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MJ Singles

Release DatePeak PositionTitleAlbum
1965   Hills
1973   On The Road There Is A Breeze
1973   Rooty Toot Toot For The Moon There Is A Breeze
1977   Movin In The Same Circles Ain't Dis Da Life
4/22/78 Pop 12
AC 1
Bluer Than Blue The Michael Johnson Album
8/5/78 Pop 32
AC 4
Almost Like Being In Love The Michael Johnson Album
12/9/78   When You Come Home The Michael Johnson Album
1/13/79   Sailing Without A Sail The Michael Johnson Album
8/4/79 Pop 19
AC 5
This Night Won't Last Forever Dialogue
2/2/80 Pop 101
AC 29
The Very First Time Dialogue
8/23/80 Pop 86
AC 34
You Can Call Me Blue You Can Call Me Blue
1980 #40 in Brazil After You You Can Call Me Blue
1981 #1 in Manila I'll Always Love You Dialogue
1981   You're Not Easy to Forget Home Free
1981   The Love She Found In Me Home Free
1983   Lifetime Guarantee
(B side was "One Step Ahead of the Bad News" - not released on an album)
Lifetime Guarantee

Bluer Than Blue

Bluer Than Blue

Bluer Than Blue - back

Bluer Than Blue

Bluer Than Blue

This Night Won't Last Forever

This Night Won't Last Forever

Dancin' Tonight

You Can Call Me Blue

Release DatePeak PositionTitleAlbum
11/16/85 Country 9 I Love You By Heart
(Duet with Sylvia)
Sylvia: One Step Closer
1985   There's A New Kid In Town A Country Christmas Vol. 2, Various Artists
4/26/86 Country 12 Gotta Learn To Love Without You
(B side was "River Colorado" -
not released on an album)
9/27/86 Country 1 Give Me Wings Wings
1/31/87 Country 1 The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder Wings
6/13/87 Country 26 Ponies Wings
10/17/87 Country 4 Crying Shame That's That
1987   This Time Of Year Mistletoe and Memories
Various Artists
4/2/88 Country 7 I Will Whisper Your Name That's That
8/27/88 Country 9 That's That That's That
12/17/88 Country 52 Roller Coaster Run
(Up Too Slow, Down Too Fast)
That's That
1989   Life's A Bitch (And Then You Die)
released in Britain only
B side: Jacques Cousteau
Life's A Bitch
1991   One Honest Tear Michael Johnson
1997   Whenever I Call You Friend Then & Now
*Peak Position source: Billboard

Misc. Singles

Release DateSinger/GroupTitle
1968 Denver, Boise & Johnson Take Me To Tomorrow
1977 Mark Henley New Boots/Froggin'
1985 Artists for Humanity Dawning