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Sleeping With The Fishes

Source: Publishers Weekly, Feb 3, 1997
v244 n5 p47(1)

Title: Sleeping with the Fishes

Subjects: Sound recordings - Reviews
People: Michael Johnson
The Music Workshop for Kids (Music group)
Rev Grade: A

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The Music Workshop for Kids with special guest Michael Johnson.
Baby Boom Music - cassette $10.98, CD $15.98

This slickly produced round-up of lullabies once again showcases the enormous depth of talent found in the group that previously released Sky Blue Catfish and Family Playground. Fine singers and songwriters all, a few of the Workshop crew exhibit accomplished musicianship too. Lyrics from a parent's and a child's point of view coexist here, and the smooth mix of several male and female vocals is consistently pleasant and reassuring. Pop performer Johnson makes his debut as a children's artist with vocal and song-writing contributions on "The Lullaby Club" and the kid-friendly "I Can't Sleep." A universally positive energy flows freely here, evident in the many mentions of dreams, wishes, promises and love throughout. And while they are being quieted for the night, children's imaginations will likely be stirred by songs of magic-carpet rides, a trip to Dreamland, a guardian angel in the bedroom, and in the title track, fishes sleeping underwater. Four instrumental arrangements of such traditional lullabies as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and "Brahms Lullaby" also form nice bridges between the 11 vocal tracks. All ages.