Michael Johnson Photo


Song Writers Artist Album Date
Annie's First RainMichael JohnsonMichael Johnson
At the Drop of a TearMichael Johnson, K. FlemmingMichael Johnson
Back on TrackMichael Johnson, D. GibsonMichael Johnson
Back to My BluesMichael Johnson, Jack SundrudMichael Johnson
Better BrotherMichael Johnson, Michael LilleMichael Johnson
Big Lippin'Michael Johnson, Jim SalestromMichael Johnson
Breakfast AgainMichael Johnson, Kent RobbinsMichael Johnson
Cain's BloodMichael JohnsonMichael JohnsonFor All You Mad Musicians1975
Cain's BloodMichael Johnson, Jack Sundrud Michael JohnsonDeparture1995
Cain's BloodMichael Johnson, Jack Sundrud Four RunnerFour Runner1995
Cain's BloodMichael Johnson, Jack Sundrud The PersuasionsSunday Morning Soul2000
Central Standard TimeMichael Johnson, Kent RobbinsThe KendallsBest of The Kendalls1994
Circus Michael Johnson, John Denver & Laurie Kuehn John DenverRhymes & Reasons1969
Circus Michael Johnson, John Denver & Laurie Kuehn Mary TraversMary1971
Come to MeMichael JohnsonMichael Johnson451965
Crying ShameMichael Johnson, Brent Maher, Don SchlitzMichael JohnsonThat's That1988
Crying ShameMichael Johnson, Brent Maher, Don SchlitzMichael JohnsonThen & Now1997
Dancin' TonightMichael Johnson, Bill LaBountyMichael JohnsonThe Michael Johnson Album1978
Distant FireMichael Johnson, Wayne Carson, Bill PiburnMichael JohnsonDeparture1995
Do It YourselfMichael Johnson, Joanie Chappel BeesonMichael Johnson
A Dream Within a DreamMichael Johnson, Jim VarsosMichael Johnson
Driving Through the Hills of MexicoMichael JohnsonMichael Johnson
EggtoothMichael Johnson, Leo KottkeLeo KottkeMy Feet Are Smiling1973
Either You or MeHugh Prestwood, Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson
EmilioMichael Johnson, Tom KeetonMichael JohnsonDeja Vu2012
Empty HeartsMichael Johnson, Michael McDonaldMichael JohnsonYou Can Call Me Blue1980
Empty HeartsMichael Johnson, Michael McDonaldAlison KraussForget About It1999
Farewell to LorienJ.R.R. Tolkein, Michael Johnson, Mark HenleyMichael Johnson
Fate at the WheelMichael Johnson, Mark HenleyMichael Johnson
Froggin'Michael Johnson, Mark Henley Mark HenleyRiversong1976
GoodbyeBob Schroeder, Michael JohnsonMichael JohnsonFor All You Mad Musicians1975
Got You CoveredMichael Johnson, Biff RoseMichael JohnsonThere Is A Breeze1973
Gotta Learn To Love Without YouKent Robbins, Michael JohnsonMichael JohnsonWings1986
Happier DaysMichael JohnsonMichael JohnsonThere Is A Breeze1973
Happier DaysMichael JohnsonMichael JohnsonThen & Now1997
Heather's MoneyMichael Johnson, Randy GoodrumMichael Johnson
Her Sweet Voice (Comes Back To Me Now)Michael Johnson, Joanie Chappell BeesonMichael Johnson
HillsMichael JohnsonMichael Johnson451965
HomeDenny Brooks, Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson
Home FreeMichael McDonald, Michael JohnsonMichael JohnsonHome Free1981
I AmMichael JohnsonMichael Johnson
I Can't SleepMichael Johnson, Scott NelsonMichael Johnson w/The Music Workshop For KidsSleeping With The Fishes1997
I Could Love You with My Eyes ClosedMichael Johnson, Kent RobbinsMichael Johnson
I Don't Have a PrayerMichael Johnson, Jim VarsosMichael Johnson
I Don't Have the HeartMichael Johnson, T. DamphierMichael Johnson
I Just Want to Sing WIth YouMichael JohnsonMichael Johnson
I Need You NowMichael Johnson, Rick BeausfordMichael Johnson
I Need Your LightMichael Johnson, Jim VarsosMichael Johnson
I'm Hurtin'Michael Johnson, Bill LaBountyMichael Johnson
I've Already FlownMichael Johnson, S. FranksMichael Johnson
It's All Done with MirrorsMichael Johnson, Jim VarsosMichael Johnson
It's Still YouMichael JohnsonMichael Johnson
JimmyJeff Klaser, Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson
Labor of LoveMichael Johnson, J.D. MartinMichael Johnson
Lady on the HorseMichael JohnsonMichael Johnson
Leave It AloneMichael Johnson, Bill LaBountyMichael JohnsonHome Free1981
Leave It to a ChildMichael Johnson, Randy SharpMichael Johnson
Leavin' LonesomeJoanie Chappell Beeson, Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson
Life After YouMichael Johnson, Suzanne SherwinMichael JohnsonFingerstyle Guitar1997
A Little Snow Starts to FallLeo Kottke, Michael JohnsonLeo Kottke & Michael JohnsonSoundtrack1974
The LineMichael Johnson, Jim VarsosMichael Johnson
Minutes She's GoneMichael Johnson, Craig CarpeMichael Johnson
Mommy, You Can Trust MeMichael Johnson, Martin YarboroughMichael Johnson
Mona RayLeo Kottke, Michael JohnsonLeo Kottke & Michael JohnsonDreams and All That Stuff1974
Mona RayLeo Kottke, Michael JohnsonMark HenleyRiversong1976
My Father's ShoesMichael Johnson, Susan LongacreMichael Johnson
My Own SatieMichael Johnson, Leo Kottke
No One I KnowMichael Johnson, Jon Vezner
Nobody Home in My HeartMichael Johnson, Liz Hengber
NotMichael Johnson, Kent RobbinsMichael Johnson
O.B. GladMichael Johnson, Mark HenleyMichael JohnsonAin't Dis Da Life1977
Okay It’s OverMichael Johnson, T. DamphierMichael Johnson
One Mile ApartLisa Aschmann, Michael Johnson, Karen Taylor-GoodKaren Taylor-GoodOne Mile Apart1995
She's Almost GoneMichael Johnson, Kent RobbinsMichael Johnson
PunchlineMichael Johnson, Michael LilleMichael Johnson
Ready for the RainMichael Johnson, R. OrrallMichael Johnson
RoseBill LaBounty, Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson
Rusty RailsMichael Johnson, Gary ScruggsMichael Johnson
The Same HeartMichael Johnson, Craig CarpeMichael Johnson
She's Almost GoneMichael Johnson, Kent RobbinsMichael Johnson
Slow Dancin’ Ends Too FastMichael Johnson, Craig CarpeMichael Johnson
A Single WordMichael Johnson, Joanie Chappell BeesonMichael Johnson
SoftwareMichael Johnson, Randy GoodrumMichael JohnsonDeparture1995
Someone's Out ThereMichael Johnson, Jim VarsosMichael Johnson
This Ain't The Night To Be MeMichael Johnson, Kent RobbinsMichael JohnsonMichael Johnson1992
Time to TimeMichael Johnson, UnknownMichael Johnson
Way Too BlondeMichael Johnson, W. T. DavidsonMichael JohnsonFor All You Mad Musicians1975
We're Still Holding HandsMichael Johnson, Kent RobbinsMichael Johnson
What Did I Do with YouMichael Johnson, Kent RobbinsMichael Johnson
When She Smiled At HimMichael Johnson, Joanie BeesonSuzy Bogguss & Chet AtkinsSimpatico1994
Who Am I This TimeMichael Johnson, Kent RobbinsMichael Johnson
Wilson GirlMichael Johnson, Ted Sherman, Mark HenleyMichael Johnson
With You, With MeMichael Johnson, Kent RobbinsMichael Johnson
A Woman Like YouMichael Johnson, Kent RobbinsMichael Johnson