Michael Johnson Photo

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"16 years old. Third Guitar - 'Emily' by Auggie Rasmussen"

"Yikes. Going for a Burl Ives kind of thing.
Photo: Mark Ahlstorm"

Taylor's Supper Club, Denver CO
Photos by Mark Ahlstrom

"Hippy Days, 1972 Publicity Photo"

With Peter Yarrow, St. Cloud, MN, 1972

A&R Studios, NY

Lonely and single, the suffering artiste

Michael Johnson & Steve Goodman, Somebody Else's Troubles, Chicago, 1972
(photo on left courtesy Gil Plotkin)

Michael Johnson & Steve Goodman, St. Olaf College, Northfield MN, 1970's
Photos by Fred A Levy Haskell

Mark Henley, Michael Johnson & Ted Sherman

"Mark, Michael & Ted"

"Filled with torpor and ennui"

"Michael & Ted Sherman"

Michael & Steve Goodman

Photo shoot for Breeze back cover. Photos by Henley's Henhouse

Ted Sherman, Tab Laven, Cindy Martin, Keith Christianson & Michael Johnson
Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis MN June 22, 1975
Photo: HennHaus

"Bluer Than Blue shoot. Such a cool, lonely and dangerous hunk."

"Mj and the wonderful Steve Armstrong. A while ago."

"Oh So Mooody. (Studio - I hated those headphones!)"


When EMI America recording artist Michael Johnson (right) opened at The Other End in New York recently, he was welcomed to his two-night engagement by jazz guitarist George Benson (center) and inventor/guitarist Les Paul. --Cashbox magazine

Bryon Hill and Michael Johnson, Nashville, circa 1980
Used with permission from Bryon Hill, byronhillmusic.com

Photo shoot for Home Free album.

Kim Carnes, MJ, Don Grierson (EMI American A&R)

Minnie Pearl & Lucie Arnaz

"Backstage changing strings"

"That's Minnesota Fats"

"Don Potter (guitar-wizard), Brent Maher (producer), Mj back cover not used"

Joey and Rory, Lari White, Lionel Cartwright, Michael Johnson

"With Crow Johnson"

Beltrami County Fair, Bemidji MN 8/2/92 with Jubilation
Photo: C. McArthur

"This week I found myself thinking of my friend Michael Johnson. He’s been gone a few years now, and I play his music often. We had some great times together. He was a total sweetheart, a talented musician, and a great person to be around. Wherever you are Michael, you and your music are still with us.

Love and Sunshine,
Your forever pal Stephen"

"I first met Michael about twenty years ago. He called me out of the blue and said he wanted to meet me. I don't know how he got my number, but I invited him over, and we became instant friends.""

Photo used with permission by Stephen Bishop

Photos: C. McArthur

TV Interview with Bill Carlson, WCCO, Minneapolis MN, 2/26/04

"Gold Record from the Phillippines. Never got a cent from them. Elsie the kitty."

"Back to the Philippines! 2014"

Photos: C. McArthur

Minnesota Music Hall of Fame Michael donates his gold record 12/30/06

With Mary MacGregor
Photos courtesy Karyle Hanson

Mid-America Music Hall of Fame 5/3/08