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Brother Paul Johnson, MJ center, other undentified
Paul Prestopino at left

During the Denver, Boise & Johnson days, 1968. Photos courtesy of the John Denver Estate

Photos by Mark Ahlstrom

Ted Sherman

Around 1972

"Sally did great sound for me. We traveled together for many years.
A great team we were." (October '76)

"Michael and Sally c. 1975 Photo by Judy Weiser, do not use without permission

Keith Christianson


3535 Tonkawood Rd, 10/23/76

With Lonnie Knight
NYE Benefit 12/31/2005

Love at Last Sight clip
NYE Benefit 12/31/2005

With Lonnie Knight
NYE Benefit 12/31/2005

"An Old Favorite of Mine
Just always loved this. Buddha is so feminine and soft - Lady Liberty is so militant and masculine. East meets west. Many things to me."

Salli Terri
"There is so much genius around. It's difficult to have a favorite anything these days. That is until you hear Salli Terri. Her "Bachianas Brazileiras No. 5 of Villa Lobos is astounding. The opening long phrase should let you know you are on an amazing journey. Many other artists have recorded it; Victoria De Los Angeles, even Joan Baez - they all sound like Green Bay Packers compared to her. And the closing phrase is just heaven to me."

"My beloved Karmann Ghia"
"Here's Otto"

"Gold Record from the Phillippines. Never got a cent from them. Elsie the kitty."

In the dressing room after a long day.
Spam Fest, Austin MN 6/18/05
(See Michael's Spam Fest photos at Travel Photos)
We sat next to Bill Nye, the Science Guy, in the performers' cafeteria that day.

"My Captive Audience" (SpamFest 2005)

Earl Pionke (Earl of Old Town), Steve Goodman's mother, Minnette, and MJ; Courtesy of Marina Jason
The Guitar Room at the Podium. With Marty Reynolds, Donn Fuller, Terry Kennedy and Glenn Elvig.