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Date: Jun 18, 1997 Time: 20:14
Name: George Seifert
City & State:
How did you find this site?
Comments: Hi, I just visited your Michael Johnson site. It's nice to see something out there about him. I've been a fan ever since I saw him (from about 6 feet away) at the Earl of Old Town in Chicago back in about 1974. Do you know if there are any plans to rerelease his early stuff on CD? I never seem to drag out the old vinyl anymore.

Do you happen to know whatever happened to Mark Henley (he was at the same show with Michael). I really liked his stuff, especially his collaborations with Michael. I talked to someone here at Redhouse Records who thought he was somewhere in Tennessee. I'd really like to hear anything else that he has recorded.

I have a friend in town whose parents rented out a place to Michael and Mark when they lived in Minneapolis. Unfortunately she doesn't remember much about them since she was so young. That was the first time I heard about O.B. Glad. Who would have guessed that was a dog?

Date: Jun 18, 1997 Time: 22:38
Name: Bob & Robin Postel
City & State: Oregon, WI
How did you find this site? blind luck
Comments: Hello Michael, I don't know if you see this or not but if you do "HI"

Date: Jun 21, 1997 Time: 03:06
Name: Lance Uyeda
City & State: Los Altos CA
How did you find this site? Message Board Folk Music on AOL
Comments: Please release "A Friend of Mine is Going Blind on CD."

Date: Jun 22, 1997 Time: 19:05
How did you find this site? MESSAGE BOARD FOLDER

Date: Jun 25, 1997 Time: 21:55
Name: Drew Jansen
City & State: Golden Valley (Minneapolis), Minnesota
How did you find this site? just surfin'
Comments: Nice site! I've been a fan for quite some time; actually got a chance to meet and talk with Michael in January of 1982 (can't believe it's been so long.). He was playing at the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, MN, and I happened backstage afterwards to meet him. His roadies were packing him up and he was looking for a cigarette (I've quit since then; I assume he has too!) and a place to smoke it. I found both for him...not always easy in Minnesota! Anyway, we chatted a bit and I tried not to be a star-struck college kid. He invited me to a late dinner with him and his family and crew, but I declined as a major winter storm was bearing down on us and I though I should get back to my own campus (St. John's University, Collegeville MN). Great guy, great music. I know he's performed a number of times at the Big Top Chautaqua in northern Wisconsin (a stage I'll be singing on in just a few days, unless the root canal I have scheduled for the day before decides to act up on me), but I've never had the opportunity to see him there. Maybe next year.
Thanks for the nice website. I'm sure he likes it!

Date: Jun 29, 1997 Time: 04:50
Name: Dan Lenzini
City & State: Memphis, Tennessee
How did you find this site? I was looking for it
Comments: I would love to know how much of Michael Johnson's music is still in print.

Date: Jul 1, 1997 Time: 10:05
Name: Edwin Stanley
City & State: Quezon City, Philippines
Source of site: I'm a big fan of yours.
Comments: I love your songs very much, it's very cool and soothing. I especially like the song "I'll Always Love You", it's a very special song to me. It means a lot to me. If it's not much of a favor, can I ask for a lyric and guitar tab sheet of this very special song. Thank you very much and more power to you.

Date: Jul 2, 1997 Time: 15:48
Name: Joe Sanders
City & State: Huntsville, Al
Source of site: Heard about from a friend
Comments: Great job!

Date: Jul 3, 1997 Time: 01:32
Name: Terry
City & State: Aurora, ILL
Source of site: a news group
Comments: Denver, Boise & Johnson

Worked with Boise, Seen Johnson, Sang with The New Christy Minstrels

Date: Jul 5, 1997 Time: 17:00
Name: John Hoyt
City & State: Crestwood, MO
Source of site: Searched for "Michael Johnson"
Comments: Love the music...especially Mr. Sawyer & Mr. Finn, Rich Like Me...

Date: Jul 9, 1997 Time: 11:57
Name: Paul Dutt
City & State: Aberdeen, SD
Source of site: I looked for it
Comments: Come on back to Aberdeen, SD soon!

Date: Jul 11, 1997 Time: 11:32
Name: Bob Llewellyn
City & State: San Marcos, CA 92069
Source of site: Yahoo Search
Comments: I am a longtime fan and fellow songwriter. I met Michael just before his show at "The Roxy" in Los Angeles several years ago. I would be very interested in obtaining some of Michael's early recordings on CD -especially "Dialogue".

I would also like to know when his next Southern California concert will be.

Keep up the great work!

Date: Jul 14, 1997 Time: 03:55
Name: Jim Shelton
City & State: Santee, CA
Source of site: searching the web
Comments: Michael -- It's great to see your web page on the internet!
I bought your "Dialogue" album when it first came out. Every time I go to buy a new CD, I look for that album. I have not been able to find it... I'm usually not into buying 'older' music; I like to buy 'current' stuff. But there is just no substitute for your music. Over the last 17 years since I bought "Dialogue", I have been through a lot of adversity. My wife left me 4 years ago. Although I'm very optimistic, I've gained a new appreciation for the heartfelt, somber expressions that "Dialogue" conveyed... I'd love to have that album on CD !!!

Thanks for the music you've provided to people like me. Don't let anyone measure the value of your music by the number of albums sold. The value of "Dialogue" is immeasurable to me.

Is "Dialogue" on CD??? If so let me know where I can get it!

I'm looking forward to your new album in August.

Take care...
Jim Shelton

P.S. I'm a singer myself now! I've just starting performing at the young age of 42! I'd love to get some sheet music of your songs. If you come to San Diego let's do a song together (wishful thinking!).

Date: Jul 15, 1997 Time: 03:20
Name: Joe & Pat DeCastro
City & State: Midway,Utah
Source of site: Used Infoseek
Comments: Michael has always been one of our favorite artists, and we have wondered why he hasn't become a megastar because he is with us. I got his first album - There is a Breeze in Cambridge, Mass. and have been a fan ever since. The fact that he can out with Bluer than Blue the year we were married cemented his music to our lives. Wish he would tour in Utah!

Date: Jul 18, 1997 Time: 08:14
Name: Joe Porretto
City & State: Lindenhurst, NY
Source of site: Country news group
Comments: Is there a fan club.? The Discography is a great help.
Is there a 45 or single discography? Any unusual recordings in other formats.

When are you coming back to Westbury, LI or other venues in the tri-state area.

I'm looking forward to the new album.

Best wishes. Joe

Date: Jul 20, 1997 Time: 12:36
Name: Brooks Jones
City & State: Pasadena, MD
Source of site: Altavista search
Comments: Saw Michael last night with Mack Bailey at the "King of France". My wife and I were ready to leave after Mack's set - didn't know who Michael was; but after the first couple of songs, decided to stay the evening! A true musician - could see the classical training. A truly great evening, without a single banjo joke ... "John Davidson sucks!" We were sitting in front with our friends (we have our own little musical group) and we all agreed that we wanted to hear more of Michaels work. Want to get his acoustic album releasing in August. That's really it 'cept to say "Thanks for a great night!" Brooks-

Date: Jul 20, 1997 Time: 13:39
Name: Kathy Thomas
City & State: Hartsel, CO
Source of site: oh, just the usual searching...
Comments: When are you coming home? To Colorado, I mean. I've seen the white guitar, with Jim on the business end. If you're in the state, please contact me at above email address. I'll have wings. Oh, do you remember the words to "Ponies"? I have two now. "Existentializard"? Don't have any of those. I miss your music, Michael.

Date: Jul 20, 1997 Time: 16:31
Name: Patti Petow
City & State: Clearwater, FL
Source of site: I looked it up myself!
Comments: I have been a great fan of your music for many, many years and in all this time, I have never had the opportunity to come out to one of your shows. I am delighted to see such an impressive homepage here and now that I know that you will perform in Athens, GA next month, I hope to be in attendance. I am making a trip up to the Atlanta area for a CD release concert for Claire Lynch, a good friend and former employer of mine. I would like you to have my resume and will send it to you via your AOL address. Thanks for being readily "cyber available!" HA! - Patti Petow

Date: Jul 20, 1997 Time: 18:47
Name: Fabiana Andrade
City & State: Recife, Brazil
Source of site: Looking for Bluer than blue's lyrics
Comments: Bluer than blue's the best!!!

Date: Jul 21, 1997 Time: 02:07
Name: Lonnie Knight
City & State: Mpls MN
Source of site: You emailed me...
Comments: Great Michael site. I'm looking for photos of Michael and us (Lonnie, Pat, Bill, Scooter) from gigs at Orchestra Hall (Mpls), MN State Fair, or Rockford Illinois (I think the show was part of Riverfront Festival. Any help would be appreciated...

Date: Jul 21, 1997 Time: 22:42
Name: Randy
City & State: Hawley MN
Source of site: searched through yahoo
Comments: Great site! Met Michael a few years ago at the Minnesota State Fair - great show! Looking forward to seeing him when he comes back to Minnesota in December. Best to you Michael. Randy and Karen

Date: Jul 24, 1997 Time: 13:09
Name: Ed Tober
City & State: Hamilton, TX
Source of site: yahoo
Comments: As a longtime fan, I'm eagerly awaiting the new CD release (please consider including "River Colorado" and "When She Smiled at Him"). I'm also hoping for the early albums being re-issued on CD (if not here, perhaps the Japanese will have the good taste to do so). If any of the other posters to the guest book know how to obtain copies of the first three albums, I would greatly appreciate the information. Thanks, Michael, for twenty years of great music; I'm looking forward to twenty more.

Date: Jul 27, 1997 Time: 01:30
Name: Rick Gardner
City & State: Graham Kentucky
Source of site: Searched with Alta Vista had to sift through a lot of info but finally found it.
Comments: Have been a fan for many years and am very happy to have found this site. Heard Michael in concert about 10 years ago. The concert was here in Muhlenberg County Kentucky at the fair grounds. I was working security and was occasionally back stage. During one break, I jokingly asked him if after the concert we could get together and show each other some chords. He said "sure, like the anguished 27th".
....Well, it was funny to me.

My favorite entertainers are all male/solo/vocalist/musicians. My taste are somewhat varied but Michael Johnson is on the top of the list.

Thank you for this site. Will be checking back regularly.

Would like to know more about the author of this site.

Date: Jul 27, 1997 Time: 13:49
Name: Claus Peter Rasmussen
City & State: DK-2200 Copenhagen, Denmark
Source of site: Once again I was surfing the net looking for information on Michael Johnson ...and finally bingo. Nice website by the way - and very much needed!
Comments: Greetings from Denmark !!!

Dear Michael Johnson

I hope you have a chance to read this. I have been a huge fan of yours for many years (boy - time flies) and I would like to thank you for bringing me so many hours of enjoyment with your beautiful music.

It is important that you know you have loyal and enthusiastic fans in this part of the world too (Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia that is). And I know most of us have followed your career for many years. I has not been easy - in fact it has been very difficult because your albums are so hard to get hold of. I have just discovered, that I miss no less than four of your albums in my collection. As a big big fan of yours and a hardcore record collector, this is indeed a hard one to swallow. Especially because I am not sure how I can get hold of these albums (and that includes your two latest offerings) - even with all my connections. Any help you can give me would be highly appreciated!

I would also like to inform you, that a group of serious lovers of high quality adult oriented pop/rock music here in Denmark recently founded "Danish Friends of Westcoast Music". Our aim is to promote music like yours and ensure a better knowledge, distribution and airplay to the benefit of all of us. In these troubled times (!) such a step seems necessary.

We got off to a very good start with a very nice magazine (issue #2 is on the way), a website and many useful contacts (both artists and record companies). More members are joining our (still) small club all the time and we have lots of plans for the future (we are joining forces with similar organizations in France and Japan). We hope you will visit our website(www2.dk-online.dk/users/danish_friends/index.html), and we would be thrilled if you would send us a word (dkfriend@post7.tele.dk or my e-mail address).

We will of course include a link to this website on our website, and as soon as I can get hold of a copy of your new album we will do a review.

Sincerely your
A big fan from Denmark:
Claus Peter Rasmussen
Norrebrogade 36B 2.tv
DK-2200 Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45 3536 4061
e-mail: crasmuss@harman.com

Date: Jul 28, 1997 Time: 10:02
Name: patrick cusick
City & State: halifax, PA
Source of site: just got on the machine and looked
Comments: I had the privilege of meeting Michael Johnson at the BWI airport about a week ago. I am by no means the kind of person to go up to a celebrity and introduce myself; mainly because few of them really do anything for me. However, I have such respect and admiration for Michael Johnson's work, that I felt like I just had to thank him. At 36 years of age I'm not a kid who simply wanted to meet a star. I didn't want to impose, but again, I just had to thank him for all of the wonderful and moving music as well as his articles on the topic of songwriting. To Mr. Johnson wherever you are sir, again, I thank you.

Date: Jul 29, 1997 Time: 14:38
Name: Steve Putman
City & State: Bryantown, MD
Source of site: search engine
Comments: Michael,

I caught your performance with Mack Bailey at the King of France Tavern, Annapolis, MD. It was fantastic! I was there to see Mack (a friend of mine), not knowing who he was performing with. Once you began to play and sing, I immediately recognized your distinct and wonderful sound. At the very beginning of your first set, I had to enlighten my party that we were in the presence of a fantastic performer (not that Mack isn't). I would like to catch up on your recording accomplishments since the 70's. Where can I purchase your CD's? I have not been able to find them in the Washington, D.C area. You said that you have produced 14 of them. Being a musician, I am ashamed that I do not own any of them.

Help me catch up!


Steve Putman (301)274-0770

P.S. During the set break, did you really step outside to smoke a cigar? If so, what brand? It would make a great article for letter for Cigar Aficionado.

Date: Jul 29, 1997 Time: 17:01
Name: brent campbell
City & State: columbus, in 47203
Source of site: yahoo search
Comments: saw you with allison krauss in Indy and you were great.

Date: Jul 30, 1997 Time: 20:11
Name: Patti Petow
City & State: Clearwater, FL
Source of site: Radar
Comments: Hi - This is my 2nd visit to this site and I would like to comment to Michael that I was quite touched by his, "Thoughts On Perseverance." It hit home in a big way and I am hoping that you see this message and drop me a line at AOL. I would like the opportunity to share some of my experiences with you. Hope to hear from you!

Date: Jul 31, 1997 Time: 23:45
Name: Jim
City & State: Houston, TX (For now, prev SDak, Minn. NDak, Colorado)
Source of site: Searched for "Michael Johnson"
Comments: I've been a fan of your music since I saw you in a coffee shop in Brookings South Dakota probably in about 1975 or so. We recently moved to Houston and I came across two albums, Dialogue & the Michael Johnson Album. Unfortunately my turntable does not work at the moment, but I do have some tunes on tape. I would really like to find some of your new and old tunes on CD's. I have one song that has stuck in my mind for 20+ years, I sing it when I'm enjoying life "Ain't Dis Da Life" delux - I think. My wife has only heard your albums, but I recall this song from hearing you in person. She believes we had this one on a album, but I think it's just from me singing it over the 15 years we have been married. Some of my fav songs are "Dancin' Tonight", "Twenty-Five Words or Less", and "Blackmail" and one I recall from your live performance called "drop the big one now". Anyway, it is great to see this page on the web and I look forward to finding more of your EXCELLENT music in the stores and maybe sometime soon I can find you in person. Just missed you, as we were in Alamosa, Colorado about the time you performed in Colorado. If you see this note, Thanks for the great music. Keep it coming.

Date: Aug 1, 1997 Time: 16:59
Name: Brian D. Schroeder, MD
City & State: Kalamazoo, MI
Source of site: Been Looking for an MJ site for a year...
Comments: First heard Michael Johnson at the University of South Dakota in 1979...Live that is. I've got old scratchy records and worn out tapes of ALL his stuff and I've been looking for a way to replace them. Any hints?

My musical inspiration.

Date: Aug 4, 1997 Time: 00:31
Name: Jim Ferron
City & State: Knoxville, TN
Source of site: Alta Vista
Comments: Michael ...
I spoke with you by phone recently.

Mark Pritcher (current president of the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society) picked up a couple more of your (used records) for me in Nashville: I hope to get them tomorrow night.

I'd love to see you perform in Knoxville. Do you have any promo material that you might send to me that I could use to get the attention of local promoters?

My address is: 4701 Asheville Hwy., #E-7, Knoxville 37914.

Sorry I missed the Bluebird Cafe; I just found the listing on your home page.

I was also sorry that you weren't at the convention this year. Hope to see you perform one of these days ...


Jim Ferron

Date: Aug 7, 1997 Time: 00:59
Name: John Ousley
City & State: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Source of site: I knew it was around, so I just kept looking. I finally narrowed it down to Michael and guitar
Comments: I have enjoyed your music for years. I saw you perform in Colorado Springs last Nov and I enjoyed even more than I thought and I had very high expectations. I am looking forward to your next release.

Date: Aug 7, 1997 Time: 10:41
Name: Barbara M. Strauch
City & State: Maspeth, New York
Source of site: Surfing!
Comments: Michael, Here's hoping you have a very Happy Birthday tomorrow!
May the year ahead of you be filled with lots of happiness and good health. You deserve all of life's finest things for bringing so much joy to so many people with your music!

With Best Wishes Always,

Date: Aug 8, 1997 Time: 00:20
Name: Betsy Kaske
City & State: Rockford, ILL
Source of site:

Date: Aug 8, 1997 Time: 03:44
Name: Brian Pearson
City & State: Schererville, IN...just outside Chicago
Source of site: Michael's one of my favorites, took a chance and surfed right in!
Comments: Michael,

I can only hope that you do read these from time to time. Since 1978, (I was only 11) I knew I had come across quite a talent. You are one of my musical heroes. Your writing, phrasing and overall playing are nothing but top notch. Being in the music biz myself it really aggravates me that artists such as yourself do not get the respect you truly deserve. I have a friend that works for MS Distribution in Chicago, his name is Steve Gloss and he told me you might be getting the rights to put out your EMI material. Is this a possibility? Please come to Chicagoland soon. By the way I am a huge fan of the WestCoast Sound, session vets like Bill Champlin, Bobby Caldwell, Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton, Randy Goodrum (I think you know him), Ricky Petersen, etc. and I just wanted to tell you that "Lifetime Guarantee" is a classic west-coast album. I know that was a little different recording for you but I just wanted to let you know that I have turned many people on to that release. Thanks for all the great music!

A huge fan,
Brian Pearson

Date: Aug 9, 1997 Time: 05:23
Name: Frank Aue
City & State: Berlin, Germany
Source of site: accidentally and very lucky ... from Yahoo !
Comments: Okay, here's my story : being a boy aged 16 I found my first Michael Johnson-album in Tenerife, Spain ... pure luck ... I sometimes tend to just try. Back home in Berlin I totally fell for his music.
Good luck was, there used to be a shop here in Berlin, providing country music and specials from the US. I ordered all of Michael's albums available at that time and was lucky enough to find the CD's that have been released ever since. Oh, how happy I am I found this page!
Two questions, that somebody probably knows the answers to:
1.) I've heard Michael's recent release was a Christmas' album. (???)
2.) Was the Michael McDonald, that Michael collaborated with on the composing of "Let Me Go Back Home" from the "Home Free" album the well-knows former Doobie Brothers- and Steely Dan-member who is also known for his many duets with people such as Patti LaBella, James Ingram, David Pack ? That's what I would guess, as Michael had also worked with Randy Goodrum and other assorted cracks.
I love your music and I hope there are tons of music ahead, we all may look forward to .... Frankie

Date: Aug 13, 1997 Time: 19:40
Name: Claus Peter Rasmussen
City & State: Birkerod, Denmark
Source of site: been here before
Comments: Oh boy

...just got hold of "Departure" today, which was not difficult actually compared to all the other albums I have found through the years here in Denmark and in the US.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! A truly wonderful timeless album. I really think, it suits you to be out of the "country style" (although those albums were great too). I hope to catch you live someday - but I guess we have to do some preparing work here in Denmark.

Sincerely yours
Claus Peter Rasmussen
Copenhagen, Denmark

Date: Aug 16, 1997 Time: 00:09
Name: Scott Mateer
City & State: Nashville Tn.
Source of site: saw a post in country newsgroup
Comments: the website is a Godsend for M.J. fans...the music over the years is a soundtrack to most of the smiles and tears of my last 20 years..can't wait to hear the NEW record..and im waiting for fall to roll around and as we near the holiday season i will really feel like it is Christmas the first time i hear "This Time of Year"..thank you m.j. a lot of us survived the last few years will the lifeboat of your voice and songs...
may 97 be th best year of your life and career

Date: Aug 16, 1997 Time: 13:42
City & State: DENVER, COLO
Source of site: LOOKIN' AROUND AND FOUND YA!!!!!!!!
Comments: Hi,

Hoping you'll be around soon. I'm doing a lot of traveling, maybe I'll get lucky and run into you. Give me a call.

Miss you

Date: Aug 17, 1997 Time: 21:53
Name: Craig Miller
City & State: Chicago, Illinois
Source of site: Searched for "Bluer Than Blue". Couldn't find MJ.
Comments: Michael, I speak to you every time you perform in Chicago.

Last Old Town School performance I asked you why that "Love is a Cross" song wasn't on the new CD. Sorry, this is your best CD that I have heard. I've tried a number of times to figure out how you play "Unconditionally" but can't quite get it.

I was moved by your monologue about when to quit. May I say that my new wife and myself love you as a performer and can't wait until you come back (Still trying to figure out why you were a warm-up for that girl). We don't see many live acts anymore (getting old?-38) but every time you are here we're so excited to hear you play. So, please, please don't quit! You provide a lot of joy for a lot of people with your gift. There's a core of about 6 of us that always go to see you when you are here, and you have provided all of us with very moving performances.

Best Regards,
Craig and Marlene Miller

Date: Aug 21, 1997 Time: 18:55
Name: Michael Sebastian
City & State: San Diego, California
Source of site: Altavista
Comments: Michael, I've been a fan since the 70s. I've called dozens, literally "dozens," of music stores for your earlier material. My "Michael Johnson Album" cassette has finally gone South. And, through a series of moves, I've misplaced your other casettes.

Is it true that your earlier material is out of print (on CD)? I was able to fine "one" of your songs on a compilation CD ("Hits of the 70s, Vol. 21,") which only had "Bluer Than Blue." But how do I get digital copies of your other music?

I am so damned annoyed that these "music stores" don't carry your CDs.


Mike, San Diego, CA

Date: Aug 23, 1997 Time: 10:26
Name: Phil Benton
City & State: Pensacola Florida
Source of site: Your Email
Comments: Cindy finally reloaded Page off Wed and now Works fine. Thanks will keep up frequently. Great info from Discography for old Albums. Do you have any source for out of print Albums or reissue Cds I would like to replace my albums if you know a good source.

Date: Aug 25, 1997 Time: 19:05
Name: Rosean Amick
City & State: Eagan, MN
Source of site: you gave it to me....hehehe
Comments: Thanks for inviting me to this site. i really loved reading your comments, impressions and life/career story. can't wait till December.

Date: Aug 26, 1997 Time: 18:58
Name: Steve
City & State: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Source of site: Through Folk Alliance Links
Comments: Hi Michael & Michael's Fans-

I also am a longtime fan. I believe I saw Michael first at Ravinia Park near Chicago (perhaps a singer/songwriter extravaganza-heard Red Grammer there for the 1st time too). At any rate, I also really, really enjoyed seeing Michael at the Rockford Folk Festival in 1994(?). At Rockford, the workshops were in a little church-no amplification required. Michael sang and talked (with two others) about his craft. 'Twas truly a blessing to have been there.

Here's my question: I can't get several of the songs from the "Ain't Dis Da Life" album out of my head-even after all these years. PLEASE, please reissue the old albums on CD. I have the records, but I also have kids and a dog. I love them all (records, kids, dogs, etc.), but they're not compatible. Enjoy the new stuff too, but Michael is best in person!! Those records are close.



Date: Aug 28, 1997 Time: 19:41
Name: Hector Santiano
City & State: Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Source of site: I like it! 'Looks professionally done.
Comments: I'd just like to know if you can add or at least send me lyrics of "Bluer than Blue".

-- hec

Date: Sep 2, 1997 Time: 11:03
Name: Jim Aquino
City & State: Edison New Jersey
Source of site: Yahoo
Comments: I just want to say that you're albums on CD are one of the hardest to find in my country (Philippines) In fact, even here in NJ, you're not listed in those in-house computers or on the racks. I'm looking forward to the Sept.9 issue of NOW & THEN. I already have two additional orders from the guys back home. Thanks.

Date: Sep 3, 1997 Time: 00:14
Name: John DiPersio
City & State: Framingham, Ma
Source of site: Yahoo Search
Comments: Michael,

Bought your new CD, "Then & Now", last week. I love the acoustic format. I'm planning on flying out to Erie, PA to see you play at the Warner Theater in September. It would be great to see you closer to home in New England someday. You can add me to the list of fans who want to see your earlier LP's/Cassettes on CD. Keep on putting the beautiful music out and I'll keep on buying it.



Date: Sep 6, 1997 Time: 15:37
Name: Amy Eggert
City & State: Brookfield, Wisconsin
Source of site: surfin
Comments: Michael, great to see you on the web, Look forward to your next visit to the area.

Date: Sep 6, 1997 Time: 16:37
Name: Eric Larsen
City & State: Greeley, CO
Source of site: surfed
Comments: Any chance "Then and Now" transcriptions will be in book format so that we might play as well as listen?

Date: Sep 9, 1997 Time: 20:28
Name: Walt Simonds
City & State: Daytona Beach, Florida
Source of site: inside new album - 'Then & Now'
Comments: I loved the new album, I just got it today, and it's almost as good as hearing him live.

Date: Sep 10, 1997 Time: 15:53
Name: Michael J
City & State: nashville, TN
Source of site: A friend
Comments: Hey friend, I was hoping to be the 1,000th entry but I guess that's for another. The new CD does look good to me in the discography page. I'll email you tonight while I'm packing. See you Mj

Date: Sep 10, 1997 Time: 22:23
Name: Eric Sadoun
City & State: Longwood, Florida
Source of site: Great, Very rich and very easy to use
Comments: Please, help me, I'm crazy about the song "Rosalee".
I have visited all your links and none of them sells the album "Home Free".
Please tell me where I could find it, cd, cassette, vinyl whatever but I got to have it.
Thank you for your help.

Date: Sep 15, 1997 Time: 08:21
Name: Kristy A. Meineke
City & State: 2782 Observatory Ave. #2 Cincinnati, Ohio 45208
Source of site: Then and Now CD cover
Comments: I had a fire in my home and the copy of Wings was burned in the fire. I truly loved that CD and was very sad to find that it was no longer in print. If you could please send me information on how I might obtain that CD. Thank you very much for years of amazing music!

Date: Sep 15, 1997 Time: 13:11
Name: Kathleen Davis
City & State: Clinton, Oklahoma
Source of site: Then & Now CD
Comments: Would like to acquire "The Michael Johnson Album".

Date: Sep 17, 1997 Time: 22:09
Name: Nick Marcario
City & State: Staten Island, New York
Source of site: Liner notes from "Then and Now"
Comments: The only bad thing about a new Michael Johnson release, is that now I have to wait for another one (please make it soon). I think this album is great. I find it to be a very comfortable album. I only wish that radio would have the courage to play it. All the best....

Nick Marcario
New York

Date: Sep 17, 1997 Time: 23:09
Name: Kyle
City & State:
Source of site: Alta Vista
Comments: Excellent site! I heard "That's That" on the radio twice and knew that I had to find out more about the singer. This site has told me all I EVER wanted to know about Michael Johnson. Thanks again!

Date: Sep 18, 1997 Time: 00:22
Name: Brian Vartanian
City & State: Sunset Beach,Ca.
Source of site: Stumbled upon it in a country music newsgroup
Comments: Found this site & bought "Then & Now" today ~ I'm over the moon! I'm a long time admirer & fan.Had only one opportunity to see him live in the mid-80's at an outdoor country music festival in So. California & was immediately taken in by his unique voice & polished delivery.In less than 10 minutes I realized that he was probably THE most underrated guitarist in pop/country music ~ his abilities far beyond the somewhat narrow confines of these two musical genres. In short,a true artist with that indefinable "it" that separates the truly talented from the also-rans.

Date: Sep 18, 1997 Time: 13:24
Name: Steve Westbrook
City & State: Atlanta,Ga
Source of site: Yahoo
Comments: Thanks for helping me find "The best of MJ" cassette.
A special young lady friend of mine had been looking for a copy of "I Will Whisper your Name" for several years. You made her very happy !! Thanks

Date: Sep 19, 1997 Time: 15:25
Name: Michael Munk
City & State: Portland, OR
Source of site: I've been searching [Web Crawler] for a year!!
Comments: I'm having great difficulty locating copies of "That's That" & "Michael Johnson" CD's. Those that I had I gave away to people I turned on to Michael Johnson. Any help finding outlets that may still have new or used copies of these albums would be greatly appreciated. I'm in Portland, OR and am having no luck. Any outlets in Nashville that would be good bets?

Hope to see Michael in Portland, OR again -- the last performance was a great privilege to attend.

Date: Sep 20, 1997 Time: 00:19
Name: Stuart Graham
City & State: Palmdale California
Source of site: Album Jacket " Now and Then
Comments: Where can I order prior albums?

Date: Sep 21, 1997 Time: 06:54
Name: Kathy Diemer
City & State: Houston, Texas
Source of site: posting in rec.music.folk
Comments: Back in 1973, a good friend gave me one of his extra copies of "There Is A Breeze". I was impressed by Michael's singing and playing, and went on over the next several years to seek out "Ain't This Da Life" and "For All You Mad Musicians". These are still some of my favorite records of all time.

Which is why it disappoints me so to come to this site and verify that the Michael Johnson who made THOSE records is the same Michael Johnson who did "Bluer Than Blue". Though I'm glad that a guy who gave me so much musical pleasure finally made some real dough in the business, I still don't care for the smarmy AOR sound of "Bluer...".

When John Lennon met Elvis Presley in the 60s, he told Elvis that he would like it if he went back to making his old kind of record. Of course, by then Elvis was so far in the Colonel's pocket that this would never happen. Many of you Michael fans may disagree, but this is the challenge I extend to Michael.

It's not just that I prefer that sound, but that he was one of my favorite musicians until "Bluer...".

Date: Sep 21, 1997 Time: 18:39
Name: Steve Radcliff
City & State: Ayer, MA
Source of site: searching for Michael Johnson on the internet
Comments: MJ is my favorite singer/guitar player. How can I get any of his older stuff on CD or tape? Will we still be hearing him on the country stations or is his format changing?

Date: Sep 22, 1997 Time: 17:05
Name: Drew Jansen
City & State: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Source of site: Liner notes from "Then and Now"
Comments: Great new album. I was expecting to hear the old versions of the hits with just one new cut (s.o.p. for "Greatest Hits" packages), but was pleasantly surprised to hear all the new treatments. The intimacy of the production took me back to those cold January evenings in college when Mr. Johnson would play his annual concert at the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, MN. Now....what do you think the chances would be of something along the lines of a box set with most or all of the earlier albums included? Sure would be nice to hear "Ain't Dis Da Life" without all the surface noise that's crept on to my LPs (look it up, young ones!) over the years.

Date: Sep 23, 1997 Time: 17:30
Name: Harriet Hawkins
City & State: Oak Park, Illinois (Chicago)
Source of site: Then & Now Album cover
Comments: Hi - this internet stuff is pretty amazing. Glad to see you are still playing - too bad none of the listed dates are Chicago.

I'm still a nurse, am going back to school and have a 4 year old son - so I stay out of trouble.

Enjoyed the new album but your first couple are still my favorites.


Date: Sep 24, 1997 Time: 15:32
Name: Pal Farinella
City & State: San Diego, California
Source of site: searched
Comments: I am a huge fan of Michael and his music, I grew up listening to him in minnesota, have seen him perform many times, from the Paul Bunyun Playhouse in Bemidji MN, to Orchestra hall on the 26th every year for a long time. I'd love to know how to get old cd's and also when a new cd is going to be available

Date: Sep 25, 1997 Time: 21:55
Name: C Tatarka
City & State: CA
Source of site: Search Engine
Comments: Great Site...appreciate the work of whomever created/maintains it. Saw MJ in concert in Alaska with "Hobo Jim" about a year ago. Thanks for the site!

Date: Sep 30, 1997 Time: 09:49
Name: Cesar Paes Barreto
City & State: Belm - Par - Brasil
Source of site: searching on Altavista
Comments: I love the song "Bluer than Blue" and I'm trying to find it in midi format. Is it possible? If yes, please send me the www address or send me the file by e-mail. Thanks, Cesar

Date: Sep 30, 1997 Time: 12:47
Name: Kimberly Osland
City & State: St. Paul, MN
Source of site: From liner notes of "Then and Now"
Comments: What a GREAT site! VERY complete!!

I've been a fan since I heard you play at Gustavus Adolphus College in 1987 and have only missed one GAC show since. My Gustie friends and I are hooked for life!

(You once sang "Photographs and Memories" in honor of my birthday, at the request of one of my friends - thank you *so* much! Talk about a wonderful memory.)

Can't wait until the whole discography is available on CD. We Gusties will keep spreading the word. (And the taped copies of those hard-to-find records!)

Kim Osland

Date: Sep 30, 1997 Time: 12:44
Name: Dominic Mendiola
City & State: Metro manila, Philippines
Source of site: serach
Comments: hey michael i like ur song i will always love u. i love that song very much but unfortunately for me i can't find a cd of that song or album cause they told me it's already paced out here in the Philippines. can u make me a wav file of the whole song. please i'm begging u. or for better performance make it an mpeg3 file. thank you very much. i'll be waiting

Date: Oct 1, 1997 Time: 14:41
Name: Jay D. Myers MD
City & State: Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Source of site: searching for guitar music to play. Thought I would start by searching the name of one of my favorite artists
Comments: Surprized at how easy the site was to find. I'm still searching for music.

Date: Oct 1, 1997 Time: 16:22
Name: Jessica Baron Turner
City & State: Santa Cruz, California
Source of site: your invitation
Comments: Michael, there's too much to say for right now having just viewed your site. I have to go buy a door before our carpenter retires his hammer for his guitar and a road tour as a "solo performer" tomorrow. Isn't life strange? I'll write you tomorrow.

As ever,


Date: Oct 2, 1997 Time: 17:27
Name: Lindsay Thomas
City & State: Northampton, MA
Source of site: Yahoo
Comments: i'm quite impressed! so when's the next time michael is coming to the pioneer valley? i'll be back in tennessee for christmas...don't know if i'll get to go to franklin but i hope to.
i bookmarked this site and will check it often...

Date: Oct 3, 1997 Time: 01:16
Name: Heidi Sandner & George Vandling
City & State: Whitewater, WI 53190
Source of site:
Comments: Hi Michael-See you in Cedarburg in '98-coming to fort Atkinson?????

Date: Oct 3, 1997 Time: 16:54
Name: Ray Sousa
City & State: Tewksbury, MA
Source of site: Looked for it based upon "Then & Now"
Comments: Have every LP, but want all the early stuff reissued. Hope you get the rights - always think it's unfortunate that musicians loose control off their material - especially when the label takes it out of print. Did notice my cover of "There is a breeze" is different than the one pictured on the web site.

Glad you've perservered! We all must. And unfortunately, many of us are doing things we barely like to do at all. OK, we may have more financial security, but we won't be leaving much behind or touching others like you have. Keep going!!!

Date: Oct 5, 1997 Time: 22:58
Name: ilene ford
City & State: 6 Princeton Drive, Shamong, NJ 08088-8694
Source of site: on the insert from the "Then and Now" cd
Comments: Dear Michael,

Ever since I heard Bluer Than Blue I have been a fan of yours. I have all of your CDs and I love your voice, guitar and music. It is very annoying to me that no radio station in the area plays your stuff and that I have to play your CDs for friends in order for them to know who you are and what you sound like. Thank goodness my husband keeps track of every new CD release and buys me my favorites when they come out. He just got me Then & Now last Tuesday when it came out and I have been playing it non-stop. We were both a little skeptical about a "remake" CD, but boy were we wrong. This CD is now my favorite of yours. The simplicity of the songs is perfect, and your voice and guitar have never sounded better. For some reason when I hear the beginning of Almost Like Being in Love, I feel like crying (I still don't know why). I'll Always Love You is beautiful, and reminds me of something Don McLean could have sung around the time of "And I Love You So". You and Allison Kraus are a perfect fit on Whenever I Call You Friend. I have Kenny Loggins' version and like it, but the simpler, slower style of yours is much more my style and the harmonies are a treat to listen to. Boy do I wish I could see you in concert, but according to the schedule I'm not one of the lucky ones. We live about 25 miles from Philadelphia, and 90 miles from New York, which is where I would hope to find you one of these days. Are you ever on TV shows that I may be missing? It's so hard to find the artists I like since they don't fall into a set category like country, rock, etc. I am also a big fan of Maura O'Connell, Mary Black, Cheryl Wheeler, Greg Trooper, Rosanne Cash and Gary Frenay -- artists who are hard to find on radio stations or in concert halls, at least where I live. I am grateful for the ICE newsletter which tells us about all new releases, regardless of what type of music, so that I can buy my favorite music and listen to my heart's content. My husband and I have about 4,000 CDs (mostly rock, folk, and strange imports) and people think we are crazy for spending so much money on music (but hey, there are worse things to spend money on, right?). Thank you for giving me so much happiness over the years and thanks especially for this latest CD, which has given me so much joy over the past couple of weeks. Please know that your music really touches people like me, and we feel very fortunate that you are out there sharing your gift with us. Please try to get to the Philadelphia area one of these days, or let me know where I can see (hear) you on TV or radio. Thank you again for the music.
Take care, and have a good fall. - ilene

Date: Oct 7, 1997 Time: 15:08
Name: Ginny Gano
City & State: Washington, D.C.
Source of site: Looking for Michael's name
Comments: Always loved his music, even when he was back with the Mitchell Trio. I first met him at Denison University back in the 60s! Then saw him again in Georgetown at the Cellar Door. Michael, if you read these, do you ever run into my friend Stuart Harris anymore? Hope you are well. Maybe next time I drive to a concert to see you, my car won't die. Hope all is well, See you on Nashville network every so often.

Date: Oct 7, 1997 Time: 18:44
Name: Heidi Sandner and George Vandling
City & State: Whitewater, WI
Source of site:
Comments: I just heard about your brother from Gil Plotkin who was on hold with Joe Delucia when you called him. I just want you to know how bad I feel for you and I'll say a prayer for him for what that may be worth. I hope to see you at the Cedarburg Show when you reschedule for January.

My heart and thoughts are with you!



Date: Oct 9, 1997 Time: 12:42
Name: Jeff Hickey
City & State: Vancouver, BC
Source of site: through Jason Nieh's site
Comments: Michael, we've met a couple times. No reason for you to remember. I'm a friend of Russ Pahl's. I heard you do a show one night at an Elk's Club, or was it a Moose Club, or was it.... oh to hell with it, it was some kind of damn club full of inebriated California cowboys, in San Luis Obispo, CA. I still tell people that it was the most amazing, hardest rocking show I have ever seen by a solo performer. And I still mean it. You had those folks eating out of your hand. Glad to see you're soldiering on. Nice web site. Clean design. Glad to hear you're trying to secure the rights for some of your old recordings. I got separated from my copy of There Is a Breeze a long time ago, and I've missed it ever since. I'll bet the saga of trying to obtain the rights is worthy of an article of the cautionary sort, aimed at naive young performers. I see you're going to Alaska. Vancouver is on the way. How many butts in how many seats does it take to get you to town?
Best of luck. Jeff Hickey

Date: Oct 12, 1997 Time: 11:37
Name: Jim Cowan
City & State: Grand Ledge Michigan
Source of site: Alta Vista search engine
Comments: I see you are going to be in Harbor Springs Michigan at the Lambs Inn Retreat songwriters workshop. Is there any chance you'll be playing nearby? I see a TBA scheduled in Traverse City for Nov. 9th. I live about 4 hours away so making arrangements ahead of time to be there would be nice.
Jim Cowan

Date: Oct 12, 1997 Time: 15:14
Name: tim peterson
City & State: 3 charles river ct wellesley ma 02181
Source of site: then and now album
Comments: we have seen you in concert about 10 times in minnesota chicago and boston areas. please come back out ot boston we hope to hear from you soon my wife and i love ghost in this house you are the best musician we know good luck getting a record company to promote you more
do not give up

Date: Oct 13, 1997 Time: 01:44
Name: Eric Parry
City & State: Delta, BC Canada
Source of site: From New CD liner
Comments: Just to let u know that I first heard Michael on CMTV in the 1980's and have been waitin a long time for this CD. Are these new cuts, or are they the originals? I have not been able to track down any of his CD's up here except for this one, and I am really glad I found it.

Thanks, Michael, and how about a Canadian gig?

- Eric

Date: Oct 13, 1997 Time: 15:27
Name: Gil Plotkin
City & State: Thiensville, WI
Source of site: Heidi, of course !!
Comments: What a treat to find this site.I was just saying to Joe Delucia the other day, how much I enjoy mixing your sound when you play in Cedarburg ...... I then removed my knee from his chest, and he agreed!! This is not work; it's pure pleasure. You know what you mean to all of us. I look forward to January.

Date: Oct 17, 1997 Time: 23:40
Name: Mark Stalnecker
City & State: Wallingford, PA.
Source of site: Purchase of album Then & Now
Comments: I would like to book Michael for a Personal "concert" for a 25Th wedding anniversary. Will pay expenses + regular fee. Please contact if he is available in Philadelphia, PA area summer of 1998. Cost is negotiable. Pls advise if MJ does this. e-mail stalsm @aol.com or mail : Mark Stalnecker 9 Briarcrest Dr. Wallingford, PA. 19086 Been an Mj fan for 20 years. If possible, would also like to know how to buy cassette/CD of all MJ albums going back to 1973. Regards. MS

Date: Oct 20, 1997 Time: 00:25
Name: Brian Pearson
City & State: Highland, Indiana
Source of site:
Comments: John Denver...
Though I was never a huge fan of yours
I admired and respected you as a person
You stood up for concerns and issues that still exist today
You made a difference, people took note and you laid a lot of the groundwork
It's not right that the press took shots at you over the past few years
Everybody has problems and you showed us that "you too" were human
God took you way too soon, you will be missed...
"Far Out Man"

Date: Oct 20, 1997 Time: 03:11
Name: Hirofumi Tokutake
City & State: Tokyo.Japan
Source of site: from new album then and now.
Comments: i am big fun of M.J since 70's i met you last year in bluebird cafe.

Date: Oct 20, 1997 Time: 20:52
Name: Brian Vartanian
City & State: Sunset Beach, Ca.
Source of site:
Comments: I have the C.D. entitled "Michael Johnson"(1991) for sale. If interested contact me at the e-mail address above.

Date: Oct 21, 1997 Time: 18:22
Name: Carol Guerriero
City & State: Livonia MI
Source of site: liner notes in "then and now"
Comments: I just want to say thanks...I've been a fan for twenty years and look forward to each new recording and song. So thanks Michael, for everything that's been and will be...

Date: Oct 22, 1997 Time: 21:34
Name: Paddy Rose
City & State: Ettrick WI
Source of site: I looked for it. (Yahoo helped)
Comments: I first heard "For All You Mad Musicians" while attending Lawrence University in Appleton, WI in the fall of 1976. I was a young folkie, looking for good material.

I moved to Minneapolis in '78, and spent more time than I'd like to admit sitting with my guitar in my girlfriend's car outside a bungalow on Tonkawood Trail (for a longer story, ask me how I got the address) trying to get my courage up enough to go to the door.

I never did.

The first live concert for me was at St. Catherine's in St. Paul. It was damn near twenty below. And just before the encore of "Here Comes the Sun", came the observation that "...A guy with a set of jumper cables could make a few extra bucks tonight."

I performed a couple of times at the Trempealeau Hotel, and got to know Bill & Jim a bit. When they leased the Rivoli Theater in La Crosse for concert events, and the first performer was MJ, I told Bill King that I couldn't afford to pay him very much to let me be the opening act. (Smith & Mayer opened instead, but I got to see the concert.)

So, anyway, to make a long story...

I've sung tons of your songs. Now, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and will probably have to slow (if not cease) performing.

I'd like to play for you.

Gimme a call, we'll have a cup of coffee or something.

Paddy Rose
22726 S. Main St.
Ettrick WI 54627

Date: Oct 23, 1997 Time: 20:22
Name: Scott
City & State:
Source of site: Bought his new CD :-)
Comments: Wow, I'm so glad to see you're on the Web! Hopefully more people will discover you and your beautiful songs. I just wanted you to know that you're one of the best. I was just wondering though... Why leave "I will whisper your name" off the new collection??? I'm glad you included "give me wings"...which is just about the best song, ever! :-) I can't imagine anybody else being ever to touch the way you've done these songs. You made them your own and few can do that. Your talent is a gift to all who hear it. Thank you. Scott.

Date: Oct 23, 1997 Time: 21:05
Name: Scott
City & State:
Source of site: looked and looked and looked...bought the album and bam!
Comments: Me again... I just noticed you were working on getting the rights to your recordings. Isn't there a "best of" collection available on RCA? I was looking it up on Blockbuster's Site a few weeks ago. It had "The moon is still over..." Give Me wings" I will whisper your name" and others...Before I run down and 'special order' this CD, is it still available? By the way...can we all dream for a Box Set?! That would be wonderful. I mean c'mon, Dan Folgelberg now has one...I like Dan and all but, so many people out there WANT your music, but can't FIND it. Seems some goofy record rep would pick up on this. Also, "I'll always love you" off the new CD is wonderful! I understand it's actually an older song of yours, but it's new to me. It's obvious by reading all of these posts, that your fans think you're the greatest. One more thing...I would REALLY like to find "This time of year"(always makes me cry!) and "Upon a Christmas Eve" on CD...anybody out there know where I can find them? Thanks!

Date: Oct 23, 1997 Time: 23:33
Name: Rusty Gardner
City & State: Greenville KY
Source of site: rlg homepage
Comments: Hello, I had the pleasure of seeing Michael in concert at the fair grounds in Muhlenberg County Kentucky, about 10 years ago. Michael performed alone just him and his guitar it was an awesome show. Now the good part I was in charge of security for the event and assigned my self to Michael personally. I spent quiet a bit of time with him. He is a great performer and a super guy.
I hope to meet him again someday.

Date: Oct 23, 1997 Time: 23:12
Name: Hank Beukema
City & State: Nyack,NY
Source of site: TNN
Comments: I find Michael Johnson to be one of the purest singer and guitar players in America today and wish he got more attention and airplay.Thank God for TNN once in a while.We miss him at the Turning Point in Piermont,NY and hope to catch him again soon.It's great to hear about the Then and Now album and I can't wait to get it.He also seems to be one of the real people in the industry and am glad to see he is healthy again.Much thanks for a great career.

Date: Oct 24, 1997 Time: 00:55
Name: Beverly A. Brooks
City & State: Rogersville, TN
Source of site: I saw you on "Today's Country" on TNN!
Comments: I learned a lot watching that show... I knew the songs that were mentioned; knew them and loved them - but I never knew you wrote some of them! Especially "Bluer Than Blue"... I've sung that with the radio myself, many times over... I never drove a Volkswagon though! That wasn't me at the red light years ago! One thing I'm going to do after seeing you on "Today's Country" is to look for more of your music - I'd love to hear more of the classical stuff... I'm into all kinds of music. I started a little regional music magazine from home a couple of years ago, and I've had country, rock, gospel, and heavy metal all in the same issue. Most of the artists in my magazine are unsigned talent - I'm trying to be sort of a stepping stone for new artists. I've also had interviews with more established artists, such as Billy Greer of KANSAS, and STRUTTER, a KISS tribute band. I must admit, an issue featuring an interview with Michael Johnson would be VERY nice... not to drop hints or anything... but seriously - if there's any possibility of that happening, please let me know - I'd be thrilled to feature you in my magazine! You can check out my home page on AOL - it's got some basic information about it (Soundcheck Magazine), and I could also mail you a copy to look over if you want. My home page is members.aol.com/bevbrooks/index.html at least I think I've got that right... it's bad when you're not sure how to get to your own webpage! About the magazine - my circulation isn't very high, but I try to make sure each issue looks better than the last. I'm not doing this for money; I'm doing what I love best... music, writing and photography... plus I now have 3 part-time jobs besides the magazine!!! It's rough getting started, isn't it? It's all worth it in the long run though - maybe I'll be one of those lucky few who can do what they love most and make a living at it. Don't care if I get rich from it or not - I just want to be able to say I believe in what I'm doing. Whew - guess I'd better step down from my soapbox now and send this... thank you for taking the time to read this over, and I hope to hear from you sometime in the near future! Take care... Beverly

Date: Oct 24, 1997 Time: 11:32
Name: Lori Sandelin
City & State: 3706 Greysolon Place Duluth, MN 55804
Source of site: Yahoo Search Engine, TNN
Comments: A year ago last summer, Michael was here to perform a concert outside--he took my name and said he would find a copy of his CD "Wings" and either send it to me, or make it possible for me to buy one--I never heard from him. I have always wondered what happened, because I know he is sincere about his promises. If you are able to find out anything about this, could you please let me know? I love his music!!!!!

Date: Oct 25, 1997 Time: 05:48
Name: Dennis Yanos
City & State: Honolulu, HI
Source of site: looking for Michael Johnson info through YAHOO
Comments: Michael, I've been a fan of yours since I heard Bluer Than Blue in the summer of 1978. Since then I had become a GREAT FAN of your music and have purchased all of your albums, along with the previous released materials such as There is A Breeze, Ain't This Da Life, etc.

I love your voice/phrasing/guitar work!!!

I'm happy that I've come across this web-site---I wish you'd come to Hawaii to do a concert.

There are many songs that I think are classics such as Bluer than Blue, Rosalee, I'll Always Love You, Dirty Hands and Dirty Faces. There were many times that I'd play all of your albums in a row during listening sessions!

I only knew of your recent release just earlier this week, and no stores have it here locally. Your cds here have been far and few.

I'm going to order the cds directly from Intersound.

Your number #1 fan here in Hawaii.

Aloha!!! Please book a concert here VERY SOON, PLEASE...

Date: Oct 26, 1997 Time: 15:18
Name: Steve Atkins
City & State: Decatur Alabama
Source of site: Album liner notes
Comments: I don' t know where to begin except to say you and I have a history that goes back to 1978 and "bluer"...I was an 18 year old DJ who was one of many who played it on pop music; but I was really taken in by your music...I bought your 1974 (or '73) album and have just today bought "Then & Now". I followed the move to country willingly and was really impressed with your interpretation of the genre...my elation has indeed been grand with all of your music, even "Lifetime Guarantee"!! Thank you so much and I hope to one day get to hear you live. I'd really like a tour list if available to be present at a show.
Thank you for all the fine music!!

Steve Atkins
(True Fan)

Date: Oct 28, 1997 Time: 14:07
Name: Dennis Yanos
City & State: Honolulu, HI
Source of site: Yahoo
Comments: the best singer I have ever heard!!!

Date: Oct 29, 1997 Time: 14:55
Name: Lucia Terrell
City & State: Lexington, KY
Source of site: Off of the new CD, Then & Now
Comments: Please tell Michael that if he is ever in Lexington, KY and needs a limo to please call me. I work for Gold Shield limousine in the office and as a chauffeur. We drive every year in Nashville at the CMA's and this year was my fourth year driving for the award. I have driven many artists (country & other) and would enjoy driving for him because I have followed his music career for many years.

Date: Oct 29, 1997 Time: 15:12
Name: kristin lawhorn
City & State: long beach CA
Source of site: netsearch
Comments: My brother and I used to play around the house singing "That's That" and "Give Me Wings" when we were in elementary school. He used to shut me up and turn up the radio: "Shhhhh...It's Michael Johnson!" I'm a 21 yr. old student/guitarist/DJ at Cal State Univ. Long Beach now and have been in search of reproductions that are no longer in print. I saw you play with Alison Krauss at the Wiltern in LA in '96 and was flooded with old memories of your music playing in our house. You truly are one of the best singer/songwriting guitarists I've seen live. I rushed out to buy "Departure" and just recently bought "Then & Now" as soon as I saw it in the stores. I play tracks from both CDs on my radio show (KBCH college radio.) I hope those old albums can be recovered. I'm a devoted fan and want to say THANKS FOR THE GRACE AND BEAUTY OF YOUR MUSIC...

Date: Nov 4, 1997 Time: 14:26
Name: joanna davis
City & State: roxboro nc
Source of site: he found me and thanx!
Comments: i really appreciate this and it is fun. do you know alison's website?

Date: Nov 4, 1997 Time: 23:56
Name: Connie Burkhalter
City & State: Garland, Texas
Source of site: Then and Now Album
Comments: I hope you can acquire the rights to publish The Michael Johnson Album from 1978. I have worn out the record and have never been able to find it on tape or Cd. I have always been a fan. You have a great talent!

Date: Nov 6, 1997 Time: 11:04
Name: Dawn Wicker
City & State: Milwaukee, WI
Source of site: through"Guitar Notes" link
Comments: Great site! I look forward to seeing you in Cedarburg in January!

Date: Nov 6, 1997 Time: 22:56
Name: Mike and Vicki Berg
City & State: Jerome, Idaho
Source of site: ..on a lark...
Comments: Finding this site was a wonderful surprise! We've enjoyed this music since 1975 at a "coffeehouse" concert at SDSU in Brookings, SD. Would like to find "There is a Breeze," "Ain't dis da Life" and other earlier works, should they become available.

Date: Nov 7, 1997 Time: 19:01
Name: Hillary Detjens
City & State: Cathedral City, CA
Source of site: Yahoo
Comments: ::smiles:: Just read thru the Guest Book entries and that old VW was mentioned. I remember it making a u-turn in the middle of the block in front of Dick's new studio in Evanston. Gee, we were young then ;

This is a great site, i'm so glad I found it, but then, you and your music have always been there for me.


Date: Nov 7, 1997 Time: 21:26
Name: Jayson Tanate
City & State: Manila, Philippines
Source of site: Wonderdful
Comments: Michael Johnson is THE MAN.

Michael Johnson is THE BEST.

Michael Johnson.

Simply the GREATEST.

Date: Nov 8, 1997 Time: 02:49
Name: Marty L. Manuel
City & State: Lubbock, Texas
Source of site: it was listed in the Then & Now CD insert...
Comments: i sent mail....ck it out...laters.

Date: Nov 11, 1997 Time: 18:45
Name: Craig Klomparens
City & State: Petoskey, Michigan
Source of site: songs.com
Comments: Much Thanks to MJ for his great work at Lamb's Retreat.

Date: Nov 12, 1997 Time: 09:21
Name: Jim Branson
City & State: Lowman, Id
Source of site: Yahoo --entertainment people - J
Comments: I am 55 and have played the guitar, sang and wrote songs.....but I am an engineer and work always came first. I admire someone who has pushed their natural talent even against the winds of daily life.

Long a fan of John Denver, I cannot imagine how I have gotten this far along and never discovered M.Johnson. Maybe thanks to A.Krauss for the album on CMT.

I love your work very much and would love to see your performance if you get out to Idaho....their is always Sun Valley.... a rich gig.

Please keep up the good work. I am sure there are a lot of people who feel the way I do, but just never told you.

Jim Branson
Engineer and born again musician

Date: Nov 14, 1997 Time: 15:14
Name: Bill Klontz
City & State: Holden, MA
Source of site: through folk newsgroup listing
Comments: Michael- My wife and I saw you and Anthony Zerbe and John Jarvis in K.C. a number of years ago doing that theater/work-in-progress piece. We'd been fans before that, but the venue was so intimate and the presentation so unique that we will never forget it.
Thanks for that experience.

Date: Nov 14, 1997 Time: 17:38
City & State:
Source of site: Luck
Comments: Michael, thanks for coming to Pierre. The last song you sang was a wonderful love ballad. If you remember which it was, please let me know and tell me the album, if any, that its on. Nice duet with Alison, too. Thanks much. kch

Date: Nov 15, 1997 Time: 06:52
Name: Susan Shanley
City & State: Edinburgh, Scotland
Source of site: Then & Now CD
Comments: Having been a Michael Johnson fan for quite a few years I am pleased to say I am once again thrilled to listen to another of his albums. It is especially nice to see he has a video on CMT! I wish more of the music on that channel was of the same standard!

Date: Nov 15, 1997 Time: 15:51
Name: Jay Lee
City & State: Turlock, CA.
Source of site: Searched using Yahoo.
Comments: I was introduced to Michael's music when I was a student at North Park College in Chicago, Illinois from 1975 to 1979.

Michael gave a concert at the college during this time and I have never forgotten him or his music. I only hope that there may be a concert out in the Central California area sometime in the next few years.

I ,too, am looking for some of the recordings currently out of print. Thanks for trying to get the masters. Keep us informed on your progress.

Just a thought: What do you think about a collaboration of some sort between Michael and Kenny Rankin? (Both on vocals and both on guitar.)

Anyway, thanks to Michael for years of enjoyable music. His work has made many tough times just a bit more bearable. I truly appreciate his efforts over the years.

Thank you Michael and all the best to you in the future.

Jay Lee
600 Meadowlark Dr.
Turlock, CA. 95382

Date: Nov 16, 1997 Time: 20:14
Name: Craig Shultz
City & State: Wichita, Kansas
Source of site: From album
Comments: Michael,

I hope you'll remember me from Breckenridge and trust you've been doing well. I just bought your last album and have really enjoyed it. My kids still remember the few days with yours and Rita and I appreciated getting to know you a little. Best of luck in the future. God Bless. Craig

Date: Nov 17, 1997 Time: 23:31
Name: April and Jay Estes
City & State: Americus, GA
Comments: I have been pulling my hair out trying to get your "I Will Whisper Your Name Song". Luckily, I finally found your home page and got it ordered in time for x-mas. As a musician myself, I ask myself if music really "helps" people. So, I think it fair to let you know that your song (I WIll Whisper Your Name) is responsible for a healthy, wonderful marriage (going on 2 1/2 yrs.) While in college, my husband sang the song to me. I had never heard it before and instantly fell in love with it (and him! :) We weren't able to play the song in the wedding, a dream of my husband's; but this will be a great christmas for him; he'll finally have a copy of "our song". Thank you for creating such beautiful music. Keep it up!!!
April Estes

Ps. Good luck with the new album with Alison Krauss.
Pss. Just a tip: it took me about 10 hours to finally find your site. You might want to label it "M.Johnson, musician" or something for easier access for others. Or, perhaps we could wipe out all the 'M. Johnson, athlete' iformation!! (HaHa)
Keep up the great work!!!!!

Date: Nov 20, 1997 Time: 15:47
Name: Wayne P. Minor
City & State: Mt. Pleasant, TX
Source of site: Months of searching off and on.
Comments: Michael Johnson, you are without a doubt one of the finest guitar players I have ever heard. First caught you on TNN Crook and Chase show. Immediatly recongnised all the parts of the beautiful melody you did that night. Your piece upon a Christmas Eve is still very heart warming. I do hope to catch you in Kerville in 98. My wife and I are big fans who could never seem to find out much information on your music. Good luck on getting the rights to publish your older stuff on CD I guarantee you my purchase. We wish you the best of everything in life that you want.

Wayne Minor

Date: Nov 22, 1997 Time: 19:29
City & State:
Source of site:
Comments: I am 12 years old and I saw you at an Alison Krauss concert in Chattanooga. I really like the kind of music you do.
We just found the album "Then and Now". This is my favorite album of yours.
My favorite song on the album is "Whenever I Call You Friend". I listened to it over and over......
I play the fiddle myself and am taking classical lessons.
I hope you do many more albums with Alison and Victor Krauss.
Good luck: Lauren in Cleveland, Tennesse.

Date: Nov 22, 1997 Time: 20:25
City & State: AURORA, CO
Source of site: YAHOO SEARCH
Comments: HEY, Michael...love the updated site.
WOW...Alaska!!!!! Wish I could be there with ya next year...Later!!!! Miss ya!!!!

Date: Nov 23, 1997 Time: 04:45
Name: Charley Earley
City & State: Zeiningen AG, Switzerland
Source of site: Via www.songs.com
Comments: I have always been an admirer of MJ's work.

Date: Nov 23, 1997 Time: 18:56
Name: Terry LaMont
City & State: LaGrande, Or
Source of site: looked for it
Comments: More songs from Michael Johnson please. What about a lyrics page?

Date: Nov 25, 1997 Time: 00:08
Name: Jane Hartmann Plath
City & State: Becker,MN
Source of site: under name
Comments: When are you coming to concert in the St Ben/John's or Cloud area again? Please make a schedule w/ dates and locations!

Date: Nov 25, 1997 Time: 16:11
Name: lynn heieie
City & State: bloomington, MN
Source of site: searched YAHOO
Comments: My friends and I have been friends of MJ since we first saw him in a very small concert at Mankato State University. We also saw MJ at the Northrup. Now, almost 20 years later we are all getting together again to see him at his December concert at the Univ. of MN. We are so excited for this concert....the true highlight of this holiday season....spending time with very special friends and sharing with them some wonderful music!! I really hope that some of the older music can someday be printed again. I have quite a few of the albums/tapes that MJ has done, but would love to complete the collection! I also hope that MJ will play GIVE ME WINGS and DIAMOND DREAMS at his concert. Thank you for all the years of great, meaningful music and lyrics!!! Please keep recording! See you in December!

Date: Nov 25, 1997 Time: 19:39
Name: Denis Ducharme
City & State: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Source of site: big fan
Comments: Bluer than blue is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. As a fellow songwriter/singer/keyboardist, I really appreciate a gem like that one, and often slip it in at the beginning of a set. People ask me "who wrote that" . Are there any co-writers on that one ?

Date: Nov 26, 1997 Time: 11:10
Name: Barb Shultz
City & State: Fairmont MN
Source of site: pollstar link
Comments: I've been a fan of MJ since I was in college in the late 70's. Michael performed at Wartburg College at least three times while I was there. I've also seen him in the Cities, Ames, Iowa, Estherville (fronting for Pure Prairie League) and Clear Lake, Iowa as part of a subscription concert series. I'm thrilled that this website is here. I've been searching for a long time. I'd love to have CD versions of the early albums. I hope he's successful in re-releasing them!

Date: Nov 29, 1997 Time: 20:39
Name: Lil Hebert
City & State: Weare, NH
Source of site: Yahoo
Comments: I am unable to find your music on CD's. I have been searching for years. I noticed that you still offer albums but are they also available on CD? I miss listening to your music and hope to find it again soon. Do you ever come to the Northeast to perform. I'd love to see you in person performing. A long time music lover.

Date: Nov 29, 1997 Time: 21:32
Name: Lillian Hebert
City & State: Weare, NH 03281
Source of site: Yahoo
Comments: Disappointed that Michael Johnson's older stuff is unavaliable. I would have enjoyed having a complete collection. Hoping my request for his first or second albums to be on tape.

Date: Nov 30, 1997 Time: 14:13
Name: Roger M. Olson
City & State: Waukesha, WI
Source of site: searched for it
Comments: Thanks for the opportunity to hear you in over 300 concerts. Thanks for the great music. Some are craftsmen, some are artists, some make love with the music, some communicate, some just do it for "it's" sake. Few achieve it all and so unselfishly while managing to also promote others with talent. You've given us a lot Michael---I hope we are worth it.

Date: Nov 30, 1997 Time: 15:03
Name: Chris Cyr
City & State: Fort Walton Beach, FL
Source of site: Inside cover of Then and Now
Comments: Michael,

Do you play any of your songs using alternate tunings? Have you ever thought of putting together a songbook? I have spent the last 12 years trying to figure out what you've been playing. It's been a challenge everytime. Thanks for the music and your latest album is excellent.


Chris Cyr

Date: Dec 2, 1997 Time: 14:36
Name: Chris Clark
City & State: La Crosse, WI
Source of site: surfing the net
Comments: My wife and I have always enjoyed your concerts. We have seen you perform at the Mill Road Cafe in Galesville numerous times. However, the cafe has since closed and we were wondering if you will perform in or near La Crosse again. In downtown La Crosse, the Hollywood Theater has been remodeled and attracting live concerts. We hope you can fit a concert into your schedule here in La Crosse. You were great at Log Boom in 1996. Hope to see you soon. Have a great holiday season!

Date: Dec 3, 1997 Time: 16:13
Name: REJOU Jean-Philippe
City & State: Prigueux - FRANCE
Source of site: great & wonderful
Comments: i'm a fan of Michael Johnson, and i will love to buy CD of the old albums like Home Free & You can Call Me Blue

Date: Dec 5, 1997 Time: 00:08
Name: Kris Ophoven
City & State: Corcoran, MN
Source of site: "Then & Now" Album notes
Comments: GREAT!!! Finally found a new Michael album. Have been in withdrawal for a long time. All my oldies are on lp and have no way to put on tape. I can't find old stuff anywhere. Help!! "Then & Now" is quite good. Like the new versions. Hope to see him at annual Christmas concert in Minneapolis.

Date: Dec 5, 1997 Time: 18:10
Name: Dennis Yanos
City & State: Honolulu, HI
Source of site:
Comments: Wish you would make a live video concert tape ---was told that you would not go for this---but I think for the fans that will not be able to see you---you should do this.

More than willing to pay for this priviledge to see you perform...

Please reconsider.

Date: Dec 5, 1997 Time: 18:32
Name: Heather Burns
City & State: Dallas Texas
Source of site: CD flier
Comments: I am a 23 year old college student. "Then and Now" introduced you and your music to me for the first time(I bought it after I saw the 'Whenever I Call You Friend' video)
I am so moved by your album; it is the most beautiful compilation of music I have ever encountered. Thank you so much for your music.

Date: Dec 5, 1997 Time: 21:14
Name: Michael McDonald
City & State: Omaha, NE
Source of site: referred by Wilson Roberts
Comments: Michael,

I do not know if you remember me but I knew you when you were playing in Grand Forks, ND during 1971 or 72. Don't remember the exact year. I lived in a house on University avenue.

Ring a bell? Anyway an old freind of mine, Wilson Roberts, now living in Idaho, told me about your site.

I have enjoyed seeing your work in the record stores and occasionally on radio. You are a very fine talent.

If you have the time or inclination e-mail me back.

Nice site.


Date: Dec 7, 1997 Time: 11:40
Name: Gid Taylor
City & State: Margate,Kent.........U.K.
Source of site: Looking for Alexander O'neil homepage
Comments: Hi,I'm a songwriter from the U.K.........anything you need songwise let me know.............regards,Gid Taylor.

Date: Dec 8, 1997 Time: 12:03
Name: Bonny (Kaske) Holder
City & State: Cedar Crest NM
Source of site: infoseek
Comments: Yo! MJ! Just wanted to say "hey" when will you next be out our way?? Have a cool yule & a terrif Epiphany! Write soon.

Date: Dec 10, 1997 Time: 18:53
Name: pat gagnon
City & State: anoka, mn
Source of site: from your now and then cd
Comments: is it possible toget all your recordings,especially the"old" ones on cd or cassette? we have been fans of yours forever.

Date: Dec 11, 1997 Time: 22:00
City & State: MOUNDRIDGE, KS

Date: Dec 13, 1997 Time: 09:41
Name: Jomar Geronimo
City & State: Manila, Philippines
Source of site: I searched for this site :)
Comments: Hi I really like your Then and Now CD... hope you write more songs... thanks
Hope to hear more from you... bye

Date: Dec 13, 1997 Time: 22:22
Name: Jerry Connolly
City & State: St. Peter MN
Source of site: you told me about it
Comments: Michael, Thanks for a great concert last night. You were really on!! Also thanks for the song. I just love to hear you play the guitar. Hope Singapore is a great trip. Oh and congrats on a wonderful new CD. Drop us a line When you get a chance

Jerry Connolly
Gustavus Media Services

Date: Dec 15, 1997 Time: 11:58
Name: Mark Spencer
City & State: Bloomington, MN
Source of site:
Comments: Great concert at Gustavas in St. Peter, MN last friday eve...proved that MJ still has the touch after all these years...it even was refreshing to hear a few mistakes - it adds a human-touch to our "antiseptic- CD- email- electronic" world. I had hoped to hear more of the older material from "Breeze" or "Mad Musicians", the only real oldy was "On the Road"- and believe it or not Carl Franzen (the writer of the song) was in the audience! I wonder if MJ wears the same green shirt and black jeans at every gig?...and what ever happened to Sally?

Date: Dec 17, 1997 Time: 19:45
Name: Greg Davidson
City & State: Starkville, MS
Source of site: saw it listed on the "Then & Now" CD
Comments: I was born in late '62. I've followed your music since 1976. I grew up in Memphis, TN until the summer of '76 when we, (my family), moved to Corinth, MS. I've seen you play only once. It was a free concert on the steps of the Student Union at "Ole Miss" in the early 80's. It was a cold night, and you were having a hard time trying to keep your fingers and your strings warm enough to play/produce a good sound. Only a handful of students came to see/hear you, due to the cold weather.
Still, you were gracious enough to play for almost two hours as you sat their and froze half-to-death. The sound of your voice and your guitar made me forget how cold I was. (I was embarassed that so few students showed up.) I persuaded four friends to come with me to hear you, and they were "converted" by your playing, your singing, your gentle sense of humor, and your warmth and sincerity. The very next day, they were in the record stores buying everything they could find with the name "Micahel Johnson" on it. (I already owned every LP you had up to that point...either on vinyl or 8-track or cassette. The 8-tracks, of course, are shot-to-hell-and-gone, and I lent the vinyls to my cousin, who lost every-damned-one of 'em. Other than your two most current CD's, (Departure and Then & Now), the only album I still have is a cassette of "Lifetime Guarantee"...and it's just about ready to give up the ghost. Please, please, please try your best to obtain the masters to all your recordings. I'll be the first in line to buy CD copies. Each of the songs are absolute jewels written by good songwriters,(including the ones you've written, either by yourself or in collaboration) and performed with simple beauty and honesty. Thank you so much for touching me with all the songs you've sung over the years. (One of my favorites is "Who's That Look In Your Eye"..."Distant Fire" is also a gem, as well as "Dirty Hands & Dirty Faces". (And the "hits" are great, too...such as "Bluer Than Blue", "That's That", and "Give Me Wings".)
I've danced with a lot of ladies, sat on a lot of porch swings, gotten drunk a few times, travelled thousands of miles along a lot of highways, dreamed a lot of daydreams, taken a lot of walks with a Sony "walkman" and gazed at a lot of sunsets and golden-silver moons while listening to your music. Thank you for each-n-every song. (I'm a true-blue, quiet, loyal follower of your music and of artists such as Dan Fogelberg, Kenny Loggins, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Steven Bishop, etc.) If/when you do acquire the masters to your older LP's, please let me know. Greg Davidson 405-Carver Dr. Starkville, MS 39759

Date: Dec 18, 1997 Time: 00:02
Name: Greg Martin
City & State: Kennewick, WA
Source of site: Netscape search!
Comments: Glad to see the site Michael. Looks great!

Date: Dec 19, 1997 Time: 14:01
Name: Mark Lemire
City & State: Rt. 8 Box 745; Aitkin, MN 56431
Source of site: Yahoo-music
Comments: In the summer of 96 I saw Lonny Knight playing with you at the MN state fair.
The question is, where ils he now? ILf you have any info I'd like to know.
IL saw Lonny play alot in the college circuit,

Date: Dec 21, 1997 Time: 22:28
Name: Don Nickel
City & State: Kiester, MN
Source of site: cd jacket
Comments: We were at your concert in St. Peter and enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed the mixture between some of your older songs and your newer songs. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.
We live in a small town near Albert Lea, MN and we have a nonprofit corporation that owns an old movie theater. Is there any possibility that you would be able to perform here and what are your fees and requirements to perform?

Date: Dec 22, 1997 Time: 09:04
Name: Lauri Enger
City & State: Edina MN
Source of site: Postcard received
Comments: Michael,

I'll be attending the 12/26 concert in Mpls. Would love it if you would play a song which I think is titled "The Wonderful World of Sex". You'll be returning to the venue that I first saw you - a college campus - and that song was one, of many, that I always remembered. That first concert was about 21 years ago. Can't wait to see you!! Merry Christmas.

Date: Dec 22, 1997 Time: 14:57
Name: Leslie E. Vance
City & State: St. Charles, IL
Source of site: Surfin' the net
Comments: Glad to see that one of my favorite accoustic musicians is exploiting the electronic technology of the web.
Hope you can get the masters for the out of print albums.... Now that I can actually afford to buy the music, it's no longer available . les

Date: Dec 22, 1997 Time: 20:28
Name: Marci Elofson
City & State: St. Peter, MN
Source of site:
Comments: Once again we attended your concert at Gustavus and once again it was a highlight of the year for us. You put on a great show. We have recruited quite a few of our friends to go to your concert also and none of them have been disappointed and all have become regulars also. Thanks for the great music!

Date: Dec 26, 1997 Time: 05:17
City & State: SINGAPORE
Source of site: OWN INTEREST

Date: Dec 26, 1997 Time: 12:41
Name: Elias Lieberman
City & State: Falmouth, MA
Source of site: your postcard
Comments: Michael-

I hope I'm just one of many waiting for you to acquire the masters of your early recordings. UntiI I came to your website I was unaware that you were even attempting to do so. My personal favorites: "For All Yoiu Mad Musicians", "Ain't Dis Da Life", "There Is A Breeze". I do hope you succeed...and soon. Those brilliant works deserve to be recovered and discovered anew. I look forward to hearing wecom news in this regard.
Elias Lieberman

Date: Dec 26, 1997 Time: 13:06
Name: Teri Davids
City & State: Santa Barbara, CA
Source of site:
Comments: Hi Michael,
It's December 26 and I still can't believe I won't be at your Minneapolis concert tonight. It's the first after Christmas concert I've missed in all these many years. Know that I am there in spirit and wish I could hear your musical magic firsthand. I sent you a holiday card -- check the pile on your desk and read it! Have a wonderful time in your old town tonight, my friend. I will miss it more than you know.

Date: Dec 27, 1997 Time: 10:13
Name: Gary Clute
City & State: Antioch, Tn
Source of site: From album jacket
Comments: Your drummers daughter, Laura Pugh, let me listen to your newest album - GREAT!!!! I can imagine how hard it was to get through the session. I really liked hearing the acoustic sound from you again. Jenny and I wish you and your family a very happy New Year and a great season ahead!

Date: Dec 28, 1997 Time: 15:29
Name: Wade Barger
City & State: New Castle, Indiana
Source of site: searched through yahoo
Comments: I have loved Michael's music for a few years now, and have happily discoved the web site. His new cover of Kenny Loggin's "Whenever I Call You Friend" is absolutely wonderful!. And of course my favorite Michael Johnson song is Randy VanWarmer's "I Will Whisper Your Name". What a great version. Keep up the great work!!!

Date: Dec 28, 1997 Time: 22:27
Name: Scott Julian
City & State: Chippewa Falls, WI
Source of site: in the liner notes of the new album
Comments: Hi Michael--
We saw you at Ted Mann--thanks for another great show. I stayed and met you later--I'm the one who made a lame joke about the show being as comfortable as Christmas at Grandma's--only without that funny smell. Sorry for that. As much as I have enjoyed and appreciated your music over the past 20+ years, I think I could have done a little better, but spontaneity is not necessarily my forte.

Anyway, thanks again. I hope all is well for you.
I wish you the best of luck in acquiring the master of the old recordings. Some of my vinyl of the first albums is starting to show its age.

If you could, can you tell me the title of two songs?
One you said you taught to John Denver and the end of the lyrics is "will I ever see another butterfly"?
The other you did as an encore and the lyric is something to the effect of "don't look for love, love looks for you"? Thanks, I have always loved both these songs, and hope you will record them one day.

Best wishes in the New Year, and thanks for all the good times listening,

Scott Julian

Date: Dec 29, 1997 Time: 15:58
City & State:
Source of site:
Comments: We saw you at the Ted Mann Auditorium on the 26th. Great Concert! We could listen to your music and watch you play the guitar all night! 2 hours seemed like 15 minutes!!!That is a nice place to have the concert. I plan to make your holiday concert a standing event on the calendar each year from now on!!! Your music/lyrics/ and great sense of humor made the night memorable for all of us. Thanks.

Date: Dec 29, 1997 Time: 17:34
Name: Bill Stephenson
City & State: Apple Valley, MN
Source of site: Liner notes to "Then & Now"
Comments: We saw your day after Christmas concert again this year, and I certainly feel this was the best I've been to (and I've been to the six or so). I had a brief discussion with you in the Northwest check-in line about a eighteen months ago, and you said that the December '96 concert was to be your last one. I'm glad that wasn't the case. The new venue is a nice improvement...somewhat intimate, comfortable. The sound was good (the second half, at least) and I really like the solo act better than the band.
Thanks for another wonderful show. The new CD is great. See you next year!

Date: Dec 30, 1997 Time: 08:39
Name: Akira Tsukahara
City & State: Tokyo, JAPAN
Source of site: Simply searched your site
Comments: Hi Michael! What a delight to find your site! I have been a great fan of your voice and would love to have as much info as possible. Keep up the great work!

Date: Dec 30, 1997 Time: 18:07
Name: melanie waldron
City & State: framingham, ma
Source of site: i searched on yahoo
Comments: my husband is a huge fan of yours. the only wish he has for his 40th birthday is for you to play at his party which would be on march 7 or 8, 1998. would this be possible and, if so, what would you charge? ( for your information we live 20 miles west of boston. ) thanks a million for your anticipated response.

Date: Dec 31, 1997 Time: 15:47
Name: Phil Spalding
City & State: Washington DC
Source of site: off "Then & Now" liner notes
Comments: Waiting anxiously for you to rescue the rights to "There is a Breeze" and "For All You Mad Musicians" for release on cd. Some of us with long memories and scratched vinyl will wait patiently.

Date: Jan 1, 1998 Time: 14:08
Name: Lorrie Chase
City & State: Dadeville, Alabama
Source of site: searched "Micheal Johnson" hoping to find it!!
Comments: Your music is beautiful and I'm so glad that you have a place where information is available about it.

Date: Jan 1, 1998 Time: 19:43
Name: Frank Monahan
City & State: Mountain View, Ca.
Source of site: The address was on his "Now and Then" CD
Comments: Dear Michael, I don't remember when I enjoyed music as much as I enjoyed your "Now and Then" CD. It was fantastic! It was kind of funny. The store had it in the classical guitar section of CD's, I quess because you are pictured with your classical on cover. I didn't know you played one. I thought for a minute that you did a classical intrumental album but I was pleasantly surprised to hear your voice come through. I really enjoy your singing as well as your guitar work. Your Khono sounds great! I am a singer and guitarist and often accompany myself on an Alvarez Yari classical and it was wonderful to hear someone of your caliber to come out with something like your "Now and Then" CD. When are you going to make it out to the San Francisco Bay area. Villa Montalvo would be a great venue for you. Come soon and keep up the great work. Are there any charts available for some of the songs on "Now and Thjen"? God bless, Frank Monahan

Date: Jan 1, 1998 Time: 23:57
Name: David Weisbrod
City & State: Stillwater, MN
Source of site: Inside the Then & Now cd insert.
Comments: I made it through high school listening to your music. Over the years I have looked for albums/CDs never finding much locally. It brought back many memories when I saw "Then & Now" on the rack, so I *had* to buy it.

Thanks for all the memories. Your music has had an impact on me and my life. After hearing your new album, I need to go out and buy a needle so I can play the old albums! I know my kids will laugh when I dig them out. They laugh at me when I play "Rooty-Toot-Toot for the Moon". It was one of the first real songs I learned to play.

Thanks again.

p.s. I promise I'll make it to the holiday concert next year!

Date: Jan 2, 1998 Time: 02:15
Name: Jennifer Crowe
City & State: Hornell, New York
Source of site: "Then and Now" insert booklet
Comments: I have been a fan for about nine years now. I am only twenty-two, so that has been a huge portion of my life. Never in my life have I been so impressed with an artist. With Michael Johnson you hear it like it is, whether you are listening to his music or direct quotes. Genuineness of this degree is certainly not the norm in today's society. It's great to see that there are still people out there who believe in honesty and sincerity. Michael, as long as you keep on doing what you do, I will keep listening.
Thank you,

Date: Jan 2, 1998 Time: 12:25
Name: Mike and Deb Styba
City & State: Shoreview,MN
Source of site: Yahoo search
Comments: Michael,we attended your Tedd Mann 12/26/97 concert and had a wonderful time. This is our 5th Christmas "Homecoming" concert. We love them...Questions...why solo this year and why don't you perform "That's That" at this performance??Keep up the good work...You complete our Holiday!!!!

Date: Jan 2, 1998 Time: 14:48
Name: Stephanie Spalding
City & State: Atlanta, Ga 30327
Source of site: yahoo search for Michael Johnson
Comments: Trying to find some of my old album favorites on CD or cassette - looking for "The Micheal Johnson Album" and "There is a Breeze" just for starters. Is there anywhere to find these ?

Date: Jan 2, 1998 Time: 17:53
Name: Shawn Hollembeak
City & State: Cottage Grove, MN
Source of site:
Comments: Michael, for the past 10 years now, me and my family, with the exception of my father, who passed away May 24, 1996, have attended your Christmas "Homecoming" concerts. As always, this year's concert at the Ted Mann Theater in Minneapolis was wonderful. We were in the 4th row, center stage! We all look so forward to your concerts. I have had, on two occasions, the pleasure of meeting and talking with you. Even had my picture taken with you a couple of years ago at the Minnesota State Fair. Didn't get the chance to talk to you at this year's concert though. Too long of a line. Would love the chance to chat again. I would like to say how sorry I am to hear about your brother. I hope and trust you have a great year and I look forward to any new releases (or old ones) that become available. Why is it that so many of your albums are out of print? Take care. Shawn

Date: Jan 3, 1998 Time: 15:21
Name: lala
City & State: manila, Philippines
Source of site: jsut surfed in
Comments: hi! i really love ur song- I'll always love you... It's the best!!!
More power to u!
God Bless!

Date: Jan 3, 1998 Time: 16:26
Name: ellen birch
City & State: richmond, va
Source of site: From disc jacket of "Then & Now"
Comments: Very interested in ordering early, out-of-print material from 1970s and 1980s if it can be made available. Especially "For All You Mad Musicians." I attended Lynchburg College (Va.) from 1975 - 1979 and had the pleasure of seeing you perform often during those years.

Date: Jan 5, 1998 Time: 10:46
Name: Shawn
City & State: Cottage Grove, MN
Source of site:
Comments: Wow, I never expected to hear back from you so soon!! Thanks. You made my day. Hope yours is A-1.

Date: Jan 5, 1998 Time: 13:23
Name: Bill Cheever
City & State: Ashland, WI
Source of site: Postcard in the mail
Comments: Hello! Glad to find a place for keeping up on what's going on with my favorite artist. I hope some of the old albums become available in CD format. I would like to save the old vinyl that I have. Any plans for returning to the Big Top Chetauqua(sp?) during the summer of '98?

Bill C
(Next time I'll use the return key!)

Date: Jan 5, 1998 Time: 14:28
Name: Cynthia J. Rowland
City & State: Toluca Lake, CA 91602-2475
Source of site: From a postcard you sent me
Comments: I was so happy to receive the postcard letting me know that a new album was just released. Is it possible for me to order a copy of Then & Now from you directly? I'm having a hard time finding it at my local record shops. I am a huge fan dating back to my first Michael Johnson concert at the University of Minnesota in the fall of 1973! Also any info as to whether I could order a CD/tape of "Dialogue"?

Many thanks...

Date: Jan 5, 1998 Time: 16:42
Name: Philippe Nicolas
City & State: Poitiers (France)
Source of site: With a little help from a good friend of mine
Comments: I love you (your songs ! ) for so many years (1975...), such as you'll never know.... 12 years ago I've got my daughther, and obviously her name was Rosalee and I'm so glad to see now on the Net and visit your website...
Thank's for all your beautiful songs Michael ; it would be great if your previuos albums will be reissued on CD....specially Home Free and Lifetime Guarantee, my favourites....
See you soon Michael


Date: Jan 6, 1998 Time: 02:01
Name: Kenny Low
City & State: Long Beach, CA
Source of site:
Comments: Could you please let me know which of your albums are available in CD format? I wish to purchase all those that are. Thanks.

Date: Jan 7, 1998 Time: 23:37
Name: Ann Geyer
City & State: Frederick, MD
Source of site: Address listed on postcard mailing and new CD
Comments: I've been a fan for 14 years. As a student at Gustavus Adolphus College and later, a resident of Minneapolis, I never missed your concert at Bjorling Concert Hall (or early on, the hall above the student union!). After I moved to Maryland, I started attending your December 26th concert in Minneapolis when I was home for Christmas, introducing husband to the "magic of MJ" (Phil is a fingerstyle guitarist as well). We saw you this year at Ted Mann Hall, and as always, it was a thrill! You signed my CD afterwards, and I asked if you ever played out East. You mentioned the King of France club in Annapolis, and you can be sure I'll watch for you, but your performance schedule doesn't show much out this way. Last year I even wrote to The Birchmere in Alexandria, VA and suggested that they book you to play there. (They had one of the Mitchell Trio albums in their record store downstairs.) There is a great folk music culture in the DC/Baltimore area and I know a lot of people who would love to hear you play, and would come to a concert, even if they didn't realize how much they will love your music! Please consider playing somewhere else in the vicinity -- May's Coffeehouse in Timonium? The Barns at Wolftrap? A house concert at our house? (had to ask). I'll keep an eye on your schedule, but if not sooner, see you next Christmas! -Ann

Date: Jan 8, 1998 Time: 19:43
Name: Eric Sadoun
City & State: Longwood, FL
Source of site: Yahoo
Comments: Dear Michael, Please, excuse any mistake in my language, I'm french and i'm gonna try to do my best.
Anyway, I was in a club in Paris (France) in 1989 when I heard your voice and your notes for the 1st time. Man, you killed me that day. What a shock "Rosalee" was to me.It is one of these songs that never get altered by the time.Today I still have the exact same pleasure to listen to it that I had the 1st day.
Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.

Date: Jan 9, 1998 Time: 14:27
Name: Betsy Kaske
City & State: Rockford IL
Source of site:
Comments: Happy Epiphany! I went to Albuquerque for the week. Just wanted to say hi!

Date: Jan 9, 1998 Time: 23:44
Name: Janis Miller
City & State: Arkansas
Source of site: 70's archives search
Comments: If you read this, Michael, I want to tell you what a great influence you are to my husband. He loves your style and has often said that he would perform the same way you do if the time ever came to be. However, as a person that lives in "the real world" with a family to support, his dream as a songwriter & a performer are something that he has had to put in the back of his mind & heart. If there is any way you could pass on some words of advice or encouragement, it would be greatly appreciated. Your music continues to inspire & awe us and we will continue to be great fans.

Date: Jan 11, 1998 Time: 12:41
Source of site: YAHOO

Date: Jan 11, 1998 Time: 15:08
Name: Paul T. Dorn
City & State: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Source of site: altavista search engine - "Michael Johnson"
Comments: What is the status of obtaining masters for remakes? Please continue your efforts and inform me of results on your webpage. You will be at Sioux Falls Brewing Company on January 18, 1998. I have followed you since performance at Luther College in 1975. Been too shy to talk to you. Would like my son to see you perform and, perhaps, meet you (as would I). Any possibility?

Thanks, Paul Dorn

Date: Jan 12, 1998 Time: 15:12
Name: peter williamson
City & State: CA
Source of site:
Comments: Why are all those records out of print?
What is wrong with people?
Maybe Michael should record a spice girls song so it can get released.

Date: Jan 12, 1998 Time: 16:00
Name: Dan Moran
City & State: Madison, WI
Source of site: From the "Then and Now" postcard
Comments: Hi Michael! It was nice to get the postcard last week...
I had just been wondering about what you've been up to when I got it.
I then found your WEB page and decided to take in the Cafe Carp show in Fort Atkinson on the 23rd. See you there!

P.S. On your "Then and Now" album, what about way back then??

Just for fun, and because I wanted to make recordings from my albums while I still could, I put together my own 90-minute "Greatest Hit" tape last year. Its mostly from pre-1980...and some great stuff!!!

You mentioned once to me, I think up in Barron, WI 2 years ago that you might be able to make me a real time tape of There Is A Breeze.. Would you still be able to do that? I'd be glad to cover any costs. I've had a hell of a time getting a good recording of that album, even off an unopened album that I recently bought through a music magazine. We bought unopened albums had cd's made of your first three albums, but "There Is A Breese" is still distorted in spots.

If you could make me a tape, I'd be forever grateful! If not, I guess That's That..
Thanks Michael

Dan Moran
2358 S. Syene Road
Madison, WI 53711

Date: Jan 12, 1998 Time: 23:48
Name: Scott Elston
City & State: Ames, Iowa
Source of site: Now & Then CD
Comments: Hi Michael,
We got to visit the last time you were in Ames when you played the Moon Cookie Cafe last September. I just got a copy of Now and Then and I'm playing it constantly. Thanks for your music.
Any chance you'll be in Ames next year?
Hope to hear from you.


Date: Jan 12, 1998 Time: 23:53
City & State:
Source of site:
Comments: Michael,
Me again. I could have sworn the title of the CD was Now & Then. What a major fan faux pas.
Oh well, whatever the title, the music is great.

Thanks again,
Scott Elston

Date: Jan 13, 1998 Time: 13:46
City & State: SAN DIEGO, CA
Source of site: BROWSING YAHOO

Date: Jan 14, 1998 Time: 00:20
Name: James Arthur Rogers
City & State: Oshawa, Ontario M1G 5J2
Source of site: I have just gone on line and was informed by a friend that most artists have sites. I basically searched for the name.
Comments: I find this whole internet thing quite the experience. For several years I have been a fan of Michael Johnson's music. I first became aware of him of course, around 1979. I was listening to a more adult contemporary radio format of music and "Bluer Than Blue" caught my ear. I was also in radio working at my University station here in Toronto.
Although I was not into purchasing albums at that time I did manage to pick up all of the singles that were released in Canada. By far my most favourite song is "The Very First Time." For many years I have considered this song my romantic inspirational anthem.
When the world was introduced to CD's I hoped that Michael Johnson's earlier music would soon be available. After searching for years I finally found Rhino Records which helped with the more successful singles; however, I have been waiting for my favourite song.
My original 45 copy was kept in as 'mint' a condition as possible. It was only hauled out when I needed to strike that romantic chord with someone. Alas, during a move the 45 went bye-bye.
However, thanks to the internet, my partner was able to find a record dealer in Arizona who was able to sell me a copy. It is a double sided Radio copy on the original label. I have not played this copy.
I am hoping that by writing to whomever gets this email you might be able to tell me if a copy of "The Very First Time" exists on CD and where I might get my hands on it. I know that late last year a 'Greatest Hits' compilation was released with the pop as well as country hits was released. I was extremly dissappointed that my song was not included. I realize that the song did not chart in the U.S. . However, I believe that Canadian radio did give the song a good run.
Not only am I pleased for this opportunity to contact Michael Johnson regarding one particular song I am also sending out a thank you as well.
For some reason singer/songwriters in the years 1979, 80, 81 gave all music lovers a break from Disco by going back to romance. Music is and always will be a big part of my life and certain songs such as "The Very First Time" have remained for eighteen years.
I really hope you can help me out.
With Regards

James Arthur Rogers
573 Grierson Street
Oshawa, ON M1G 5J2
(905) 721-1589 home
(905) 721-1160 fax

Date: Jan 15, 1998 Time: 21:55
Name: Mary Pauley
City & State: P.O. Box 634 Cooperstown, ND 58425
Source of site: yahoo
Comments: Michael, It has been a long time!! I moved five years ago and now live in North Dakota and started my own business. The last time we spoke I was living in Groton, SD. It would be great to hear from you again sometime! How are you? I hope everything in your life is going well. I just wanted to say "hi" and to wish you the best in this new year. Mary.

Date: Jan 16, 1998 Time: 08:55
Name: Bluezette
City & State: Portland, Maine
Source of site: got lucky
Comments: HI!!! I now have the Internet at work... but we can't communicate with it... we can just search and explore. Nice photos!! Hope all is well... haven't heard from you in awhile. I am okay... can't wait for Spring. We are recovering from a major weather disaster (ice storm) and today it's a blizzard... still about 80,000 people without power! But this is Maine... and I will probably live here forever, so I had better find a way to deal with it!! Please stay in touch, my friend! XX00 Bluezette

Date: Jan 17, 1998 Time: 19:17
Name: Sara Malcolm
City & State: Claymont DE
Source of site: Liner notes for Then & Now
Comments: Just popped in to check it out. I am a huge fan. I originally hail from Minnesota and have had the great pleasure of seeing you in concert a few times. I also got the pleasure to meet and talk to you on two seperate occasions. The most recent was at the MN State Fair. We chatted while you signed your CD for me. "Departure" had just come out. The first time was in Hutchinson, MN when I was in junior high, oh about 15 years ago. You signed a t-shirt for me. You wrote, "I waited and waited. Where were you?". Neither of us knew why you wrote that. You said that it was just the first thing that popped into your head. Then when you signed my "Depature" cd, I related this story to you. You then simply wrote "Finally." This is my one and only Michael Johnson anecdote, but it remains a very pleasant and cherished memory. I love the fact that you are so open to your audience. It makes us feel closer to you and your work.
Take care and keep playin'! Sara

Date: Jan 17, 1998 Time: 20:48
Name: Charlie Giles
City & State: Belmont, MA and Boothbay Harbor, ME
Source of site: Then & Now's Postcard Announcement
Comments: I guess you could say I've known Michael since the mid 60's when he first visited the Boothbay Harbor, ME area for a summer "gig" at Jean's & Jan's Rendezvous Inn. We recently touched based through the postal system as a direct result of his "Departure" C.D. and communicated some old memories. I certainly would appreciate keeping with his schedule and hope that at some point the northeast would again be a visit. And to Michael, myself, Elaine and family say hello.............oh and sister Debbie sends her greetings from Maine. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Date: Jan 18, 1998 Time: 18:06
Name: Mark Spiegel
City & State: St. Petersburg,FL
Source of site: yahoo
Comments: I'm looking for copies of 70's concert photos or posters to buy or trade.I've listened to all MJ albums and tapes of early radio interviews and hope that the next album will be solo-live! (With tab guitar.) peace.
(Carla Seidel,are you there in Nashville?)

Date: Jan 21, 1998 Time: 11:03
Name: Tom Cornell
City & State: Brooklyn Park, MN
Source of site: I looked for your name.
Comments: Thanks for still being out there. I have a copy of your Christmas concert 1984 on a much over-used cassette. Take care and be well. Tom Cornell

Date: Jan 22, 1998 Time: 13:46
Name: Marilyn Griffith
City & State: Omaha, NE
Source of site: On "Then & Now" cd insert
Comments: Thank you VERY much for autographing the cd my sister Judy bought at your Minneapolis concert recently! She sent it to me for my birthday (1/19), and I was thrilled not just with the "Happy birthday, Marilyn. Michael Johnson", but your music, and the fact that there is more to add to my collection. I've been a fan since I saw you perform at the student union at Northern State College, Aberdeen, SD, fall 1971. I even got up the nerve to come up to you afterward, and tell you how much I enjoyed your playing. I had hoped to get "There is a Breeze" and "For all you Mad Musicians" in tape/cd or whatever format is available, and am sad to learn this isn't possible. I played "...Breeze" so much that it is very badly scratched and worn. I've gone to your appearances as much as I could, including another appearance at Aberdeen in 1972, the Iowa Peace Chattauqua in Des Moines in 1984 (I took all my album jackets for you to sign, which you did very graciously.), the Omaha auto show several years ago, and the NE State fair a couple summers ago. I am shocked to see that I missed getting "Home Free" since I was sure I'd gotten all your albums over the years. I hope so much that you are able to reissue any/all of the early ones; my old records are in sad,sad shape, and I miss being able to hear the songs that I loved so much. Do you have any t-shirts?? When I went to the auto show, there was only one left, and I let a young woman who'd come 400 miles to hear you have it instead of fighting her for it. I sent in the postcard I was given to get another one, but never got a reply. Sorry...I didn't mean to write a book, but I've carried your music around in my heart and head for a very long time. I'm glad you're still following your dream.

Date: Jan 23, 1998 Time: 06:22
Name: Leo S. Medina
City & State: Mandaluyong City, Phillipines
Source of site: search engine(yahoo.com)
Comments: Dear Michael,

I really like the re-recording of the song "I'll Always Love You." I'm really touched by the lyrics and I hope you could send me an original copy of the song together with notes because I would like to practice it using violin. If there is anything that you can share with me about that song, please send me.

Thanks a lot and good luck. By the way, your album was lauched here in the Philippines last week and the song really topped the charts..


Date: Jan 23, 1998 Time: 20:51
Name: Gerry Lipat
City & State: Toronto, Canada
Source of site: CDUniverse
Comments: Hi! I live in Toronto, Canada and had been searching for the Greatest Hits cassette or CD for sometime now. The web site says only US orders are accepted. How can I get the Greatest Hits cassette delivered to me here in Toronto?


Date: Jan 25, 1998 Time: 18:17
Name: David Latta
City & State: Waterloo, Iowa
Source of site: Then and Now CD
Comments: Michael, I have been buying your recordings from the beginning and love them all but particularly "For All You Mad Musicians". Good luck in securing the Cd rights to the older material.
My family saw you years ago at the General Store in Stone City Iowa and had a great time. We love the new and "old" hits on "Then and Now" and were introduced to Alison Kraus through her duet with you. Thanks!

Date: Jan 25, 1998 Time: 22:46
Name: Jan
City & State: Snohomish, WA
Source of site: looked for it, found it, loved it
Comments: Michael, have had the opportunity to see you several times when you've been in Washington State. The first time was quite by accident....but, as soon as we heard the first few bars of `Bluer Than Blue', we looked at each other and said, `OH, that Michael Johnson!!' --we've been hooked ever since.
Hope to see you in Washington sometime soon???

Date: Jan 26, 1998 Time: 17:12
Name: Jay Casmirri
City & State: Phoenix, AZ
Source of site: On "Then & Now" liner notes
Comments: Michael,

I was fortunate enough to have bought a "Best of Michael Johnson" CD while it was still available several years ago. It has remained one of my favorite albums of all time. Music means a lot of different things to different people, but no other album has had such a profound impact on my life as this has. A singer/writer/player myself, I sang "I Will Whisper Your Name" at my own wedding.

My wife and I were thrilled to happen across "Then & Now" on a store shelf last week. It's great to hear your voice again. (And the new arrangements/guitar work are GREAT!) Now, I'm happy to have found this web connection to let you know in what a special way you have touched 2 more people's lives. Thank you.

I am mailing an order for "Departure" and can't wait to hear it! Do you perform live? The answer may be somewhere on this web site. I'll look. If so, we would love to find a way to experience your live performance.

Whoah! I'm starting to sound like a "fan" here. Better go before I get too mushy. Thanks again!

Date: Jan 27, 1998 Time: 16:03
Name: scott k. haugen
City & State: aitkin, minn.
Source of site: postcard mailing
Comments: i am a singer and a (marginal) guitar player; Michael Johnson has been THE major musical influence in my life.
i just want to wish only the best and continued success to Michael Johnson!

Date: Jan 28, 1998 Time: 14:00
Name: Gil Plotkin
City & State: Thiensville, WI
Source of site: From Album
Comments: To Cindy: (The Webmaster!)
You've created one of the best and most informative web sites I've had the pleasure to use. Your links are terrific and easy to navigate. Of course I'm biased since I'm a huge Michael fan, but I really appreciate all the information and the obvious improvements you make from time to time. The lyrics from the Album Discography page are a nice touch.
More Audio ???

Date: Jan 28, 1998 Time: 14:48
Name: Richard J. Heesen
City & State: Modesto, CA
Source of site: The "Then & Now" promotional postcard
Comments: I'm a Minneapolis boy and have been a fan since the early 70's. "Departure" was simply great, as is everything else of yours that I have been able to find. Your old albums were so beautiful it seems a shame they are no longer available. I've been recording tapes of them now for the last 15 years and they're starting to get a little scratchy. I'm very interested in reading that you're trying to acquire the masters for these to re-release them on CD. I will be watching your page and will be purchasing any CD's that become available.

Date: Jan 28, 1998 Time: 20:49
Name: Jeff and Lisa Davis
City & State: Coeur d'alene,Idaho and Portland, Oregon
Source of site: searched!
Comments: Love to see our favorite performer in the world has a site now! We have seen MJ five times, and desperately want to see more shows. MJ is one of the finest song craftsmen ever, without regard to genre. I have never seen better concerts, with more real personality, than his. The first time we saw him was at an outdoor concert in Sandpoint, Idaho, on MJ's birthday. We sat in a park by the lake, with the sun setting over the mountains, he sang and we were hooked! Since then, we have brought everybody we care about to share in every concert we could attend. Our autographed album is a prized possesion. Please,sir, come to the Northwest again, so we can revel in your music again. Thank-you! Jeff and Lisa Davis

Date: Jan 29, 1998 Time: 00:22
Name: Patrick Michael Delaney
City & State: Raleigh,NC
Source of site: the address was on postcard i rec'd
Comments: i have enjoyed listening to then & now. your interpretations are superb.the acoustic recording helped me enjoy your guitar playing more. i think give me wings would have been great as a duet with alison kraus. you have truly enjoyed the labors of an excellent crew of songwriters over the years.
thanks.... keep up the great performing

Date: Jan 29, 1998 Time: 11:57
Name: Meredith Wolf
City & State: Buford, Georgia
Source of site: Search Engine
Comments: Dear Sir: I am very excited to have found this site. I have been looking extensively for a copy of your album including the song I'll Whisper Your Name. I think it is a wonderful song and had hoped to dance at my wedding to it. However; I have been unable to find a copy to purchase. Any information regarding a copy of the sond would be greatly appreaciated.
Thank you for your help.

Meredith Wolf

Date: Jan 30, 1998 Time: 08:31
Name: Randy Yerta
City & State: Overland Park Kansas
Source of site: Yahoo search
Comments: I saw Michael open up for Alison Kraus, but I had heard several of his songs in prior years. Unfortunately, I wasn't sure who he was. I have found a couple of albums and am now a big fan.

Date: Jan 31, 1998 Time: 22:34
Name: Melody
City & State: Manila, Phils
Source of site: through the Ultimate Band List web page
Comments: i really love this site! i'm happy that you came up with this homepage 'coz i'm been browsing through a lot of sites and i can't find Michael Johnson's homepage.. i just would like to let him know that i really love his songs and i won't get tired of listening to them. by the way, his songs are hits here in the phils. they are songs like Bluer than Blue (which was also revived by a local artist), i'll always love you, doors, and whenever i call you friend. more power! thanks.

Date: Feb 1, 1998 Time: 21:59
Name: Dan Moore
City & State: Duluth, MN
Source of site: by typing in Michael Johnson
Comments: I have loved your music since I first heard you in the mid seventies. You are one of the first musicians to help me see that there could be music after the Beatles! In a smaller way than you, I have moved people with my voice and guitar too. In my twenties and thirties my focus was in working for social justice. And now, approaching 47, I have become burned out and somewhat cynical. I wish I had made the choice to soothe peoples pain, or, affirm their joy and hope through music instead of my chosen path. I recently looked for your older music and found that it was not published anymore. I sought out and found two of your albums I had given away about 10 years ago. They are still great and I hope to learn a few of your songs. Maybe that will bring back some of the passion for music I miss. Peace and the best of luck to you.

Date: Feb 3, 1998 Time: 12:08
Name: Michael Paxton
City & State: Los Angeles, CA
Source of site: By buying Michael's recent CD "Then & Now"
Comments: Dear Michael: I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed your music over the years. I am a filmmaker and I use music every day of my life to help me write and create. Your singing and playing has been such an inspiration to me and I want to thank you for doing what you do so passionately. I am very glad that it is now possible to get more of your work on tape and CD and that this web site has been made available to us die-hard fans. I hope you will consider coming to L.A. to play some concert dates. Thanks again.--Michael Paxton

Date: Feb 4, 1998 Time: 20:30
Name: Rick Olson
City & State: Maple Grove ,MN
Source of site: Now & then Liner Notes
Comments: Love your music. Saw you perform 3 or 4 times in the late 70's early 80's. You use to play at Winona State University, thats when i was first exposed to your music. You are still one of my favorite singers. Loved the "Bluer than blue", Dialogue, Home Free & You can call me blue" era. Didn't like the country a lot, but i guess you got to make a living ( just joking). Would love to get your old albums on CD's. Hope you can work that out.

Thanks for all the great memories Michael.

Date: Feb 4, 1998 Time: 21:14
Name: David Black
City & State: Marietta, GA
Source of site: Then & Now liner notes
Comments: Have an old vinyl copy of For All You Mad Musicians and a reel to reel tape of There is a Breeze I caught on a college radio station in the early 70's. Saw you at University of Illinois. Caught a glimpse of you on TNN a few years back and most recently your video with Allison Krause. Glad to see you're still in business. unique vocal style and engaging, accessible guitar style. You've become a favorite like Ken Rankin. Let me know if you can get masters for reissue of intervening material I missed or if you get to Atlant area for a concert. regards.

Date: Feb 5, 1998 Time: 13:10
Name: Dean Graham
City & State: Canton, Ohio
Source of site: NOMA WEBSITE
Comments: I really enjoyed your article in the recent Performing Songwriter magazine. Ain't Dis Da Life & Departure are two of my favorite recordings. Good luck with your efforts to put all of your recordings on CD. I'm ordering a copy of Then & Now today from you via the mail. I haven't been able to find this recording until today, when I finally found your website. Come sing in Northeast Ohio sometime, PLEASE!

A friend of mine, Mnimudd@AOL.COM, introduced me to many of your earlier recordings. I really surprised him by finding Ain't Dis Da Life for him as a Christmas present. He's a huge fan of yours. If you have the opportunity, would you email him a happy birthday note on 3-14.


Date: Feb 6, 1998 Time: 09:41
Name: brad hoyt
City & State: orono, MN
Source of site: your postcard
Comments: Hi Michael! I'm an old neighbor from Mtka. that used to run into you at the C store in mtka mills. I lived on Robinwood Lane across from the softball fields circa 1980. My daughters and I are big fans and have been to all of your xmas concerts since 1979 as well as some others such as the basement of that hotel in St. Paul or the Decathlon Club (long time ago,huh!) Your concerts are as much a part of our xmas as snow and turkey so please keep them coming. I hope all is well with you and your family.
I would like to obtain all your works on CD and for my daughters as well. How is the battle going to obtain the masters? Will you email list when ready? Did you reconcile with your wife? Will I grow old gracefully? These are the questions of the day. I look forward to hearing from and seeing you soon. Good Luck!

Date: Feb 8, 1998 Time: 17:48
Name: Nash Chavez
City & State: Albuquerque New Mexico
Source of site: On Then & Now CD
Comments: I have been a fan for many years and I am glad to see a new release. This site may help me find some of the album titles I have been looking for. The cassettes I have are old and I am replacing them with CD's.

Date: Feb 9, 1998 Time: 13:54
City & State: PARKLAND, FL
Source of site: WWW SEARCH


Date: Feb 10, 1998 Time: 14:49
Name: Chris Stapleton
City & State: Vero Beach, FL
Source of site: Kinked from Songs.com which was linked from COWPIE
Comments: Been a big fan, for longer than you probably care to know. I've always enjoyed the tomal qualities of your work, and buy anything when I can find it, after I bought Lifetime Guarantee (yes, I'm the one, chuckle chuckle :)I wore it out in a month, started to think it was in my imagination that I had it, because its so hard to find. I'm looking forward to replacing it when it becaomes avaiable.

Please keep up the fantastic guitar playing, it leaves hope for all us hackers dreamin of the big time.

Date: Feb 11, 1998 Time: 14:08
Name: Jim Charbonneau
City & State: Duluth, Minnesota
Source of site: album notes
Comments: Back around 1973, my girlfriend took me to see you at St Scholastica College in Duluth. I have been a fan ever since. Caught your show in Duluth at the Bayfront tent a couple years ago. I'm glad to see you are still at it! I'm looking forward to hearing more from you and hope you will perform in our area again soon!!

Date: Feb 11, 1998 Time: 20:56
Name: Anna-Maria Morgan
City & State: Marietta, Georgia
Source of site: Michael Johnson's been a long time favorite of mine!
Comments: I first saw Michael Johnson when he opened for Dr. Hook in Tallahassee, Florida approximately eight years ago and have been a fan since! I now live in Marietta and had looked forward to seeing Michael when he was scheduled to play in Roswell, GA, but the show was unfortunately cancelled! I was lucky and caught Michael's show when he played the "Marietta on the Square" and he was, of course, terrific! I just checked Michael's touring schedule and don't see our area planned for '98! Think we might be added?

Keeping my fingers crossed!


Date: Feb 12, 1998 Time: 11:04
Name: Gerry Schmidt
City & State: Denver, Colorado
Source of site: yahoo
Comments: I am interested in purchasing The Michael Johnson Album and You Can Call Me Blue if they should ever become available on CD. Thank you.

Date: Feb 15, 1998 Time: 22:14
Name: Dr. David Michael Ward
City & State: Auke Bay, Alaska
Source of site: looked on the web for Michael
Comments: I would really love to get "The Michael Johnson Album" This was my favorite singer in the 1970's Thank You.

Date: Feb 15, 1998 Time: 23:42
Name: Bobby Johnson (No relation, unfortunately) :-)
City & State: Northport, Alabama
Source of site: Yahoo Search (Michael Johnson)
Comments: Congrats on #1 in Europe, Michael! I'm glad someone out there still appreciates GOOD music, unlike most of America these days. As I sit with my old Epiphone Texan tonight, I'll be picking "The Moon is Still Over Her Shoulder" in your honor. :-) Thanks for some wonderful music, Michael! Continued success, my friend!

Date: Feb 16, 1998 Time: 12:19
Name: Matthew Annantuonio
City & State: Milford MA 01757
Source of site: search in Yahoo
Comments: The recording, Dialogue" of great sentimental value to me and I would love to have a copy of it.
None of the music outlets I've tried have any record of it.
Please if there is any way of getting it before Feb 28. I would be forever grateful.

Date: Feb 16, 1998 Time: 14:18
Name: Tryg Christian Jacobson
City & State: 222 Vollrath Blvd. Sheboygan WI 53083
Source of site: Yahoo/Music/Michael Johnson
Comments: I'm desperate for There is a Breeze and Rooty Toot Toot For The Moon. Please Help. Tryg

Date: Feb 16, 1998 Time: 16:53
Name: Scott Julian
City & State: Chippewa Falls, WI
Source of site: liner notes of new album
Comments: Michael-I just dubbed a copy of the '84 Christmas concert off cities 97. Despite the fact that I have seen you almost every year since '79, I never realized how many of the songs I love so much aren't on any recording. Maybe if the recovery of the masters from the old recordings doesn't happen any time soon, perhaps a live recording would be an alternative. As much as I love all the studio efforts, it was and is the live performances that have always been special for me. I would love to have recordings of Catch Another Butterfly, Don't Look for Love, Livin' In the Best Years of Our Lives, and many, many others I have only heard performed live. Just a suggestion... no matter what, thanks for all the great music over the years and in time to come.

P.S. What happened to the tentative date in Eau Claire, WI that was dropped off the schedulte? Eau Claire is real close to home.

Date: Feb 16, 1998 Time: 17:28
Name: Erik Mathre
City & State: O'Fallon, MO
Source of site: yahoo.com
Comments: I grew up in Minnesota, using your entire Ain't Dis Da Life album, as a virtual mantra for growing up. Any word on getting a it coming out on CD? Any idea on where I could find a used L.P. copy? Thanks!

Date: Feb 18, 1998 Time: 00:45
Name: Mary Booth
City & State: Minneapolis, MN
Source of site: browsing
Comments: I got to meet Michael at the Minnesota State Fair a few years ago and he signed my whole collection of his while I was there. I asked him if there was anything of his that I did NOT have and he said there was an English import called, 'LIFE's A BITCH". Does anyone know of a website where I can order it from or just some where where I can get it? Thanks......

Date: Feb 19, 1998 Time: 10:50
Name: Kurt E. Schmuhl
City & State: Jamestown, ND
Source of site: listed in the then and now cd
Comments: I really like the music. This site is really cool in that I can go back to some of the outdated stuff and hear clips of it. I had worked with Michael at a concert he did in Jamestown, ND in 1991 or 1992 as part of our civic music association and he puts on a fabulous show.

Date: Feb 19, 1998 Time: 13:55
Name: Shari Leuthardt
City & State: Brooklyn Park, MN
Source of site: through Yahoo!
Comments: I so hope you can get the masters for reproduction on the recordings that are out of print!! I have been a fan for 18 years and only have a couple of old albums: There is a Breeze and "For all You Mad Musicians." I no longer have a turntable so I cannot play them. I am always on the watch at used CD retailers for your recordings but can never find any. I would love to own these recordings on CD's. Your music is wonderful.

Date: Feb 21, 1998 Time: 17:21
Name: Michael Childs
City & State: Orlando, Fl.
Source of site: AOL net find
Comments: I am glad to see a way to express thanks for the help. I was able to morn the loss of a love and get on with life. His music helps remind me of her and what I lost.
More new stuff, ok.

Date: Feb 23, 1998 Time: 01:50
Name: Doug Mace
City & State: Loma Linda, California
Source of site: Looked up "Country Singer Michael Johnson" on Search AOL
Comments: Dear Mr. Johnson,

I can't believe I found this web page. It was a wild hope, but I found it right away. I am a 37 year old youth pastor that has vivid memories of a time when I was young and impetuous and was introduced to your music, "Bluer than Blue." It touched me and became a sound track to my life as a confused college student. It really became a comfort to me because of its pure melodies and honest message for the lover in me of life, music and romance. I became qickly attached to all your albums and bought most of them but can't play them any more without a long play record player. I did collect "That's That" and "Wings" but rarely see any or your CDs out here in L.A. area. Anyway I am moved by your work, thank you for staying true to your art so I can benefit.

My big hope and motivation for research was to learn that you have remastered all your work into CDs. I am depressed after reading that all those albums are now out of print and unavailable. I would buy all your CDs when you do secure the rights and re-release them. I know others too. Please put me on a "first to know list" when this event takes place.

Doug Mace

Date: Feb 24, 1998 Time: 21:19
Name: Roger Brandon
City & State: Dundee, Oregon
Source of site: Typed Michael Johnson in SEARCH...
Comments: I'm really glad I've found your music. I remember hearing it years ago, but haven't seen it around since. Hope to hear more.

Date: Feb 24, 1998 Time: 22:10
Name: Jeff Corrigan
City & State: Killeen, TX
Source of site: in a magazine article
Comments: Dear MJ,
As a long time fan, (my son likes some of your stuff) I'm sorry to hear about the pain in your life. Having gone through a divorce, it was actually difficult to attend your Christmas concerts because so many of the songs you sing were dealing with relations. You didn't want a grown man crying in the middle of your songs.
Hey, there are some pretty awesome people in Franklin. Do you know Phil Keaggy, Wes King, or Michael Card? All top notch singing, song writing, excellent guitar players. Check them out if you have the inclination. Good friends can help you get through all the garbage that's going on. Don't try to do it alone. (sorry! I know I'm not your mother)
I hope that your crud goes away quickly and that your feeling well soon. Thanks for the many years of music and the 40 or 50 concerts that I got to hear you in. (in about a 15 year period)
Jeff Corrigan
P.S. Remember the alarm clock radio you used to tune to country music so you would have to wake up? Ain't life funny?

Date: Feb 28, 1998 Time: 21:50
Name: Jim & Joan Kinney
City & State: Vermillion, SD 57069
Source of site: Off a CD jacket
Comments: We tried to go to your concert in Sioux Falls in January 1998, but the tickets were all sold out. We miss having your concerts in Vermillion. We attended a couple of them at USD back in the 70s and 80s. When do you plan to be back in South Dakota?

We used to run the Vermillion airport and are now retired and can enjoy your music more. Scott Erickson and Chris Johnson, longtime friends, introduced us to your music years ago.

Date: Mar 2, 1998 Time: 04:07
Name: George M. Ajjan
City & State: Franklin Lakes, NJ
Source of site: searched yahoo
Comments: Back in the late 70's we were newly married and raising our children. I was a resident in OB/GYN at the time and spent my spare time listening to music. Bluer than Blue was a hit at the time and we loved the song. My wife bought me your albums that were out at the time and we listened to them constantly. (and still do quite often) We would rock our kids to sleep with your songs. In fact, one of my fondest memories involves rocking my first daughter to sleep with your music. I put on The Michael Johnson Album and as the song played my one year old looked up at me and said "been". She was referring to "What a night this has been" She referred to the song by the last word of the first line. As I said my children (now adults) grew up on your music and often ask if we could go to see you in concert. We'd love to know where and when you appear in the NY metro area. Thanks for being part of our lives. George M. Ajjan

Date: Mar 2, 1998 Time: 19:03
Name: Rusty Wulff
City & State: Elkhorn, WI
Source of site: brother in law got it off your "Then and Now", I believe
Comments: I'm delighted to learn that you are planning to re-release your older stuff on CD! Let me know when they're available!

Points of (dis)interest:

My wife and I have been married 17 years. Our 1st date was seeing your solo act. Got 3 kids now. So ... it's all your fault ;)

Jimmy Johnson (bass/clarinet) and I went to music camp together.

LOVE your stuff. "Departure" is sweet.

See you next time you're at Cafe Carpe!

Rusty and Betsy Wulff

Date: Mar 5, 1998 Time: 07:52
City & State: AMESBURY MA
Source of site: GOTO.COM
Comments: HELLO

Date: Mar 5, 1998 Time: 18:39
Name: Rommel Hernandez
City & State: Manila, Philippines
Source of site: www.yahoo.com/search
Comments: Do you have complete least of songs under the album of "The Best of Michael Johnson". And when it will be available in CD.

Date: Mar 6, 1998 Time: 15:56
Name: Patrick Jaderborg
City & State: APO AP (Retired Military serving in Korea)
Source of site: A fan of Michael Johnson's, I looked for it.
Comments: I have always liked your music, and it is very hard to find over here in Korea. I'm glad I found the Website.


Date: Mar 6, 1998 Time: 21:02
Name: Lisa Paulson
City & State: Cochrane, WI
Source of site: AOL search
Comments: Michael,

Many years ago, I discovered your music. Had heard songs on the radio, and completely fell in love with your voice and style.

Bought 2 LP's and listened to them until they were no longer playable, and completely worn, out. Since then the turntable died, and decided to get CD's of your work. Was very disappointed to find that everything was out of print.

We then bought a computer, and since I have now learned to use it, went into the Music Blvd. site, and found 2 CD's which I immediately purchased. Decided to try AOL net find, and here you are, and here I am.

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am that after so long, I will soon be in possession of your vocal, and accoustical tallents. Please If you read this, know that I will be stopping into your website from time to time, to visit my old friend.......

If time permits, please feel free to answer this note. It would thrill me very much.

Hope to see you in Galesville, WI when you are there........

Yours respectfully,

Lisa Paulson

Date: Mar 6, 1998 Time: 21:51
Name: Mark R. Wille
City & State: Hamilton, New Jersey
Source of site: Surfing the Web
Comments: I've enjoyed Micheal's songs ever since I heard "Bluer Than Blue." His ballads are THE BEST! In my mind, he's one of America's most gifted artists.

May he keep on pumping out those beautiful tunes! Michael's music, perseverance, and genuineness will always be an inspiration to me. It's too bad he never made it to "Megastardom," but what really counts is that he's still around...and brightening lots of lives.

Mark R. Wille

Date: Mar 8, 1998 Time: 10:55
Name: Tom Case
City & State: Birmingham, Alabama
Source of site: From the CD "Then & Now"
Comments: My wife and I really enjoyed your performance with AK in Birmingham, last year. I hope you can make it back to Birmingham soon. Please let me know when the Best of Michael Johnson is available on CD. We really love the "Then and Now" CD.

Date: Mar 9, 1998 Time: 02:50
Name: Su Strickler
City & State: Phoenix, AZ
Source of site: Searched under Michael Johnson musical artist
Comments: I can't tell you how happy I am to have found this site. I own a worn out cassette of "Lifetime Guarantee" and have been looking to replace it with a CD. That has special sentimental value to me and I had just about resigned myself to never being able to find another. In fact I was looking for information about an album called "Then & Now" when I found this site. I had been searching the Columbia Records' site and it gave me that album as a response.

I have been a big fan and continue to be.



Date: Mar 10, 1998 Time: 02:41
Name: Neil C. Villanueva
City & State: Manila, Philippines
Source of site: myself
Comments: i really loved your songs that's great

Date: Mar 11, 1998 Time: 04:36
Name: Genett Mills
City & State: Pacifica, CA
Source of site: By accident...and a good thing, too!
Comments: Hi Michael!
I hope everything's well with you, or at least you're hanging in there. You've always been a fighter; I understand that times have been tough on you, but you've come this far.

I know that you're still trying to get your early albums back. Keep the faith, man. But I know of another way that can be of help.

We, the fans, can help.

You and we can organize a letter-writing campaign to help you get your early albums back. And I'm willing to lead or co-lead the campaign. Grassroots organizing can work. My background in this plus journalism -- print and broadcasting -- can help.

Some of the other fans and I are tired of kicking ourselves because we:
1) Keep cursing ourselves for being born too late to buy your albums/CDs/cassettes when they were out in the records shelves, or...
2) Remember you when we were little kids, but didn't catch on until recently, after having flashbacks of "Bluer Than Blue" increase in frequency (I'm guilty of this one), or...
3) Overplayed the vinyl and/or cassettes. Painful....

You're doing your damnedest to help us. Why not let us help you?

All the best,

Genett Mills

P.S.: I wanted to invite you to my wedding to perform and to stuff you with good ol' Filipino grub (yes, including the lechon!). But I checked your "Performance Schedule," and you're in Minnesota the day before my wedding. I'm getting married July 5th, and my future father-in-law is already joking about the wedding to my fiance ("Looks like you're losing your independence, son." Ha-ha-ha...).

Date: Mar 11, 1998 Time: 17:35
Name: Genett Mills
City & State: Pacifica, CA
Source of site: See related message ;^)
Comments: One thing I forgot to ask: When do you plan to perform in Northern California/Bay Area?

Date: Mar 12, 1998 Time: 01:39
Name: Toshie Miyaki
City & State: tokyo,JAPAN
Source of site: from my friend
Comments: Hello.
I'm work for vivid sound corporation, record company in japan.
I'm very interested in your new album "Then and Now".
And your best album,too.
These seem to release only at your web site.
Can we import a lot and release it as japanese format in japan?
We cannot much promotion, maybe only we can release and take a few ad for music magazine,and make available all over in japanese CD store and also sell as our mailing order.

We were planing to reissue your albums from EMI japan,
"The Michael Johnson Album"
"You Can Call Me Blue"
"Home Free".
But while we're planing,I've heard from magic california
and PROWEST, They also plan it.
So, I told them release it cooperate.
Have you heard about it?
If you have a right yourself, also any other titles,
Please tell me because We can reissue it.

anyway,Please mail or fax to me about this.
and first,please send us a sample of each CD.

best regards,
toshie miyaki
vivid sound corporation
(J 2-23-8,simomeguro,meguro-ku,tokyo JAPAN

Date: Mar 12, 1998 Time: 21:34
Name: terry tveraas
City & State: buford, ga
Source of site: just looked for M.J.
Comments: I finally purchased your latest release, Now & Then. I was happy to hear the updated versions of your CLASSIC songs. It was real nice to hear them in a clean recording, you see all my albums have been played so much there a bit noisy. Looking foward for the cd release of your early albums.

Date: Mar 14, 1998 Time: 22:26
Name: Ben Beach
City & State: Hoffman Estates, IL
Source of site: web search
Comments: Hi Michael! I have been a fan for many years, since my brother Dennis gave me a copy of There Is A Breeze, one of my favorite albums of all time! We used to hear you perform at Holstein's in Chicago, and I have a tape from a WFMT broadcast of one of those concerts. I fondly remember you singing "My Old Yellow Car" and many others. I was so happy to find this web site, and have just purchased your latest CD, Then and Now...IT IS GREAT and brought back alot of memories. I sure hope that you can re-release all your old albums again, cause there are a few I don't have, and the LP's are pretty scratchy. My sister and I are also looking forward to your concert in Rockford, IL on March 21! I am so glad I stumbled across this and can't believe that you have a concert in our area again. Can't wait to see you!
Ben Beach

Date: Mar 15, 1998 Time: 12:15
Name: mark epstein
City & State: neshanic station, new jersey
Source of site: cd universe
Comments: please let me know when your old alblums become availible on CD. I have been looking for your 1977 Michael Johnson alblum for the past nine years. I had it on eight track and obviously we have moved onto CD's now. Your music is fantastic and I really enjoy your voice.

Date: Mar 15, 1998 Time: 18:45
Name: Joe Szeliga
City & State: Garden City, Michigan
Source of site: inside the notes of Then & Now
Comments: Been hoping for years for a compilation of Michael's music from over the years. Didn't want to buy collections with only one of Michael's songs on them. As soon as I saw Then & Now I bought it. Don't get me wrong, I love the way Michael spins a song, always have, but the new renditions of Bluer Than Blue and This Night Won't Last Forever were really disappointing. My two favorite singers from the late '70's and early '80's were Michael and Paul Davis, and changing the sound or tempo of those songs seems almost sacrilegious. If Michael ever puts together a collection of the original recordings from the late '70's, I want to know!

Date: Mar 16, 1998 Time: 03:13
Name: terrie huton
City & State: brookings, OR
Source of site: the jacket of "then & now" cd
Comments: I saw Michael in concert in Redding, CA about 7 years ago, and have enjoyed his music since. It was one of those surprising experiences of recognizing the songs, but not knowing who performed them. I feel fortunate in "discovering" Michael's music. "Then & Now" is a very nice group of songs. (wheres "ghost in this house"?) Thanks.

Date: Mar 16, 1998 Time: 18:55
Name: Steve Rouse
City & State: 4029 186th St SW Lynnwood, WA 98037
Source of site: On the Internet
Comments: Is there any chance some of Michael's older albums will be transferred (and made available for purchase) to CD format? I'd like to purchase his entire collection. No one has a better voice, or more touching lyrics.

Date: Mar 18, 1998 Time: 05:56
Name: M. J. Archuleta
City & State: Denver, Colorado
Source of site: I consider myself to be very lucky--I used "Infoseek's" search engine
Comments: Mr. Johnson I sure hope you check your e-mail and respond to it. I am a true devotee. I wrote to you approximately three years ago via snail mail at the address listed within the liner notes of "Departure" at the "Green Hills Station" Post Office Box in Nashville, Tennessee. I never received a reply--I thought you and your music had dropped off the planet. I wish I could immediately find that letter; I would use the same laudatory language as I did then. Many moons ago I was enamored with your guitar style and vocal delivery. I knew then that you were schooled by a "master"--I follow two artists who emulate your style: Michael Tomlinson (he has a website at www.michaeltomlinson.com You might want to read his 'page' describing 'his' problems with the record company sleaze), and David Wilcox--I don't know if you have been compared to him before but he is as deep as you were/are. And can he play the guitar!). Another artist who actually turned me on to your style of playing the guitar as you do is Jose Feliciano--his Feliciano! CD on RCA. Anyhow, I heard your "Michael Johnson Album" and I was blown away! In my letter to you I described how as a rookie patrolman I would bring this album/tape into eating establishments in Red River, NM and would receive offers galore to buy it off me. If they were 'pretty' I would reduce the fee tremendously! If I was in the business of selling records, that record (and Jose's) would have sold a zillion copies. Mr. Johnson please do everything in your power to release--intact--as originally released--onto CD--ALL of your early music. I have taken it upon myself and have written to the record companies about the immoral acts of not releasing their vast catalogs of fine artistry. EMI wrote me back at one time (I still have the letter somewhere) and they were very cold to the idea. I wrote to Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs to inquire as to whether they would buy the rights and re-release the item as one of their "GOLD" discs--it is that worthy! They never responded. Life is to short for the 'stuff' corporate america subjects the citizenry to...Mr. Johnson, I could go on and on and talk about you being from Alamosa, Colorado and playing here in Denver... but I will stop here. Please answer your mail if you see fit. Oh, I am signing up for your newsletter! I am excited I found this site! ...was it here two months ago...?

Date: Mar 19, 1998 Time: 09:46
Name: Laurel Franchini
City & State: Rockford, Illinois
Source of site: Via astralhotel.com site
Comments: I am planning on coming to the Saturday, March 21st show at Charlotte's Web, in Rockford. I used to, many moons ago, frequent the old Charlotte's Web and enjoyed your music tremendously. I have only one of your LP's, but my sister has 5 or 6. We were just talking about some of the performers from those days, and she pulled out her collection. You had autographed one for her with "Thanks for asking" A few days later I went to a specialty CD order store to find if any of your LP's had been converted to CD form and was told no. I also had contacted Stephen Powers from the old Mountain Railroad label a little over a year ago, trying to get my hands on CD's issued off vinyl but was unsuccessful, except for the "Get Folked" issue they had compiled. Soooooo, am very pleased to have found your site, and look forward to getting CD's from you as they become available. Looking forward to Saturday night! Be Well.

Date: Mar 19, 1998 Time: 23:50
Name: Jim Cox
City & State: Omaha, NE
Source of site:
Comments: Saw you in a little gymnasium concert in St. Paul in 1976--have babied my LP's of your first recordings. Hope cd's are available soon.

Date: Mar 19, 1998 Time: 23:58
Name: dave dierking
City & State: hanford calif
Source of site: surfing, hunting and more surfing

Date: Mar 22, 1998 Time: 20:58
Name: Steve Springman
City & State:
Source of site: Looking for it.
Comments: Any sheet music published?...Publisher?

Date: Mar 22, 1998 Time: 21:37
Name: Scott Foster
City & State: Honolulu, Hawaii
Source of site: very long story
Comments: Where have you been? I am looking for a CD (would take cassette) of the album I once had that had your magic rendition of "Almost Like Being In Love"; If memory serves me, "Like A Breeze." Any ETA on your albums being released on CD. I was Jimmie Spheeris' manager at the time of his death 13 years ago. His first of four albums on Columbia, Isle of View" has just been released. I know how long these things can take. I have missed the great personal enjoyment your rare talent for many years. Best wishes - SF

Date: Mar 23, 1998 Time: 17:44
Name: Martha Coakley
City & State: Palos Park, Illinois
Source of site: Conversation with Michael Johnson in Mount Prospect
Comments: Just wanted to let you know how very much we enjoyed your concert in Mount Prospect on 3/20/98. As usual you were superb.

As I mentioned to you that evening, my husband and I have followed your career since the Earl of Old Town. Our four adult children are also fans of yours. One daughter lives in San Antonio and sees you every year in Kerrville. Our other daughter lives in Iowa and drives in for your concerts in Mount Prospect.

On Friday evening, my husband's cousin (a Jesuit priest) mentioned that having you in Mount Prospect is "like having our own jewel in the midst of Mount Prospect". We eagerly look forward to receiving the announcement of your performance. We do not live in the immediate area of Mount Prospect but rather in a southwest suburb approximately 1 hour away. You are truly worth the trip.

I feel somewhat of a kinship with you. I was born and raised in Willmar Minnesota, and my maiden name was Johnson.

Once again, thank you so much for your talent, enthusiasm and gift of music. Your artistry with the guitar and styling of lyrics are unique only to you. You are truly a "jewel" in the music industry. We are fortunate to have found you many years ago.

Please keep Mount Prospect on your future itineraries.

Thanks for a most delightful evening.

Martha Coakley

Date: Mar 24, 1998 Time: 23:32
Name: Carrie Johnson
City & State: San Antonio, Texas
Source of site: Mom clued me in.
Comments: When my Mom e-mailed to tell me about your concert in Mount Prospect, she also let me know about your website. It's about time!!! I'm glad you're finally out here. My husband and I have been going to Kerrville for the past few years and I had hoped to see you there. The first year, during a performance by someone of whom I'd never heard, I was over by the booths when the artist said "Thanks to Michael Johnson for joining me on that last number." I couldn't believe I had missed the only number you did that year! Since then, I have checked the schedule religiously in order to figure out when you would be performing, won't be caught off guard again. I'm glad to see you'll be back this year, just hope the weather's nice for you.
See you in Kerrville!
Carrie and Jeff Johnson

Date: Mar 26, 1998 Time: 20:54
Name: john bowles
City & State: vegas
Source of site: liner notes to then & now
Comments: Mikey---hey old buddy,good to catch up to you after twenty years of diggin' the tunes.Thought I joined the band wagon from the get-go,but just today realized I'm about the first three albums shy of the whole collection.Sounds like those LP's would suit my sense of your unique style better than the more recent country-flavored approach (just read thru all your e-mails.) Put me down for a BIG YES to all your re-issues.Can't figure out dem record company execs,'course,can't see 'em to get an idea,as their head's so far up their asses!!!

Had a job where I could sing your songs all day while I drove around deliverin' water,and sang some to the ladies too; and reflected alot to the songs,and sang 'em to myself,for me. Of course,Bluer and Almost, but esp., When You Come Home from the MJ album.Next came Dialogue and the songs,This Night,Very First Time,I'll Always,and the powerful Doors, along with the unexpected poignancy of She Put The Sad.Finally,You Can Call Me Blue,put you on the map for me with,the title song,After You,Savin' It Up,You,Right Thru The Heart, Don't Ask,You Sure Fooled Me. Three very strong albums that hold-up and withstand the march of times,and all those wonderful memories.I thank you,for the first time I'm able to,and I'm hopeful of obtaining these three and the previous three soon,on the CD format.

As an added bonus,while reading your guest book and longing like the others for your body of work to be digitally released,I read where one of my main men from the early seventies, Jimmie Spheeris,will have his catalog made available,so there's hope and promise everywhere.

Stay well old friend,


Date: Mar 27, 1998 Time: 14:56
Name: dhaven
City & State: newfolden,mn
Source of site: Search Engine.... Michael Johnson
Comments: I followed MJ in athe early years especially "There Is A Breeze" and concerts in the 70's at Concordia College Moorhead, MN.

... I compliment Sawyer Brown with their current MJ remake .

...... best wishes

Date: Mar 28, 1998 Time: 11:18
Name: Susan Dasaro
City & State: San Francisco CA
Source of site: A friend told me about it.
Comments: Longtime fan who cherishes her original LPS that have been played to death. When are you coming back to this neck of the woods for a concert? Would love to correspond with other MJ fans.


Date: Mar 28, 1998 Time: 14:11
Name: Laura Trueman
City & State: Roswell, NM
Source of site: cd cover
Comments: Love your music, wish you would come perform in New Mexico.....

Date: Mar 28, 1998 Time: 21:02
Name: Michael Gamerl
City & State: Spring Hill, Kansas
Source of site: The 'Then and Now' CD
Comments: Michael, I've loved your music since the good 'ole LP's of the 70's. I can't wait till I can possibly buy your original CD's as they were. Please keep trying to get the rights to the Masters and let your fans know when they can get them. 'Almost like being in Love' and 'Give me wings' are always at the top of my list on my DAT tape playings. I've preserved your old albums with a SAE LP Noise Reduction unit to DAT tape thinking I'd never see your old LP's again much less on CD. I lost your 'Wings' CD in a robbery and have never been able to replace it. Anyway bless your music and your spirit Michael.

Michael Gamerl

Date: Mar 30, 1998 Time: 15:48
Name: Mark
City & State: Peterson
Source of site: On the CD "Then & Now"
Comments: I'm trying to get a copy of the original 1978 version of Bluer than Blue.

Date: Apr 2, 1998 Time: 01:42
Name: Paul Dallgas-Frey
City & State: Dixon, IL
Source of site: Thankfully!!! (Off the new "Then and Now" CD I just opened)
Comments: PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!!! TWIST SOMEONE'S ARM AND GET YOUR EARLY ALBUMS REISSUED!!!! I must have played "Ain't Dis Da Life" until the needle etched through to the turntable. I have seen you in concert a dozen times (way back when I was growing up in the Cities) - and every time your music took me to another place. What a rare gift that is. Thank you.

PS Hey - I really like this new CD!!!

Date: Apr 2, 1998 Time: 01:50
Name: Paul Dallgas-Frey (again)
City & State: same
Source of site: same
Comments: ... just wanted to say I always liked your music best when it was just you and your guitar.

Date: Apr 4, 1998 Time: 13:56
Name: Ana Casteran
City & State: Kent, OH
Source of site: In the last M.J. CD I bought (Then & Now)
Comments: I am a big fan of Michael Johnson because his songs bring me back to my childhood (I'm 27). I have been trying to get his albums, only to discover that they are out of print :(. It's nice to hear they can be ordered!

Date: Apr 4, 1998 Time: 21:48
Name: Rich Wilson
City & State: Blairstown, NJ
Source of site: Yahoo Search
Comments: Dear Michael: I returned today from our wonderful Caribbean Cruise! Your show was super! I must say...I believe you're more talented today than ever. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me and to let me tell you about our radio station WHCY HOT COUNTRY 106.3 FM. Please try not to forget about sending the CD for my on air partner JoAnn. Thanks again for sharing your talents with us all on the cruise and we look forward to many more years of music from you...you are indeed one of the great guys!
Oh,loved the little Slim Whitman Yodle!

Date: Apr 6, 1998 Time: 16:28
Name: Brian Lyngby
City & State: Mesa, AZ
Source of site: New album Then & Now
Comments: I have been an MJ fan since the early 70's and I used to live in Minneapolis and would always look forward to the Christmas concerts. I was very happy to find this web site to locate were MJ will be in concert.

Date: Apr 10, 1998 Time: 18:34
Name: Sonya Frederick
City & State: Rockville, MD
Source of site: Yahoo search
Comments: Love your music, always have! Keep making those beautiful songs.

Date: Apr 11, 1998 Time: 15:49
Name: Dan Poitras
City & State: Toronto, Canada
Source of site:
Comments: Hi There! Love the site!




Anybody interested?...email me!

Date: Apr 11, 1998 Time: 21:26
Name: Doreene L. Sullivan
City & State: Waterbury, CT
Source of site: cd info
Comments: none

Date: Apr 14, 1998 Time: 11:15
Name: Michael E. Johnson
City & State: Charleston South carolina
Source of site: followed a link out to it
Comments: I have always liked Michaels music (having the same name is a kick also) and I cannot find any of his music at the stores around here!
This is a great site! I will keep coming back to see any new updates!


Michael Johnson

Date: Apr 15, 1998 Time: 21:27
Name: Lou Blanchard
City & State: Norco, Ca
Source of site: Album Insert
Comments: I would love to be able to get a copy of "wing" in any form. this sight is very helpful in that effort. Most people have heard michaels songs re-done by someone else and can easily recognize them, but they are really missing out not to have heard michael for themselves..i hope he continues to make wonderful music.

Date: Apr 17, 1998 Time: 20:49
Name: Nancy O'Rourke/Mr. Cat Productions
City & State: Long Beach, California
Source of site: Searching for any information on Michael Johnson! Yea!!
Comments: I am SEARCHING for ANY WAY to get a copy of That's That from 1988. (RCA/BMG) My only cassette copy died in my car's tape machine and I was so upset to discover it is out of print. I still have hope as there are locations that sell used records, but I want to find a way to purchase it that would correctly allocate the royalities. I truly, truly, love the entire album, as recorded. I have purchased Then & Now, but need a copy from 1988's recording. I am amazed by how wonderful that album is, it is my favorite to this day. With the layers of vocals and instrumentation, Michael Johson, of course, Jerry Douglas, Edgar Myer, writers like Hugh Prestwood, the album is a favorite favorite and I really need another copy!! Having never tried any type of search before, I am so glad there is a website for all of us that love the quality of Michael Johnson's voice and guitar style. I hope that someone, somewhere has a copy of That's That as recorded in 1988. I don't just want a copy, I need a copy!!! Thank you and Please continue to write and perform. Mr. Cat Productions is a live sound reinforcement company that would delight in working with you anytime you perform in Southern California!
Our website address is http://wwww.alteredreality.com/mrcat
Best wishes and THANK YOU! Nancy O'Rourke, mrcatproduct@earthlink.net

Date: Apr 19, 1998 Time: 03:37
Name: Jason Thomas
City & State: Orlando, Florida
Source of site: Then & Now liner notes
Comments: I'd like to see more of your old albums released on CD, or in any format. Enjoyed the website. Really enjoyed the new CD - the acoustic treatment is really nice. I've almost worn it out already!!

Date: Apr 20, 1998 Time: 01:50
Name: Justin Reese
City & State: Sitka Ak
Source of site: years , and years of practice
Comments: enjoyed meeting you loved the show, mom did too both of em.
(in case you forgot you and Frank had dinner at our house)

Date: Apr 20, 1998 Time: 14:21
Name: Audy Kimura
City & State: Honolulu, Hawaii
Source of site: Friends at Polydor
Comments: I am a fan and fellow musician (singer, writer, guitarist), signed to Polydor Japan. I've listened to your music for years and it has added so much to my life and learning about music. I look forward to having some of your older albums available on CD in case my cassettes (and vinyl LPs) ever fail. Thank you for your inspiration and music.

Date: Apr 20, 1998 Time: 20:25
Name: Moray Koontz
City & State: Santa Monica, CA
Source of site: yahoo
Comments: Hey Michael, Would love to see and hear you at McCabes in Santa Monica sometime! How can I help you get the masters? My "There Is A Breeze" cassette is floundering as are "Ain't Dis Da Life" and "For All You Mad Musicians"; desperately wanting CD's of these beautiful pieces of your work. My very best to you, and thanks for all the years of getting me through life and love. Moray

P.S. I want so much to send the above CD's to my friend Mike van Diem in Amsterdam. I'm sending a check for two CD's of "Then and Now". I know he will go crazy over your music because he has excellent taste!

Date: Apr 20, 1998 Time: 20:45
Name: Moray Koontz
City & State: Santa Monica, CA
Source of site: yahoo music
Comments: Hey Michael, Okay, I'm going for my third attempt here! My computer keeps crashing. Just want to tell you how much I've enjoyed your music and would love to have CD's of "THERE IS A BREEZE, FOR ALL YOU MAD MUSICIANS and AIN'T DIS DA LIFE". Is there any way I can help you get your masters? My cassette of THERE IS A BREEZE is floundering and it breaks my heart to think I can't buy a replacement on CD!!!

I'm sending a check for 2 CD's of THEN & NOW. One I'm sending to my friend Mike van Diem in Amsterdam. I know he'll love it because he's intelligent, romantic, and sometimes "bluer than blue". Mike is a film director and writer, he does his best work in the bath listening to music! AND he just won his first OSCAR for Best Foreign Language Film this year for his film "CHARACTER". I would love it if he had some of your music to help him once again reach down deep and touch his soul, as well as ours, as you have done for so many with your music.

Thank you for getting me through life and love. moray

Date: Apr 21, 1998 Time: 00:13
Name: Jon A. Pudlitzke
City & State: La Center, Wa
Source of site: Then And Now CD
Comments: Great album. Have enjoyed your talents for many years, I first heard your music While living in Burnsville, Minnesota. Was furtunate to see you performe here in Portland, Oregon a couple years ago at the Alladin Theater. it was a small crowd, Dave Mallet was doing his set and I looked to my left and you happend to be sitting about about 3-seats away. My wife told me not to bother you, Damn! Anyway it was a great evening.

See you next time.


Date: Apr 21, 1998 Time: 13:39
Name: Mick Keily
City & State: Mt. Laguna CA
Source of site: searched on "Michael Johnson" with InfoSeek
Comments: Thanks for such an interesting web site, Michael. I'm trying to acquire all of your works on CD if possible. Are they all available on CD?

Date: Apr 23, 1998 Time: 09:27
Name: Carla Krawczyk
City & State: San Diego Ca
Source of site: from CD "Then and Now"
Comments: Michael-I have been enjoying the hell out of "Then and Now" Your comments on the creative process is very enlightening. Take care!

Date: Apr 26, 1998 Time: 00:20
Name: Diolazo, Rowena
City & State: Dagupan City, Philippines
Source of site: i wanted to say 'hi' to michael johnson
Comments: hi! i really love your songs. though i'm only 14, i fine your songs so romantic and emotional. i would like to let you know that i'm one of your million fans

Date: Apr 26, 1998 Time: 19:44
Name: Tom & Debbie Bertin
City & State: Rochester Hills, Michigan
Source of site: Fromt he Then & Now CD sleeve
Comments: We have been looking for Michael Johnson on CD since we won our first CD player in 1985!! We were so excited to find the Then & Now album and as much as we like it we are still in desperate need of the "old" Michael Johnson sound!! His music is a very special memory of our dating days. After nearly 14 years of marriage we are still "Bluer Than Blue" that we cannot find "Michael Johnson" on CD. Our albums remain down in the basement, but without a record player it doesn't do us much good. We have signed up for the newsletter and will wait...hopefully it will not be another 14 years.

Date: Apr 27, 1998 Time: 22:05
Name: Ray Johnson
City & State: Los Lunas , New Mexico
Source of site: inside a compact disc jacket
Comments: Glad to see a Michael Johnson website. I've been a fan for a long time. Really enjoyed the duet with Alison Krauss on the Then & Now CD.

Date: Apr 29, 1998 Time: 13:40
City & State: BURGOS SPAIN
Source of site: ubl


Date: Apr 30, 1998 Time: 09:28
Name: Robert A. Clay
City & State: 1480 Santa Monica Dr.
Source of site: I was looking for Michael Jackson...that's a joke...I searched
Comments: Michael,

If you ever start wondering late at night what has happened to all that great music you recorded, look to the east and listen. I am still addicted to those early albums (77-84). You, in my opinion, struck a cord there. The song writers you used were wonderful and you have the ability to feel their words. I learned alot from your music in those days. Do not get me wrong, I still purchase whatever your release, but I always go back to that era. Those albums are classics to me and still today I am introducing others to them. I hope I have helped you at least buy a few guitar strings through the years..

Any hope of you coming to Florida. I have been a fan since the late 70's and have never seen you live. Sad, isn't it? Of course, now i can keep track of you on the net.

Thanks for all the great music that has turned into great memories.

Robert A. Clay

Date: May 1, 1998 Time: 19:15
Name: bob clements
City & State: paisley,scotland united kingdom
Source of site: looked hard
Comments: to find this site was a revelation.i have been trying to get info on michael since the late 70'snow i can go to online stores and ask if they can import all the titles i've missed out on

keep on plucking and good luck

what about coming over here?

thanks for the music

Date: May 1, 1998 Time: 22:49
Name: Robert Clemen
City & State: P. O. Box 1140, Williams Bay, WI. 53191
Source of site: infoseek
Comments: I want to find the words to "Moon is still over her shoulder". Can someone help me? Also how could someone with almost the same name as mine just happen to hit this site at almost the exact same time as I did? It is a small world after all....

Date: May 4, 1998 Time: 14:06
Name: Gunnar Engen
City & State: Stavanger, Norway
Source of site: cd album; Then & now
Comments: The album is very good. I"ve order it thru my local dealer.

The best melody are; Whenever i call you friend.

I've heard that melody on CMT,and I decided to order it. I was asking after the album in Norway, Amsterdam (Netherland) and London,but non have heard abaut you.

I"m a bassplayer in a band and i would like to get the lyrics and chords from; Whenever I call you friend. Is that possible?

with kind regards Gunnar Engen

Date: May 4, 1998 Time: 17:47
Name: marivel nuez
City & State: guadalajara,mexico
Source of site: surfing
Comments: Good day Michael! I am from Philippines but I lived in Mexico with my husband right now. Actually, I am one of your fans. I love all your music and my bestfriend she's crazy about all your songs too. I went to L.A. in North Carolina anywhere in States and I look for your tape but I couldn't find one because all were sold out. And Now, hope that I can get the Then & Now, Departure, The best of Michael Johnson and the album too that includes Doors, Old Song, What can I say beside I'm sorry (I forgot the title) etc. I will order four cassette tapes.I really want to order so badly. Please reply my email and give me a telephone number so my husband can call and order and just ship it to his son's address in Raleigh,N.C. Thank you very much.

Marivel and David

Date: May 5, 1998 Time: 00:02
Name: Lynne Dierking
City & State: Hanford, CA
Source of site:
Comments: Just wanted you to know that my husband and I think you're awesome. My husband introduced me to your music during our courtship and I have been your ardent fan ever since. We've purchased every cassette & CD that we could get our hands on. (My husband even went to South Dakota and purchased one we couldn't find here.) You stopped by our little town a few years ago and gave a wonderful concert. The concert hadn't been advertised very much and the turnout was small, but it didn't seem to bother you -- you were tremendous. I've been to several different concerts and that was the BEST. I'll never forget it. You probably think we're just a hicksville town (and I guess we are) but I want you to know that we really did appreciate your performance. Your are a very talented man and through your wonderful gift bring great pleasure and happiness to many. Thank you and hope to someday see you in person again. We'll be looking for your next CD.

Date: May 6, 1998 Time: 11:21
Name: Bob McInnis
City & State: Greenport (Long Island), New York
Source of site: Printed on "Then and Now" CD insert
Comments: Ever since buyng his Dialogue album I've been hooked. I still play that old vinyl album all the time and have just transferred it to MiniDisk in case we don't see another release.

When is Michael coming to Long Island? A few years ago he opened for a country act at the Westbury Music Fair and me and my wife went to see him. The main act couldn't match his stuff.

Michael, please come back to Long Island! We live in a beautiful old whaling village--you can stay with us!

I'm also wondering if anyone knows if/where I can get the TAB for "Then and Now". Finally an album that showcases his guitar talents like his older recordings that we fell in love with.

Thanks for some of the most beautiful music we've ever listend to.

Date: May 8, 1998 Time: 17:41
Source of site: from a cd cover, then and now.
Comments: michael's music is the most important thing in my life. from almost 12 years, and flyfishing, of course.

Go Ahead Michael !!!!!!!
Please send me a E-Mail

Date: May 9, 1998 Time: 01:26
Name: bill kelley
City & State: tucson,arizona
Source of site: checking out chuck pyle and it lead me here somehow
Comments: I have some older stuff (two ships that passed) great great album-I will

Date: May 9, 1998 Time: 21:48
Name: Mumze
City & State: Danville, Ca.
Source of site: News Group
Comments: Enjoyed your web site.. We are so glad to find another friend of John Denver's
Please come visit our Web site: ----
Tribute to John Denver http://www.johndenver.net/ ---

Love to have you come and sign our GuestBook. Peace and May God Bless,

Date: May 10, 1998 Time: 19:08
Name: Greg Lovett
City & State: Florence, Alabama
Source of site: UBL
Comments: Dear Michael, Love your music but you have to help me out. My favorite album is "There Is A Breeze". I know that it is out of print but if it ever becomes available on CD please e-mail me and let me know. Keep up the good work.

Date: May 11, 1998 Time: 04:41
Name: Moreau Didier
City & State: Migne-Auxances FRANCE
Source of site: AMG
Comments: Michael you're a great composer and singer....When will you print your songbook with lyrics and chords?...Thanks once more for the pleasure and hope an answer from you.....

Date: May 11, 1998 Time: 06:50
Name: Antoine Tassin
City & State: Paris-France
Source of site: yahoo.com
Comments: Hi,
Thanks for being so talented ,thanks for your music and the pleasure it gives to me.

I should be your happiest fan if I could find your wonderful song titled "ROSALEE" (Home free-1981) in CD.
Is that possible?

Best regards

Date: May 12, 1998 Time: 13:35
Name: Dean Wilson
City & State: Omaha, NE
Source of site: yahoo
Comments: I've been listening to your music for many years. I believe Dialogue was one of the finest albums I've heard. The title song plus the track, "Chairs" were well written and sung.

You have one of the purest voices, I've heard, and I wish some of your older music was on CD. Keep the faith and keep singing.

Date: May 12, 1998 Time: 16:39
Name: Phil Shirley
City & State: Galion, Ohio
Source of site: THEN & NOW liner
Comments: Liked the CD. I think I still have my Bluer Than Blue and This Night... 45's in a box somewhere.

Take care!

Date: May 16, 1998 Time: 10:44
Name: Ronaldo Roque, MD
City & State: 4315 De Ora Way, Long Beach CA. 90815
Source of site: random search
Comments: Dear Michael,

I first heard of you in the 70's. It started with, just like everybody else- "Blr Thn Blu". Unfortunately that summer I had to go away to Med-school to the Philippines. Boy , talk about being really "Blr Thn Blue... deep deep blue!

So I start school in a really foreign place. ...and here's this girl humming something about a "Door" ..."why did there had to be Doors"

Date: May 16, 1998 Time: 10:53
Name: Ronaldo Roque, MD
City & State: 4315 De Ora Way, Long Beach CA. 90815
Source of site: random search
Comments: Dear Michael,

When and Where can I have CD's of "Doors" and all the early albums. Me and about 30 millon Filipinos are and have been waiting!!!


Date: May 16, 1998 Time: 13:58
Source of site: From the Then & Now CD
Comments: Hi Michael,

Me and a buddy of mine, which ended up studying at St. Johns University, Collegeville, Minn. and Mary College in Bismark, have been great fans of yours since 1976. My friend even went to a concert of yours, and swears he ended up grabbing a pizza with you and some others. I don't know; a colombian eating pizza with you in Bismark... well I guess that only tells you how small the world really is!!

By patient searching in many a record store I have been able to gather some of your CD recordings: Then & Now (last April in NY; I bought the last two in the store), Departure; The Best Of MJ; and That's That. From the old times I still have (and have to admit treasure) a vinyl version of There is a Breeze. I also had a tape of The MJ Album which got stolen from a car ten years ago (that's the one with Cain's Blood and this other poem referring to the 60's and 70's I guess sexual revolution, which sung about "bodies and bodies like books upon shelves..." right?)

I would love to get my hands on all those recordings I don't still have, hopefully on CD or tape.

Well, there you go, I bet you didn't know you had a fan club in Colombia.

I wish you all the luck and hope to hear from you.

Un abrazo (from your Barcelona days this you remember, no?),


Date: May 18, 1998 Time: 08:11
Name: Barb Clark
City & State: La Crosse, Wisconsin
Source of site: Altravista Search
Comments: Loved your concert at the Backyard Patio Cafe on Saturday, May 16th. My husband, Chris is a very loyal and dedicated fan. Whenever possible, we see your concerts. Hope you return to the La Crosse area real soon.

Date: May 18, 1998 Time: 15:36
Name: Midge Luckhart
City & State: Madison, AL
Source of site: Link
Comments: Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday, 23 May 98, in Boaz. :)

Date: May 18, 1998 Time: 22:10
Name: Leslie Chin
City & State: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Source of site: Referred through MJ Newsletter
Comments: Play me that song again MJ. I love your guitar work... blends with your voice in beautiful harmony.

Date: May 19, 1998 Time: 10:40
Name: Nate Sabin
City & State: St. Paul, MN
Source of site: tip from a friend
Comments: Your music influenced me.

I was just becoming passionate about the guitar when a high school buddy turned me on to "Mad Musicians." I learned every note.

The Villa-Lobos got me into the U of M.

I have watched from afar over the years, and have appreciated the sense of genuine love for the music that you project. It matters.

Thank you


Date: May 20, 1998 Time: 14:14
Source of site: YAHOO!
Comments: Hi!whats wrong with all of you??? i've been going through MICHAEL JOHNSON's discography and guest book and i don't see anyone mentions the song titled DOORS.aren't all of you aware that this is one of the best songs that he has recorded! more power!

Charlynn C Lim

Date: May 21, 1998 Time: 15:20
Name: Steve Helgesen
City & State: Burnsville, Mn
Source of site: a friend
Comments: First heard Mad Musician and Breeze in mid '70's and liked them immedicately. A friend taped the albums which I now guard with my life; the tape is one of those old Memorex C20r tapes and the sound is not great but it's all I got until I ran into an old friend who surprised himself by having the records and promised me a fresh tape. Obviously, I'd love to have these on CDs and I have searched all over and now I know why I could never find them. I would love to know if/when these are re-issued since I regard these as some of the best albums from end-to-end I have ever heard. Frankly, I was sorry about the direction Michael went with the more country feel and would like to know if any of the newer stuff is a return to these first efforts. Please let me know if there is any new release so I can stop bugging the kids at Best Buy.

Date: May 21, 1998 Time: 16:56
Name: paul maurer
City & State: traverse city mich.
Source of site: michael camp sent me
Comments: really enjoyed your show in suttons bay.It was a pleasure to meet you, hope to see you again.


Date: May 21, 1998 Time: 22:00
Name: Kathy Clinton
City & State: Novato, CA
Source of site: CD package inside THEN and NOW
Comments: Michael,
I would give my LEFT ARM for the CD entitled HOME FREE. I've looked for it everywhere. Please, please direct me to anyone who might have a copy. I would pay anything for it. You're the best!

Date: May 23, 1998 Time: 00:29
Name: Richard Evnen
City & State: Lincoln, NE
Source of site: search engine
Comments: In the summer of 1973, between graduating from high school and attending my first year at Beloit College, I performed in a melodrama here in Lincoln. The show ran for nearly a month at a local bar, so the cast got pretty tight . . . acting and drinking and partying four nights week. I was only 18--the youngest member of the cast--and with all the cast parties and the like the whole experience was a "coming of age" thing for me.

One of the other actors, whose name I do not remember, brought your first album to a cast party one night and we all listened to it. This guy, if I remember correctly, was in the army with you and knew you and liked your music. I did too, and when I went away to college I took your album with me. When For All You Mad Musicians came out I bought it too. These were probably my two favorite albums of that time of my life and I associate them closely with my memories from college days--including some watershed experiences that most kids have when the first go away to school. After a couple of years of school I moved to Lake Vermillion near Tower, MN, where my girlfriend and I lived for an extended summer. We listened to these albums quite often then too.

I have often wondered what happened to your music career. I never knew of your later albums until now, but I am glad to learn that you are still a practicing musician. Since I don't play vinyl anymore I haven't heard some of these wonderful songs for many years, until I listened to the samples provided at this site. Wow, how they rushed back to me! What great music.

I would, of course, like to have these albums on CDs, but I guess that is still something you are working on.

I may just have to go out and buy a record player--if you can still find such things for sale!

Best Regards,
Richard Evnen

Date: May 23, 1998 Time: 17:36
Name: Joana Gapas
City & State: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Source of site: Yahoo
Comments: Hi Mr. Johnson, I'm Joana and I'm 15 years old. I was born in Manila and I lived there for about 14 years. I really love your songs since I was in my homewtown Philippines. Now I'm here in Canada . I would like to request for a wav fromat of the song "And I'll always love you" and you new song "Whenever I call you Friend" with Alison Krausplease. I really love those songs and please could you send it with the lyrics and chords. Please I'm really crazy with your songs. I wish you all the best and keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MICHAEL JOHNSON is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: May 23, 1998 Time: 19:07
Name: Joseph Miltich"Baird"
City & State: 1351 Hampshire Ave S.,#127 St. Louis Park, MN 55426
Source of site:
Comments: MJ
I need the cord to "It Must Be You" Been having a hard time finding the cords beteewn verse and chorus. I need to perfrom the song for a wedding in June. Please e-mail me so I know the cords.
Thanks my friend. Let me know how your are. God bless.

Date: May 24, 1998 Time: 08:10
Name: Warren Mullin
City & State: Merriam, Kansas
Source of site: a link with a John Denver site
Comments: Hi Mr. Johnson.
My first exposure to your music was, the obvious: "Bluer Than Blue". I was rather surprised that "Almost Like Being In Love" wasn't a bigger 'smash' though. I really loved your treatment of that standard. My favorite songs of yours were: "This Night Won't Last Forever" and the flip side of that single, "I Just Can't Say No To You". "Give Me Wings" was quite a strong song as well...aw, damnit, there's so many good ones actually...

I only recently found out that you were a member of the Mitchell Trio with John Denver, whose music I also enjoyed. I miss that mid to late 70's sound very much. I am so stuck on that sound that everything I write sounds like the 70's...
Sure hope you can get licensing for some of your original masters. I'd love to see a nice compilation, and even the original albums in their original sequences - (The "Then & Now" disc is pretty darn good, though.)

I appreciate your gifts; smooth and soothing voice, guitar playing, etc. I am very glad to see you're still around, and hope to catch you 'live' sometime. Sure like to meet you and talk a bit about the gift of song!
Yours truly,

Warren Mullin

Date: May 25, 1998 Time: 01:14
Name: Roger Hughes
City & State: Scottsdale, AZ
Source of site: looking for your cds
Comments: In 1967 a good friend of mine, Tom Dittmer, told me of another friend of his, John Denver, who was then with the Mitchell Trio and looking to replace one the trio members. He gave me the name of Milt Okun, to whom I sent a demo tape of mine. Okun offered me a recording contract on the spot; a few days later John Denver called and said that I should come to Chicago to audition for the trio. Two days later, I got my draft notice in the mail. If memory serves, I recall that they added you to the trio and the rest, as they say, is history.

I looked up Okun after my tour of duty, and he managed to tie up my best songs and my group for three years while he made records with Denver. I remember being introduced to your music that way and admiring both your writing and guitar playing. I keep looking for some of your old records, what goes these days under the rubric of "art" songs, but haven't found any. Of course, I don't even have a record player anymore. I've done a few CDs myself, but none have met with commercial success.

Anyway, just a few comments in passing. I'd like to buy some of your earlier stuff, if it's available. Even though I've never met you, I feel we're connected in some strange musical way. Best wishes for whatever you're up to these days.

Roger Hughes

Date: May 26, 1998 Time: 11:53
Name: Trudy Metzel
City & State: Manchester, PA
Source of site: Then & Now
Comments: MJ,
Thanks again for sharing your time with us at the Strand in York on May 14. Being a volunteer, I'm "out and about" during the course of a show -- comments by the audience members are always interesting. On a scale of 1 to 10, you my friend came in at about a 15!! You are always welcome here. Per our conversation, I've spoken to the "powers that be" about your name being thrown in the hat - hopefully you'll be back soon. Thanks for the hug - and for being someone who still hugs. We all need more of them. Be well and may your heart be happy.

Date: May 27, 1998 Time: 16:37
Name: Warren Emens
City & State: Villa Park, CA
Source of site: Yahoo
Comments: I am anxious to get ahold of all of your albums on CD. I have worn out my vinyl over the years. Please let me know when I can buy them.

Date: May 29, 1998 Time: 09:08
Name: Randy Yerta
City & State: Overland Park, Kansas
Source of site: I was searching for information on Michael Johnson
Comments: I am just beginning to learn how to play the guitar. I am a big fan of Michael's work. I have been searching for guitar tabs for a few songs. Specifically "I Know This Night Won't Last Forever" and "I Will Always Love You".

Date: May 29, 1998 Time: 18:52
Name: David Wolf
City & State: Buford GA
Source of site: Purchased one of your tapes here.
Comments: My little sister is getting married next montha and she loves your song, I will whisper your name. My mother and I were thinking of having it sung either during the ceremony or at the reception. However, we have been unable to locate the sheet music bywhich our musician can play it. I was hoping to find a copy of it on this web site. Since I couldn't I am appealing to you for assistance in locating it. We are willing to pay the necessary fee, within reason, and any cost involved in mailing it to us.

I hope you are able to help us. Thank you very much!

David Wolf

Date: May 30, 1998 Time: 03:09
Name: Janice Swafford
City & State: Big Bear, CA
Source of site: crossed fingers/typed Michael Johnson+Departure
Comments: Dear Michael,
It was such a nice surprise to find your web site. I have been unable to find out anything about you and your music for years. This is WONDERFUL! I am 34 years old. I am married and have two children. I have been a fan of yours for 20 years. I discovered your music in 1978, when I bought "The Michael Johnson Album" because I could not get my hands on the single "Bluer Than Blue". I remember walking home from online store thinking to myself "Well, this is a waste. I'll probably only like the hit song." Well, an hour later I was running back to online store (it was near closing time) to buy EVERYTHING I could of your music. I was hooked! I wore out 2 L.P.'s each of "The Michael Johnson Album", "Dialogue", and "You Can Call Me Blue". I finally bought a tape deck and made copies of these jems so I would not wear out the third L.P. of each. What I enjoy most about your music is the emotion you pour into it. The songs are so beautifully arranged and so intimate, that they can't help but touch the listener. I am a sucker for a good love song, and no one does them like you do. I'm glad to see you have no plans of retiring anytime soon. I too, am hoping to replace my old (tired) L.P.'s with C.D.'s so I hope you are able to get rights to your work SOON! I am one of the minority that prefers your pop/country work best. Could you tell me if there is a songbook available (piano/voice) for "Then & Now"? Thank you so much for 20 years of beautiful music. I am looking forward to at least 20 more. Sincerely,

Date: May 30, 1998 Time: 23:17
Name: Martha Lewis
City & State: Charlotte, NC
Source of site: hunted,looked,browsed,searched etc. etc.
Comments: My favorite Michael Johnson tape is sadly worn out from use. I've called a zillion used record stores looking for a replacement copy, no luck. It's "Lifetime Guarantee" do you have a good copy available for sale?

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