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MJ center, others undentified
Paul Prestopino at left

During the Denver, Boise & Johnson days, 1968. Photos courtesy of the John Denver Estate

Ted Sherman

Around 1972

"Sally did great sound for me. We traveled together for many years.
A great team we were." (October '76)

Keith Christianson


"An Old Favorite of Mine
Just always loved this. Buddha is so feminine and soft - Lady Liberty is so militant and masculine. East meets west. Many things to me."

Salli Terri
"There is so much genius around. It's difficult to have a favorite anything these days. That is until you hear Salli Terri. Her "Bachianas Brazileiras No. 5 of Villa Lobos is astounding. The opening long phrase should let you know you are on an amazing journey. Many other artists have recorded it; Victoria De Los Angeles, even Joan Baez - they all sound like Green Bay Packers compared to her. And the closing phrase is just heaven to me."

"My beloved Karmann Ghia"
"Here's Otto"

Dressing room after a long day.
Spam Fest, Austin MN 6/18/05
(See Michael's Spam Fest photos at Travel Photos)
We sat next to Bill Nye, the Science Guy, in the performers cafeteria that day.