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SongwriterSong TitleCo-writer(s)Album
Pat AlgerHeart & Soul To Me Live at the Bluebird Cafe
Ted AndersonOur Snowflake Dreams Ain't Dis Da Life
L. AschmannIf I Fell From Grace With YouTom KimmelLive at the Bluebird Cafe
One Mile ApartMichael Johnson, K.T. GoodLive at the Bluebird Cafe
Moonlit Déjà Vu
R. BellI Still Love YouCraig Bickhardt, E. FriesLifetime Guarantee
Plastic BertrandJacques Cousteau Life's a Bitch
Craig BickhardtOh RosaleeDon Schlitz, Brent MaherThat's That
I Still Love YouE. Fries, R. BellLifetime Guarantee
Thom Burke BishopMr. Arthur's Place Ain't Dis Da Life
Eric BlauOld FolksJacques Brel, Gerard Jouannest, Jean Cori, Mort SchumanThere is a Breeze
Rory BourkeIt's Only Over For YouMike ReidWings
Too Soon To Tell That's That
T. BrasfieldWho's That Look In Your EyeRobert ByrneLifetime Guarantee
Jacques BrelOld FolksGerard Jouannest, Jean Cori, Eric Blau, Mort SchumanThere is a Breeze
Kix BrooksCheatin' On The BluesDon Cook, Chick RainsMichael Johnson
Greg BrownPilot Me There is a Breeze
Rooty Toot Toot For The Moon There is a Breeze
Larry BrownYou Can Call Me BlueDavid MorganYou Can Call Me Blue
Jackson BrowneMy Opening Farewell There is a Breeze
J. BuckinghamWe Can Live On Love (Baby You're Just Like Me)M. GrayLifetime Guarantee
Jeffrey BullockPonies Wings
Robert ByrneRight Through The Heart You Can Call Me Blue
She Put The Sad In All His SongsMac McAnallyDialogue
Who's That Look In Your EyeT. BrasfieldLifetime Guarantee
M. Carcassi [1792-1853]Study No. 3 In A Major, Op. 60&Deg; Moonlit Déjà Vu
Wayne CarsonDistant FireMichael Johnson, Bill PiburnDeparture
Bill CaswellThat's What Your Love Does To MeChick RainsWings
S. D. ChandlerI Can't Get To You From HereF. O. KnipeHome Free
Charles CochranLooking For Rainbows (Without An Umbrella)Roger CookMoonlit Déjà Vu
Don CookCheatin' On The BluesKix Brooks, Chick RainsMichael Johnson
Roger CookLooking For Rainbows (Without An Umbrella)Charles CochranMoonlit Déjà Vu
Jean CoriOld FolksJacques Brel, Gerard Jouannest, Eric Blau, Mort SchumanThere is a Breeze
Rick CunhaPoor Little Robin For All You Mad Musicians
Patti DahlstromDialogueTom SnowDialogue
W. T. DavidsonGee I'm Glad I Worried About That Moonlit Déjà Vu
She's Real Departure
Al DayThe Good Life For All You Mad Musicians
Time Sweet Time Ain't Dis Da Life
Chris EastHangin' OnMickey JuppWings
Barry FasmanBlackmailLarry WendelkenDialogue
Rhonda Kye FlemingGive Me WingsDon SchlitzWings
Then & Now
Some People's LivesJanis IanThat's That
Carl FranzenOn The Road There is a Breeze
Roy FreelandDon't Ask WhyBill LaBountyYou Can Call Me Blue
Old Fashioned LoveBill LaBountyDeparture
Sailing Without A SailBill LaBountyThe Michael Johnson Album
This Night Won't Last ForeverBill LaBountyDialogue
Then & Now
Twenty-Five Words Or LessBill LaBountyThe Michael Johnson Album
E. FriesI Still Love YouCraig Bickhardt, R. BellLifetime Guarantee
Ron GalbraithMovin In The Same Circles (Damn It All) Ain't Dis Da Life
Steve GibsonI Just Can't Say No To YouParker McGeeDialogue
F. GoldeJust One LookTom SnowHome Free
Andy GoldmarkAfter YouJim RyanYou Can Call Me Blue
K.T. GoodOne Mile ApartL. Aschmann, Michael JohnsonLive at the Bluebird Cafe
Moonlit Déjà Vu
Randy GoodrumBluer Than Blue The Michael Johnson Album
Then & Now
Live at the Bluebird Cafe
DoorsBrent MaherDialogue
Q.T.  Lifetime Guarantee
Savin' It Up You Can Call Me Blue
SoftwareMichael JohnsonDeparture
Temptation Lifetime Guarantee
The Very First Time Dialogue
Mack GordonSoSoJosef Myrow, Parody Lyrics By Michael JohnsonMoonlit Déjà Vu
M. GrayWe Can Live On Love (Baby You're Just Like Me)J. BuckinghamLifetime Guarantee
Joe GreeneChicken Road Ain't Dis Da Life
Clive GregsonMy Favorite LiesMoonlit Déjà Vu
Oscar HammersteinYou've Got To Be Carefully TaughtRichard RogersThere is a Breeze
Bud HarnerDiamond DreamsParker McGeeThat's That
Stuart HarrisRosalee Home Free
Live at the Bluebird Cafe
George HarrisonHere Comes The Sun For All You Mad Musicians
Mark HenleyHigh On The Border Ain't Dis Da Life
O.B. GladMichael JohnsonAin't Dis Da Life
There Is A Breeze There is a Breeze
Two In Love The Michael Johnson Album
Janis IanSome People's LivesRhonda Kye FlemingThat's That
Antonio Carlos JobimOne Note Samba Live at the Bluebird Cafe
Crow Johnson (Amy)The Glory For All You Mad Musicians
The Gypsy In The Photograph For All You Mad Musicians
In Your Eyes There is a Breeze
Ridin' In The Sky The Michael Johnson Album
Michael JohnsonCain's Blood For All You Mad Musicians
Cain's BloodJack SundrudDeparture
Live at the Bluebird Cafe
Crying ShameBrent Maher, Don SchlitzThat's That
Then & Now
Dancin' TonightBill LaBountyThe Michael Johnson Album
Distant FireWayne Carson, Bill PiburnDeparture
EmilioTom KeetonMoonlit Déjà Vu
Empty HeartsMichael McDonaldYou Can Call Me Blue
GoodbyeBob SchroederFor All You Mad Musicians
Gotta Learn To Love Without YouKent RobbinsWings
Happier Days There is a Breeze
Then & Now
Home FreeMichael McDonaldHome Free
I Got You CoveredBiff RoseThere is a Breeze
Leave It AloneBill LaBountyHome Free
O.B. GladMark HenleyAin't Dis Da Life
One Mile ApartL. Aschmann, K.T. GoodLive at the Bluebird Cafe
Moonlit Déjà Vu
SoftwareRandy GoodrumDeparture
SoSo (Parody Lyrics of "You Make Me Feel So Young")Josef Myrow, Mack GordonMoonlit Déjà Vu
This Ain't The Night To Be MeKent RobbinsMichael Johnson
To Feel A Friend For All You Mad Musicians
Gerard JouannestOld FolksJacques Brel, Jean Cori, Eric Blau, Mort SchumanThere is a Breeze
Paul JohnsonSee You Soon  There is a Breeze
Take My Body Home For All You Mad Musicians
Gerard JouannestOld FolksJacques Brel, Jean Cori, Eric Blau, Mort SchumanThere is a Breeze
Mickey JuppHangin' OnChris EastWings
Eric KazBlame It On The RainTom SnowYou Can Call Me Blue
I'll Always Love YouTom SnowDialogue
Then & Now
I'm GoneW. WaldmanLifetime Guarantee
When You Come HomeTom SnowThe Michael Johnson Album
Tom KeetonEmilioMichael JohnsonMoonlit Déjà Vu
Mickey JuppHangin' OnChris EastWings
F. O. KnipeI Can't Get To You From HereS. D. ChandlerHome Free
Fred KnoblochLife's A Bitch (And Then You Die)Thom Schuyler
Samson And DelilahPaul OverstreetThat's That
Bill LaBountyDancin' TonightMichael JohnsonThe Michael Johnson Album
Don't Ask WhyRoy FreelandYou Can Call Me Blue
Drops Of Water Dialogue
Leave It AloneMichael JohnsonHome Free
Old Fashioned LoveRoy FreelandDeparture
Sailing Without A SailRoy FreelandThe Michael Johnson Album
This Night Won't Last ForeverRoy FreelandDialogue
Twenty-Five Words Or LessRoy FreelandThe Michael Johnson Album
Alan Jay LernerAlmost Like Being In LoveFrederick LoeweThe Michael Johnson Album
Then & Now
Dennis LindeCool Me In The River Of Love Wings
The Love She Found In MeB. MorrisonHome Free
Frederick LoeweAlmost Like Being In LoveAlan Jay LernerThe Michael Johnson Album
Kenny LogginsWhenever I Call You FriendMelissa ManchesterThen & Now
Susan LongacreOne Honest TearRandy SharpMichael Johnson
J. LubbockIf You Can't Feel LoveChris MontanLifetime Guarantee
Raun MackinnonCircle Of Fifths Ain't Dis Da Life
Lucky Stars Ain't Dis Da Life
Brent MaherCrying ShameMichael Johnson, Don SchlitzThat's That
Then & Now
DoorsRandy GoodrumDialogue
Oh RosaleeDon Schlitz, Craig BickhardtThat's That
Melissa ManchesterWhenever I Call You FriendKenny LogginsThen & Now
John MartynMay You Never For All You Mad Musicians
Curtis MayfieldGypsy Woman The Michael Johnson Album
Mac McAnallyIt's My JobLive at the Bluebird Cafe
She Put The Sad In All His SongsRobert ByrneDialogue
Scott McCarlLet Me Go Back Home Home Free
Bob McDillCompany ManDan SealsMichael Johnson
Live at the Bluebird Cafe
Michael McDonaldEmpty HeartsMichael JohnsonYou Can Call Me Blue
Home FreeMichael JohnsonHome Free
Parker McGeeDiamond DreamsBud HarnerThat's That
Dirty Hands And Dirty Faces Live at the Bluebird Cafe
I Just Can't Say No To YouSteve GibsonDialogue
Chris MontanIf You Can't Feel LoveJ. LubbockLifetime Guarantee
Lifetime Guarantee Lifetime Guarantee
David MorganYou Can Call Me BlueLarry BrownYou Can Call Me Blue
B. MorrisonThe Love She Found In MeDennis LindeHome Free
Josef MyrowSoSoMack Gordon, Parody Lyrics By Michael JohnsonMoonlit Déjà Vu
Gene NelsonImogenePaul NelsonDeparture
Paul NelsonImogeneGene NelsonDeparture
Gary NicholsonTrue LoveChick RainsWings
Brian O'DohertyUnconditionally Departure
Jamie O'HaraMagic TimeKevin WelchWings
Paul OverstreetSamson And DelilahFred KnoblochThat's That
Andy PaleyJacques Cousteau Life's a Bitch
Lewis ParkerStaying With ItTom SnowYou Can Call Me Blue
J. P. PenningtonThere's A Love Lifetime Guarantee
Bill PiburnDistant FireMichael Johnson, Wayne CarsonDeparture
Dick PinneyWalk Me Round Your Garden For All You Mad Musicians
Dean PitchfordYou, You, YouTom SnowYou Can Call Me Blue
Hugh PrestwoodAlmost Free Departure
April Fool Moonlit Déjà Vu
Bristlecone Pine Michael Johnson
The Day I'm Over You Moonlit Déjà Vu
Departure Departure
Half The Moon Michael Johnson
How Do You Know What You Know? Moonlit Déjà Vu
In The Name Of God Live at the Bluebird Cafe
It Must Be You That's That
Michael Johnson
Kiss Me Goodbye Moonlit Déjà Vu
Learning How To Love Moonlit Déjà Vu
Miami Beach Departure
The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder Wings
That's That
Then & Now
Roller Coaster Run (Up Too Slow, Down Too Fast) That's That
Live at the Bluebird Cafe
That's That That's That
Then & Now
Two Ships That Passed In The Moonlight Michael Johnson
Worth The Trouble Departure
Chick RainsCheatin' On The BluesKix Brooks, Don CookMichael Johnson
That's What Your Love Does To MeBill CaswellWings
True LoveGary NicholsonWings
Tom RappLove And Sex For All You Mad Musicians
Mike ReidIt's Only Over For YouRory BourkeWings
Rich Like MeKent RobbinsMichael Johnson
Too Soon To TellRory M. BourkeThat's That
Kent RobbinsGotta Learn To Love Without YouMichael Johnson
Rich Like MeMike ReidMichael Johnson
This Ain't The Night To Be MeMichael JohnsonMichael Johnson
Richard RogersYou've Got To Be Carefully TaughtOscar HammersteinThere is a Breeze
Biff RoseI Got You CoveredMichael Johnson (prologue & epilogue)There is a Breeze
Jim RyanAfter YouAndy GoldmarkYou Can Call Me Blue
Don SchlitzCrying ShameMichael Johnson, Brent MaherThat's That
Then & Now
Give Me WingsRhonda Kye FlemingWings
Then & Now
Mr. Sawyer/Mr. FinnGary ScruggsMichael Johnson
Oh RosaleeBrent Maher, Craig BickhardtThat's That
Bob SchroederGoodbyeMichael JohnsonFor All You Mad Musicians
Hello For All You Mad Musicians
Mort SchumanOld FolksJacques Brel, Gerard Jouannest, Jean Cori, Eric BlauThere is a Breeze
Thom SchuylerLife's A Bitch (And Then You Die)Fred KnoblochLife's a Bitch
Gary ScruggsMr. Sawyer/Mr. FinnDon SchlitzMichael Johnson
Dan SealsCompany ManBob McDillMichael Johnson
Live at the Bluebird Cafe
Love Me Like The Last TimeR. Van HoyHome Free
Randy SharpOne Honest TearSusan LongacreMichael Johnson
Ted ShermanTroubled For You For All You Mad Musicians
Mike SmithAin't Dis Da Life Ain't Dis Da Life
Tom SnowBlame It On The RainEric KazYou Can Call Me Blue
DialoguePatti DahlstromDialogue
Foolish The Michael Johnson Album
I'll Always Love YouEric KazDialogue
Then & Now
Just One LookF. GoldeHome Free
Let This Be A Lesson To You Dialogue
Staying With ItLewis ParkerYou Can Call Me Blue
When You Come HomeEric KazThe Michael Johnson Album
You Sure Fooled Me You Can Call Me Blue
You're Not Easy To ForgetCynthia WeilHome Free
You, You, YouDean PitchfordYou Can Call Me Blue
Jack SundrudCain's BloodMichael JohnsonDeparture
Live at the Bluebird Cafe
R. Van HoyLove Me Like The Last TimeDan SealsHome Free
Randy VanWarmerI Will Whisper Your Name That's That
H. Villa LobosStudy In E Minor There Is a Breeze
W. WaldmanI'm GoneEric KazLifetime Guarantee
Cynthia WeilYou're Not Easy To ForgetTom SnowHome Free
Kevin WelchMagic TimeJamie O'HaraWings
Larry WendelkenBlackmailBarry FasmanDialogue
A. WilliamsThe Power (This Love Has Over Me)D. WilliamsHome Free
D. WilliamsThe Power (This Love Has Over Me)A. WilliamsHome Free
Bill WithersCity Of The Angels Lifetime Guarantee

SongwriterSong TitleNotes
Adam, MargieThe Unicorn Songconcert
Adams, LeeNo More
Albeniz, IsaacAsturias
Alger, PatYou'll Always be Heart and Soul to Mealbum/concert
Allen, SteveGravy Waltzconcert
Alm, Mary JaneMy Old Flameduet
Andersen, EricFaithfuldemo
Good to Be With Youconcert
Anderson, TedGarbage Can
Our Snowflake Dreams
Arkin, AlanCuddlebug
Arlen, HaroldPaper Moon
Aschmann, LisaOne Mile Apart
If I Fell From Grace With You
Axton, HoytSweet Misery
Bach, J.S.Bouree in E Mino
Bacharach, BurtLook of Love
Basie, CountGoin’ to Chicago Blues
Beausford, RickI Need You Now
Beeson, Joanie ChappellA Single Word
When She Smiled at Him
Do It Yourself
Leavin’ Lonesome
Her Sweet Voice (Comes Back To Me Now)
Bell, R.I Still Love You
Berlin, IrvingWhat’ll I Do
Bertrand, PlasticJacques Cousteau
Bibo, IrvingTalking Atomic Blues
Bickhardt, CraigI Still Love You
Oh Rosalee
You Take Me Home
Bishop, ThomAnti-Heroes
Don't Look for Love
Just Because You Didn't Answer
Mr. Arthur's Place
Black, C.Something That We Do
Blau, EricFuneral Tango
Bolton, PollyComing Back To Me
Bonfa, LuizBlack Orpheus
Boone, SteveYou Didn't Have to Be So Nice
Bourke, RoryIt's Only Over for You
Too Soon to Tell
Boyd, Liona Maria
Bracket, JosephSimple Gifts
Brasfield, T.Who's That Look in Your Eye
Brel, JacquesFuneral Tango
No Love You’re Not Alone
Old Folks
Song of Old Lovers
Brooks, DennyHome
Brooks, HarryAin’t Misbehavin’
Brooks, KixCheatin' on the Bluesalbum
Brown, GregThe Edge of the World
Pilot Me
Rooty Toot Toot for the Moon
Brown, LarryYou Can Call Me Blue
Brown, M.Don't Let It Go to Your Heart
Brown, RayGravy Waltz
Browne, JacksonMy Opening Farewell
These Days
Brubeck, DaveTake Five
Brubeck, IolaTake Five
Buckinham, J.We Can Live on Love (Baby You're Just Like Me)
Buffet, JimmyDeath of an Unpopular Poet
Buie, BuddyDo It or Die
Bullen, RogerComing Back To Me
Bullock, JeffreyPonies
River Colorado
Burke, JohnnyHere’s That Rainy Day
Burwell, CliffSweet Lorraine
Byrne, RobertAlone Enough
I Did It All for Love
Right Through the Heart
She Put the Sad in All His Songs
Who's That Look in Your Eye
Carcassi, M.Looking for Rainbows (Without an Umbrella)
Carothers, CraigInvisible People
Carpe, CraigMinute She's Gone
The Same Heart
Slow Dancin’ Ends Too Fast
Carroll, HarryI’m Always Chasing Rainbows
Carson, WayneDistant Fire
Caswell, BillThat's What Your Love Does to Me
Cate, ErnieEasy Way Out
Chan, Jose MariBeautiful Girl
Chandler, S.D.I Can't Get to You From Here
Ciorciolini, MarcelloMore
Cochran, CharlesLooking for Rainbows (Without an Umbrella)
Cockey, CharlesIce Cream Phoenix
Cohen, LeonardHey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye
Sisters of Mercy
Cole, Nat KingCalypso Blues
Collins, JudyAlbatross
Since You Asked
Cook, DonCheatin' on the Bluesalbum
There’s a New Kid in Town
Cook, RogerLooking for Rainbows (Without an Umbrella)
Cooper, DaveComing Back To Me
Cory, GeorgeYou Will Wear Velvet
Cox, JimmieNobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
Cross, DouglassYou Will Wear Velvet
Cunha, RickPoor Little Robin
When the Feeling Comes Around
Curtis, SonnyThe Collector
Dahlstrom, PattiDialogue
Dale, JImGeorgy Girl
Dallas, DickI Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
Damphier, T.Okay It’s Over
Daughtry, DeanDo It or Die
David, HalLook of Love
Davidson, W. T.Way Too Blonde
Gee I’m Glad I Worried About That
She's Real
Day, Alan RobertThe Good Life
Time Sweet Time
Dempsey, KevinComing Back To Me
Denny, SandyIt Suits Me Well
Music Weaver
Denver, JohnSticky Summer Weather
Take Me to Tomorrow
Deal With The Ladies
Desmond, PaulTake Five
Dillard, Doug
Dillard, LindaCarry Me Off
Dillard, RodneyDaddy Was A Mover
Carry Me Off
The Hey Boys
Dixon, MortI’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover
Dobkin, AlIxAbundance
Dorff, StephenDon't Let It Go to Your Heart
I Want a Son
Dundee, TomLove Doesn't Die
Dylan, BobI Shall Be Released
Eaglesmith, FredI Like Fast Trains
East, ChrisHangin' On
Edmundson, TravisI'm a Drifter
Cloudy Summer Afternoon
Edwards, KSweet Summer Blue and Gold
Everly, DonThe Collector
Everly, PhilThe Collector
Farrar, JohnRecovery
Fasman, B.Blackmail
Feldthouse, Solomon Please
Feliciano, JoséLight My Fire
Fernández, JoseítoGuantanamera
Fields, EugeneWinkin', Blinkin', and Nod
Fleming, RhondaGive Me Wings
Some People's Lives
Flemming, K.At the Drop of a Tear
Ford, James
Franks, S.I’ve Already Flown
Franzen, CarlFathers and Sons
On The Road
Freedman, MarkPlease
Freeland, RoyThis Night Won't Last Forever
Sailing Without a Sail
Drops of Water
Don't Ask Why
Old Fashioned Love
Fricker, SylviaYou Were On My Mind
Fries, E.I Still Love You
Fromholz, SteveYellow Cat
Fry, GaryAs Long as We've Got Each Other
Gable, BillThings Found in My Pocket
Why It Kills Us to Compromise
Galbraith, RonDamn It All (Movin' in the Same Circles)
Galindo, PedroLa Malaguena
Gari, B.What If
Garvey, PatPassion Flower
Garvey, VictoriaPassion Flower
George, DonCalypso Blues
Gibson, BobThat’s the Way It’s Gonna Be
Gibson, D.Back On Track
GIbson, SteveI Just Can't Say No to You
Gillespie, JerryI Love You by Heart
Gillette, SteveThe Number and the Name
Gimbel, NormanTake Me To Aruanda
It Goes Like It Goes
A Changing World
Golde, F.Just One Look
Goldmark, AndyAfter Youalbum
Goodrum, RandyAin't No Two
Bluer Than Blue
Day After Tomorrow
Heather’s Money
Love You Back
One Step Ahead of the Bad News
Savin' It Up
So Soft Your Goodbye
The Very First Time
Win Back Your Heart
A Winner in Your Eyes
Gordon, MackSo So
Gray, M.We Can Live on Love (Baby You're Just Like Me)
Grayson, MilesThe Joker
Greene, JoeChicken Road
Gregson, CliveMy Favorite Lies
Griffith, NanciTrouble in the Fields
Growski, PeteSong For Canada
Handley, RandyTo My Folks
Harburg, YipPaper Moon
Hurry Sundown
Harner, BudDiamond Dreams
Harris, Emmylou
Harris, StuartRosalee
Harrison, GeorgeHere Comes the Sun
Hartford, JohnGentle on My Mind
Havens, RichieHigh Flyin' Bird
Hays, LeeQuinto
Hayward, JustinTuesday Afternoon
Hedge & DonnaJamie
Hellerman, FredBusiness Goes on as Usual
The Honey Wind Blows
The Ladybug and the Centipede
Hendricks, JonGimmie That Wine
Little Paper Ball
Hengber, LizNobody Home in My Heart
Henley, L.Don't Let It Go to Your Heart
Henley, MarkThe Ballad of Howard Hughes
By Then
Don't You Go Under
Everyone Tuesday
First Song
Farewell to Lorien
Fate At the Wheel
Full Moon of April
High on the Border
I Am a Child
Love's Laughter
Mother Night
Music Cup
New Boots
O.B. Glad
Places and Old Friends
The Sunset Years
There Is a Breeze
Two In Love
Wilson Girl
Henry, J.Jewels of the Soul
Heyman, EdwardWhen I Fall In Love
Horan, PaulAll Our Love Come Down
Hughes, BillFool's Paradise
Ladyfriends I (Sing a Song to Your Lady)
Ladyfriends II
Hurley, JohnLove of the Common People
Ian, JanisBack in the Lone Ranger Days
Some People's Lives
James, MarkI've Been Alone Too Long
Jayne, Mitchell F.What's Time to a Hog
Daddy Was A Mover
Carry Me Off
The Hey Boys
Jenkins, MartinComing Back To Me
Jennings, WillTime To Say Goodbye
Jobim, Antonio Carlos One Note Samba
John, EltonCome Down in Time
Johnson, CrowBag End
The Glory
Gypsy in the Photograph
In Your Eyes
Ridin' in the Sky
Johnson, HallTake My Mother Home
Johnson, MichaelAnnie's First Rain
At the Drop of a Tear
Back On Track
Back to My Blues
Better Brother
Big Lippin'
Breakfast Again
Burning My Heart at Both Ends
Cain's Blood 2
Cain's Blood
Central Standard Time
Come to Me
Crying Shame
Dancin' Tonight
Distant Fire
Do It Yourself
A Dream Within a Dream
Driving Through the Hills of Mexico
Either You or Me
Farewell to Lorien
Fate At the Wheel
Got You Covered
Gotta Learn to Love without You
Happier Days
Heather’s Money
Her Sweet Voice (Comes Back To Me Now)
Home Free
I Am
I Can’t Sleep
I Could Love You with My Eyes Closed
I Don’t Have a Prayer
I Just Want to Sing with You
I Need You Now
I Need Your Light
I'm Hurtin'
I’ve Already Flown
It's Still You
It’s All Done With Mirrors
Labor of Love
Lady on the Horse
Leave It Alone
Leave It to a Child
Leavin’ Lonesome
The Line
A Little Snow Starts to Fall Again
Minute She's Gone
Mommy, You Can Trust Me
Mona Ray
My Father's Shoes
My Own Satie
Never Gonna Look Back
No One I Know
Nobody Home in My Heart
O.B. Glad
Okay It’s Over
One Mile Apart
Ready for the Rain
Rusty Rails
The Same Heart
She's Almost Gone
A Single Word
Slow Dancin’ Ends Too Fast
So So
Someone’s Out There
This Ain't the Night to Be Me
Time to Time
To Feel a Friend
Way Too Blonde
We’re Still Holding Hands
What Did I Do With You
When She Smiled at Him
Wilson Girl
With You, With Me
Johnson, PaulSee You Soon
Take My Body Home
Jones, TomSoon It's Gonna Rain
Try To Remember
Jordan, MarcPeople In Your Life
Jupp, MickeyHangin' On
Kaukonen, JormaIce Cream Phoenix
Kaz, EricBlame It on the Rainalbum
I'll Always Love You
I'm Gone
Looking for a Sign
When You Come Home
Keeton, TomEmilio
Kimmel, RSweet Summer Blue and Gold
If I Fell From Grace With You
King, CaroleBlossom
You've Got a Friend
Klaser, JeffJimmy
Knipe, F.O.I Can't Get to You From Here
Knobloch, J. FredSamson and Delilah
Life's a Bitch
Koller, FredShop Shop
Koopmans, DanielMinnesota Nights
Kottke, Leo
A Little Snow Starts to Fall Again
Mona Ray
My Own Satie
Kramer, AlexFar Away Places
Kuehn, LaurieCircus
LaBounty, BillCircles of Love
Dancin' Tonight
Don't Ask Why
Drops of Water
I'm Hurtin'
Leave It Alone
Never Gonna Look Back
Old Fashioned Love
Sailing Without a Sail
This Night Won't Last Forever
Twenty-Five Words or Less
Lange, Don
Laven, TabThe Lullaby Club
Lefevre, JimSuzanne (Every Night When The Sun Goes In)
Leigh, RichardEvery Road
This Time of Year
Lennon & McCartneyHard Day’s Night
Here, There and Everywhere
I Will
I've Just Seen a Face
Mother Nature's Son
Leonard, MichaelI'm All Smiles
Lerner, Alan JayAlmost Like Being in Love
Levitt, EstelleIn the Name of Love
Lightfoot, GordonDon't Beat Me Down
The Wherefore and the Why
Lille, MichaelBetter Brother
Linde, DennisThe Love She Found in Me
Cool Me In the River of Love
Linhart, BuzzyThe Time to Live
Llobet, MiguelTestament to Amelia
Lobos, H. VillaStudy in E Minor
Lockton, EdwardMadame Jeanette
Loewe, FrederickAlmost Like Being in Love
Loggins, KennyWhenever I Call You Friend
Longacre, SusanMy Father's Shoes
One Honest Tear
Loughborough, BillGoin' to California
Louvin, CharlieIf I Could Only Win Your Love
Louvin, IraIf I Could Only Win Your Love
Lubbock, JeffreyIf You Can't Feel Love
Lyra, CarlosTake Me To Aruanda
MacKinnon, RaunCircle of Fifths
Lucky Stars
Maher, BrentCrying Shame
Oh Rosalee
Mahones, GildoBlue
Majeski, Kathy
Mallett, DaveI've Been Around
Little Town
Oranges and Roses
Photographs and Memories
Manchester, MelissaWhenever I Call You Friend
Mancini, HenryMoon River
Mann, BarryBrown-Eyed Woman
Martin, HerbertI'm All Smiles
Martin, HughHave Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Martin, J.D.Labor of Love
Martyn, JohnMay You Never
Mayfield, CurtisGypsy Woman
McAnally, MacBarney
California is a Mental State
Holding on to Nothing
It's My Job
On The Line
Other People Say
Pet Store Bird
Run My Life
She Put the Sad in All His Songs
White House Pet
Yellow Lights
McCann, PeterI Got Nothing to Do
The Last One Singing the Blues
This Time of Year
McCarl, ScottLet Me Go Back Home
McCarron, CharlesBlues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me
McCarthy, JosephI’m Always Chasing Rainbows
McDill, BobCompany Man
McDonald, MichaelEmpty Hearts
It Don't Matter Now
When I’m Home
Home Free
McGee, ParkerDirty Hands, Dirty Faces
Diamond Dreams
I Just Can't Say No to You
McKuen, RodWorld I Used To Know
Mercer, JohnnyMoon River
Merrill, BobDon’t Rain on My Parade
Minkoff, FranThe Honey Wind Blows
The Ladybug and the Centipede
Business Goes on as Usual
Mitchell, JoniBoth Sides Now
For Free
Montan, ChrisLifetime Guarantee
If You Can't Feel Love
Morgan, CareyBlues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me
Morgan, DavidYou Can Call Me Blue
Morrison, B.The Love She Found in Me
Morrison, VanHave I Told You Lately
Morton, Jelly RollSweet Substitute
Muller, MarkThe Lullaby Club
Murray, AlanMadame Jeanette
Myrow, JosefSo So
Nelson, GeneImogene
Invisible People
It’s Not You
Nothing Sweeter than Sin
Nelson, PaulImogene
Nelson, ScottI Can’t Sleep
The Lullaby Club
Newberry, MickeyAre My Thoughts With You
Weeping Annaleah
Newell, NormanMore
Newman, RandyGhosts
He Gives Us All His Love
Jolly Coppers
Memo to My Son
Political Science
Short People
That's Why I Love Mankind
Nichols, H.Something That We Do
Nicholson, GaryTrue Love
Nix, RobertDo It or Die
Norworth, JackTake Me Out to the Ballgame
O'Doherty, BrianUnconditionally
O'Hara, JamieMagic Time
O’Keefe, DannyCatfish
Ochs, PhilThat’s the Way It’s Gonna Be
Oliviero, NinoMore
Orrall, R.Ready for the Rain
Ortolani, RizieroMore
Otis, JohnnyWillie and the Hand Jive
Oversteet, PaulSamson and Delilah
Paley, AndyJacques Cousteau
Panzer, MartinI Want a Son
Parker, John LewisStaying With It
Parrish, MitchellSweet Lorraine
Partlow, VernTalking Atomic Blues
Paxton, TomBottle of Wine
Hold On to Me Babe
Now That I've Taken My Life
Pedersen, Herbert JosephThe Hey Boys
Pennington, J.P.There's a Love
Petrassi, GoffredoQuinto
Philippe-Gerard, Michel
Phillips, John & MichelleCalifornia Dreamin’
Piburn, BillDistant Fire
Pinney, DickBad Roads in Spring
No One Can Hurt You Like a Friend
She's My School
Walk Me Round Your Garden
Pitchford, DeanYou, You, You
Powers, ChetGet Together
Prestwood, HughAlmost Free
April Fool
Bristlecone Pine
By Heart
The Day I’m Over You
Dreaming Sweet Dreams
Either You or Me
Family Tie
Fate of FIreflies
Ghost In This House
Half the Moon
Here You Are
House of Cards
How Do You Know What You Know?
Howling at the Moon
In the Name of God
It Must Be You
Kiss Me Goodbye
Love Is a Cross
Love at Last Sight
Learning How to Love
Miami Beach
The Moon is Still Over Her Shoulder
Oklahoma Stray
Roller Coaster Run (Up Too Slow, Down Too Fast)
That's That
This Country's Bigger than Texas
Two Ships that Crossed in the Moonlight
Upon a Christmas Eve
Worth the Trouble
Price, ChiltonYou Belong to Me
Prine, JohnSouvenirs
Putman, ClaudeWhat I Had With You
Putman, CurlyThere’s a New Kid in Town
RaffiAll I Really Need
Douglas Mountain
Rains, ChickCheatin' on the Bluesalbum
It's Not Easy Being Fifteen
That's What Your Love Does to Me
True Love
Ramirez, ElpidoLa Malaguena
Ramsey, Willis AllenLove My Angel Eyes
Muskrat Love
Rankin, KennyIn the Name of Love
Rapp, TomLove and Sex
Razaf, AndyAin’t Misbehavin’
Read, John DawsonA Friend of Mine is Going Blind
Reed, JerryUgly Woman
Reid, MikeIt's Only Over for You
Rich Like Me
Too Soon to Tell
Reizner, JuneThe 68 Nixon
Reynolds, MalvinaLittle Land
Robbins, KentBreakfast Again
Central Standard Time
Gotta Learn to Love without You
I Could Love You with My Eyes Closed
Rich Like Me
She's Almost Gone
This Ain't the Night to Be Me
We’re Still Holding Hands
What Did I Do With You
With You, With Me
Robinson, EarlHurry Sundown
Rodgers & HammersteinIt Might As Well Be Spring
Many a New Day
You Are Too Beautiful
You've Got to Be Carefully Taught
Rose, BiffGot You Covered
Rose, Billy
Rosen, LouisAnti-Heroes
Rushing, JimmieGoin’ to Chicago Blues
Ryan, JimAfter Youalbum
Sainte-Marie, BuffyBroke Down Girl
Piney Wood Hill
Until It’s Time for You to Go
Salestrom, JimBig Lippin'
Schifrin, LaloA Changing World
Schlitz, DonCrying Shame
Give Me Wings
Mr. Sawyer/Mr. Finn
Oh Rosalee
Schmidt, HarveySoon It's Gonna Rain
Try To Remember
Schroeder, BobGoodbye
Schuyler, ThomCloser Than You
Life's a Bitch
My Old Yellow Car
People Still Fall in Love
Scruggs, GaryLouie and the Belgians
Mr. Sawyer/Mr. Finn
Rusty Rails
Seals, DanCompany Man
Love Me Like the Last Time
Sebastian, JohnDaydream
You Didn't Have to Be So Nice
Settle, MikeIf Wishes Were Horses
Sharp, RandyLeave It to a Child
One Honest Tear
Sherman, TedDancing Sandwiches
Give Me Time
Lavender Lady
Troubled For You
Wilson Girl
Shire, DavidIt Goes Like It Goes
Shuman, MortFuneral Tango
Silbar, J.Don't Let It Go to Your Heart
Simon, JohnDon't Remind Me Now of Time
Simon, LucyWinkin', Blinkin', and Nod
Simon, PaulBridge Over Troubled Water
Dangling Conversations
Feelin’ Groovy
Skyler, TomLove Out Loud
Smith, MichaelAcapulco
Ain't Dis Da Life
The Wonderful World of Sex
You Sure Have Got a Pretty Nice Bod
Snow, MichaelQuel Dommage Pour L'Amour
Snow, TomBlame It on the Rainalbum
Circle of Love
I Can't Live Without It
I'll Always Love You
Just One Look
Let This Be a Lesson To You
Staying With It
When You Come Home
You Sure Fooled Me
You, You, You
You're Not Easy to Forget
Sor, FernandoMinuet
Sparks, RandySaturday Night in Toledo Ohio
Springfield, TomGeorgy Girl
Stanley, James LeeEvery Reason
Stewart, JohnCody
Stills, StephenFor What It’s Worth
Stookey, NoelHymn
Love City (Postcards to Duluth)
Strouse, CharlesNo More
Styne, JuleDon’t Rain on My Parade
Sundrud, JackBack to My Blues
Cain's Blood 2
Swanstone, ArthurBlues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me
Talent, CharlieGreat Day for Watching a Bee
Tárrega, FranciscoLágrima
Taupin, BernieCome Down in Time
Taylor-Good, KarenOne Mile Apart
Taylor, BillyI Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
Taylor, JamesBartender's Blues
Country Road/Fire & Rain
Secret of Life
Theilmans, Jean “Toots”Bluesette
Throckmorton, SonnyWhat I Had With You
Titus, HiramFind A Child
Tokein, J.R.R.Farewell to Lorien
Tong, WlliamBlew By You
Tormé, MelThe Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
Tracy, D.In Love Like You and Me
Bye Baby Bunting
Cotton Eyed Joe
John Riley
Over in the Meadow
Pretty Saro
The Rising of the Moon
Testament to Amelia
Tiny Sparrow
The Wild Mountain Thyme
Tyson, IanSong For Canada
UnknownTime to Time
Christmas in Their Eyes
Time and Sky
Van Heusen, JamesHere’s That Rainy Day
Van Hoy, R.Love Me Like the Last Time
Van Warmer, RandyI Will Whisper Your Name
Van Zandt, TownesWaitin Around to Die
Vandré, GeraldoTake Me To Aruanda
Vannier, Marie
Varsos, JimBurning My Heart at Both Ends
A Dream Within a Dream
I Don’t Have a Prayer
I Need Your Light
It’s All Done With Mirrors
The Line
Someone’s Out There
Vezner, JonNo One I Know
Von Tilzer, AlbertTake Me Out to the Ballgame
Waits, TomOl' 55
Old Coat
San Diego Serenade
Waldman, W.I'm Gone
Walker, Jerry JeffMr. Bojangles
A Letter Sung to Friends
Little Bird
Waller, Thomas "Fats"Ain’t Misbehavin’
Webb, DeanWhat's Time to a Hog
The Hey Boys
Webb, JimmySince You've Asked
Webb, StanI Love You by Heart
Weil, CynthiaBrown-Eyed Woman
I've Been Alone Too Long
You Sure Fooled Me
You're Not Easy to Forget
Welch, KevinMagic Time
Wells, BobThe Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
Wendelken, L.Blackmail
Wheat, DavidGoin' to California
Wheeler, Billy EddCoal Tattoo
Coming of the Roads
Winter Sky
Whiteley, KeithThere’s a New Kid in Town
Whitney, JoanFar Away Places
Wilkins, RonnieLove of the Common People
Williams, A.The Power (This Love Has Over Me)
WIlliams, D.The Power (This Love Has Over Me)
Williams, HankJambalaja
Williams, MasonLong TIme Blues
Williams, MichaelCatch Another Butterfly
Winchester, JesseDo It
Isn’t That So
Tennessee Waltz
Thanks to You
Withers, BillCity of the Angels
Lean On Me
Woods, HarryI’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover
Yarborough, MartinMommy, You Can Trust Me
Yarrow, PeterDon't Remind Me Now of Time
Rich Man, Poor Man
Young, PaulI Wish You Love
Young, VictorWhen I Fall In Love
Zevon, WarrenDon’t Let Us Get Sick
Zimmel, PeterRich Man, Poor Man