Your Eyes, Photographs and Memories, Life's a Bitch, If Wishes Were Horses, Love and Sex
  • Symphony Concert, Possibly Abilene Symphony - 9/18/1993, Songs: Bluer Than Blue, Sailing Without a Sail, I'll Always Love You, Drops of Water, Almost Like Being in Love, I Can't Get to You From Here, It's My Job, Old Folks, Garbage Can, Dialogue, Roller Coaster Run, Give Me Wings, This Night Won't Last Forever



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Video and photo courtesy of Terence Kennedy
Kennedy Guitars, January 8, 2011