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Date: Jun 1, 1998 Time: 13:53
Name: Jojo Santiago
City & State: Collegevill, PA
Source of site:
Comments: Hi Michael. Nice page. Your songs are really popular not only here in the US but also in my country, the Philippines. In fact, some of your songs were still played on-air up to now...such classics like "bluer than blue" etc. But really, I like the song, "Ill Always Love You" most and its been a part of me since I left my "love one" in the Philippines...its the only song I can give to her...with deep meaning and thoughts...Well, glad that I found your page, I love to sing too and I love singing "Ill Always Love You"...with all my heart... and soul...thanks to you...you're great!!! Hoping to have a cool chat with you...someday. Thanks...

Date: Jun 2, 1998 Time: 11:29
Name: Alan Fark
City & State: Michigan
Source of site: surfin
Comments: I'm looking for an original copy of Michael Johnson's Atco LP "There Is A Breeze" from 1974, in excellent condition only. If there's anyone out there who would be willing to sell, send me an e-mail! Thanks.

Date: Jun 3, 1998 Time: 00:38
Name: John Share
City & State: Mpls., MN
Source of site: Searched for Michael Johnson
Comments: I hope you are able to reprint There Is A Breeze and For All You Mad Musicians on CD.

Date: Jun 4, 1998 Time: 22:37
Name: jean hughes
City & State: grand island, ne
Source of site: it took forever and had to go through a lot!
Comments: i wanted to see you in grand island but they are closing the dinner theater. so now where are you going to play? let me know through my mailing list hope to see you soon "bluer" jean

Date: Jun 5, 1998 Time: 20:16
Name: Jaimie Lindsay (formerly Grady)
City & State: Harrisburg, PA
Source of site: search on Yahoo
Comments: Hi Michael!

Not sure if you will remember me, but I was the wayward 19 year old fan from Tucson AZ. We originally met at the Lariat Lounge in 1988? 1989? just outside of Tucson. You were then promoting That's That with a band.

You and I kept in touch for a while, and you contacted me when you were playing in Scottsdale. (Sorry, I can't remember the name of the place) I traveled up and stayed at the same inn as you did. I was your guest and even sat in during a brief interview with the local radio/ or newspaper. We had a nice time visiting after the concert :-)

We got back in touch through my friend Sandy (who's number I had given to you.) after moving to Harrisburg, PA. I came to see you in Baltimore, MD. at one of those promotions you hated doing (the mall). We hung out around Inner Harbor and you were kind enough to have dinner with me.

We have since lost touch and I often wondered what you were doing and how you were. I would like you to know that you made a significant impact on my life. You spoke wisely about the relationship that I was in at the time we met in Baltimore (being engaged to a man that drank too much)and you r words prompted me to leave. It was the best thing that I ever did. Thank you for your perpective. I am now married to a great guy and have a beautiful two year old daughter, Sierra Rose. I am at home with her full time, and love just about every minute of it. (Except the terrible tantrums of course!) I have been blessed with an exceptionally intelligent child who is years ahead of her age.

If you have the opportunit, please email me. or you can reach me during the day at (717) 541-5481

Take care!

Love Jaimie

Date: Jun 6, 1998 Time: 14:04
Name: Tim Peterson
City & State: 3 Charles River Ct Wellesley MA 02181
Source of site:
Comments: When is the next album coming out would you do a concert in Boston next august what do you charge

Date: Jun 6, 1998 Time: 19:37
Name: Sibyl Lopez
City & State: El Paso, TX
Source of site: Performing Songwriter, Vol 5, No. 28
Comments: Heard you play at Threadgill in Kerrville. Loved your music. Doesn't look like El Paso is on your beaten path--can't say I blame you.

Question: who sang the song at same performance about "One Mile Apart"--comparing lives of two folks, one living in Juarez and the other in El Paso? It struck such a chord with me, but I didn't keep track of who it was. Thought it was you but don't find it anywhere?

Date: Jun 7, 1998 Time: 21:14
Name: Wayne C.
City & State: Florissant, MO
Source of site: CD cover (Then & Now)
Comments: NONE

Date: Jun 8, 1998 Time: 01:16
Name: Don Smith
City & State: Willoughby, OH 44094
Source of site: from post card last Christmas
Comments: performing anywhere, MIke? Let me know, I'd like to see & hear you again in person . . . like Boothbay Harbor, remember??

Date: Jun 8, 1998 Time: 12:20
Name: Sean Palen
City & State: San Antonio TX
Source of site: browsing
Comments: Just curious how you got your start? Hope to hear from you,

Sean Palen

Date: Jun 8, 1998 Time: 22:31
Name: Kathy Clinton
City & State: Novato, CA
Source of site: Yahoo Search
Comments: Michael -- I've been searching for a copy of HOME FREE, with no result. Please let me know where I can find this -- will pay ANYTHING to get it.

Date: Jun 13, 1998 Time: 14:18
Name: Sue
City & State: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Source of site: Web Search
Comments: What a thrill to find this site!!! I remember going to see Michael a few times in Waverly...and can't wait to see him again!!!

Date: Jun 13, 1998 Time: 18:29
Name: Diane
City & State: Texas
Source of site: My sister told me about it.
Comments: I love your music. I wish you would publish your songs with guitar chords and/or tab.

Thanks for playing such nice music!

Date: Jun 13, 1998 Time: 20:53
Source of site: songs.com link
Your songs (70's, "I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU", "BLUER THAN BLUE") were the very first ones I heard.
In 1988, I had your first GREATEST ALBUM cassette. This proved to be very memorable and through the years has not lost its romance and magic. Thanks for great entertainment and memories.

Date: Jun 13, 1998 Time: 22:02
Name: Robert J. Ross
City & State: 731 Ridge Road, Middletown, CT 06457
Source of site: off the cover of Then and Now
Comments: Ouch! I left my cassette of Thats That in my car and the sun got it!! I can't believe it still played after all these years. Please, please drop me a line when you have it available on CD. Hey how about trying to get a tour date in Southern New England. We would love to have you drop by if you have the time. Don't be a stranger.
Rob Ross

Date: Jun 15, 1998 Time: 02:45
Name: Karen Fiss Whitfield
City & State: 679 S. Reed Ct. #1-303 Lakewood, CO 80226
Source of site: Michael Johnson search
Comments: Dearest Michael,
We have not spoken in years but I think of you often and the heartfelt conversations we had back in MN so long ago. I have recovered completely from the illness that we discussed and have now completed my masters degree. I would really like to be back in contact with you. I miss you terribly and would love to "talk" to you at least through e-mail. I lost your address years ago when I abruptly moved from LaCrosse to Philadelphia. I am now in Denver and very happy. Please write ASAP now that I have found you. I am anxious to catch up with you - don't you just love this e-mail thing? It has changed my life, and now that I've discovered the internet it's even better - especially if it'll mean that I have found you again. Your long lost friend, Karen (Lisa)

Date: Jun 15, 1998 Time: 12:42
Name: Mark Thiel
City & State:
Source of site:
Comments: I am interested in a CD of your "old" songs whenever you put it together. Any idea when this would be available?

Date: Jun 15, 1998 Time: 18:29
Name: Louis Wagenhauser
City & State: New Orleans, LA
Source of site: Then & Now CD
Comments: I had hoped that Michael's older LPs were now available in CD format. If they were, I'd buy them all. I have 7 albums (Ain't Dis Da Life, There Is A Breeze, The Michael Johnson Album, Dialogue, You Can Call Me Blue, Home Free, and Lifetime Guarantee, that I had hoped someone would eventually release in CD format. I also have 5 CDs. The only LP I am missing is For ALL You Mad Musicians, and the only CD I'm missing is The Best of Michael Johnson.

Date: Jun 15, 1998 Time: 22:53
Name: Warren Emens
City & State:
Source of site:
Comments: Please, please please come to California. There are several venues for which you would be perfect. Especially in Orange County - big enough for a good crowd and small enough to be able to reach up and shake your hand. You are one of my all time favorites. I am very disappointed that you don't have any tour dates near where I live.

Date: Jun 16, 1998 Time: 03:54
Name: alan larson
City & State: ames, iowa
Source of site: a friend
Comments: I have loved your music since 1975 when I first heard "There is a Breeze." Being somewhat of a performer myself, I am and have been completely mesmerized by the memory of the title track to that album. I know part of it by heart, but have searched in vain for a recording of it for over 10 years. You know how a song can get under your skin, and maybe become larger than life because you can't hear it except in your head? That may be part of it, like the chase being the exciting part of love, but I truly believe that song to be part of my psyche. As an ex-English teacher, I love the plaintive and searching zen feeling it gives me, and adore the metaphor of the ripples at the end. I also agree entirely with your intro to your web page that states that your music is a perfect blend of telling lyrics, a sonorous and distinctive voice, and excellent solo guitar work. Funny thing, at first I had There is a Breeze on a tape with Leo Kottke, and thought he was the performer for the longest time... Now I see that you did some collaborations with him. I really love to see this web page going, and think it is of very extraordinary design and utility. I only truly wish that you had a discussion group, like Joni Mitchell's (however, she never participates like you do... the friend who told me about this site is from Cedar Rapids named Sue and got some personal email from you last weekend... very cool!) so that I could persuade someone to make a copy of There is a Breeze for me. I know you must get tired of this kind of request, but do you have any suggestions? Thanks for being who you are, singing from the soul, and working to include us, your fans, through this web site. Best of luck, even if it includes frost-bitten breakdowns in Alaska!!! :-) alan in ames, iowa

Date: Jun 17, 1998 Time: 02:04
Name: peter thompson
City & State: memphis, tn
Source of site: web site on then & now
Comments: i am a dentist and a guitarist
play a number of mj tunes
was dentist and personal friend of john prine for 10 years

Date: Jun 17, 1998 Time: 19:00
Name: Gerald G. Luce
City & State: Cheyenne, WY
Source of site: "Surfing" for information about the song "Bristlecone Pine"
Comments: Am very interested in obtaining a copy of the 1992 Album (CD or tape) of the "Michael Johnson" album. Am a fan of Hugh Prestwood's work and am very interested in Michael's interpretations. As I said above, would hope to obtain a copy of this work. Also, is there any source of recorded Hugh Prestwood works?

thanks ! Gerald G. Luce

Date: Jun 17, 1998 Time: 19:16
Name: Teri Davids
City & State: Santa Barbara, CA
Source of site: longtime fan
Comments: Hi Michael -

Just looking for updates. When might we expect a West Coast tour? I will be home for this year's Ted Mann concert - missing last year's was one too many for me. Hope all is well with you - I love your site and feel connected to you whenever I pull it up.

Date: Jun 18, 1998 Time: 05:35
Name: Neil & Karen Lemmon
City & State: Salt Lake City, Utah
Source of site: We always buy Michael's music when we can find it
Comments: Dear Michael:

Don't you ever give up..PLEASE..We know you are not a quitter..

Damn it! your music keeps us going ...You are one of the reasons we can get up in the morning and keep on going in this screwed up world! we plan to get married soon in Montana and we will be using your song.."Almost being in love" we would be honored (not to mention pay for the whole trip and expenses PLUS) just to have you and your wife be there.

We have seen you perform and you are so special, that if you gave up our lives would never be the same...You are a legend in our time..no we are not teenie boppers ,,we are well seasoned...and know what music really is about. It is from the heart and that is how you always give it!

you may sell your soul for a song ....but we would sell ours to buy it!

thanks for the memories!

sincerely yours,
soon to be...

Neil and Karen Lemmon
3873 South Lemmon Lane
Salt Lake City, Utah 84124
(801) 424-2793
FAX (801) 424-2793

Date: Jun 20, 1998 Time: 10:05
Name: David Gould
City & State: Bridgwater Somerset ENGLAND
Source of site: surffing
Comments: I wondered what had happened to you. Now I know. Good to hear you're still with us.

Date: Jun 21, 1998 Time: 14:56
Name: Greg Gilbert
City & State: Newcastle, CA
Source of site: internet searched for you
Comments: MJ:

Am willing to buy music from you through the mail, but am not sure how current the offerings are on your web page---no date anywhere on your page or at least not that I could find.

If I send $$, is it likely that you will (still) have what I've seen on your page? Also...how often is the page updated? Can we expect CD-reissues soon?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts...


Date: Jun 23, 1998 Time: 13:28
Name: Kathi Jo Patterson
City & State: Chino, CA
Source of site: Webcrawler search for your name
Comments: Mr. Johnson,
I would like to speak with you about a mutual friend of ours, John Denver. I have never met you but would relish the opportunity to converse or write you.
PS: One of my favorite songs ever is "Whisper your name". You are a favorite of mine!
Peace and joy,
Kathi Jo

Date: Jun 24, 1998 Time: 14:07
Name: Michele Arnette
City & State: Chicago, Il 60640
Source of site: Inside cassette cover "Then & Now"
Comments: Revived LP's with kids this Christmas and have been on a hunt for Michaels cassettes since then. Found "Then and Now" and "Departure" but was really looking for "Mad Musicians." Glad to find the web site!

Date: Jun 28, 1998 Time: 01:13
Name: Michael L. Johnson
City & State: Woodbury, MN
Source of site: Just put "Michael Johnson" into the crawler
Comments: I have always enjoyed Michael's music. It has a way of touching my soul. I quit playing electric guitar after hearing one of his Christmas concerts. Thanks for everything Michael
Have you ever recorded "There's a New Kid In Town? Where could I find the music. If you could answer I'd really appreciate it.

Date: Jun 30, 1998 Time: 23:02
Name: Lemar Luke
City & State: Layton, Utah
Source of site: cover from Now & Then CD
Comments: I have a cassette tape of That's That. I would love to find the CD. Does anyone have any leads?

Date: Jul 2, 1998 Time: 10:47
Name: Colie
City & State: Cranbury NJ
Source of site: fate
Comments: Wow, I'm completely blown away by your insight, candor, and integrity. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I am affirmed and enlightened and a little bit frightened, by what I've read here...

Date: Jul 2, 1998 Time: 13:55
Name: Roberta Franzen
City & State: Lapeer, Michigan
Source of site: album
Comments: looking forward to your Bay City MI conert tonight. you're one of my all-time favorites, no matter what bag -- but I d like the early jazzy stuff best (with the horns, et al). Please ut me on tet for your newsletter -- and DO come back to Michigan soon.

Date: Jul 2, 1998 Time: 22:34
Name: ted schmidt
City & State: loveland co
Source of site: serendipity via alison krauss site
Comments: my wife and i first saw mj at earl of old town in '72 when he,earl asked for a closer of "bluesette".some big name guitarist was on the bill that night but he refused to do his last set around midnight-something probably repeated in mj's career.then saw mj at all his denver shows at the beautiful cruise room of the oxford hotel.missed the missoula and billings shows in the 80's,which brings me to my real reason for lower case correspondence.when can you come to play the new jewel of theaters here in loveland-the rialto? it's an 80 year old completely restored 450 seater that has attracted roger mcquinn, brewer of b and shipley,emmylou harris,leon russell eric burdon, alison brown,etc. in the last year.you'd be great and all the denver family/friends would show.hope you might consider and i would work with staff there to pull it off.thanks for "then and now".it's great.

Date: Jul 4, 1998 Time: 12:00
Name: Ken Jenkins
City & State: Pensacola, Florida
Source of site: finally had sense enough to read the album jacket on the Then & Now album.
Comments: Please do not take my screen name as someone who will be bugging you or trying to get an insight into something. I'm truely a fan! all the back to bluer than blue. We've met (years ago) and you've even heard a couple of my songs. And thru your sound engineer, encouraged me to move to Nashville, and maybe will in three more years. With than out of the way, may I continue. I've had Then and Now longer than the computer, and only today noticed your website.

Thank you for this, because now I've found a site were I will spend a great deal of time learning what all the site has. talk to again soon.

Happy 4th of July! Take care......................Bye

Date: Jul 8, 1998 Time: 04:33
Name: Masaki Iwasaki
City & State: 14-17 Uchidekozuchi-cho Ashiya Hyogo 659-0028 Japan
Source of site: Kerrville
Comments: This is the first E-mail I've had to write to you.Also,20 years ago, I'd heared your sanskrit albums very well.And These albums ,still Goldmine for me.

Date: Jul 9, 1998 Time: 14:36
Name: Michael Suby
City & State: Denver, CO
Source of site: www.cdnow.com
Comments: Attended your concert in the early 80's at Luther College, Decorah Iowa. Looking forward to ordering and receiving your "Now and Then" CD as a gift for my wife of nearly 16 years, she was my date for your concert.

Date: Jul 12, 1998 Time: 23:38
Name: Micheal Olsen
City & State: Charlotte, North carolina
Source of site: Inside the "THEN & NOW" cd
Comments: Michael, You are a true master. I've been visiting Nashville regularly and hopefully I can catch your show August 14th, at the Bluebird Cafe.

Date: Jul 13, 1998 Time: 07:14
Name: Engr. Marlon Ang,CoE
City & State: Davao City,Philippines
Source of site: very,very,very....cool!
Comments: Hi there...I'm so glad that I finally got your site. You have a very nice site.I'm a good follower of your music coz it fills me when I'm sad. By the way, I'm trying to play guitar and it would be very gracious if you will help develop my interest if you will send the guitar transcription or the tabnature of my favorite song "I'll Always Love You".
More power to your music and hope that it will stay from ifinity and beyond.
THANX... :)

Date: Jul 15, 1998 Time: 00:04
Name: Millard Dalida
City & State: Edinburg, Texas
Source of site: Through Yahoo search
Comments: I was at your concert in Manila, Phillipines late 70's. Your Music from Dialogue album was great! "I'll Always Love You" was a hit in Manila. Until now I'm still listening to those songs.

Date: Jul 15, 1998 Time: 00:23
Name: Millard Dalida
City & State: Edinburg, Texas
Source of site: Through Yahoo search
Comments: I was at your concert in Manila, Phillipines late 70's. Your Music from Dialogue album was great! "I'll Always Love You" was a hit in Manila. Until now I'm still listening to those songs. When are you going to have "Dialogue" available in CD?

Date: Jul 16, 1998 Time: 08:06
City & State: Lorain Ohio
Source of site:
Comments: Hi group,

I have an extra copy of the out-of-print Michael Johnson "Wings" CD on RCA for sale. Please e-mail me if interested, at RICK2000@webtv.net.

Date: Jul 16, 1998 Time: 21:52
Name: Steve Thompson
City & State: Peoria, IL
Source of site:
Comments: Excellent web site!

I would appreciate any information as to how I might obtain a copy of Bristlecone Pine, either CD or tape. I would also like to know if their is any way I might obtain the sheet music to same. An outstanding song.

I hope progress with re-releasing past music goes smoothly and expeditiously.

Thank you for your music.


Date: Jul 17, 1998 Time: 12:52
Name: Ume
City & State: Tokyo, Japan
Source of site: yahoo's search
Comments: I'm really glad to found this site. Beause I like you very much when I heard BLUER THANT BLUE when I'm 12. But after you turn to country field, difficult to find your information and get your Album. Recently I found you released best album, including my favorits. I found you do some concerts constantly, but not easy to go there, because I'm living in Tokyo. But now I'm dream about to go to your concert some day. Take good care.

Date: Jul 18, 1998 Time: 10:12
Name: Marlon O. Carpizo
City & State: Manila, Philippines
Source of site: Told by my cousin
Comments: I really like very much all the songs of Michael Johnson especially I'll Always Love You, Whenever I Call You Friend and Bluer Than Blue.
Keep Up The Good Work!!! God Bless! :)


Date: Jul 20, 1998 Time: 09:59
Name: Steve Tepfer
City & State: Scottsdala, Arizona
Source of site: listed on cd " Michael Johnson Then & Now"
Comments: Great musician.

Keep it up. Come to Arizona to perform

Bye Steve

Date: Jul 20, 1998 Time: 14:15
Name: Candy Bower
City & State: Mars, PA
Source of site: Just typed in Michael Johnson
Comments: I was going through a box of old LP's in the basement and came across my Michael Johnson albums. I have 4 - from 78-81. I never met anyone in the 80's that had ever heard of him. I was pleased to see that his music is still alive and will look into newer cds. His voice is truely soothing and romantic. I always felt as if he were singing to me, only. This is a great Web page and I will return often to see updates.

Date: Jul 21, 1998 Time: 01:48
Name: barb Pozek
City & State: Kimberling City, Mo
Source of site: search engine
Comments: A friend who is a wood carver, showed me two carvings he made using the wood of a bristlecone pine. It remeinded me of the song Michael sings. I really love that song for all its possibilities.

Date: Jul 21, 1998 Time: 09:49
Name: Jack Quigley
City & State: Washington, DC
Source of site:
Comments: Great site you have here. I really enjoyed my visit. Keep up the great work. Have a great day and take care. You can visit my page at...

Open 24 hours a day !!!!!!

Date: Jul 22, 1998 Time: 09:00
Name: Pearl Aranas
City & State: Pasig City, Manila
Source of site: infoseek - search engine
Comments: dear michael,

i was looking for a copy of your song "I'll always love you" with lyrics and chords but then to no avail... could you send me one? i would appreciate it very much.

thank you and more power.

an avid fan of urs,

Date: Jul 22, 1998 Time: 09:12
Name: Rick Lisell
City & State: Plano TX
Source of site: Yahoo Search
Comments: I have always been a big fan dating back to college days at Gustavus. I would be very interested in obtaining CD copies of earlier albums.

Date: Jul 24, 1998 Time: 22:51
Name: Linda Whelan
City & State: East Syracuse, NY
Source of site: Yahoo/Amazon.com
Comments: I really enjoy your music and am looking for the rest of your CD's as they are no longer in publication.

Thank you!!

Date: Jul 25, 1998 Time: 01:12
Name: Michael Kimrey
City & State: 4417 Windy Pines Bend Portsmouth, Virginia 23703
Source of site: Hotbot search
Comments: Michael,
Have known your music since the early 70's along with John Fahey, Leo Kotkee, Willie and the Bumblebees, and several other great MPLS. performers. Lived In Minnetonka and Wayzata, and hit Excelsior Park before it turned into Condos. Michael, your music still survives the times and brings to me always a sense of content. The old folks, is one of my favorites, along with Pilot me, (thought about that the last time I was in Duluth). Anway, need to hear you in Virginia, and know of a few clubs to get you into. E-mail me and we can discuss it further. Thanks,
Michael Kimrey (757-483-9027)

Date: Jul 25, 1998 Time: 02:27
Name: Cesar Abrian
City & State: Perris, California
Source of site: Used AOL netfinder and enter Michael Johnson's name
Comments: I am really thrilled about this website I've been looking for information about MJ since the mid 1980s. I was looking for his albums( records) back then but was sad coz his albums were out of prints. I found some records but not good quality I'm hoping he release all his past recordings in CDs. His songs brought me and my wife together all his love songs. This is really a first class website. I maybe the biggest fan of Michael Johnson that came from Philippines. I played guitar too , and love playing some of his songs. Thanks for having this website and keep it up. God bless you all.

Date: Jul 26, 1998 Time: 01:29
Name: Janelle Blom
City & State: Blaine, MN
Source of site: Did a search in aol.netfind
Comments: I'm so happy to find this site. We always go to your Dec 26th concert and now I'll be able to find out where more concerts are. Your music is the best! The concerts are such a wonderful experience. Also, it'll be great to see if I can get any more cd's or albums that I don't have yet. I would love to find something with your Christmas songs on it! Thanks for the wonderful music.

Date: Jul 26, 1998 Time: 20:49
Name: Alison Amparo
City & State: Manila, Philippines
Source of site: I really want to hear the sample of WHENEVER I CALL YOU FRIEND!
Comments: Hello there!
How's your day? I'm only 14 yrs. old but really like your song WHENEVER I CALL YOU FRIEND with ALISON KRAUSS. I want to hear the full song of WHENEVER I CALL YOU FRIEND because that's my favorite. Even when I was 13 only. When we're listening in your song my friends are telling me that my song with Michael Johnson is very great. Didn't you notice Alison and my name are the same? My friend have a good voice too (but his 10 years older than me), We always sing your song after the mass (because we're choir) and you what we sounds great.
OK that's how my story end.

Thank you!!!

Date: Aug 5, 1998 Time: 11:48
Name: Matti Picus
City & State: Haifa Israel (well, next to)
Source of site: web search
Comments: I would love to see a reprint of Ain't Dis Da Life and For All You Mad musicians. What are the chances? I recently changed my 30 year stereo and had to look very hard for one that accepted a phonograph input, but these two albums were the reason I persisted. Next time I probably won't be so lucky...

Date: Aug 6, 1998 Time: 17:57
Name: peter thompson
City & State: memphis, tn
Source of site: mj fan
Comments: for michael

i met you at all-star nite
i am a dentist in memphis
and a guitarist/musician
i have about 35 of your songs in note for note

if these can be of any use
email me or call me at my office
901 767-0507

Date: Aug 6, 1998 Time: 18:58
Name: Barbara M. Strauch
City & State: Maspeth, NY
Source of site: Discovered last year while searching
Comments: Dear Michael, May you have a very Happy Birthday on Saturday! Hope your day is filled with pleasant surprises! Thank you once again for brightening so many lives (including mine!) with your music. You are a wonderful human being. You've made the world a better place for being here! Wishing you all the best, Barbara

Date: Aug 7, 1998 Time: 13:23
Name: Steve Williams
City & State: Atlanta, GA USA
Source of site: www.oldiesmusic.com
Comments: Dear Mr. Johnson, I have enjoyed your music for several years since I first heard "Bluer Than Blue" as a teenager. Your webpage has been a great source of info about all my favorites of yours (especially from 1977-81), so kudos to you!

May your future endeavors be fruitful.

Steve Williams :)
Atlanta, GA

Date: Aug 7, 1998 Time: 17:57
Name: Tim aka Zappedrat
City & State: Nashville, TN
Source of site:
Comments: Very well done. Congratulations on a very informative site.

Date: Aug 7, 1998 Time: 17:59
Name: Frankie
City & State: Berlin, Germany
Source of site: ... I find it great ! ;-)
Comments: Hi Michael and Cindy,
your biggest fan from Europe would simply like to wish you a Happy Birthday, health, luck and success in your new year of life. Keep on creating the great music you always have brought to the people. Looking forward to hearing news from you again !
All the best, Frankie

Date: Aug 9, 1998 Time: 15:46
Name: Kevin Kirschner
City & State: Corona, CA
Source of site: Then & Now CD
Comments: I just have to tell you, Michael, that this is the FIRST "fan" note that I have written in my 43 years. Your "works", or should I say "labors of love" have made such a tremendous impact on my life since the 1970's. Only one other musician, Gordon Lightfoot, has made such an impression on me. For the past three years, I have searched in vain for a CD to replace my vinyl album. You have NO idea how frustrating it has been for me to find my "old friends" like "Bluer Than Blue" and "Almost Like Being In Love". I REALLY love the new arrangements... it gives me the feeling of a much more intimate performance, like you have come over for dinner and afterwards graced us with your music.

Could you somehow let me know when and where you will be performing in the future. I am TRULY an admirer of your talents, and would really appreciate the info. Also, any re-release of the older "original" tunes would be an honored addition to my CD collection.

Thank you for being there to sing, play and entertain!!!


Kevin Kirschner
312 West. Sixth Street
Corona, CA 91720

Date: Aug 10, 1998 Time: 11:30
Name: Lily-Anne Casimero
City & State: Quezon City, Philippines
Source of site:
Comments: Hi! It's really good that this website was put up. I like all your songs, but the most notable to me is "I'll Always Love You" - it's my absolute fave! Anyway, here's wishing you more success in everything you endeavor. Take care!

Date: Aug 11, 1998 Time: 05:50
Name: John and Anne Hoenes
City & State: Dayton, Ohio
Source of site: search the internet
Comments: Have been fans for years..and very much look forward to release of early albums on CD. Hope that can happen soon. The albums are getting worn out. Especially would like to see For All you Mad Musicians and There is a Breeze. Thanks for this opportunity to comment. Will continue to look in stores.

Date: Aug 11, 1998 Time: 22:44
Name: John Halacy
City & State: Oakhill Virginia
Source of site: innersleeve of then & now
Comments: I've been a big fan since living in Minnesota 79-81 and was introduced to MJ's music. I've seen MJ in Minnesota and in Massachusetts (Old Vienna in Westboro)

If this is going directly to Michael - do you remember Michael Monroe from Minnesota? he had a terrific album on New Beginnings records @80-81 and my understanding is that you guys were friends. I've never seen anything else by him and was hoping his is doing well. Let me know if you are able to get the older albums transferred to CD. I will be glad to upgrade my old vinyl and I'm missing a couple anyway. also if you remember Michael Monroe and know what's happening with him - I'd appreciate hearing.

It must be difficult to have such a great body of work out of print and not be able to bring it into the hands of people who would gladly buy it. I know a New England area band that was very popular when I was in college - Poissette Dart Band (country/folk rock) - has had the same problem. They were with Capitol and have been in limbo for years -trying to convince the record label to reissue on CD. It is even worse when you start thinking about the really trashy stuff being passed off as music...oh well.. time to go when I start venting.

Michael - all the best - I'll look forward to your next Birchmere or Wolftrap show.


John Halacy

Date: Aug 12, 1998 Time: 22:50
Name: tom holzman
City & State: libertyville, IL
Source of site: easily
Comments: rooty-toot-toot for the moon
keep up the music
we listen still.....

Date: Aug 13, 1998 Time: 19:43
Name: Kirby Schultz
City & State: Sioux Falls SD
Source of site:
Comments: HI!

Date: Aug 15, 1998 Time: 19:25



Date: Aug 15, 1998 Time: 20:10
Name: Bob Cook
City & State: Denver, Colorado
Source of site: from Dick Dietz, and old buddy from U of M, Morris
Comments: Michael,
I've loved your music and followed you for years, since when you came to Morris back in the mid-70's to play in the intimate setting of U of M there. I'm glad Dick Dietz showed me this site, as I've been looking for your music and thought I came to a dead end with the "out of print" information. Best of luck on all your ventures and I hope to catch you in person or through my speakers soon.

Date: Aug 18, 1998 Time: 16:41
City & State: RENO, NEVADA

Date: Aug 19, 1998 Time: 16:42
Name: Connie Cole
City & State: Rockford, IL
Source of site: postcard for your CD Then and Now you sent me
Comments: I have enjoyed your music since I first saw you at Charolttes Web in 1972. I have been to every concert in Rockford since then.
You have an incrediable voice and your concerts are so enjoyable! I have all your albums (and CD's), including There is a Breeze, and I would love to be able to get a CD of it. If you ever accomplish acquiring the masters for reproduction, please let me know. At your last concert in Rockford, which was on your birthday, I even brought my 3 children, ages 17, 15, and 12. Because I listen to your CD's ALL THE TIME, they have also become great fans of yours also. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you sharing the gift of your music. I look forward to the next concert, and until then keep on singing and I will keep on listening.

Date: Aug 20, 1998 Time: 19:30
Name: J.T. Cummins
City & State: West Hollywood, California
Source of site: Liner notes in "Then & Now" - see, some us do still read 'em!
Comments: I'm thrilled MJ has made a comeback with his country work, however what made me a fan was his older pop work. Thankfully I had the good sense to hold on to my old MJ records - unfortunately they aren't the pristine recordings they once were. I (as well as MJ fans everwhere) would love to have the masters of THE MICHAEL JOHNSON ALBUM, AIN'T DIS DA LIFE, DIALOGUE, etc. on CD. So good luck in securing the original masters MJ, we're ready and willing to support your efforts with hard earned cash!


Date: Aug 21, 1998 Time: 17:59
Name: Bruce Barney
City & State: Portland, OR
Source of site: Yahoo
Comments: I wore out a cassette of "The Michael Johnson Album" and I have been looking for a long time to replace it. I now know this won't happen at least not on CD. I have purchased the latest CD "Then and Now" and its GREAT, but I miss the hauntingly done version of "Gypsy Woman". Maybe soon, I'll keep checking back!

Date: Aug 21, 1998 Time: 21:48
Name: ted vaughn md
City & State: greenwood,sc
Source of site: then & now cd
Comments: i have enjoyed your music for many years and have finally obtained all of your albums through used record stores.unfortunately,these are all vinyl and are showing their age.if you ever able to convert these to cd or mini-disc,please contact me through e-mail,as i would purchase all of them.i greatly enjoyed THEN & NOW and thank you for the solace your music has given me for the past 15 years.

Date: Aug 26, 1998 Time: 01:07
Name: Francis Harrison
City & State: Tokyo, Japam
Source of site: Web search
Comments: I would be very interested in obrtaining a CD of "There is a breeze" if it ever becomes available. I remember it very well years ago in Minnesota: it's a great album.

Please keep me posted concerning that disc.

All the best,


Date: Aug 26, 1998 Time: 13:35
City & State:
Source of site:
Comments: Please find a way to release "There Is a Breeze" on c.d. I only have a poor tape recording off my brother's old album. It's great, and I'm convinced there's a whole new generation of fans waiting to hear it.

Date: Aug 27, 1998 Time: 21:53
Name: Barb
City & State: Waseca, Minnesota
Source of site: Yahoo, Minnesota singers
Comments: I heard the songI will whisper your name one day at work and fell in love with it. My husband sings and plays guitar and it sounded like a song that I would love him to learn. We called the radio station a week later at our local music store and told them the day and time that I heard it, and by golly they played it to me over the phone and YES YES it was the song. They told me Michael was from Minnesota so I rushed home to the internet and found his web site and information. I was glad to see that the CD was available through Michael. I am sending in my dough and hoping I will be able to get a tape or CD of The Best of Michael Johnson. BYE

Date: Aug 28, 1998 Time: 13:06
Name: chris kennedy
City & State: rock springs, wyoming
Source of site:
Comments: HELLO MICHAEL AND EVERYONE! Michael--If you're coming through Rock Springs again sometime, let me know...maybe we can make another concert happen as we did in '96. Got turned onto the music in the mid-'70s, caught Michael in concert (as opening act for Reilly and Maloney) in Spokane in '84; hosted the concert here in '96. AIN'T DID DA LIFE, FOR ALL YOU MAD MUSICIANS, THERE IS A BREEZE, what superb albums. And those new versions of the older tunes on THEN AND NOW are lovely too. See you down the road...Chris

Date: Aug 28, 1998 Time: 20:43
Name: Sherry Manz
City & State: Bethel, OH
Source of site: From back of "Then & Now" CD
Comments: I have been looking for a copy of your song "I Will Whisper Your Name". For years now. For a long time I couldn't remember your name, when I did remember I started searching the online music clubs to find your music. They finally told me that your song was no longer in reproduction. I was upset but decided to buy your newest CD, WHAT a treat. I have listened to it everyday since. But I still needed to hear your other songs. Please work on getting your music back in production I NEED IT!!!!
My check is in the mail for your music you offer here. Thank you, and keep recording.

Sherry Manz

Date: Aug 29, 1998 Time: 15:39
Name: Rick Hansen
City & State: Moorpark, CA
Source of site: search for Michael Johnson
Comments: Michael,

I still listen to your old vinyls, but sure would like to get my old favorites on CD. Best of all, would love to see you perform in Southern Cal.

A faithful fan,


Date: Aug 30, 1998 Time: 22:41
Name: James C. Zachary, Jr
City & State: Horn Lake, MS
Source of site: through hotbot.com search utility
Comments: I've been a fan since I had heard "Bluer than Blue." But, one day he was a local radio station, WMC 790 (yes, on A M) in Memphis, TN in about 1986. He signed an album while in the studio and I won that album from an on air contest. Needless to say, that album is one of my favorites. It was "Give Me Wings." It is a great album.
I like to play guitar and I was looking around the internet for some tabs or chords to some material I could play around with. I could find none on the guitar archive sites left open. So, is there a songbook that has been published that is available somewhere? I would like to know how to play "It's Majic Time," which is off of the album I won.

I noticed on the performance schedule that he is going to be in Nashville on 14 Oct.1998. I would love to go if I can make it. Can you tell me how firm those appearance dates are or if they are just scheduled tentatively. It will be the closest place to Memphis, TN (I'm just 5 miles south of Memphis) I could find in your schedule. If there are other nearer venues could you send me an e-mail (even an e-mail saying no) saying as much.


James C. Zachary, Jr.

Date: Aug 31, 1998 Time: 16:00
Name: Joe & Debra MEYER
City & State: Newport, MI
Source of site: from Then & now CD
Comments: Been searchin for "The Michael Johnson album" for years. Had the original on a 8 track 18 years ago.
It was our favorite, If you re-record or bring back the master we are extremely interested. "25 words or less" is what got Deb to marry me.

Date: Sep 1, 1998 Time: 14:30
Name: Gerry Schmidt
City & State: Littleton, Colorado
Source of site: Excite search engine
Comments: My cassettes of The Michael Johnson Album and Bluer than Blue are completely worn out. I would really like to find replacements (preferably on CD). I understand that both of these albums are out of print, but if they ever become available, I will buy both immediately. Thanks alot and I hope to hear from you in the near future (with good news).

Date: Sep 2, 1998 Time: 13:12
Name: John Tindall
City & State: New Hope, Virginia (Near Staunton)
Source of site: web search
Comments: Dear Michael, I'm so glad I found this site. I'm a huge fan, and have been so since I first started collecting LPs in the late 70's. I still collect LPs (as well as Cds) and play yours regularly. I read your performance schedule on this site, and hope that you will appear in the Virginia area sometime soon. I did get the chance to see you in Richmond several years ago, with Dan Seals, opening for Conway Twitty. I was there to see you!
Keep singing and playing. Its refreshing to follow an artist who seems so genuine as a person, and so talented as a musician.
Thanks for the music,
John Tindall

Date: Sep 4, 1998 Time: 13:46
Name: Lonnie Knight
City & State: Minneapolis
Source of site:
Comments: Hey, Michael, you finally have a site. Congrats!! Long time no see. Stop by my place... http://www.scc.net/~lonzmo

There is a Michael Johnson page (animated), check it out:

So, when do you wanna get together and play a few tunes??

Date: Sep 6, 1998 Time: 09:22
Name: Andrew Suggs
City & State: Memphis TN
Source of site: cruising Yahoo
Comments: I hope you get the old albums available. I'm familier with the hits but not the album cuts.

Date: Sep 7, 1998 Time: 20:52
Name: Kern Hough
City & State: Eagan, Minnesota
Source of site: Using Search Engines
Comments: Michael, We met briefly after your Christmas concert at the U of M (97). I told you that I perform many of your songs at parties. I play by ear and figure out most of the song I do the same way. Because there is little or no sheet music for your songs, I need your help. What cords do you use on Magic Time & Unconditionally. And one more favor. Is there any way of getting words and cords for your song about the last Carrier Pidgon. We have already purchased our tickets for your Dec 26th concert (9 years in a row) Row 5 I think. So we will see you then.
I will close for now.

As always, A big admirer of your work Kern Hough (like Huff)

Date: Sep 10, 1998 Time: 20:00
Name: Barry Shutz
City & State: Milltown, New Jersey 08850
Source of site: From the CD Then & Now
Comments: Michale it was great to find out about your site. I've been a fan for many years and look forward to being able to keep up with you now that I can visit your site whenever I want. I too would like to see your older albums become available again. Try and make it to New Jersey so my wife and I can come and see you in person. Take care and keep making fantastic music!

Date: Sep 11, 1998 Time: 23:49
Name: Candice Fricke
City & State: Littleton, Colorado
Source of site:
Comments: My father is a fan and is looking for the Dialogue album. He would really like the original version of "This Night Won't Last Forever". I told him I would check on the net, but I have cheched almost every where and can't find it. Any suggestions? I would love to be able to find it for him! Thanks

Date: Sep 15, 1998 Time: 21:13
Name: Gary Erickson
City & State: Vermillion, SD
Source of site: A night of surfing
Comments: Michael...

I spent one incredible evening with you and somebody special (who grew up to become quasi-famous in the broadcast news game up in your old stomping grounds) in March, 1984, at a concert in Hudson, Wisconsin. I'll never forget your curtain call that night, when you NAILED "Here Comes the Sun."

When the ice is slowly melting, I can still hear it. Thank you.

Thank you, as well, for the great vibes you have given my wife and me. The night before we were married, I gave Sandy a cassette copy of "I Will Whisper Your Name," with instructions to listen before she went to sleep. It has kept us on a nice little roll for almost eight years now. Thank you again.


Date: Sep 18, 1998 Time: 02:42
Name: Dave
City & State: Enfield, Ct.
Source of site: CD Universe Link
Comments: I hope to see a CD containing the orginal versions of songs:

"Almost Like Being In Love" and "This Night Won't Last Forever"

Date: Sep 18, 1998 Time: 16:29
Name: Michael Cullen
City & State: Belleville, Illinois
Source of site: search engine request- "Michael Johnson"
Comments: I first heard you perform at Belleville Area College- 1973, I think. There were about 15 people in the audience. It was one of the best performances I ever heard by any artist. You probably don't remember this, but afterwards we went out with you and your buddy (sorry, I don't remember his name) and polished off considerable amounts of beer and whiskey. Unfortunately, I don't remember much of it myself. I became a big fan and was inspired to take up a little guitar myself- just a hack really, but I do enjoy it. Most of your guitar work is too advanced for me, but I have managed to figure out one of my favorites, "The Gypsy in the Photograph".
I hope to see you in the St. Louis area sometime. Thanks for many years of listening pleasure!

Date: Sep 26, 1998 Time: 23:05
Name: Ann Beyer
City & State: Frederick, MD
Source of site: Know it by heart!
Comments: Hi Michael --
This evening I loaded up five Michael Johnson CDs into the CD player (I'm just now listening to the last one) and felt inspired to get on the 'net and say hello.

I received my tickets yesterday for your 12/26 concert in Minneapolis -- Row C!!!! Yippee! I live in Maryland, but travel back home to Wisconsin for the holidays, and the holidays wouldn't be complete without your concert!

I am still watching your schedule for an appearance somewhere close to Frederick, MD -- I had to miss your York, PA concert, much to my disappointment, but will continue to watch your schedule. Any more thoughts regarding performing a house concert here in Frederick? You mentioned some interest earlier this year, and I'm definetly still interested, but have not had a lot of experience with that type of thing.

Hope this year has gone better than last year -- and can't wait to see you on 12/26!


Date: Sep 28, 1998 Time: 05:27
Name: Scott Foster
City & State: Honolulu, Hawaii
Source of site: thru music direct
Comments: I am glad to see that U now identify THEN & NOW as being "rerecorded."

I'm not complaining because I was glad to get ANYTHING. It is a wonderful album, however I WANT LIKE A BREEZE and THE MICHAEL JOHNSON ALBUM!

Yes, I know your "working on" it. What IS the problem? I have been in the business since 1961 and I have a little pull in high places. How can I/we your fans assist. I'm nearly 60 years old and I would like to hear "Sailin' without any sail" at least once more before I pass on. Fondest regards - Scott Foster

Date: Sep 28, 1998 Time: 14:36
Name: Pete Ward
City & State: Ellijay, GA
Source of site: search
Comments: Any chance that Michael might do a concert in the Atlanta area? Have loved his music from the first time I heard it. Pete

Date: Sep 28, 1998 Time: 15:42
Name: Michael L. Brady
City & State: Stone Mtn. Ga.
Source of site: been looking long time, look in the computers
Comments: Got Then and Now which I enjoy but still like the old ways you did in the late late 70's. I've been looking for ya for some time now and glad that i got ya I would like to use ur song in some of the got the CD, I would like to use some of ur song in sign Lanuage cuz I'm hard of hearing and think ur song would be good to use in the hearing impaired that need to undertand the song. I don't have the old bet which i enjoy to sign too, i have stop by some store and they don't have that is in the 70's (late). I think i can sign "bluer then blue" and This night won't last forever"... pls help me out with the words cuz sometime i may not get all the words that are need to be heard ... I do hope we meet someday but at the mean time keep up with the music and i'll keep up with the song in sign. Your Truly Mike Brady

Date: Sep 29, 1998 Time: 12:23
Name: Chris Freitag
City & State: Madison WI
Source of site: Search
Comments: I just installed a CD-R drive in my computer and last night I transferred the LP of "Ain't Dis Da Life" to CD. What a pleasure to hear this favorite on my car stereo driving to work today!

If anyone has a copy of "Dialogue" that I could borrow to transfer to CD I'd be happy to make an additional copy. My copy was stolen from my car and I miss this album greatly.

Date: Sep 29, 1998 Time: 23:35
Name: Larry Brown
City & State: Manawa, WI
Source of site: search
Comments: I have been a Michael Johnson fan sense I was a Winona State University student back in 1978.

Date: Sep 30, 1998 Time: 17:06
Name: Terry Kiel
City & State: Los Angeles, CA
Source of site: via cdnow.com
Comments: I am interested in purchasing CD's of Michael's early works (i.e. There is a Breeze and For All You Mad Musicians) should he ever obtain the masters and print CDs. I remember seeing Michael in concert at Mankato State University in Minnesota about 1976 or 1977 when I was a student.

Date: Oct 3, 1998 Time: 16:50
Name: Ron Coon
City & State: Lorain,Ohio
Source of site: search engine


Date: Oct 3, 1998 Time: 22:40
Name: Sharon Anderson
City & State: Blaine, MN
Source of site: friend
Comments: Is there a Christmas album anywhere? Every December we wish & wish one would magically appear at the store (or in my stocking). It would also be a gift to have "Ghost in this House" recorded. Looking forward to December 26th!

Date: Oct 4, 1998 Time: 03:48
Name: Patrick Curtis
City & State: Wheaton, IL
Source of site: alta vista
Comments: I think your music is wonderful, and I love listening to it. My particular favorite album is For All You Mad Musicians, and I am desperately hoping that you get the masters and put out a cd of it. All I have now is a worn tape of a scratchy album I borrowed from a friend. And hits hard to try to figure out how to play the songs when you have to rewind like that.

Date: Oct 4, 1998 Time: 06:30
Name: Scott Schilling
City & State: Springfield, MO
Source of site: "Then & Now"
Comments: Mr. Johnson,

For twenty years, I was a musician myself. In fact, about twelve years ago, my partner and I fronted for you. Now I am a DJ at a classic rock station here in Springfield. "There & Now" is excellent; it is so rare to find an album that has not been produced to death! I would definitely be interested in getting a CD of "There Is A Breeze".

Also, I have a recording of a New Years Eve concert you did on Minneapolis radio--any chance that will ever be put to CD?

Keep on keepin' on.

Scott Schilling

Date: Oct 4, 1998 Time: 22:10
Name: Howell Celiz
City & State: Baguio, Philippines
Source of site: From your Then & Now CD
Comments: I am one of your fan here in the Philippines. Hope you have a concert tour here in the Philippines.

Date: Oct 5, 1998 Time: 16:53
City & State:
Source of site:
Comments: Rats! Cut off mid-sentence. Should have finished with "all's forgiven after that performance Friday night." And thanks for "Ponies," too! Hope you come to Colorado again soon.

Date: Oct 5, 1998 Time: 16:59
City & State:
Source of site:
Comments: Now I see the first part of the message was cut off. Double rats! It should say, "Thanks for the concert in Pueblo. The duets with Suzanne,particularly "If I Fell from Grace with You," were beautiful to see and hear. Thanks for being a remarkable person and good friend. You still suck at answering email, but..."

Date: Oct 5, 1998 Time: 19:17
Name: David Heisler
City & State: Glencoe, Illinois
Source of site: Searched "Michael Johnson" and "Guitar" on Yahoo - Music
Comments: We live in the Chicago area and have been fans since '76. We used to see you perform rather frequently in the Chicago area (Holsteins, for example), but we haven't seen you around in the last 5 years or so. Do you have any concert dates in this area planned? Also, we would definitely be interested in obtaining CD's of the first 3 albums, which we have worn out completely. We preferred the "early" stuff only because your incredible guitar playing was featured so prominently in the production, rather than the later recordings, which tended to bury your guitar in the mix, and which we thought were rather overproduced. (What do we know; the later recordings were more popular with the public!).

Date: Oct 6, 1998 Time: 18:38
Name: Dave Steer
City & State: Weston Super Mare, England
Source of site: searching for my favourite artist
Comments: I've been a fan of Michaels for years now and would love to see him in concert. Is there any chance of him doing a tour of europe????

Date: Oct 7, 1998 Time: 17:14
Name: Michelle Wennerstrom
City & State: Eagan, MN
Source of site: Album Cover from "Then and Now"
Comments: I really want the Best of Michael Johnson on CD. Any idea when it will be available on CD? Keep up the great music!

Date: Oct 12, 1998 Time: 22:07
Name: Warren Emens
City & State: Villa Park, CA
Source of site: I've been watching it for months
Comments: I now have my four year old son singing lyrics from Dialogue. With so many people on this web site asking for CDs, I imagine that when your CDs are finally available you'll sell a ton. Come to California, please! I see you are going to the Philippines. You could just stop on the way, right?

Date: Oct 12, 1998 Time: 22:35
Name: MichelleBaldini
City & State: Darby,Pennsylvania
Source of site:
Comments: I love your new cd then & Now. Bluer than Blue and I'll Always Love you are my favorite songs. I heard Barry Manilow on his Summerof 78 cd do A cover version of Bluer than Blue but Iam glad to have your version of the song finally.. I also like I know this night won't last forever.
Michelle Baldini

Date: Oct 13, 1998 Time: 10:06
Name: Paul Bingea
City & State:
Source of site: search from Yahoo
Comments: I strongly support your quest to attain masters of out of print recordings. I'd buy 3 copies of "For All You Mad Musicians" today if it was available.

Thanks for all the great songs over the years.

Date: Oct 13, 1998 Time: 20:49
Name: Richard olson
City & State: Maple Grove, MN
Source of site: looked it up
Comments: Love your music. Need to get the rights to those older albums and put them on CD or put out a greatest hits from the 70's- early 80"s ( dialogue, the michael johnson album, you can call me blue....all of them. you are great!

Date: Oct 15, 1998 Time: 13:20
Name: John A. Evans
City & State: Colorado Springs, CO
Source of site:
Comments: Michael,

Arggggggghhhhhhh!!! You were in Black Forest, CO on Oct 1 I can't believe I missed it - I've been stuck up in Cheyenne doing work for my company and I didn't even know you would be there. I guess I have too much of a life !!! Next time !!! john

Date: Oct 18, 1998 Time: 23:25
Name: Russ Vogt
City & State: Coralville, IA
Source of site: "Then & Now" Liner Notes
Comments: I've been a fan for about 20 years, attending and working at colleges in SD & MN. My wife worked @ Gustavus Adlophus for 8 years and we tried to see every December show, plus the ones @ Mankato State. While driving to one of your shows @ Gustavus we hit a deer outside St. Peter and ended up missing the show. After repairs, it was the most expensive concert that we never saw.

Date: Oct 19, 1998 Time: 21:42
Name: Michele Humphrey ("John's other Daughter")
City & State: Denver (Wheatridge), Co.
Source of site: Then and Now album insert
Comments: Michael

When are you coming home? I still need to get your old blue guitar to you. We miss you.

I am also still interested in buying "There is a breeze", "For all you mad musicians" and "Ain't dis da life" C.D.'s. Are any of those available?

Well, I hope to see you soon


Date: Oct 20, 1998 Time: 20:11
Name: Joe Morton
City & State: Palm Harbor, Florida
Source of site: Then & Now Cover
Comments: I am a 45 year old drug company exec, and have been an MJ fan for 20 years. I have been trying in vain for years to obtain a full set of the early albums on CD. Are they available? Are there any plans for a Florida tour? I have never written a "fan letter" in my life, but I have been instrumental in turning on at least 20 people to your music. We are stretched all over the US, but are certainly glad to see you recording again. Please keep it up. Your work was and is the key musical influence in my life, to the point of having "I'll Always Love You" played at my wedding, and, "The Moon is Still Over Her Shoulder", played at an anniversary party. I'm in the midst of a very nasty divorce, and while "When You Come Home" is still my favorite song of all time, I don't suppose I'll ever have need for that one at a catered event.

I cannot tell you what a treat it has been to find this website! I am ashamed to admit that 4 o5 years ago, I contacted a publishing company in Nashville to determine if you were still performing. What a pleasure to find "Then & Now" at an out of the way music store.

Please don't ever stop recording your own tremendous music. I will purchase each and every song you care to record, particularly if it is one of your compositions, or one by Hugh Priestwood, or Randy Van Warmer.

Thanks for writing and performing

Joseph D. Morton RPH

Date: Oct 21, 1998 Time: 01:27
Name: Kenneth Leow
City & State: Singapore
Source of site: By searching Yahoo
Comments: I have been a fan of Michael since I was a boy. Am very keen to get hold of any CD's or cassettes of Michael as all my old cassettes of his has gone bad. Am particularly keen on The Best of MJ, Then & Now. Please let me know how I can order these from sunny Singapore here. Am looking forward to Michael's feedback.

All the best and hope MJ can visit Singapore one of these days!

Date: Oct 21, 1998 Time: 12:53
Name: Alan "Mark"Behrends
City & State: St. Peter, Minnesota
Source of site: Michael gave it to me.
Comments: Michael,

Looking forward to your return visit to Gustavus on December 11.


Date: Oct 22, 1998 Time: 12:32
Name: Kristian Berg
City & State: St. Paul, Minnesota
Source of site: surfin' around
Comments: Michael, We met at Joseph Baird's wedding! Then we hooked up again down in TomPaul Glaser's studio while shooting some video for Lonnie Knight and Deanna Kennedy in Nashville. Am so glad you've kicked the whole country thing. I'm sure it sold some records, but your solo work is so much better... Have loved your music since highschool... all my sister's friends were playing "There is a Breeze" constantly! Later, I played in Tony Miltich's band "Thistledew"... we did a couple of your tunes. Of course, Joseph and Tony have both covered your songs for years in their performances. Looking forward to catching you in concert sometime soon!

Date: Oct 22, 1998 Time: 15:58
Name: Trudy Metzel
City & State: Manchester, PA
Source of site: have had it bookmarked for sometime
Comments: Hope to be able to attend your shows in Newtown or Easton -- am actualy aiming to get to both of them. Keep on doing what you do and do so well. Your talent and love of what you do does not go unappreciated!!

Never tire of listening. Thanks for everything you've given.


Date: Oct 22, 1998 Time: 20:52
Name: Rick Cecil
City & State: Dallas, Texas
Source of site: Then & Now Album
Comments: Then and now is as good as any albums I have of Michael! Terrific! I appreciate his unbelievable guitar talent not to mention his voice.

I checked his tour schedule and found no dates in the South, particularly in the Dallas area. I have not been to one of his concerts, however, through his tapes and CDs I have been a fan more many years. Please give some thought to a stop in the Dallas metro area.

Date: Oct 23, 1998 Time: 21:08
Name: Michael L. Johnson
City & State: Woodbury, MN
Source of site: Found the site in the "Then & Now" liner notes
Comments: I have always been a big fan of Michael's. His music has always found a way of touching my soul.



Date: Oct 23, 1998 Time: 21:31
Name: Michael L. Johnson
City & State: Woodbury, MN
Source of site: "Then & Now" liner notes
Comments: I'm curious to know about Michael's family. I remember at some of the concerts at Ochestra Hall, Michael would mention his sons, and his wife Sally would be running the sound. I'd love to here about his family. Or you could just say it's none of my business. His music has brought such happy memories in my life, I just wanted to find out about his.

Thank you,

Michael L. Johnson

Date: Oct 25, 1998 Time: 15:34
Name: Michael -CUZ- Miroslavich
City & State: Snohomish, Washington
Source of site: perserverance
Comments: What`s Buzzin Cousin?

Date: Oct 27, 1998 Time: 23:10
Name: Steven & Becky Wilk
City & State: Crystal, MN
Source of site: We just got on the web and you were one of the first sites
Comments: Hi Michael

We've been long time fans and have seen you many times when we lived in Duluth,MN. We enjoyed you best in the small concert when the audiance became a real part of the show. We always loved to here your stories, we like to think we got to know you as a real freind.

I can't rembember going to a concert where the audiance around us were not singing along with you. We hope you come out with CDs of your older albums, we're not sure what is going to give out first, the old LPs (we have them all) or the record player.

Best Wishes
Steven & Becky

Date: Oct 29, 1998 Time: 17:42
Name: karl evanzz
City & State: p.o. box 296
Source of site: yahoo search
Comments: The Michael Johnson Album was phenomenal! I've been trying to locate a good vinyl copy or a CD. Is it still in print?

Keep singing. You're a wonderful talent.

Date: Nov 4, 1998 Time: 19:57
Name: Terry McClelland
City & State: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Source of site: yahoo search
Comments: lost your Thats that cassette over 5 years ago ... still searching to find it again ... the combo of Thats that + Moon still over her shoulder + diamond ??? made this one of my all time favorite albums ... I'll still keep looking

Date: Nov 6, 1998 Time: 22:34
Name: m. lecky
City & State: summerside, pe
Source of site: looked for it
Comments: found a tape of "wings" and was touched. i now know every word of every song.

i think there was another "lp" but haven't been able find it as yet. it could never surpass "wings" i am sure.

Date: Nov 8, 1998 Time: 08:52
Name: Sue Shank
City & State: Janesville, WI
Source of site: looked for it
Comments: Have loved Michael Johnson forever! Can't believe I am going to miss his performance near my hometown (Fort Atkinson, WI) Please perform in Wisconsin this summer! Thanks

Date: Nov 8, 1998 Time: 21:55
Name: Michele Hernlund (Humphrey) "John's other daughter"
City & State: Wheatridge, CO
Source of site: Michael Johnson Then and Now
Comments: Hello Michael

I am so thrilled to find this web site.

I wrote a while back, but I have been having some troubles with my computer and I lost my internet access.

previously I requested information about when you planned your next trip to Denver. It has been intirely too long since we have seen you. We still need to connect you and your blue guitar. Also, I requested any new information you had regarding "For all you mad musicians" and "Ain't dis da life". I would also Like to know about "There is a breeze".

Please respond
Michele Hernlund

Date: Nov 9, 1998 Time: 11:04
Name: Eric Peca
City & State: Orland Park, Illinois 60462
Source of site: met mike at his concert backstage
Comments: I would like to have him sign and send back the photos that we were able to take with him inhis dressing room at Star Plaza in Indiana

Date: Nov 10, 1998 Time: 23:35
Name: Mellissa Deyo
City & State: St. Paul, MN
Source of site: Through Joseph Baird
Comments: Your Quiz was fun! Thanks for the music.

Date: Nov 13, 1998 Time: 11:03
Name: John Morris
City & State: Sunnyvale, CA
Source of site: Alta Vista
Comments: Keep me up on the performance schedule, particlarly any California Dates.


Date: Nov 16, 1998 Time: 12:12
Name: Tommy Matic IV
City & State: Manila, Philippines
Source of site: Net search
Comments: I just LOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE that song!!! (And I'll Always Love You)

It's like my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!!! Bluer than Blue's another big fave too!

Anyways, more power big guy! You're da man!

Date: Nov 17, 1998 Time: 15:53
Name: Tim Schumacher
City & State: Estherville, IA 51334
Source of site:
Comments: Michael,

I first discovered you and your music as a student at Wartburg College back in the late 70's. In a sense, you taught me how to play guitar as I tried to copy everything you did. There were a group of us whose lives were glued together through your artistry and music. Now, twenty years later, that bond is still there strong as ever (yeah, I know, get a life . . . right?) and I don't think a conversation goes by where you are not mentioned. Thanks for the tears and joy that you have shared with all of us. As a teacher, I know what it means to me when a student returns to say thanks so I just wanted to pass that along to you.

Take care.
Tim Schumacher

Date: Nov 18, 1998 Time: 00:54
Name: Dennis Yanos
City & State: Honolulu, HI
Source of site:
Comments: Loved your performance a week ago (11th) in small town Wahiawa.

I was awed from the moment I first saw you (my most favorite singer) just tuning up before the performance!

Wish my wife could have taken more pictures...



Date: Nov 18, 1998 Time: 19:02
Name: Dave Marchant
City & State: Hollywood, CA
Source of site: Went roamin' the web in search of a song.
Comments: Michael:

A few years ago my wife Sue and I purchased a copy of THE STARS COME OUT FOR CHRISTMAS. On it is "Upon a Christmas Eve", one of the most touching Christmas ballads we had ever heard. It has been our favorite Christmas song for years and I set about learning it from the CD to play for friends at parties and at Christmas shows. Your tasty guitar accompaniment is at once simple (sounding) and deceptively intricate. I am struggling with some of the chords and one line:

"While dark skies ________(?) kept their watch on windows dressed in gold". I have searched in vain for the sheet music, could not even find the song in Phonolog and was about to despair much as the character in your song when all decked out in ragged clothes...wait a second-that is your song-no, my new computer came to my rescue. So here I am at the website, asking-no, begging for some help in spreading the joy of this sublime tribute to recaptured inspiration to folks out here in the West. Thanks for your time.---Dave Marchant

Date: Nov 21, 1998 Time: 00:16
Name: mike ragogna
City & State: West New York, NJ
Source of site: Yahoo
Comments: Hi Michael. My name is Mike Ragogna and until recently, I was the Director of Catalog over at Razor & Tie. While there, I compiled and licensed a "hits" package through BMG and I'm doing the liner notes for it this weekend, basically using your website, etc. as a base for facts. Below is a list of the tracks on the package:

1)Bluer Than Blue
2)Almost Like Being In Love
3)The Night Won't Last Forever
4)The Very First Time
5)You Can Call Me Blue
6)I Love You By Heart
7)Gotta Learn To Love Without You
8)Give Me Wings
9)The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder
11)Crying Shame
12)I Will Whisper Your Name
13)That's That
14)Roller Coaster
15)It Must Be You
16)One Honest tear
17)Almost Free

Please e-mail me with your number, or I'll give you mine so I can ask you a few questions. By the way, I once opened for you as a group called The Almost Brothers...I was on MTM and wrote the hit "Slow Boat To China" for the Girls Next Door. At present, I'm the supervising Producer over at BMG's new label, Buddha (not quite a restart, more like a revamp).

Hope to hear from you...take care.

Date: Nov 22, 1998 Time: 14:21
Name: Doug Sheidy
City & State: Baltimore, Maryland
Source of site: search engine
Comments: I am interested in getting tickets to one of the scheduled shows in Easton Pennsylvania. Anyone who can give me any info on how to obtain these tickets will have my undying gratitude.(not that it's worth all thast much)


Date: Nov 27, 1998 Time: 19:03
Name: Tracy Thomas
City & State: Oklahoma City, OK
Source of site: imusic.com
Comments: Hello Michael!

What a treat to find your site! I'm glad there's a place just for all of us who love your music. Saw you at Sulphur, OK, almost 10 years ago. Easily one of the greatest shows I've ever seen! I was drunk with pleasure!

Picked up a souvenir while in Nashville - a Hatch Show Print advertising you and Alison Krauss together. What I would give to have been at that show!

One of my very favorite Christmas songs is "This Time of Year". So beautiful, it ALWAYS makes me cry! I have only seen it on a radio station music service disc. What album was this on originally?

I need to get another copy of it, even if it's on cassette! Gotta have it! Please give me any info.

Thanks for all the pleasure your music has given me!

All the best,

Tracy Thomas

Date: Nov 27, 1998 Time: 22:35
Name: Allan Meyer
City & State: Lynn Haven, FL
Source of site: previous contact
Comments: Please let me know how I can obtain copies of any videos (Whenever I Call You Friend)or concert/TV footage?

Date: Nov 28, 1998 Time: 14:13
Name: Kerry Alt
City & State: Las Cruces, NM
Source of site: accident...
Comments: Saw Micheal doing a solo gig in New Orleans in 1967(?)! I remember especially well his version of 'For what it's worth', Hip, and Trinidad.

Great playing and singing.

Best of luck,


Date: Nov 28, 1998 Time: 15:11
City & State: COLFAX, WISCONSIN 54730
Source of site: PREMONITION











Date: Nov 29, 1998 Time: 10:04
Name: Earl Freeland
City & State: Crossett, Arkansas
Source of site: Yahoo search
Comments: In 1979 I was a sophmore in high school. My three sisters and I sang gospel music and traveled the area. I played the drums for the band and enjoyed singing.

Our high school had a "rock band" and played all the current hits. I joined the band and played the drums and of course sang. Got a credit for this too!

Your song "bluer than blue" was on the charts and I thought it was just a beautiful song. I had already had it memorized and would sing it to myself all the time and when it was on the radio we would both be singing together.

I asked the band if we could learn it and add it to our list for our concerts and I of course would sing it.We traveled to all the local schools doing our songs and "bluer than blue" always seemed to be a favorite. I really enjoyed singing that song and so did the girls!! In the fall my town has a annual "fall festival" and our band would perform. We would set up and play and as people walked by they would stop and listen and then move on. But when I sang your song the people stopped and listen until I finished. They must have really liked it,reckon? After I finished people came to me and told me what such a pretty song it was.

Well, thats been a long time ago but that memory is still with me and always will be.I still find myself singing that song from time to time. And when I want to hear the real thing I just drop in the C.D. which contains what I believe is one of my most treasured songs "Bluer than blue". I no longer play the drums and our gospel group has long been over but I still love to sing -And do!- and many times as Im driving down the road and thinking or talking to someone about the good ole days I can I can thank you for filling a special spot in my life and giving me joyful memories simply by giving me the song "BLUER THAN BLUE"


Date: Dec 1, 1998 Time: 15:51
Name: Philippe NICOLAS
City & State: Sèvres-Anxaumont 86800 France
Source of site: see comments
Comments: I'm a fan for so many years...so I've called my daughter Rosalee, try to know why ???

Date: Dec 1, 1998 Time: 17:48
Name: jim browne
City & State: saskatoon, saskatchewan
Source of site: search
Comments: it was great to meet you at the mill city music festival in mpls.

Date: Dec 1, 1998 Time: 18:16
Name: diane abbey
City & State: eureka, Montana
Source of site: I specifically looked for it.
Comments: Dear Michael:

Congratulations on your #1 in Europe. I was wondering how you and your family were doing. I haven't talked with you personally since 1987 in Butte, Montana. Breakfast with Eddie's band, snow storm, talking fishing etc. Just wishing you the best and hoping you are still doing well and your family is doing fine also.

Wishing you the best and have happy holidays. If you get up in this neck of the woods and/or you are interested in a backup singer, please call (406)889-3889.

Date: Dec 2, 1998 Time: 08:05
Name: Doug Sheidy
City & State: Baltimore, Maryland
Source of site: search
Comments: Good Morning!!!

I am trying desperately trying to get tickets to Michael's performance in February in Easton PA. I have left messages with the promoter but have gotten no response to date. Can anyone help?


Date: Dec 5, 1998 Time: 13:37
Source of site: THEN AND NOW CD

Date: Dec 6, 1998 Time: 11:08
Name: Prince Aldwin Cerdon
City & State: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Source of site: I just search it from Yahoo
Comments: Mr. Johnson I want ask a favor from you,

could you send me a lyrics of you'r "I'll always love you" with chords chart in it pleaseeeee!

Thanks in advance for your time!

God Bless!!!


Date: Dec 8, 1998 Time: 19:49
Name: Wade Hampton
City & State: Studio City, CA
Source of site: web surfing
Comments: I have been a die-hard fan since hearing "Doors" over the radio while working late one night at the office. When Michael gains control over the recording masters, I'll be first in line to buy one of each and every CD he produces.

Date: Dec 8, 1998 Time: 22:06
Name: don stuart
City & State: 1201 burleyson dr. dalton, ga. 30720
Source of site: Just happened on it while looking for music
Comments: michael, we're ready for more of your fine music down in in North Georgia !

Date: Dec 9, 1998 Time: 23:51
Name: Jerry Connolly
City & State:
Source of site: you told me
Comments: Hi Michael:

look forward to seeing you this Friday, I'll try not to screw up the sound to badly this year
After 30 years of doing concerts here at GAC you are very adept at covering
While I am busy messing up.

Have a great flight we'll see you here


PS To all those reading the guest book He's the greatest concert at Gustavus every year. If you ever want to have the night of your life book him into a local concert hall. I promise if you book him they will come!!

Date: Dec 10, 1998 Time: 11:26
Name: Joe
City & State: Lawrenceburg, TN
Source of site: Searched for "This Night Won't Last Forever" and....

Date: Dec 10, 1998 Time: 13:43
Name: Becky Martin
City & State: Omaha NE
Source of site: searched for it intentionally
Comments: Michael,

It's been almost a year since I have seen or heard from you. Hope things are going well for you. This web site is wonderful. Did you develop this on your own? I'm impressed.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Date: Dec 10, 1998 Time: 15:40
Name: Jeff Eaton
City & State: Courtland, Va.
Source of site: Yahoo
Comments: Big fan......

Date: Dec 13, 1998 Time: 05:55
Name: Jess Behrends
City & State: St. Peter, MN
Source of site: Bookmarked
Hello! I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the concert very much Friday night. Thank you for all your help with the article for the Weekly...
Sincerely, Jess

Date: Dec 13, 1998 Time: 12:30
Name: Bruce L. Hinrichs
City & State: Clive IA
Source of site: Yahoo
Comments: Love your music

Date: Dec 13, 1998 Time: 22:37
Name: sarah
City & State: minnesota
Source of site: looked!
Comments: Michael, there was a song.. you sang it at Lake Benton, Minnesota a few years ago, about a man in an attic, and he found a box of photographs..one of the lyrics was i never expected to find you here..


love your music. LOVE your concerts

Date: Dec 13, 1998 Time: 23:09
Name: Brian garrett
City & State: orlando,fl
Source of site: aol netfind
Comments: Im looking for a mailing address for fan club or just to send mail thanx

Date: Dec 13, 1998 Time: 23:49
Name: Dr. David Michael Ward
City & State: Montgomery Alabama
Source of site: Asked Michael about it when I was in Alaska
Comments: Michael keep up the great work. Do you know if you will be coming to Montgomery, Alabama anytime soon would love to talk with you again.


Date: Dec 14, 1998 Time: 10:44
Name: Mark Spencer
City & State: Minneapolis,MN
Source of site:
Comments: I had the pleasure of attending the MJ performance at St Peter, MN this past fiday eve. The highlight of the evening was a solo guitar version of MONA RAY, originally a duet with Leo Kottke. Michael asked for requests twice, but played very few of the oldies people wanted.

Maybe he sold the rights to Michael Jackson :-) It was a good time, but Im sure others (old fans from the 70's like me) really want to hear alot of the "Breeze" and "Mad Musicians" songs! The attendance was down from last year, and it will probably be worse next year after the jokes he made about Christians at Friday's concert. Come on, Michael, give us what we want to hear....its us "old fans" that bought your records back in 1973 that kept you in cigarettes and put gas in your van as you drove from college to college...I still have good copies of "there is.." and "Mad,Mad Musicians" if anyone is desparate, e-mail me.

Date: Dec 14, 1998 Time: 12:43
City & State: bloomington, MN
Source of site:
Comments: Once again, we are looking forward to your concert on the 26th in Mpls....I definitely would love to hear the old stuff and LOTS of it!!! Just play forever that night! So, if you are taking requests, I'd love to hear "Troubled for you" and "Moving in the Same Circles"!

Also a more recent favorite is "Departure" ! Those songs of yours, as many do,have special meaning to me! Hope our Great Weather holds for your visit to Minnesota (sorry, no snow yet)! See you on the 26th!

Date: Dec 15, 1998 Time: 16:25
Name: Patty Cain
City & State: San Jose,CA
Source of site: info in "Then and Now" CD
Comments: I was thrilled to see BMG Music Club carried a CD of yours - THen and Now -It's very good and reminded me how much I love your music and voice. I used to have 3 wonderful tapes -"Dialogue", "The Michael Johnson Album" and "You can Call me Blue". They were the best and I'd love to be able to replace them. Hope you get the Masters - I'll buy two of everything!

Date: Dec 15, 1998 Time: 16:35
Name: Angela
City & State: Madison, WI
Source of site: internet
Comments: Just saw Michael perform for the second time in 20 years! Great performance

He is a terrific entertainer, singer and guitarist.

Date: Dec 15, 1998 Time: 22:01
Name: Charley Otto
City & State: Providence RI
Source of site: looking into music on the net
Comments: Yo Bro -

Send me a line.

-Charley Otto

Date: Dec 17, 1998 Time: 13:16
Name: Alice L. Bryant
City & State: 710 Roantree Drive, Brentwood, TN 37027
Source of site: Netfine
Comments: I am searching for a CD with Michael Johnson singing a Christmas song. I heard it on WSIX/Nashville this morning. They told me it was called CALCAL Christmas, but I cannot find anything like that. Could you please help. Thank you.

Date: Dec 18, 1998 Time: 08:42
Name: Mitch
City & State: Maywood, NJ
Source of site: from a CD jacket
Comments: I have been a big fan since the "Bluer Than Blue" days. The song "Dialogue" is one of my all-time favorites. I had the Michael Johnson Album and Dialogue albums which I recorded (very poorly I might add) onto a casette years ago. The albums have been misplaced over the years, but the casette is still with me. Until I found the website, I would visit a music shop at every town I visited to see if those two albums were out on CD's. Oops. Now I know better.

Date: Dec 18, 1998 Time: 08:49
Name: Mitch
City & State: Maywood, NJ
Source of site: see previous message
Comments: (continuation of my previous message) I had the great enjoyment of having seen you when you opened for Alison Krauss & Union Station at Town Hall in New York City. My date also thought you were delightful. So, many thanks for years of wonderful music. I look forward to the "Michael Johnson Album" and "Dialogue" coming out in CD. In any event - I wish you all the magic of the holiday season.

Date: Dec 19, 1998 Time: 00:33
Name: Ian Hunt
City & State: Chicago IL
Source of site: I was guided here
Comments: Lori says HI

Date: Dec 21, 1998 Time: 01:59
Name: Greg Gideon
City & State: Stockton, Ca. 95205
Source of site: Typed in Bluer Than Blue/ Search
Comments: A couple of years ago in Deadwood, S.D. I was fortunate to see Michael andJim Salestrom share a night at the Bullock Hotel. I had seen him (Michael) several times on the Tonight Show was eager to see and hear him live. Both Michael and Jim Salestrom were great. I bought tapes of both Jim and Michael. Both tapes are worn out. That night Michael sang a song called "Ponies". I am a singer/songwriter and would like to ask permission to perform "Ponies". I've never gone about getting permission before because I never knew who to ask. Please let me know what I skould do. I would also like to thank Michael for returning my call at a time when I was having trouble with my son. I had called the Bullock hotel and they called Michael. I never spoke with him in person or by phone but my son did. I will always have a great respect for Michael for taking the time to return my call. Thank you so very much!
Sincerely, Greg Gideon

Date: Dec 21, 1998 Time: 15:42
Name: Jonathan Koh
City & State: Singapore
Source of site: Intense search!
Comments: I have been a fan of yours ever since I bought yer This Night Won't Last Forever Album.....and The song Doors was a great inspriation to me. Thanks Mike for given me the joy of songs and I would like to thank you for letting me experience the sheer beauty of your songwritting which helped me in my later years as a songwriter.

I thank you.

Merry Christmas and GodBless!

Date: Dec 21, 1998 Time: 22:32
Name: Bradley Olson
City & State: Bemidji, MN
Source of site: surfed right on in
Comments: Here is some news for all of you fans out there: According to the January 1999 issue of ICE (http://www.icemagazine.com) Razor & Tie Records (http://www.razorandtie.com) is scheduled to release a 17 song compilation of Michael's greatest hits from EMI and RCA (in their original versions, not re-recordings, which Razor & Tie is well known for) on March 9 . The compilation will be called "The Michael Johnson Collection: Bluer Than Blue."

Date: Dec 21, 1998 Time: 23:15
Name: carrie attebury
City & State: fairfield il
Source of site: on an album liner
Comments: i have enjoyed mjs music for along time. it is hard to find his albums however.

Date: Dec 26, 1998 Time: 11:23
Name: Mark
City & State: Phoenix, AZ
Source of site: search for Mic hael
Comments: Are you ever planning a concert in Arizona? Would love to attend.

Date: Dec 28, 1998 Time: 02:46
Name: John Demakas
City & State: San Francisco, CA
Source of site: Did a search for Michael Johnson
Comments: I just wanted to say, that Michaels music has touched me for many years. I was lucky enough to see him open for...Clint Black i think it was, a few years back. He put on one of the best shows I have ever had the good fortune to see. His act overshadowed Clint. I hope to find a show of his again some day, so I can share it with my friends. I have passed on his CD Wings, and made him a few new fans as well.

Date: Dec 30, 1998 Time: 00:53
Name: John Beland
City & State: Yountville,Ca
Source of site: off the "THEN & NOW"CD
Comments: Great CD! Make more....

Date: Dec 30, 1998 Time: 12:29
Name: Cheryl Morschauser
City & State: Appleton, WI
Source of site: reference from the UBL site
Comments: "For All You Mad Musicians" is one of my favorite albums. I would love to get the music on CD. What a beautiful voice and the guitar playing is fantastic. I would love to see a live performance!

Date: Jan 1, 1999 Time: 11:33
Name: ann stoffle
City & State: bristol, tn
Source of site: searched massively
Comments: Please, I beg you, please release "There Is a Breeze" on c.d.

If Jimmy Spheeris' "Isle of View" was finally released on c.d. certainly "There Is a Breeze" can be.

Could you let me know if this is a possibility in my lifetime?


Date: Jan 3, 1999 Time: 02:34
Name: Dave Snyder
City & State: Rapid City, SD
Source of site: CD Jacket cover
Comments: I have been a big fan of Michael Johnsons for many years. I got to see him play a few times around Rapid City & Deadwood. (Not nearly enough!!) I recently bought the CD "Now and Then" and I wanted to let you know I thought it was GREAT!! Is he going to be playing around Rapid City in the near future? Let me know. Thanks Dave

Date: Jan 3, 1999 Time: 11:39
Name: "Cuzzin"
City & State:
Source of site:
Comments: What's buzzin' cuzzin'

Wishing you a great 1999

Date: Jan 3, 1999 Time: 12:40
Name: Franchelle Richardson
City & State: Glasgow, KY
Source of site: Reading inside of new MJ CD
Comments: I've just ordered my second CD of "Then & Now". My son heard the one I'm playing and wanted one for himself, so I've ordered it for him. It's great!

When will you be performing in the Nashville-Louisville area? I live halfway between those two cities. I didn't know you would be in Nashville in December, or I would have been there. When your schedule is updated, I hope to see that you will be somewhere in my area. Thanks!

Date: Jan 3, 1999 Time: 23:06
Name: Bob Walker
City & State: Cincinnati, OH
Source of site: Luck
Comments: HAve been a MJ fan since I heard him play at the Bombat BVicycle club in Memphis on a Monday night. 'Not many people there, but a great nigtht with MJ and his guitar. ' Been a fanever since. I keep trying to watch for him somewhere near by.


Date: Jan 5, 1999 Time: 02:46
Name: jet fermin
City & State: laoag city, ilocos norte, philippines
Source of site: by surfing @ yahoo.com
Comments: hello,i'm a big fan of michael johnson and please whoever fan of mj read this kindly send me the lyrics and tabs for "I'll Always love you" i will be happy if this thing granted

Date: Jan 5, 1999 Time: 15:14
Name: Linda Lauderdale
City & State: Meridian, MS
Source of site: Searched and got lucky
Comments: I've been a fan of Michael Johnson's since the 70's. I actually got to work with him in 1978 or 79 when I was a student promoter in college in Utah. It was one of the best concerts I've ever seen. Michael and his guitar literally had the audience mezmerized from the opening notes of his first number. Then he went with some students to the local pub and did another hour or so just for fun (and free).

Alas, the reason I was seeking a web site for Michael is that much of my album collection (including "For all You Mad Musicians" and "There is a Breeze") disappeared a few years ago along with my exhusband, and my cassettes of these wore out long ago. I have been desparately seeking these two albums in every used record store and garage sale, since, but have had no luck. Please tell me there is a chance (a good chance) that these may be reproduced on CD, or that there is a used-record vendor out there who specializes in locating Michael Johnson masterpieces.

Anyway, glad I found the site.

Date: Jan 6, 1999 Time: 03:34
Name: dodong
City & State: iloilo city,philippines
Source of site: from a friend
Comments: please finish the tabs of the song titled"i always loved you"

please hurry coz i cant wait.....

thankx and more power...

Date: Jan 6, 1999 Time: 06:18
Name: ninoroy galeos
City & State: cebu city, philippines
Source of site: i've seen in the www.guitarnotes.com
Comments: pls, if i want to have a tablature about ur songs or about how play pls.... send me.... and let me know how you play your meaningful and feelings songs.....

pls.. be perfect...... plss,,, plss,, thanx all the way.... bye

that's all!!!

Date: Jan 6, 1999 Time: 12:42
Name: Bob Llewellyn
City & State: San Marcos, CA
Source of site: Web Search
Comments: Can anyone lend me a copy of the LP "Dialogue" on vinyl?

Date: Jan 8, 1999 Time: 04:06
Name: Layzza
City & State: Dagupan City, Philippines
Source of site: Just stumbled upon your site
Comments: michael johnson, you're simply the best. i love ur song :)

to the web designer/s, ur site is cool, and even more cooler coz of michael johnson :) keep up!

Date: Jan 8, 1999 Time: 06:52
Name: Joe Tinoco
City & State: nashville , Tennessee
Source of site: JOETAM1
Comments: Hi Micheal,

Surfed over to your site (Cool/Awesome) Want to wish you the best. Looks like you stay pretty busy! If you get a chance, stop over and check out my hompage. Want to exchange links, please write to Marlene or Hope E-Mail yrtnuoc@aol.com. Take care. Great homepage you got.


Date: Jan 10, 1999 Time: 20:56
Name: john theurer
City & State: lakeville mn
Source of site: through cdnow
Comments: really miss hearing the music from your first albums. Any chance you will release any on cd? The albums are pretty well worn. I remember seeing you in St Peter back in the 70s and several times later in the twin cities. Always loved your music. God bless.

Date: Jan 10, 1999 Time: 23:15
Name: maryjane
City & State: Davao City, Philippines
Source of site:
Comments: Mj,

I really like your songs, specially"i'll always love you". I even bought a cd and one of your tapes with that song. Call me pathetic but, I couldn't even sleep without hearing that song. Anyway, I just wanted you to know I am one of you avid fans.

Date: Jan 11, 1999 Time: 09:53
Source of site: ASK JEEVES
Comments: MICHAEL JONHSON has been my all time favorite male singer for several years. (I know all the words to most all his songs!) I've been fortunate enough to attend several of his concerts in Spokane. Unfortunatly, he hasn't performed in this area for some time. In my opinion, he is a musical genius! Could you tell me if he has any plans for upcoming concerts in my area? I would greatly appreciate it.

A Huge Fan! Jeanne Barker

Date: Jan 11, 1999 Time: 12:54
Name: Curt Palmer
City & State: Bloomfield, CT
Source of site: liner notes on "Then & Now" cd
Comments: Michael- I have been looking for about the past 8-10 years for CD releases of the music you produced around the 1978-80 period. I had you albums then and loved them. I also made a personal "best of" cassette tape to take in the car. This web site is great to finally tell me what is and isn't available on CD. Can you tell me when your music of the late 70's, early 80's might possibly be available on CD? I'm really looking forward to having them as part of my collection and recalling those days...when I was in college! Thanks. I look forward to your reply.

Curt Palmer

Date: Jan 13, 1999 Time: 00:56
Name: Michael and Kristi Jauken
City & State: Ft. Collins Colorado
Source of site: Then & Now CD just purchased
Comments: Would absoulutely love to hear you. Any plans to be in the area? My favorite song has always been "Bluer than Blue". Because of that I have gotten to enjoy lots more of your music. Love that guitar man. Got a hoot out of your "Bluer than Blue" video. Haven't seen it for many years and kick myself for not recording it. Keep on playin and singin those songs that move the heart of soul. m & k

Date: Jan 13, 1999 Time: 14:53
Name: Matty Benkofske
City & State: Kanss City, MO
Source of site: intentionally searched for michael johnson
Comments: Michael,

I was introduced to your music when I moved from Omaha to Morris Minnesota to attend the university in 1979. I have very fond memories of my under graduate days, and quietly in the background I can hear your music adding the soul to so mamy pleasant and sometimes poignant images. Thank you so very much for giving that to me.

Now, on to a more practical matter. Please continue to work on compiling your previously released music. There was an upper classman who would sit in the stairwells of the dormatory at night and play his acustic guitar. If I came into the stairwell he always knew to start playing "May You Never" because I would end up asking for the request anyway. I would sincerely enjoy being able to hear that song one more time. It would be easier for you to gain access to the master tape than for me to have to track down that guy and request him to play it again.

Finally, when you play in Minneapolis (a short air flight from KC), or better yet, in Kansas City, please put it on your website so I at least have a chance of actually seeing you perform.

I wish you the very best in 1999!

A Fan in Kansas City
Matty Benkofske

Date: Jan 15, 1999 Time: 23:27
Name: debbie
City & State: camas, wa
Source of site: surfing
Comments: thank you for real music

Date: Jan 16, 1999 Time: 01:13
Name: Sue
City & State: Janesville, WI
Source of site: looked for it :)
Comments: Am interested in Michael's summer touring schedule...please tell me he will be somewhere in the Midwest (WI, IL, MN)..I missed the performance in Fort Atkinsonn in December. Thanks

Date: Jan 16, 1999 Time: 01:38
Name: Michael Mcgee
City & State: tujunga, ca
Source of site: just started looking for it
Comments: Michael :I cant tell you how happy i am to have found your web page.I'm a long time fan(still have for all u mad mus on cassett)when are you coming to los angeles? best concert i ever saw was with u and vince gill in orange co years ago.thank you michael for all the wonderful years of music that you given me.I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times but your songs have touched and moved me so many times. As soon as i can figure out my e mail address ill sign up for the newsletter.thanks again. michael mcgee

Date: Jan 16, 1999 Time: 12:01
Name: Karen Wilson
City & State: Salem, Oregon
Source of site: Found the address on the THEN & NOW cd.
Comments: I became a fan of Michael's when he performed at the U of M - Morris Campus in the mid-70's. I have your albums--vinyl form--which I've worn out! PLEASE obtain the masters and create them into cd's for me!

Date: Jan 16, 1999 Time: 12:27
Name: Karen Wilson
City & State: Salem, Oregon
Source of site: cd cover
Comments: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT -- YOU WERE HERE IN OREGON AND I MISSED IT!!!!! PLEASE COME BACK TO OREGON! NOW THAT I KNOW TO CHECK YOUR WEB SITE FOR PERFORMANCES I WON'T MISS YOU AGAIN! It has been fun to read through comments others have entered, so what ever I write seems insignificant in comparison. But know, your music touches my heart and provides such pleasure. My best wishes to you, Michael.

Date: Jan 17, 1999 Time: 21:16
Name: Patrick Ricketts
City & State:
Source of site:
Comments: is there any new music planned in the near future

Date: Jan 19, 1999 Time: 06:20
Name: Michael Barlam
City & State: cabanatuan city philipines
Source of site: YAHOO!!!
Your voice is so beautiful that's why your my favorite singer and guitarist and I hope you add some tabs in your site most specially I'll alwats love you it one of my favorite song.

Date: Jan 20, 1999 Time: 09:28
Name: mellissa deyo
City & State: st paul mn
Source of site:
Comments: i attended the dec. 26 concert in mpls-- my first michael johnson concert! it was great! a lot of the songs were sad, though- i hope all is well with you. it was a thrill to meet you afterwards- not many artists will stand around to meet people after a concert. to me that is one of the things that sets you apart from the rest. hope to see you again in concert soon.

Date: Jan 21, 1999 Time: 01:31
Name: Danny Petilla
City & State: Woodland Hills, CA
Source of site: from your CD album cover (then and now)
Comments: When I was growing up as a teenager in the Philippines, I breathed and felt your music everyday.

I always had an unbelievable high when I listen to your music especially at night. I wish you can have the Dialogue Album released on CD, then I will be the happiest guy this corner of the world.

Date: Jan 23, 1999 Time: 16:52
Name: Michael R. Harris
City & State: Arlington, Texas
Source of site: By accident while surfing
Comments: I've enjoyed your music for a long time for the sensitivity and emotion that it envokes. I've often searched for your sheet music in stores but to no avail. While I play guitar and write a little myself I've always wanted to play some of your songs, especialy "Dirty hands and dirty faces". With a son of my own and memories galore it always touches me. Can you help get me started, what tuning and fingering to use.

Date: Jan 24, 1999 Time: 12:10
Name: barberAllison
City & State: Youbou, B.C. Canada
Source of site: search
Comments: In the 1970s I worked for a company in Minneapolis booking Michael, Mary MacGregor and others in concerts. He is a great guy, and very talented.

Date: Jan 25, 1999 Time: 22:05
Name: Mark
City & State: Brainerd, MN
Source of site: Yahoo
Comments: Enjoyed your show with my friends at Chet's bar at Big Sky 1/20+21.

Date: Jan 27, 1999 Time: 00:38
Name: Michael Johnson
City & State: Seattle, WA
Source of site: Guess....
Comments: Hey man, you have a real common name. I keep geting your fan mail, but I don't mind. I'm a mediocre guitarist and a bad singer, but all the praise keeps me going. Live well....

Date: Jan 27, 1999 Time: 14:04
Name: Steve Armbrust
City & State: Portland, Oregon
Source of site: Typed "Michael Johnson" in Yahoo search
Comments: I've been a Michael Johnson fan ever since he played at the University of Minnesota, Morris in the early 70's. I was hooked immediately and remain hooked to this day. Every once in a while, I dig out the old tapes. "Rooty Toot Toot for the Moon" still makes me jump for joy, and "Mr. Arthur's Place" brings a tear to my eye every time I listen to it, even after twenty-some years.

Like many people who've posted here, I really would like to have some of the old albums on CD. I'd even like some of the middle ones. I've gone so far as to purchase David Wilcox albums because if you squint just right, he does sound like Michael. But even better would be if Michael would record an acoustic CD of new music. That would be great.

Date: Jan 27, 1999 Time: 14:09
Name: Sam Daly
City & State: Northfield, MN
Source of site: Net search
Comments: What ever happened to the album done on the Atlantic lable?

Michael once told me cassette copies were available through him for $20.00. Is this correct?

Date: Jan 27, 1999 Time: 21:12
Name: Bryan Tebo
City & State: Waxahachie, Texas (Just south of Dallas)
Source of site: Typed "Michael Johnson" in yahoo search
Comments: Dear Michael:

As with all the others that have written before me, I have been a big fan for many, many years. Finally jumping into the Internet game, I was kicking myself for not thinking of looking for you via that source before now. Was very glad to see the opportunity to check your performance schedule, but was very sad to see that we missed your only performance in Texas last summer. Is there any chance you may be performing anywhere in Texas this year? Having enjoyed your music for so long, it would be a great thrill the again see you in person. Would enjoy hearing from you with that possibility, and will be watching your website performance in hopeful patience.

Date: Jan 30, 1999 Time: 23:40
Name: Carla
City & State: Alice, Texas
Source of site: browsing yahoo
Comments: My husband and I met Micheal at a concert in Casper, Wyoming several years ago. I always said I wanted him to sing at our wedding if we ever renewed our vows...well he wasn't actually AT the wedding, but when we did have our ceremony at the church we played " I Will Whisper Your Name". I knew years before we actually had the wedding that I wanted that song played at it. What a truly nice guy with a wonderful talent!!!

Date: Feb 1, 1999 Time: 00:15
Name: Kathy
City & State: Minnesota
Source of site:
Comments: I have seen you many, many times on the free stage at the Minnesota State Fair. You haven't made it the last couple of years, huh? I miss that so much. I even have a picture of you with your arm around me-backstage after one of these shows. It has been the highlight of my summers in the past-and sorely missed now that you haven't been there recently. Please don't forget this wonderful tradition here in good old MN!! Or even come back to the grandstand. We miss you.

Date: Feb 2, 1999 Time: 12:11
Name: Rowena San Jose
City & State: Algona, Iowa
Source of site: In yahoo
Comments: I love your song I will always love you it is so romantic

Date: Feb 3, 1999 Time: 10:43
Name: Joe Spellman
City & State: Tulsa, OK
Source of site:
Comments: I visit from time to time, but I listen all the time. Just playing the Then And Now CD and I must say, I enjoy it more every time I hear it even after having it since it was out. It's amazing how some songs trigger places and events, the magic of music I guess. Thank you Michael, for having such talent, for sharing it with us.

You have provided me and my family great joy for so many years. I hope you will continue your melodic journey for those of us who love what you do and for those to come, who will no doubt marvel in your great gift.

Please come to Tulsa sometime!

Date: Feb 3, 1999 Time: 23:18
Name: Phil kaufman
City & State: Nashville tn.
Source of site: Michael told me
Comments: Hi I am phil kaufman I am Michael's Road Mangler..We are leaving on the 8th of Feb. for 2 dates in Manila philipines and 1 date in Cebu City philipines..more later.

Date: Feb 5, 1999 Time: 12:40
Name: Trudy Metzel
City & State: Manchester, PA
Source of site: Have it bookmarked
Comments: Michael is scheduled to perform in Cumberland Maryland on May 15.

Anyone with ticket information, please e-mail me. I want tickets for both shows.

Michael, thanks for the music and being a constant in an otherwise inconsistent world. See ya in Easton on Sunday!!

Date: Feb 6, 1999 Time: 03:00
Name: maria niza marinas
City & State: cebu city, philippines
Source of site: it's cool and the kind that i've always wanted. keep up the good work!

Date: Feb 6, 1999 Time: 11:05
Name: monchit & tanying
City & State: bandar seri begawan, brunei darussalam
Source of site: thru alta vista
Comments: we want you to be our honourable guest on our wedding day

Date: Feb 7, 1999 Time: 00:09
Name: Pete K. Bawa
City & State: Katy, Texas
Source of site: searched on Yahoo
Comments: I can't put into words how Michael Johnson's music comforts and calms me deep inside, no matter how often I listen. The first song I heard that caught my attention was "Dirty Hands, Dirty Faces" from the Departure CD, and I was hooked. From there I began to search for other recordings, and I was lucky enough to see him play at the Kerrville Festival in June of 1997.

I also am a huge John Denver fan and was completely unaware of the relationship between them.

I truly look forward to seeing Mr. Johnson in concert again someday, and until then I will continue listening.

Has Mr. Johnson ever played in or around Houston, and are there any plans to return to this part of the country? (please say yes!)

Date: Feb 8, 1999 Time: 00:21
City & State:
Source of site:
Comments: Hi fellow MJ fans. I have a hard to find, out of print copy of MICHAEL JOHNSON'S self-titled CD on the Atlantic label. 782304-2. It's in MINT CONDITION.It's got "Rich Like Me", "One Honest Tear", "Bristlecone Pine" "Two Ships...","This Ain't The Night To Be Me", and others. It's rare and it can be yours. A "GOTTA HAVE" 4 the true MJ fan.Email me 4 more info. Thanks, Gary.

Date: Feb 8, 1999 Time: 13:00
Name: trudy metzel
City & State: manchester, pa
Source of site: I'm here on a regular basis
Comments: Michael, you were absolutely awesome yesterday in Easton -- to no surpise. Hope your Phillipines trip is/was successful and fun!!

Date: Feb 8, 1999 Time: 14:14
Name: Ralph "DogBoy" Estes
City & State: Bellingham, Washington
Source of site: Searching for Michael Johnson
Comments: A few years ago I heard That's That and that was that. I have been a Michael Johnson fan since. I had heard Bluer than Blue, nice song, did not grab me. I heard That's That, went out found the CD with Roller Coaster Run, Whisper your Name, Diamond Dreams etc. I had seen Michael Johnson on a show many years ago in BC called in Session. I don't recall who he was on with a piano player I recall. Great show that was. The guests sit around and BS about real things and play a song or two.. Thank you for the opportunity to speak to Michael Johnson. respectfully, Ralph Estes

Date: Feb 8, 1999 Time: 16:08
Name: Suzanne
City & State: New York City, New York
Source of site: internet search
Comments: Finally got to see a live performance in Newtown, Pa. It was well worth the drive from NY. Very charming stage presence. Ever think about a live recording? Hope you plan to do more dates in the area.


Date: Feb 9, 1999 Time: 13:44
Name: Jayson F. Rodriguez
City & State: Manila,Philippines
Source of site: Michael Johnson is one of my favorite singer.
Comments: Michael, I'm one of your fans here in the Philippines and I have many friends who's a fan of yours to. Your songs inspired us all in many ways, your songs are REALLY the BEST.

Date: Feb 11, 1999 Time: 13:51
Name: Jeff Eaton
City & State: Courtland Va.
Source of site: Yahoo
Comments: I'm a long time fan and admirer of your talent..... Are you coming to Virginia or North Carolina anytime soon???

Date: Feb 14, 1999 Time: 12:34
Name: Richard Stonehouse
City & State: Seminole, FL 33777
Source of site: Freind
Comments: Hello!

I don't know if Mr Johnson actually reads these messages or not, But I hope whoever does can help me!

My problem is this.My favorite album is "WINGS". Unfortunately, my daughter copied over it and since it is no longer being produced, I can't get a replacement copy. I was hoping that perhaps another fan could copy their album and send it to me. Therefore, I need the address or internet address for Mr Johnsons Fan Club. OR info on how I can get a copy of WINGS! Thank you

Date: Feb 15, 1999 Time: 10:48
Name: dave massey
City & State: texarkana texas
Source of site: surfing
Comments: Michael-I've always been a fan of yours since the 70's--especially since "Bluer Than Blue" during my college days. I guess I had sort-of lost touch and then I saw you at Reba show in Branson, Missouri during the early 90's and you really touched me again. Ever since then I've tried to catch you at Bluebird in Nashville at least once a year. Your song "Cain's Blood" and your arrangment of it in Bluebird setting is powerfull!!! It definitely "makes me high"----thanks for your music. Please come to Texas more often. Are you going to be at Kerrville this year? I'm a struggling folk guitarist--any helpful hints?

Date: Feb 15, 1999 Time: 23:46
Name: Karen Wilson
City & State: Salem Oregon
Source of site: web search
Comments: Updated e mail address

Date: Feb 16, 1999 Time: 19:38
City & State:
Source of site:
Comments: Please supply me with the address for Michael's Fan Club.

Thank You

Date: Feb 17, 1999 Time: 19:38
Name: Steve Putman
City & State: Bryantown, MD
Source of site: Yahoo search
Comments: Are you planning on performing in Annapolis again.
Caught your show with Mack Bailey at Reynolds Tavern.
Would love to see it again.

Date: Feb 18, 1999 Time: 02:29
Name: Ms. Grace J. Palmenco
City & State: Manila, Philippines
Source of site: simply downloading his site
Comments: Dear Michael,

I just wanted you to know that i am one of hundreds of people who watched your concert very recently here in Manila. Nothing has been changed in you. You're still the great, the one and only Michael Johnson. Your music still lives in our hearts (filipinos really loves you) Hope this won't be the last time you will perform here. Good luck to you and hope to see you soon, again.

your fan,
Grace Palmenco
Manila, Philippines

Date: Feb 19, 1999 Time: 09:25

Date: Feb 22, 1999 Time: 14:56
Name: A. Haymond
City & State: Altadena, CA.
Source of site: keyword search on Michael Johnson
Comments: Glad to see a site dedicated to a truly talented performer. I was a little kid growing up in Los Angeles around the 'Bluer than Blue' days and used to listen to a radio station that played nothing but AOR (Steely Dan, Dobbie Bros, Tota, Pages, ELP, ect.) One of the very first albums I ever purchased (with money collected from neighborhood lawn cutting) was 'You Can Call Me Blue'. KNX FM 93, used to play the hell out of a cut from the album called "Right Through The Heart". With such a slick melodic rhythm and hook that epitomized the West Coast sound it still sounds great whether on the hi fi or in the car driving uo highway 101. I still have the album til' this day (as well as a handful of other great MJ albums in my collection). When are you coming out to L.A., so that I can get 'You Can Call Me Blue' autographed? Once again, great website and keep on, keepin' on.

Date: Feb 24, 1999 Time: 15:33
Name: Dave Stratton
City & State: Whitehall, Montana
Source of site: looking for the song "give me wings"
Comments: It is real hard to find your albums at music stores. The local radio stations forgot who you are! I consider "give me wings" one of the best songs ever made. I was lucky enough to see you in person at the copper king inn in Butte, Montana in about 1994, you were up playing for a wedding. I would like to know if you ever make it back to Montana or close. I give you a lot of respect.

Date: Feb 25, 1999 Time: 10:28
Name: Dike Watson
City & State: Whitewater, WI
Source of site: G. Vandling
Comments: Hiddi ho

Date: Feb 26, 1999 Time: 01:35


Date: Feb 26, 1999 Time: 20:34
Name: rose r. serapio`
City & State: mandaluyong city
Source of site: a friend
Comments: congratulation for the success of the recent "Reminiscing Concert.". Your songs are all inspiring and great.

Date: Mar 1, 1999 Time: 00:52
Name: Gary
City & State: Canada
Source of site: know it by heart
Comments: Hi fans. I have a MJ album in EXCELLENT condition for sale. It's "LIFETIME GUARANTEE" Jacket is worn on one edge, but nothing bad. No scratches, plays great! Vinyl AND Michael are collectors items, especially this one! Email me if you're interested. Thanks, Gary

Date: Mar 3, 1999 Time: 08:50
Name: iris
City & State: manila , philippines
Source of site:
Comments: hello michael, i was one of the thousands who trooped to your concert at the folk arts theater in manila. i just want to tell you how much i enjoyed your show with david and stephen. it surely brought back memories of my younger years ! thank god for songwriters like you ! good luck !
p.s. how can i get a copy of your newest cd (autographed of course!)?
i understand that your offer is for the us and canada only. will you make an exception ? lol.

Date: Mar 3, 1999 Time: 18:05
Name: Jean-Luc RAYMOND
City & State: Paris - France
Source of site: yahoo
Comments: HI!!!
West Coast Rendez-Vous Mag - Chief Editor
Prowest - President
PS: If you, Mike, wants more infos about the re-releases, please contact us!

Date: Mar 5, 1999 Time: 15:47
Name: Ron Thomey
City & State: Maple Ridge BC Canada
Source of site: YaHOO SEARCH
Comments: ....been a fan for years and have only one album!

I would like to update a collection of your music on CD and I see the offer attachedt to the web site !

Is there a way to order on-line !

Thanx ......Ron

Date: Mar 5, 1999 Time: 19:46
Name: Dan Kennedy
City & State: Inver Grove, MN
Source of site: lookin' for it.
Comments: Hi Michael,

Hope things are well for you. Finally got the mic preamp biz going, doing pretty well. If Gary's interested, I'd love to have him try the latest version. It sounds a hell of a lot better than the one he heard 5-6 years ago.

Please let me know if "There is a Breeze" ever hits the digital era, all my vinyl copies are toast.

Dan Kennedy

Still married to DeAnna too!

Date: Mar 6, 1999 Time: 08:57
Name: Judy Donofrio
City & State: Stanton CA
Source of site: search under "Randy Sparks"
Comments: It was interesting to read about the Orient tour in the 60's with the New Project. I missed that part, but I was there early on when Randy was a single and doing local record shop visits (1958). Will have to check into some of your music. Wherever did Randy disappear to? Ever run into him? I'm still friends with a NCM fan and we both still play their music. All the best :)

Date: Mar 8, 1999 Time: 20:31
City & State: RT 1 BOX 95 HENNING MN 56551
Comments: MICHAEL,

Date: Mar 9, 1999 Time: 17:41
Name: John Lee
City & State: Brandon, SD
Source of site: The Hard Way.
Comments: Michael, we have not spoken for a few years. I'm a Concordia College ( Moorhead, Minnesota) grad...circa 70's. I worked with student productions group on campus at that time. You entertain there quite often in those years... a BIG part of my life at that time. We last visited a few years back when you were in Pipestone, MN for a couple of days. My good friend Dan Bearfield of Pipestone drove you down to Sioux Falls to check out computer hardware. I insisted that he stop by and pick me up along the way. We sipped a beverage on the deck of my new home in Brandon, SD after the afternoon events. OK, so you don't remember... My question is.. do you plan a Sioux Falls gig in the near future? Mary and I missed your last visit and would like to get some advanced notice so that we don't get the "sold out" story next time your in town. Your Phillipine tour sounds interesting. Send me a note at john.d.lee@worldnet.att.net if your gonna be in town.

Thanks, John

Date: Mar 10, 1999 Time: 11:54
Source of site: VISITED BEFORE


Date: Mar 11, 1999 Time: 11:10
Name: Phil Spalding
City & State: Washington DC
Source of site: looking for early MJ albums
Comments: Thanks for the update. You're not alone in being happy about finally getting the early discs back out. When Breeze/Mad/Life finally comes into being I'll be in line for a handful of copies. Thanks for doing the nasty grunt paperwork & arguing necessary to loosen these rights.

Date: Mar 11, 1999 Time: 11:12
Name: Shawn
City & State: Cottage Grove, MN
Source of site: I'm a member
Comments: Michael, I'm so happy about the new CD! Thank you! I checked your concert schedule and noticed you not scheduled to visit Minnesota at all this summer! What's up with that? Surely you'll be here for the Christmas concert, right? Take care. You're the best. Did anyone buy your guitar?

Date: Mar 11, 1999 Time: 21:10
Name: Barb (Fan Club Staff Worker)
City & State: Kansas City
Source of site: You sent us a e-mail
Comments: Hi Micheal, Just surfed over and am enjoying your web page. I want to say, you remind me of another young artist living in Nashville, sorta following your footsteps. He is out artist . :) He to lives in Nashville Maybe when you get time, you may want to go over and check him out too. Maybe a link exchange . Cool. Awesome site you have , lots of interesting and exciting things you have done and continue. Good Luck. Barb

Date: Mar 11, 1999 Time: 21:12
Name: Barb agian
City & State: kansas
Source of site:
Comments: Here is our artist website url. Sorry , did not leave it yet. Hope you get over . Take care.


Date: Mar 11, 1999 Time: 22:04
Name: Gary
City & State: Canada
Source of site: I just know
Comments: MJ fans!!! I just found an OUT OF PRINT, RARE Michael Johnson CD!!! It's "THAT'S THAT". It contains 2 songs not available on the album or cassette. They are "TOO SOON TO TELL" and "SAMSON AND DELILAH". 11 songs altogether. I've had 2 other MJ items listed here and they both went FAST. So I will be taking bids on this RARE CD until noon FRIDAY MARCH 19th. It's in EXCELLENT condition. Not a mark on it. Booklet is mint. If you want this IMPOSSIBLE to find CD, email me TODAY!!!

Date: Mar 11, 1999 Time: 23:17
Name: Mitch Steinhart
City & State: Maywood, NJ
Source of site: originally-from one of your CD covers
Comments: Michael: At one point on your site you indicated that you were attempting to have the earlier albums placed onto CD. Even if you are unable to get the whole album onto a compact disc, I am hoping that the song "Dialogue" appears on a CD. It has a special place in my heart, especially the opening music. "Standing in a waiting room, I turn to her. 'How do you do?'"

Date: Mar 12, 1999 Time: 06:01
Name: Charley Earley
City & State: Zeiningen AG, Switzerland
Source of site: via an email from MJ
Comments: Has MJ ever been to Switzerland to perform?

If so, when?
If not, would MJ be interested in the idea?

Date: Mar 12, 1999 Time: 13:00
Name: Susan Shanley
City & State: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Source of site: CD sleeve notes
Comments: I would really like to know if Michael has any plans to come over to the UK in the not too distant future. I would love to fulfill my ambition of seeing him live.

Date: Mar 12, 1999 Time: 15:48
Name: gary popejoy
City & State: redding, california
Source of site: liner notes of Then & Now
Comments: Michael: Long time no see or talk to. Worked a few of your shows here in northern calif as emcee, usually a Bailey Production. Please look for an e-m from me coming soon. Still/back in radio. Want to get in touch.

Date: Mar 15, 1999 Time: 12:21
Name: Louis Wagenhauser
City & State: New Orleans, La
Source of site:
Comments: Can't wait for the release of the 2 CD set comprised of "There Is A Breeze", "For All You Mad Musicians",and "Ain't Dis Da Life", but I hope CD releases of The following 5 LPs are also in the works: "The Michael Johnson Album", "Dialogue", "You Can Call Me Blue", "Home Free", and "Lifetime Guarantee". Otherwise I might have to seriously reconsider purchasing a CD recorder so I can start listening to these older albums more frequently than I do now on LP.

Date: Mar 15, 1999 Time: 15:08
Name: Donald Stuart
City & State: Dalton, Georgia
Source of site: I looked for it
Comments: I love Michael Johnson Music and last year recommended that He be invited to Riverbend 98'. I last saw him perform Live in Chattanooga as a lead-in for Allison Krause & Union Station-Tivoli Theater. He Was Awesome! You need a cheering section for Michael ? You got one, right here ! Don Stuart

Date: Mar 17, 1999 Time: 20:51
Name: Keven Hall
City & State: blackwell , OK. 74631
Source of site: Looking for songwriter info.
Comments: Micheal,

Have been listening to your songs along time . Glad to still hear them playing on the radio. Do you ever write with unknown Lyric writers. Or take a look at there Lyric's. Thanks

Date: Mar 18, 1999 Time: 19:28
Name: carrie attebury
City & State: fairfield il
Source of site: liner notes of then and now cd
Comments: i have listened to michael johnson since i first heard his music on my favorite soap opera several years ago. if it were more widely available i would buy whatever i could find.

Date: Mar 18, 1999 Time: 19:36
Name: carrie attebury
City & State: fairfield il
Source of site:
Comments: i would be interested in emails from other michael johnson fans. my favorite mj albums the only ones i have been able to get are wings thats that and then and now. i love all the songs off them.

Date: Mar 19, 1999 Time: 10:03
Name: Thom Bresh
City & State: Nashville
Source of site: Nashville Link
Comments: Michael

Just stopped by to say "Hi"...


Date: Mar 19, 1999 Time: 12:44
Name: Mickey Manalang
City & State: Manila, Philippines
Source of site: Searching for tablature =)
Comments: GREAT CONCERT!!! I watched "Reminiscing" last month, and just wanted to say, it was the BEST!!! Come back to the Philippines!!!

By the way, if anyone there who's reading this has tablature for "I'll Always Love You", I'd really appreciate it if you could send it to me... I've been looking for the tabs since I started playing the guitar!!! =) Thanks!!!

Date: Mar 21, 1999 Time: 12:39
Name: Kathleen Davis
City & State: Arapaho, Oklahoma
Source of site:
Comments: Please, please re-release "The Michael Johnson Album!" "Gypsy Woman" was great along with all the rest. I have the 8 track, but it was worn out LONG AGO because it was played so much.
Please consider it.

Kathleen Davis

Date: Mar 22, 1999 Time: 11:18
Name: Michael Paxton
City & State: Los Angeles, CA
Source of site: Through Michael's newsletter.
Comments: Hi Michael!

It took a while to log on to your web site because my computer is so old! But I'm sure glad I finally got there. It's great and I always look forward to your newsletters and new CDs. Will you be playing any live shows in the Los Angeles area anytime soon? Hope so. Take care,

Michael Paxton

Date: Mar 23, 1999 Time: 18:51
Name: Barry Shutz
City & State: Milltown, New Jersey
Source of site:
Comments: Hey Michael,

I just received your new CD. It's great! Thanks for signing the cover. I'm looking forward to seeing you perform in CT. this coming September. Take care and keep making great music.


Date: Mar 24, 1999 Time: 05:56
Name: James Townley
City & State: Chisholm, Minnesota
Source of site: Stumbled upon while surfing
Comments: I think that your writting news letters to your fans is a great gesture. Proud to be a fellow Minnesotian. Email me if you plan to come up to our area. We have an extra bedroom.

I love your music.

Jim Townley

Date: Mar 24, 1999 Time: 12:31
Name: Pamela Peterson
City & State: Chandler, Arizona
Source of site: Word of Mouth
Comments: You are awesome Michael! Please continue your Minnesota Christmas concerts! They are the highlight of my holiday season.....

Date: Mar 24, 1999 Time: 19:58
Name: Susan Mazza
City & State: Milwaukie, Oregon
Source of site: searched for Michael Johnson under music
Comments: Hello Michael:

I am one half of the couple that took the train from Oregon to see your concert in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your music live. I am fortunate enough to own every album you released in this country. I have never heard anyone accompany themselves as beautifully as you do. You never over play or over sing a song. My only regret is that I didn't get the chance to meet you at the concert. I know you were exhausted from traveling (as was I after 44 hours on the train), so I certainly understand your not coming out after the show. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much your music touches me. Thank you. Susan

Date: Mar 24, 1999 Time: 23:12
Name: Kirk Klemme
City & State: Houghton, Michigan
Source of site: Yahoo search
Comments: I am most interested in obtaining a copy of "There is a Breeze" if and when it should come available. Please keep me posted.

Thanks, Kirk Klemme

Date: Mar 26, 1999 Time: 19:41
Name: Sibyl Lopez
City & State: El Paso
Source of site: searched for it
Comments: Do I have your permission to use "what a night it has been".....on my answering machine message???? Hope so, because it's a done deal for the last 6 months (LOL)

Date: Mar 26, 1999 Time: 20:32
Name: Sara L. Alexander
City & State: 5572 Donegal Drive Shoreview, MN.55126
Source of site: I'm smart...I own all your music and read the imfo!
Comments: Michael, Hoping this message finds you well and happy. Oh! Did I ask you if it is December 26th yet??? Minnesota is just coming round the bend of spring, so those of us that felt like we were "Bluer than blue" are feeling a bit more positive. I continue to share your music with friends that haven't been as fortunate as I to know of youself and your music for 24 years..Kind of dates me but oh well! I and family have tried many ways to express our thanks for your gift, however the worst attempt was bringing wild rice soup from Byerlys to the State fair in August of I think 1993....Perhaps will work on a way to email you some.. at least the thought's there. In friendship,Sara

Date: Mar 26, 1999 Time: 22:29
Name: Richard Brown
City & State: Austin Texas
Source of site: In the folder in the CD Then & Now
Comments: Hi Michael; While vacationing in Avon Colorado we went to a concert there and while the artists were setting up the stage they played your CD Then & Now and I was blown away. I'm not one to go overboard for anything as I'm 67 years old but I know good music when I hear it. My wife really have enjoyed this CD. I'm sorry to say I had never heard of you before hearing your CD. I do hope you record more of the standards like Almost like being in love, It is one of the best arrangements I have ever heard and your singing and playing is so good. We are two of your fans now and hope we can find more of your music. Thank you Richard & Jane Brown

Date: Mar 28, 1999 Time: 22:55
Name: steve hansen
City & State: siuox city , iowa
Source of site: liner notes on the very best of c.d.
Comments: since your morningside college concerts in the 70's we have been fans.

we were so happy to see you in Taos but have been haunted ever since by not finding the song and/or words to Bristlecone. Two requests, one help with the words and which album the song is on, apparently the only one we do not have and when are you making it back to the Siouxland area? keep singing and we will keep listening.

Date: Mar 28, 1999 Time: 23:45
Name: steve hansen
City & State: sioux city, iowa
Source of site: liner notes on the neew c.d.
Comments: p.s. to the previous message. now that I have reviewed the web site I have found out which album "bristlecone pine" is on. Now I really need the words as glenda a.k.a (my wife and m.j. fan) can't live on the snippet alone. Grreat web site but... come to Siouxland or close.

thank-you, steve and glenda

Date: Mar 31, 1999 Time: 10:45
Name: jim "billy bob" wagner
City & State: calif.
Source of site: "shit" i cant remember
Comments: hi michael

i love your music, and you too. have a great day.


Date: Mar 31, 1999 Time: 11:02
Name: Francis Mikael Ong
City & State: Quezon City
Source of site: becaues i search in the yahoo.
Comments: mr Michael Johnson, i love your songs like:bluer than blue,i'll always love you and doors.
please sent me the lyrics of those songs that i type.

Date: Mar 31, 1999 Time: 20:31
Name: steve hansen
City & State: sioux city, iowa
Source of site: at this point , from memory
Comments: o.k. now that we have shown that we wrote before we thoroughly read,we now are happy possessors of the words to bristlecone pine. just as beautiful as we remembered. once again thanks for a great web-site as it has provided many hours of enjoyment and memories. looking forward to the next schedule update. happy travels steve&glenda

Date: Apr 3, 1999 Time: 14:03
Name: Dan Kiger
City & State: Spearfish SD
Source of site: From a CD
Comments: Michael

My wife and I have had the chance to enjoy your music and showmanship several times in the past. The first was at Augustana College in Sioux Falls SD and then again at the Arena in Sioux Falls. More recently was at the Black Hills Passion Play when I had the chance to shake your hand and again in Deadwood with our daughter and two of her friends (trying to keep the young ones in touch with really good music)along who were all duly impressed when you came to our table and spoke with us. These shows all rate the highest to me in being thrilled, amazed, and entertained. We thank you for all the music and look forward to the next time we can see you perform.

Dan Kiger

Date: Apr 3, 1999 Time: 23:19
Name: Pat O'Neill
City & State: Madison WI
Source of site: saw it inside THE VERY BEST OF notes
Comments: I used to play "Sailing Without A Sail" on WCCO-FM Mpls. in the late 70's...how could "The Very Best Of" NOT contain that great song?! (I bought it anyway so I could finally enjoy "Almost Like Being In Love" on CD).

Neat website, Michael!

Date: Apr 5, 1999 Time: 18:15
City & State: Duluth MN
Source of site:
Comments: Hi,

Some of the web site folks may be interested in the following I have for sale:

Ain't Dis Da Life-still in shrinkwrap, played it once $10
You can Call Me Blue-found it sealed, no shrinkwrap, played it once, $10
Dialogue-VG++ shape, hole cut in corner, autographed $8
+ $2 S&H each.

They can e-mail: pdp@cpinternet.com for info.

fantastic news that the CDs are coming out!
Duluth, MN

Date: Apr 7, 1999 Time: 00:09
Name: Tamara Simons
City & State: Phoenix, AZ
Source of site: link from John Denver site
Comments: Michael, Your songs have always touched a special place in my heart. Give me Wings is a favorite of mine and I look forward to getting the cd so I can enjoy listening to it again. I still have your LPs, but my turntable has seen better days!! Keep up the wonderful work. The world needs more beautiful music and positive messages. Your lovely voice brings much joy and inspiration to others. Thanks. Tamara

Date: April 09, 1999 at 23:31:22
Name: Val Yatckoske
City & State: Brooklyn Park MN
Source: address on liner of CD
Comments: Hi Michael, I am really enjoying learning more about your past and your music on this Website. I am glad to read that "Dialogue" will be re-released this year. Loved that album and esp that song. Thank you for all the great music and for putting your heart into it. I hope to get to a concert this year. Hope you are well. PS I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but when I clicked to look at the photos on here, on some of them I would only get half or a quarter of the picture! Very weird!!

Date: April 12, 1999 at 15:05:17
Name: Bruce E Kirkland
City & State: Houma Louisiana
Source: Surfing the web
Comments: I heard that Michael has a Christmas album.Is it still available? Let me know.

Date: April 14, 1999 at 15:24:49
Name: Donna Pinto
City & State: Westville, NJ
Source: off a John Denver web site (Rocky Mt High)
Comments: I loved Michael Johnson in the 70's without ever knowing he was a former band mate of my favorite of all time, JD. It's wonderful to know that it's such a small world! Michael has such a beautiful voice and I love both his love songs like "Bluer Than Blue" and the silly songs like "Life's A Bitch". It's great to see he's still around! Whatever happened to David Boise?

Date: April 16, 1999 at 08:55:11
Name: francis robert f. bonifacio
City & State: manila city, philippines
Source: through yahoo
Comments: Dear Mr.Johnson

Hi! My name is Robert and I'm from Manila. I'm so delighted to learn that you have a web site so now I know where to find you. I love or rather obsessed listening to your songs especially "Doors", "Bluer Than Blue",and of course, "I'll Always Love You". Never a day will pass without hearing them. Your songs are truely heartfelt that they can make a heart of stone melt. I was able to watch your concert with the other guys here last February and I can say that it is once in a lifetime experience.
Anyways,I wish you all the luck and thank you for all your wonderful music.God Bless!

Date: April 17, 1999 at 23:31:37
Name: Tracy Furlong
City & State: Oklahoma City, OK
Source: lucky I guess

Date: April 20, 1999 at 13:22:13
Name: Tony Elenburg
City & State: Nashville, TN
Source: Michael gave me his card...
Comments: I was absolutely thrilled to meet Michael at the airport weeks ago ... I saw him first at a coffeehouse in Missoula, MT in 1976 or 77. Have loved his music ever since ...

I am a writer/publisher here in Nashville ... in talking with Michael he said his next project was going to be a 40's style ... could you elaborate for me ...? Harry Connick, Jr? Sinatra? what?

Date: April 20, 1999 at 15:20:29
Name: Steve Della Maggiora
City & State: Napa, California
Source: Searched Alta Vista
Comments: Hey, Michael!

Seems like a lot has happened since you last ventured out here to the Napa Festival. (It hasn't been the same without you, by the way.)

If you wish to see what I've been up to, you can check out:


I hear occasional rumors via Mr. Arnopole, of your adventures. Hope all is well!


Date: April 22, 1999 at 09:41:28
Name: Kathy Winch
City & State: Houston, TX
Source: Yahoo
Comments: Michael,

Finding your website has been like finding a long lost friend! Your warped sense of humor shines through in your writing (and who would ever have guessed under that shy guy exterior you portray to the outside world)! At any rate, don't ever change...

I've always been a big fan and am very happy to announce that I finally found my Best of MJ(RCA)CD in a moving box that had never been unpacked since I left Denver (shame on me that was two moves ago through California and Dallas)-- I knew it was there but that's what happens when movers pack CDs in a box marked "Guest Bathroom". I won't tell you what else I found in that box, but there was some good stuff in there!!!

I'd been enjoying "Then & Now" in the absence of my beloved Best of CD, and have to say that I've grown accustomed to newer streamlined versions of the songs -- guess I'm just a soft romantic Winch! As you snicker, imagine introducing yourself (with a straight face) as a female in the business world with a last name like that!

Hope to be able to catch you play somewhere down in my neck of the woods soon, and I just put in a cheap and shameless plug for you at McGonigel's Mucky Duck here in Houston. I love the fact that your music can't be defined into a specific genre -- just goes to show that your talents defy typecasting -- and wouldn't you rather smile and keep people wondering what you're up to?

On that note, I hope you're smiling as I bid you adieu...


Date: April 22, 1999 at 22:34:03
Name: Mary Anne G. Bering
City & State: Cebu City, Philippines
Source: through www.ubl.com
Comments: I would like to thank Michael Johnson for inspiring my days with joy and happiness.
Everytime I hear my fave song, "I'll always love you" all my troubles would turn out good!
Once again, thank you and more power!

Date: April 23, 1999 at 00:33:09
Name: hazel
City & State: Philippines
Source: I was looking for the lyrics of The love she found in Me thru AltaVista
Comments: Hi! I was able to watch your concert here in the Philippines last Feb. 13, 1998 at Folk Arts Theater
with David Pomeranz and Stephen Bishop. It was really worth it! Your repertoire is great but you lack
rapport with your audience unlike David Pomeranz.
anyway, your songs really touches the heart of those love fools and hopeless romantics!

Date: April 23, 1999 at 20:17:40
Name: Heidi and George Vandling
City & State: Whitewater, WI
Comments: Look forward to seeing you at Cafe Crap in Fort Atkinson in June. Near Heidi's birthday. Or should I say her birth week. I negotiated it down from birth month. Did you know if you took the letters in" Michael Johnson" and rearranged them, it would say " Hi John, Scam Leo".

Date: April 23, 1999 at 20:29:12
Name: Heidi Sandner-Vandling
City & State: Whitewater, WI
Source: Through Love.
Comments: Did you know that if you take the letters in "MJ" and rearrange them, you get "JM"? Just seeing if you're paying attention.

Smooches the Clown

AKA The Fan From Hell

Date: April 28, 1999 at 20:12:09
Name: Richard Brown
City & State: Washington Crossing, PA.
Source: Yahoo
Comments: It is goood to see that you are still out there with the same fire and passion for your music. Last time I ran into you was at Eastman School of Music with Phil Ramone. There was one other time at the former Main Point outside of Philadelphia. Pardon me for patting the past's ass. Just to let you know I have been out here listening. Keep up the great stuff and the eye on that magic note.

Rich Brown

Date: April 28, 1999 at 23:39:56
Name: Gary
Source: Here b4
Comments: I have a That's That CD in EXCELLENT condition 4 sale. If interested, please email me. Thanks, Gary

Date: April 29, 1999 at 23:25:11
Name: jeff kuhn
City & State: evansville, Indiana 47715
Source: I've been a fan and wanted to see what you had going.
Comments: Mr. Johnson,

I am looking forward to seeing you perform live this weekend at the Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville.

I had the opportunity to see Stephen Bishop play at Lawerenceburg, Indiana and meet with him backstage, I told him several songwriters and performers should do a concert tour together.

Such artists as Andrew Gold ( who help produce Stephens last CD), England Dan and John Ford Coley, Michael McDonald and other great artists who had hits in the 70's and 80's.

You are all VERY gifted musicians, todays youth should experience the clean, safe, wonderful sounds of that era.

See ya Saturday!
Have a GREAT show!

Jeff Kuhn

Date: May 01, 1999 at 01:04:51
Name: Jeff Hammer
City & State: Pocatello, ID
Source: I've had it bookmarked for a long time...
Comments: The first time I saw MJ perform live was in Idaho Falls, Idaho in 1989 (I think). He was opening for Three Dog Night, and I was incredibly impressed with his performance. It was definitely the high point of the night for me. The following year, I heard that Eddie Rabbit was coming to town and that Michael Johnson was opening. I gladly shelled out my $38 for two tickets, but as far as I was concerned I was buying tickets to a Michael Johnson concert. I dragged along a guitarist friend, telling him, "you've gotta see this guy." We were not disappointed! We could have left after Michael's performance having been totally entertained. I have seen many, many performers in my life, but that night stands out as my favorite performance. As a performer myself, I have had the opportunity to open for several headliners, most recently for Ray Charles last month in Idaho Falls. During Mr. Charles' performance I had the best seat in the house --just off stage, directly to his left, about 15 feet away. It was indeed a magic night, but I still consider that concert by MJ to be the finest I've seen.

I remarried 6 years ago, and my wife fell in love with him as soon as I played her 'That's That' and, later 'Then and Now'. We have been hoping to see him perform live ever since. He was scheduled to play in Pocatello last year, but when we went to buy tickets we were told that the concet had been cancelled. I can't tell you how glad we are to see that he is scheduled to play in Idaho Falls on September 21st. You can bet that we will be first in line to buy tickets. We're very excited to be able to go to an MJ concert, even if it means having to put up with Paul Revere & the Raiders!

Date: May 03, 1999 at 14:18:55
Name: jeff kuhn
City & State: evansville, in 47715
Source: i keep it bookmarked!
Comments: Mr. Johnson,

WOW! What a show.

My wife and I were at the Bluebird Cafe Saturday night and all I can say is THANKS!

THANKS for sharing your gift with everybody there.

You are truly one of the most talented singer/songwriters around.

Also, Thanks for signing my CD and chating with me.

I'll be waiting for the Stephen Bishop - Michael Johnson Tour!

Thanks Again!

Date: May 05, 1999 at 02:40:03
Name: Peter C. Ward
City & State: Ellijay, GA
Source: Search engine......
Comments: Hi Michael!

I'll see you at the River Bend Festival in Chattanooga, TN, in June. Am so much looking forward to your performance. I missed your concert in Mankato, Mn in the late 70's, but my sister Melissa said it was wonderful! Pete

Date: May 09, 1999 at 05:51:10
Name: Joy Anne Torres
City & State: manila, philippines
Source: through search engines
Comments: you're songs have always been an inspiration to a lot of people, may you continue to touch people's hearts through you're songs...may they be touch the same way they touched me! good luck and more power!

Date: May 09, 1999 at 23:20:55
Name: Ken Towler
City & State: Lynchburg, VA
Source: latest album
Comments: Michael,
The wedding fell thru so I am still holding the raincheck on you singing at my wedding if it ever happens. Let's discuss bringing you back to Virginia. I will see Ed Turner in early June. Let us know how you are doing.

Date: May 13, 1999 at 16:54:30
Name: Emil Witschy
City & State: Trumbull, CT
Source: Search of Yahoo
Comments: Been a fan since my college days in St. Paul, MN in the late 70's. Have seen MIchael perform there and in Chicago. My LP's and tapes are shot and am anxiously awaiting the release of the CD that has the first three albums on it. "There Is A BReeze" is a classic! Please e-mail as soon as the CD is available, and then I will be ordering all Michael's CD's.

Date: May 14, 1999 at 22:17:16
Name: Sally Carver
City & State: Lebanon TN
Source: CD liner
Comments: I first heard you when "This night wont last forever" came out. I have been a fan ever since.

Date: May 16, 1999 at 00:26:05
Name: Robert Palmquist
City & State: Northfield, MN
Source: Web search
Comments: Please let me know when the CD version of your first three albums is released. Thanks,
-- Rob

Date: May 20, 1999 at 15:52:15
Name: Henry Girolamo
City & State: 19 Oak Road Medford, MA 02155
Source: My Brother Bill, a musician
Comments: Both my brother and I own (2 sets) of all the MJ albums
and lately, the CDs. We are ready to purchase the new double CD:There Is A Breeze, For For All You Mad Musicians For All You Mad Musicians and Ain't Dis Da Life (again this will be eaches - we do not share!)

Date: May 20, 1999 at 20:48:16
Name: Bruce E Kirkland
City & State: Houma Louisiana
Source: Just surfing the net
Comments: I have been a fan of Michael's for years.I still have and play his albums.I heard that he has a Christmas Album.I have never been able to find it.Any Suggestions as to where I can look. Thanks

Date: May 21, 1999 at 04:28:18
Name: dennis yanos
City & State: honolulu, hi USA
Comments: CD Universe e-mailed me about a new Michael Johnson release set for May 25th that I did not know about, nor was it ever mentioned on MJ's website.

they are selling pre-sale the cd entited "Reaching the Massess" which is categorized by them as "gospel"

anyone know anything about this???

Date: May 21, 1999 at 06:46:27
Name: Cindy
Comments: The Michael Johnson who's releasing "Reaching the Masses" is a different Michael Johnson - he's a Gospel/Christian singer.

Date: May 22, 1999 at 22:47:35
Name: James Dean Wilks
City & State: Covington, louisiana
Source: Michaels cd then and now
Comments: I saw Michael Johnson perform back in 1992 in a place called Ketchikan Alaska. He was opening for BJ Thomas. It was a special moment in my life. His music will always be in my heart. Michael, I thank you I really thank you. James Dean Wilks

Date: May 24, 1999 at 16:27:43
Name: T. Cole
City & State: Palatine, IL
Source: from the new "best of" album
Comments: I went to the library yesterday and checked the new CD's rack, and there you were! I started listening to you when "Bluer than Blue" came out, and then went backwards, picking up "Ain't Dis Da Life" and the others on vinyl. Lost track during the "Nashville years", picking up the occasional cd. Caught you once on TNN. Missing the voice and the music. So glad to find the old faves and to hear some of the tunes I've missed over recent years (love "That's That"). My personal favorite is "I'll always love you". One of the few songs I ever learned on the guitar. Thanks for all the music. Don't quit.

Date: May 24, 1999 at 19:52:50
Name: Tom Cole
Source: "best of" cd
Comments: Excuse me for writing again, and for thinking you'll have time to read my random thoughts. (I promise, this is my last entry). Tapped into this page at work today, read your magazine piece about "giving up" and came home and listened to your songs some more. Put me in a great, peaceful, slightly sad state of mind. I am ordering "Then and Now", and really looking forward to hearing some old favorites and some songs I haven't heard before. It amazes and saddens me that your music is so hard to find. I wonder if James Taylor was 20 today, if he would be able to find an audience, or a radio station that would play his music. I have always really loved a great lyric and someone who can sing it. It seems that if someone sings great ballads today, the only "place" for them is "country", where people like me will never find them. Is Kathy Mattea a "country singer"? I don't think so. But where else will her music find a home. It stinks.
I saw you once in a small club in Chicago (can't remember the name), but it was the 80's. I had already lost track of you, but I saw an ad in the reader. I went by myself. It was just you and a guitar and your voice. It was a great evening I will never forget.
There are only a few singers I follow, and they are a weird combination. I have never missed a John Prine album. Recently I picked up the latest Tom Waits album and was glad to hear him doing songs I could listen to again. You and John Prine and Tom Waits -- anything in common? Yes. Each a distinctive voice, singing lyrics that mean something in songs that you almost never find on the radio.
I hope you never give up, and hope to see you in Des Plaines????? in the fall.

Date: May 26, 1999 at 10:30:56
Name: Trudy Metzel
City & State: Manchester, Pennsylvania
Source: am here on a regular basis
Comments: At the Cumberland, Maryland shows on May 15 I met a lady
from State College. I took a picture of you and your son, Jeff, with MJ and then we all moved outside for short while. I failed to get your name and address. Would you e-mail me when you have a chance?

Date: May 30, 1999 at 04:33:07
Name: Mary joyce Z. Guinto
City & State: Gottingen, Germany
Source: good enough
Comments: please put the lyrics of the song "Doors"

Date: June 02, 1999 at 06:26:23
Name: Sharie
City & State: Inver Grove Heights, MN
Source: Specific Search
Comments: From the Jericho Harp days!!

Date: June 03, 1999 at 18:21:36
Name: Bill Murphy
City & State: Kansas City, KS
Source: Webcrawler search for "Michael Johnson"
Comments: I've been a fan since I first attended your free performances at North Hennepin Community College, Brooklyn Park, MN in '73/'74. My favorite performance of yours had to be the one at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, ca. 1975: the only front row tickets I've had in my life. Glad to see you're still doing well. Also glad to hear that you are re-releasing your first three albums on CD. My LPs are about worn out!

Date: June 04, 1999 at 10:11:34
Name: Peggy McMahon
City & State: Ladysmith, WI
Source: Yahoo search "Michael Johnson Music"
Comments: My Husband and I have loved your music since college. Our favorite Album is "For All You Mad Musicians". I am delighted to hear that it will be out on CD's. What is the timing??? In time for Father's Day??? Thank You for your music.

Date: June 05, 1999 at 01:24:09
Name: John Stanton
City & State: Huntsville, Alabama
Source: Web search.
Comments: Nice site, full of interesting information.

Date: June 06, 1999 at 17:15:46
Name: Bruce E Kirkland
City & State: Houma Louisiana
Source: Surfing the Web
Comments: Are there Michael Johnson T-Shirts for sale?Please let me know.Bruce

Date: June 07, 1999 at 00:41:47
Name: Dave Goodall
City & State: Chelmsford, MA
Source: cdnow
Comments: I was never a fan of CW music until I was at an ICYPAA conference in Nashville in the mid-eighties. Michael did a benefit concert there and I have been a fan of his and country music ever since. We never know what gifts God will give us or who will be the bearor. Thanks for what you did that night for me and thousands of other recovering people. Hope the years since have been as good to you as they have been to me. Dave Goodall

Date: June 11, 1999 at 10:44:09
Name: Kathy Winch
City & State: Houston, Texas
Source: Bookmarked
Comments: Michael,

Any chance of you playing in Houston or Colorado anytime soon? I'm scheduled to be at a convention outside of Knoxville at the end of June and had hoped to be able to stay over and catch your show in Nashville at the Bluebird, but vacation plans beckon (Colorado is calling) and I'll be relaxing in my favorite ghost town (St. Elmo) on July 2. Hey, how about doing a 4th of July show after the fireworks in Buena Vista? As a native Coloradoan, surely you remember that summer is a great time to be up in the mountains (elev. in St. Elmo is around 10,300)...blue skies, rushing streams through forests of aspen, pine, and spruce and columbines blooming in mountain meadows...can't we entice you???


Date: June 11, 1999 at 16:16:10
Name: Bruce S. McClure
City & State: Wethersfield, CT
Source: the new CD had the old URL, and I was redirected.
Comments: Randy Goodrum wrote a couple of songs for you, and it is my understanding you worked with him again on recent albums. Having said that, it is my understanding that Mr. Goodrum has made a new album in the past year, but I have been unable to find it here in the USA. I have his Caretaker of Dreams album and find it wonderful. Do you know of any outlet to acquire Mr. Goodrum's latest album?

Now that I've asked that, I'd like to say congratulations on such a wonderful career as well as all of your accomplishments. I can tell you have a very loyal fan base, and I'd like to count myself among them. Your music is beautiful and touching. Your song "The Very First Time" has much meaning for my best friend (who just happens to be a woman), and I. Each time we hear it we look at each other and fondly remember our first meeting and how we felt about each other. Thank you for keeping that wonderful memory alive.

You're a great man...please come to Hartford, CT to perform. I'll be there!

Date: June 14, 1999 at 13:42:20
Name: Suzanne
City & State: New York City
Source: web search
Comments: Got tickets for the Brooks and Dunn show at Westbury last night after I found that you were opening....very disappointed to find that the opening act had cancelled....well ....you're OK....better luck next time...

Date: June 14, 1999 at 19:11:46

Date: June 15, 1999 at 10:09:40
Name: Ed Tober
City & State: Hamilton, TX
Comments: I recently received the You Can Call Me Blue/Home Free CD (through Thoughtscape) and am awaiting the MJ Album/Dialogue CD. The Japanese, as usual, have done a fine job in terms of sound quality and packaging (mine came a complete lyric sheet and the original album art). If Michael is planning another newsletter issue soon, he should mention that Lifetime Guarantee is being reissued on CD (in HDCD) and can be purchased through Thoughtscape, as well. After the early recordings CD-set is finished, Michael should work on reissuing Wings and That's That on CD and include as bonus tracks: B-sides (especially "River Colorado," my personal favorite of his songs), Europe-only releases, his songs from other projects such as the Christmas compilations, film soundtracks and his delightful songs from Sleeping with the Fishes.

Date: June 16, 1999 at 21:43:26
Name: Debbie Mims
City & State: Fountain Inn, SC 29644
Source: webcrawler
Comments: Michael, I became familiar with your music through my ex-husband, Randy Mims who was your sound technician during the "Bluer than Blue" days. Since he first played one of your albums I have fallen in love with every song you have done. I am eagerly waiting the back ordered CD remake of your earlier work, and of course, have all your new CDs. It is my greatest regret that I never saw you in concert. You played the Gaffney Peach Festival during the "Give me Wings" time, but I was unable to attend. If you're ever in this area you can count on me. Please never grow too weary of sharing your music.

Date: June 21, 1999 at 20:15:58
Name: marilee panna
City & State: cincinnati ohio
Source: info from cd cover
My friend, Julie Jencks, from Rockford, Illinois gave me a Michael Johnson tape about 10 years ago and I've been hooked ever since! She said that she knew you and that you were a wonderful musician! I look for you in every music store I go into and am grateful to have found 2 CD's last week! I'm looking forward to your re-release of "For All You Mad Musicians", because I've worn that tape out!

Thank you for all your beautiful work...



Date: June 21, 1999 at 23:25:07
Name: Don Lopez
City & State: Seminole Al. 36574
Source: friend
Comments: Hi Michael !
This is the first time I learned of your web page, and now I am very happy to learn that you are going to release your earlier works. I have searched for so many years for your music, and have had very little luck finding the early stuff. I am a musician,originaly from California. I am a fingerstyle guiratist, and your music was, and will allways be a big part of the kind of music that has influenced my playing styles. I have been playing guitar for 35 years,for the most part it has been fingerpicking style. Even in these days, when I get chances to play for parties etc. I seem to always want to play some of the tunes I have learned from your albums, such as MY OPENING FAREWELL, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, AND PONIES. Just to name a few. I noticed that you have done many of Hugh Prestwood"s tunes, and there is no need to wonder why,since in my opinion he is one of the very best songwriters ever. I thought I would share with you , that I have only recently started writing lyrics, mostly due to the encouragement of some musician friends. I guess my admiration of his lyrical style has truly rubbed off, and now the only problem is I just cant seem to make things sound so good as you seem to always do.Well I just thought I would tell you this since I have still to this day not had the chance to meet you or see you perform. I have been told by several of my friends in Pensacola Florida that you have performed there before some years ago. I hope that you will consider coming back that way again sometime. Perhaps to play at the University of West Florida, or the Saenger Theatre. I have come to know so many of the finest musicians in the area over the past 20 years, along with rhe local promoters,perhaps if you secided you wanted to come out this way O could help with arranging things. I recently have built a beautiful house right on the most beautiful Styx River in Seminole, Alabama which is only 15 minutes away from the college. It would be a great privilege, if you were to come down this way, to have you as a guest at our house. I could guide you to all the great spots for dining and entertainment. Or if you just wanted to relaxe you might take a tour of the beautiful river and other local waterways.We have 2 jetski's here at the river so you would not have to deal with renting any.Whatever the future holds I hope you will come and perform in this area someday. Please add me to your mailing list so that I can know where you will be performing, and especially so I can fill in the gaps of my musical library. Please write back if you feel! I am a friend and greatful fan of yours for 30 plus years. Thanks for all the wonderful music you have contributed to my life.

Don Lopez
Bye the way !
If you have an address that I could send mail to, I would like to send a few CD,s of someone that I think you must hear,especially since this artist has passed away just recently, I feel that her music must be heard and will probably become nearly impossible to aquire in the near future. I particularly think you will simply love the shear power and pureness of her beautiful voice. Her name is Eva Cassidy. I have not heard a voice like this in ,any years. She sounds ( if you can imagine )like Sarah Vaughn , Bonnie rait , Carmin McRay and a few others all melded together with a soulful spirit unlike anyone I have heard in many years. She has recorded on BLICKSTREET RECORDS.

I hope to hear from you sometime ! Don at Styx River Productions

Date: June 28, 1999 at 06:06:48
Name: Darcy Kendall
City & State: SF Bay Area, CA
Comments: I'm a fan since the 70s, when I saw your concerts anytime I could -- at UM Morris, UM Mpls Coffeehouse, Orchestra Hall, the Guthrie -- and I'm so happy I found your web site. It's like going home again. Thanks for reissuing your first albums -- mine are well used. And thanks for your music all these years -- it's meant a lot to me.

Date: June 28, 1999 at 09:23:47
Name: Peter C. Ward
City & State: Ellijay, GA
Source: through search, months ago.....
Comments: Michael,
I was fortunate to have heard you perform at the River Bend festival in Chattannooga, on 12 June. Such a wonderful evening! You took the time to talk to me, both before and after you sang. I had told you how much I appreciated the brief period of happiness that your performance had brought me, as I am in the middle of a divorce. Your music has brought me joy for so many years. I can so easily identify with the lyrics of your compositions, and was so glad when you mentioned performing often at the BlueBird Cafe in Nashville. I can envision MANY roadtrips in my future!! Thank you again, Michael. You are the best.

Date: June 28, 1999 at 20:45:25
Name: Terry Auger
City & State: Burnsville, Min.
Source: Then and now CD
Comments: Just wanted to say Hi! tried for tickets at Mystic Lake. No Luck.
Will try for Gustavus Adolfus . Hope to talk to you soon. Terry.

Date: June 29, 1999 at 02:21:57
Name: Fr@nkie
City & State: Berlin, Germany
Source: Bookmarked !!!
Comments: Hi everyone, I have just received the Japan re-issues of Michael's first album and the Dialogue/The M.J. Album and You Can Call Me Blue/Home Free CDs. WOW !!! I'm so happy to see this new web site's address and the continuing support that Michael receives by all of his fans. I hope there will be a new album out soon ! All the best from your #1 fan in Europe ;-)

Date: July 01, 1999 at 15:38:10
Name: Keiichi Ono
City & State: Kanagawa, Japan
Source: Yahoo
Comments: I have a question.
- We Can Live On Love (Baby You're Just Like Me) -
Who did sing the song except Michael ?
I heard that a female singer was singing the song.
But I don't remember who she is !
Somebody knows it ?

Date: July 03, 1999 at 22:38:27
Name: John Payne
City & State: Iola, KS
Source: asking Jeeves who is Hugh Prestwood
Comments: Your race is not run yet, Michael; you'd do it for free if you had to...come to think of it you have been. Not really. You're keeping very good company these days. Don't quit your night job.
You sing like a bird.
Had I a voice I would want it to be like yours.
The Bible says a prophet is without honor in his own country.
I say: some of our greatest natural resources go unnoticed.
I'm 55, had my failures, had lots of fun, and some success.
Your voice can still take me where I want to go.
Thankx. We'll meet, sometime. I just know it.
Now, about this Prestwood fella...

Date: July 05, 1999 at 20:26:23
Name: Mark Spencer
City & State: Mpls/StPaul
Comments: I just thought Id post a recent photo of MJ....

Date: July 05, 1999 at 20:28:58
Name: Mark Spencer
Comments: I guess this guest book didnt accept my html tag....to see the photo:


Date: July 12, 1999 at 12:29:19
Name: Marylin Krolak
City & State: chicago, IL
Source: Saw Michael at Mineral Point, WI and found out
Comments: Please keep me on your mailing list. Love his stuff!! Lost track of him for along time and I'm glad to have stumbled upon the flyer that promoted the June concert in SW Wisconsin.


Date: July 15, 1999 at 13:00:12
Name: J. Adam Kraft
City & State: Kansas City, MO
Source: Altavista search
Comments: I am an avid Michael Johnson fan and have been most of my life (although i am only 21 years of age). The very existence of this site pleases me very much because I have found many of the CD's that my father has that I have wanted to purchase for myself are currently unavailable. My message to Michael:
Your approach to music is an inspiration. I will be a life long fan.

Date: July 15, 1999 at 22:13:26
Source: WQIK RADIO 99.1



Date: July 19, 1999 at 18:24:35
Name: d jurgens
City & State: fremont, nebraska
Source: I've been a fan since 1974 - just looked for it
Comments: Why don't you do a concert close to Omaha or Lincoln, Nebraska - I know several people who would be tickled pink to see you in person again - its been way too long

Date: July 19, 1999 at 23:28:36
Name: Arlene F. Llaneta
City & State: Angeles City, Philippines
Source: Netscape Search...
Comments: Dear Michael,,,

This msg is really for you and i want to let u know that i'm really one of your avid fan. Actually it started when this friend of mine as me to get a copy of one of your songs and then when i heard the song in the radio, i felt like im in love, the lyrics, the message and everything about that song is perfectly done and up to now, i still love that song and that is "I'll always love you". Keep up the goodwork and may you have more blessings to come.......

Date: July 21, 1999 at 20:28:00
Name: jenine johnson
City & State: helena, montana
Source: ?????
Comments: have been trying and hoping to find you in concert in our area. thrilled you'll be in bozeman soon. regret i missed you in big sky last january. just love having a way to find out what's going on with you. thanks for having this website, and for continuing to share your gift of music.
sincerely, jenine johnson

Date: July 22, 1999 at 11:35:28
Name: Lori Edwards
City & State: Atlanta, GA
Source: Yahoo
Comments: Dear Michael, I used to go hear you at Charlottes Web in Rockford IL in the early 70's. My best friend was Betsey Kaske's little sister. I also caught your show back in Rockford several years ago. My husband is a friend of Jim Salestrom and we have enjoyed your collaborations with him. Thanks for all the years of great music; your songs come to mind a lot. I am looking forward to the CD release of your first albums, since mine are about worn out. Keep up all the good work and God Speed.

Date: July 24, 1999 at 16:54:29
Name: chris kennedy
City & State: rock springs, WY
Source: lookin' around...
Comments: Hey Michael...I hosted you here in Rock Springs in concert back in '96. I like receiving your newsletter and I'm glad to see you have an ongoing stream of gigs happening out there. I hope to catch your gig in Evanston, WY, when you're there with Paul Revere and the Raiders (?!). I am doing a few, scarce and scattered gigs too: in Moorcroft and Gillette, WY, and down in Trinidad, CO, and in my living room house concert with Tom May (my house). If you'd like to do a gig here in Rock Springs again sometime, let me know. I am hosting Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen again in February of 2000. Last year, I brought in Small Potatoes and Bill Staines. Happy Trails. CHRIS

Date: July 24, 1999 at 18:29:55
Name: Steve Manke
City & State: Albuqurque, NM
Source: Gil Plotkin
Comments: Michael- I used to play bass with Gil and saw you play Cedarburg Cultural Ctr. in Jan. '98. Later, you, Gil, Joe DeLucia and I went to a Mexican restaurant where Joe and I had the privilege of extinguishing a minor kitchen blaze. I gotta say your performance that night was nearly as incendiary but greatfully free of the hydrogenated oils that could have fueled an unfortunate, similiar conflagration. I live in New Mexico now and will never use the phrase "fire food" again without silently respecting its secret meaning. I'll keep my eyes out for your next trip down this way and hope to catch you at the Adobe Bar in Taos, or some other such supercool, super-hip haunt. Its good to see your're playing alot, thus proving there's still a market for good music- so Thanks!!!

Date: July 29, 1999 at 19:16:55
Name: HannahAnnC
City & State: NC
Source: john denver page
Comments: just browsing

Date: July 31, 1999 at 23:26:28
Name: Mary Reddy
City & State: Evanston, Euphoria
Source: Just lucky, I guess
Comments: Hey Michael, you gonna be at Ravinia this week? Can we get together for a meal/visit however brief?

Date: August 02, 1999 at 16:29:19
Name: Mike Styba
City & State: Shoreview,MN 55126
Source: I searched, starting with Lycos- music
Comments: Michael,I hope you're planning a Dec. 26th concert in Mpls again this year. I called the Minnesota Orchestra ticket office and they advised that they didn't have you on the schedule yet for this year. When do you think tickets will be available?
My wife and I have celebrated Christmas with you for the past 5 years.
What's up with Paul and the Raiders? I see alot of concerts with them. They are fun to work with,I'll bet... Take care Michael.... Mike Styba

Date: August 05, 1999 at 15:44:17
Name: Barbara M. Strauch
City & State: Maspeth, NY
Source: It's bookmarked and frequently visited.
Comments: Dear Michael,
Here's hoping you have a fantastic Birthday this coming Sunday!!! May the happiness your music brings to the lives of your fans and to my own life be returned to you a thousand times over!
With Best Wishes Always, Barbara

Date: August 05, 1999 at 23:06:03
Name: Judy Mancuso
City & State: Park Ridge, Il.
Source: Yahoo Search - Music
Comments: Michael I left a comment at a different area of your website then found this one. I was at Ravinia last night and was so pleasantly surprized to see and hear you. I loved your music and your style. This picking and strumming were just beautiful...you are a very nice looking man as well! I am taking guitar lessons myself and it's been a lifelong dream of mine to learn to play...I am still learning theory and hammer-ons etc..but it pure joy watching you last night. Are you in this area much? I'm surprized I've never seen you before although I remember Bluer than Blue. Wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your music and how touching it was. Thanks! Judy

Date: August 06, 1999 at 01:28:20
Name: Joey T. Sambile
City & State: angeles city
Source: browsing
Comments: reuqesting mp3 music for his album

Date: August 09, 1999 at 15:14:43
Name: dennis yanos
City & State: honolulu, hi
Comments: while going to tower records this past weekend (checking to see if the new michael's new reissues were out yet this month, I came across K-Tel's cd of Michael Johnson and Stephen Bishop's hit songs (5 each of their hits) priced at $8.99.

Just letting you know about it.

Date: August 11, 1999 at 13:44:55
Name: Barbara James
City & State: Los Angeles, CA
Source: looking for concert information
Comments: Hello Michael! Thanks for the great website! I've been a big fan of yours since the mid-70's when I first heard you perform at Hamline University in St. Paul. Have heard you many times over the years, and can hardly wait for your CD's of There Is A Breeze and For All You Mad Musicians--my albums have long since worn out as have my tapes. Hearing your music always makes me a little homesick for St. Paul and very nostalgic about those college days! Keep up the great work! Will you be doing any concerts in the L.A. area?
Thanks again.

Date: August 11, 1999 at 23:26:33
Name: jacob kraft
City & State: Joplin, MO
Source: My son told me about it
Comments: Hey Michael,
been with you from the first, just discovered your pages! You have brought so many hours of quality music to our lives.

never doubt our Gratitude!


Date: August 12, 1999 at 10:35:29
Name: Rick
City & State: Thomasville, Ga.
Source: surfing
Comments: I saw you in Chat. Tenn. at the Riverbend Festival. It was a
great show. I look forward to seeing you again. I've been a fan for a good many years. Keep up the fine work. God Bless.

Date: August 14, 1999 at 15:08:44
Name: Linda Markowitz
City & State: Edina, Minnesota
Source: Through a friend
Comments: Great job at the Mystic Lake "Wynonna concert!!" Thoroughly enjoyed the music and your easy style!! Looking forward to the next Christmas concert here "at home!!"

Date: August 16, 1999 at 16:01:43
Name: Jennie Kinsey
City & State: Joplin, MO
Source: Liner notes in the "Then and Now" CD
Comments: Michael sang a song several years ago on a program Jerry Jeff Walker hosted. I think the name of the show was Fiesta Texas. Michael called it his favorite love song. I think it was called, "Unconditionally" but I'm not sure. Has he recorded it and where can I get a copy. The words to the chorus are, "Unconditionally, unconditionally, maybe you find it hard to understand. You're in my heart wherever you go and I want you to know I love you, babe, unconditionally." I've looked for this for YEARS and have even tried to get a copy of the show but to no avail. He sang the song and a guy with a long blond ponytail played guitar with him. Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

Date: August 17, 1999 at 01:20:00
Name: Dhjet Garcia
City & State: Philippines
Source: researching
Comments: It's really great to know more about you.I love your songs very much.

Date: August 17, 1999 at 11:27:10
Name: Michael Crawford
City & State: Sumner Wa.
Source: I was searching for Michaels site
Comments: I have seen Michael in concert and was hooked I am an acoustic freak particularly Michael and James Taylor with Chet and Merle Travis thrown in too Keep up the good work

Date: August 21, 1999 at 17:53:04
Name: Wendy Weidner
City & State: Mumbles, Wales, United Kingdom
Source: searching on the net
Comments: I'm a Minnesota native who moved to the U.K. nearly 6 years ago but left most of my personal belongings in the United States in storage. This summer, I returned to the U.S. to take them out of storage and what did I find, but my long lost "Ain't dis da Life" album (among many others which I won't mention here). I just wanted you to know that after all those years, your album was the first one I chose to listen to...and believe me, it was worth the wait. The songs brought so many memories flooding back. I guess I just wanted to thank you. I'm looking forward to the new double CD. Will you ever come to the U.K. to play for us poor souls over here?

Date: August 23, 1999 at 10:17:49
Name: Mike Kmiecik
City & State: Monticello, MN
Source: searched and searched
Comments: Are you still doing your annual "after Christmas concert" on Dec. 26th? How do we get tickets?


Date: August 29, 1999 at 22:44:46
Name: Gary
City & State: Canada
Source: Know it
Comments: I have an o.o.p. Michael Johnson CD for sale. It's "That's That". It has 2 bonus songs on it, "Too Soon To Tell" and "Samson & Delilah" First $25 takes it. Email me at gvh@webgate.net Thanks, Gary

Date: August 30, 1999 at 17:20:08
Name: Lee Millay
City & State: La Marque, Texas
Source: Yahoo
Comments: Hi, Mr. Johnson -

I had the pleasure of seeing/hearing you at the Kerrville Folk Festival 3 or 4 years ago. It was a night of many surprises.

Of course, I was there to hear an old favorite of mine, Nanci Griffith. I arrived at 5:00 p.m. on a day that was hotter than the hinges of Hell, and one surprise was having to wait until midnight to hear her!

I was surprised by many of the other performers - at how good some were, and how stinking others were.

But the best surprise of the night was you. I was so impressed by your guitar-playing, your singing, your songwriting and your song selection.

Since then, I've been haunted by my incomplete memories of some wonderful songs you sang, particularly "That's That" and the song containing the line "A friend of mine is going blind . . ."

I'm not much of an internet explorer, but I did look for you once or twice before today, with some success. But at the time my computer setup didn't allow me to listen to samples of your recordings. Now, however, I'm soundbite-enabled - and I could only find a tiny little taste of your music, damn it all.

I've just gone through your discography - didn't find "A friend of mine . . . " but was pleased to see that you've collaborated with some other folks whose songwriting talents I admire - notably, Randy Sharp & Michael McDonald.

Next recording session, why don't you record Mr. McDonald's best tune, "I Can Let Go Now"?

Unfortunately, I find myself lacking a job, money and a CD player. If/when that deplorable situation changes, I'll buy as many of your recordings as can find.

I was disturbed to read in one of your bios that you had been ill - I do hope you're in good health now, and that we can look forward to more good music from you.

Thanks for that night in Kerrville, and all your music. Keep on keepin' on.


Lee Millay

Date: September 02, 1999 at 18:54:43
Name: Sharon Bryan
City & State: Bloomington, MN
Source: Lucky happenstance
Comments: I have been checking in music stores for years looking for re-releases of your early albums on CD. I am so happy to have found them at last. (Expect my check in a couple days.)

I was introduced to your music at concert at St. Kate's college in St. Paul over 20 years ago & have enjoyed your Christmas show at Orchestra Hall at least 8 times. One of my greatest treasures was tape recorded in the early 80's of a radio simul-cast, which I attended & a friend recorded, but when my son was two, he dropped it down the heat register (toast). Do you have any plans to publish any of those live performances or were they even recorded by the station? I don't even remember which station it was.

Date: September 03, 1999 at 14:29:29
Name: John A. Evans
City & State: Colorado Springs, CO
Source: Been here many times
Comments: FYI - the concert in the Springs on Sep 14th is located at the City Auditorium and right now, tickets are available at Independent Records on Platte Blvd. for $20 each, cash only. Can't wait - finally after all these years, I get to see Michael in concert.

enjoy - john

Date: September 04, 1999 at 23:21:08
Name: Jaimie Lindsay (formerly Jaimie Grady)
City & State: Harrisburg, PA.
Source: search engine
Comments: Hello Michael;

Not sure if you remember me. We met way back in 1987 or 1988 at the Lariat Lounge in Catsalina Az outside of Tucson. "That's That" had just been released. We met up again up in Phoenix. Then one last timein Baltimore, MD. (one of those dreaded mall shows). Would love to catch up. I can't believe Imisse your show in March of 98 in York, PA. near me by 30 min. Been busy raising babies (2 now)and NOT with the goof you advised me to leave!

Looking foward to getting the best of and seeing you live sometime in a venue where my daughter can attend. She is quite the music hound at three.

Take care

Date: September 06, 1999 at 18:08:47
Name: Gary Wilson
City & State: Kirkland, WA
Source: By a link to some other web site
Comments: FYI :
I was talking to Leo Kottke last month when he was here in Seattle, WA and asked him if he would consider doing "Classical Gas" on a future CD. I told him Steve Howe did a version of it that the audience ate it up. He said he actually had considered it & wanted to talk to you about possibly getting an arrangement.

Date: September 06, 1999 at 22:01:55
Name: Mike McCoy
City & State: Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin
Source: I was looking for a way to buy one of Michael's CD's (Departure)
Comments: Hi Michael... I hate to do this to you, but I'm going to take you down "Memory Lane." In the early 80's some of my friends and I saw you in concert in Decorah, Iowa. For one of your encores you played "Rooty-toot for the Moon" and as you played, a full moon (or close) came up over your shoulder...hey! that sounds like a good idea for love song! Actually, it really did happen! If I remember correctly, it was in August and it was your birthday. After the concert, the five of us hung around and we had the opportunity to talk to you. We even sang "Happy Birthday" to you and I think you recorded it on a little tape recorder. My friend (who was there that night) said that he saw you in concert this past summer and he and his wife (who was also there that night in Decorah) were able to talk to you again and told you about that night. Just for the record, you also autographed a tin of Skoal chewing tobacco for me...(I quit chewing, but I still have the tin). Anyway... I have been listening you since for a long time (I have scratchy albums of four of your first five albums). My buddy visited this summer and brought his (and your) Departure CD and played it for me. I found your website and ordered it tonight. I also hope to see you in concert this next February in Galesville. Thanks for all the great tunes! My two oldest children walk in when I play your music and say, "This sounds like Michael Johnson." There is hope for them!

Date: September 09, 1999 at 16:26:21
Name: Tobi Davis
City & State: Woodridge,IL
Source: Search Engine
Comments: Dear Michael,
I thought I'd lost your music forever! I lent 2 lps to a former boyfriend and never got them back. I found your double CD set of the music I thought I'd never hear again. I grew up in Mpls. and all my friends and I listened to your music constantly. My friend, Phil used "Good Life" in his wedding. He used to see you in concert when you'd sit on the edge of the stage and have people move down front and play for them. I saw you at the Minnesota State Fair, some year in the 70's. Thank goodness you are still performing, my husband and I will come see you in Elmhurst on Oct. 15th, when I can relive my teenage years. Thanks for all the memories!
Tobi Davis (former Minnesotan, now in Illinois)

Date: September 12, 1999 at 10:37:43
Name: Kenny Adkins
City & State: Kimberling City , Mo.
Source: surfin, looking for MJ`

Date: September 13, 1999 at 17:33:33
Name: Jake Scott
City & State: Phoenix, AZ
Source: Metacrawler search
Comments: Michael, I believe you did a song in the late 70's or early 80's about a June Wedding.... Lyrics as I remember them were "I'll take another wedding in stride, here's another June wedding and I'm sitting on the brides side again.....Why not me, we had a real love..." I heard it off of a single and have never been able to find it again. Please let me know if you recorded this.


Date: September 15, 1999 at 13:51:17
Name: Kevin K Conner
City & State: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Source: At work
Comments: Michael, I have followed your music since the very early '70's. I first heard you at a performance at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. I have everything you've recorded. I don't mean to sound like a groupie but I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed your music and vocals. Being a singer/songwriter myself, I've performed some of your album cuts. A favorite has always been Rooty Toot Toot to the Moon. My wife now enjoys your music as well. We hope to catch you in person soon. Thanks for all the good songs. Kevin Conner

Date: September 17, 1999 at 05:01:06
Name: neil jasper f. deliso
City & State: butuan city,Philippines
Source: by connecting
Comments: I want to know more about Michael Johnson

Date: September 17, 1999 at 23:33:58
Name: Judy Mancuso
City & State: Park Ridge, Illiinois
Source: searched for it after I saw Michael in concert
Comments: I loved his show and would like to see more of him

Date: September 18, 1999 at 19:52:15
Name: John A. Evans
City & State: Colorado Springs
Source: been here before
Comments: All,

Michael gave a fantastic opening concert here in Colorado Springs. If you have never seen Michael in concert, you owe yourself. I can't wait to see him again.!!!


Date: September 19, 1999 at 00:15:27
Name: Lisa Peterson
City & State: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Source: Yahoo search for "Michael Johnson"
Comments: Hi, Michael! I'm a "fan from your past...AND present".... Hopefully, you remember me...? I've interviewed you for a newspaper story in St. Cloud, Minnesota; I've visited with you at the Minnesota State Fair and played witty word games with you at the Holiday Inn in Sioux Falls (you were touring with The Judds). I'm looking forward to seeing you at the Chamber of Commerce dinner at the Sioux Falls Pavillion on October 4th. I've enjoyed your music for over twenty years and continue to enjoy your work. If time allows, perhaps we can visit after the Chamber Dinner for a few minutes. Until then, take care and have a safe trip to Sioux Falls! Warm regards, Lisa

Date: September 20, 1999 at 10:10:52
Name: Ann
City & State: Faribault, MN
Source: Net search
Comments: I saw you years ago at a concert you gave at St. Cloud State University in MN. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you perform your music. I swear you sang a song called "It's My Job" (or something like that) and have been looking for a recording of that ever since. Am I crazy? Did you or did you not sing a song like that????? Help! :-)

Date: September 22, 1999 at 18:51:22
Name: Jeff & Teresa Hammer
City & State: Pocatello, Idaho
Source: long long ago in a search engine far far away...
Comments: Hi Michael,

We saw your show last night in Idaho Falls, and what a great show it was. As we mentioned last night, we've waited over six years for a chance to see you... please don't wait another six years to come back! It was truly a pleasure to talk to you last night. Teresa said that, in the seven years we've been together, she'd never seen me 'gush' until I was talking to you. I don't really know exactly what it means to 'gush', but it is apparently something I did last night & I apologize if I got any on ya...

...but seriously...

It's obvious to us that your music is ageless, because our 14 year old daughter Jessica is a big MJ fan and was more than a little miffed that we didn't take her with us (due to the nature of the ticket sales, we weren't sure WE were going to get in until we did). When we got home, she wasn't really talking to us until we showed her the autograph you signed for her. That seemed to restore the peace for now. But rest assured she will be there next time...

Until then, please take care of yourself. And thanks again for a fun evening!

Date: September 24, 1999 at 21:55:48
Name: chris vicencio
City & State: daly city, ca
Comments: Michael Johnson has touched so many hearts w/ his great songs.
He is one of the best! More power!

Date: September 26, 1999 at 21:19:40
Name: Roger M. Olson
Source: You e-mailed me.
Comments: Thanks for the re-release of the early albums, I've already ordered and await the CD set with much anticipation. Thanks also for e-mails making me aware of the foreign re-releases. At long last I can have a clean copy of what I feel is a hauntingly beautiful song "Dialogue."
Finally, thanks for the music -- it really is priceless.

Date: September 29, 1999 at 19:48:23
Name: Debra Robichaud
City & State: Morinville, Alberta, Canada
Source: luck
Comments: Love all your music, and was thrilled to find a web page for you. I would like to say that I saw you in Edmonton when you performed with Don Williams way back when. Do you please on doing any more concerts in Alberta - if so, let me know when and where.

I hope to get all your vocal albums on CD soon. I called a music store here in Canada, and they stated that they couldn't even order any, as they were deleted in the USA and Canada.

Is it possible to order through you? I would like to have all your albums (on CD form of course) from 1977 on. Any help you can provide for me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for the great music.

Debra Robichaud

Date: October 03, 1999 at 03:14:14
Name: Mark Spencer
City & State: Prior Lake, MN
Comments: I just got my new CD "The Early Albums".....It was fun to hear a fresh, clean recording! I was confused when I didnt hear the "clicks and scratches" in the same places that were on my LP's! It really brings back old memories....and the names in the liner notes; Mark Henley, Herb Pilhofer, Leo Kottke, Tom Jung, WOW! I know it was a long and winding road to release this; Thanks and congratulations! ( ...interesting that the return address for the CD was in Shakopee, MN...????)

Date: October 04, 1999 at 02:54:36
Name: Greg and Jeanne McGill O'Haver
City & State: Indianapolis ,Indiana
Source: link
Comments: Mike, I used to work at Ledbetters in the late 60s and was there the first night you played and Randy Sparks came up on stage and told everyone you were the best talent to play on that stage. Considering the people that played there over the years that was quite a compliment. Congratulations on all the success you have had over the years. Ten years ago I married an old friend of mine and yours from Minn. named Jeanne McGill. We play Contemporary Christian music together and get to Nashville now and then. I hope we get a chance to see you sometime and if you ever get to Indianapolis, please let us know. God Bless, Greg

Date: October 06, 1999 at 10:14:10
Name: Becky Martin
City & State: Omaha Nebraska
Comments: Craig Brown and I mailed you an invitation to our wedding a few weeks ago but the it was returned. I must have an old address. Anyway, we are to be wed on Saturday, October 16 at 1:00 PM in the chapel of the First Presbyterian Church in Sioux Falls,South Dakota with a reception following at Theo's. We would love to have you attend if your hectic schedule allows.

Following the wedding we will be residing in San Mateo, California. I will E-mail our new address and phone number.

Date: October 09, 1999 at 20:56:12
Name: Shelly Toepelt
City & State: Old Greenwich, CT 06870
Comments: I had the great pleasure of seeing Michael perform in Greenwich, CT last week. I had never heard him before. I was captivated by his words, music, stage presence, and humor.

Date: October 11, 1999 at 19:19:29
Name: Drew Jansen
City & State: Golden Valley, MN
Source: I found the site quite sufficient, thank you!
Comments: For those who haven't ordered "The Early Albums", do it today! What a true joy to hear all of these classic albums with digital clarity. I defy anyone to re-hear MJ's "Old Folks" and not be moved. And those strings on "Mr. Arthur's Place"...heaven. The CDs are shipped out of the Twin Cities, and I received mine the day after I ordered. Great liner notes, too. A long-awaited package, executed beautifully. A must.

Date: October 12, 1999 at 21:34:10
Name: tom ryan
City & State: long lake mn
Comments: when your finger heals so yo may dial the phone call us and now you have our new email address love and kisses tr

Date: October 15, 1999 at 21:29:53
Name: coy
Comments: michael--should you ever sift through and find this, I'd like to chat with you--C.L.Laine Appraising in Missoula--email not advised.

Date: October 15, 1999 at 21:56:52
Name: Betsy Gerboth
City & State: Eagan,MN
Source: From an album
Comments: Years and years ago (well, about 1979), when I was a very young reporter for my college newspaper in Moorhead, MN, I had the chance to interview Michael. He was gracious and kind and charming and put me at ease, even though I was so nervous I was afraid I'd fall on the floor. I've been listening to his music ever since, and I am delighted to find his early albums available on CD, since I've almost worn out my vinyl. Hey, Michael -- thanks for everything.

Date: October 16, 1999 at 21:33:47
Name: Donna Anderson
City & State: St.Paul,MN
Comments: Dear Michael:
Just read the news you will not be doing your holiday concert in Mpls. this year and I realized that I too will need to find something else to do, for the 1st time in 23 years, on the the night after Christmas.
So for those of us who love your music and may find ourselves in holiday music withdrawl, let me make a suggestion. Will you please consider doing a recording of what are now your holiday classics? There's a New Kid in Town, This Time Next year, Best Years of Our Lives, Upon a Christmas Eve etc. are wonderful songs and you need to record them or rerecord them so the music gets out there. I think there is a market even if you released it on cassette. Please think about it.
There are many of us who would love to hear these songs more than just once a year.
Missing the music already,

Date: October 21, 1999 at 09:45:50
Name: Denis Bermingham
City & State: Dublin, Ireland
Source: Interested in Michael's music - searched for site
Comments: Has Michael ever toured in Ireland? Any intention to in the future?

Date: October 21, 1999 at 19:11:07
Name: Guillermo Ainciburu
City & State: La Plata, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Source: through yahoo!
Comments: I'm a great fan of Stephen Bishop and I listen to a lot of music. Through the "Back to back" album I had the chance to know about you,Michael. Your songs are really great, I enjoyed this album very much and I look forward to get another albums of yours in the near future.
Great guitar work and a nice voice!

Date: October 24, 1999 at 04:55:13
Name: Eddie Byford
City & State: Soldotna Alaska
Source: From Mike at the Kenai Consert 10-23-99
Comments: 2 things I would like to know I want to purchace the CD that has
Lifes a bitch then you die on it also I had talked to Mike a few years back about doing private shows and does he still do them?
Thaks alot,
Eddie Byford

Date: October 25, 1999 at 21:05:38
Name: Phil and Cathy Cralle Jones
City & State: Greenville NC
Source: looked
Comments: Michael: Cathy and I met you when you did nooners at Middle Tenn St. University. We were students at Vanderbilt in Nashville. Now we are married with two little ones, and living in eastern NC (pronounced wet!) Have you ever been invited to East Carolina University or any other schools in eastern NC. We are thinking of flying out to the Bluebird to hear you on November 12... Stay cool ...in Alaska, it's probably not difficile... PHIL AND CATHY

Date: October 26, 1999 at 10:31:13
Name: Maureen Martin
City & State: Woodbury, MN
Comments: We'll be missing you in MN on 12/26 but hoping you enjoy a Christmas off with your boys. We hope to drive down to ST. Peter on 12/10 to see you there. Take care, Maureen

Date: October 30, 1999 at 00:56:46
Name: Monte S. Freidig
City & State: Sonoma County, CA
Source: Searching for recent Michael Johnson info
Comments: It's great to discover Michael Johnson has his own website.
It's even better to find that the early Capitol records are available on disc--I've been looking for years. (When are you coming to the Bay Area, MJ? I have not seen you play since you played in my hometown of Willmar, MN almost 30 years ago). I can also remember Michael & Leo Kottke doing some tunes from Jackson Browne's great debut album on TV from that time.

Date: November 05, 1999 at 12:20:04
Name: Jill Wright
City & State: Plymouth, MN
Source: On Then&Now Cd
Comments: Your the best Michael!!! We our very sorry that you're not playing in Minneapolis this Christmas! Keep playing that wonderful music and thanks so much for putting out "There is a Breeze!" We LOVE YOU!

Date: November 10, 1999 at 18:38:52
Name: Jan Pendergast
City & State: Brockton MA
Source: Searching for lyrics
Comments: The album "There is a breeze" (along with your other early albums) have been an inspiration to me for many years. I am a musician on the side (or mabey my day job is really on the side). I don't have a turntable at present, and I am trying to recall (or find somewhere on the web)the lyrics to jacque brel's "old folks". I have always loved the arrangement on the album. Anyways, I just want to say thanks for the fine music.

Date: November 11, 1999 at 22:27:48
Name: tom ryan
City & State: long lake mn.
Comments: michael, email me with your other email address. and let me know when you will be in mpls. the ryan hotel is always open. if you have nothing going on around the 5th of dec. that is st. nick night and it would be fun if you were here. love and kisses tom @kate ryan

Date: November 13, 1999 at 19:14:57
Name: Shelly Toepelt
City & State: Old Greenwich, CT
Source: Michael gave this site name @ a concert in Greenwich
Comments: Michael, thanks for writing your "Thoughts on Perseverance", it was just what I needed to jump-start my evening.

...hope one day I click on your performance schedule and find a date within driving distance of CT...til then, I'll enjoy all the wonderful thoughts you included on your website.
Thank you...

Date: November 14, 1999 at 20:05:55
Name: Donald R. Stuart
City & State: Dalton, Georgia 30720
Source: From CD's
Comments: Michael, My Wife and I went to your show at The Blue Bird Cafe November 12th in Nashville. The show was really great! Enjoyed meeting you very much! We wanted to know the young lady's name that sang with you. She was very good! Does she have any CD's out? Please cut another CD for your fans! Put that young lady on it too! A friend and a fan, Don Stuart.

Date: November 16, 1999 at 02:03:20
Name: Linda Lauderdale
City & State: Meridian, MS
Source: Been here before
Comments: I caught Michael's show Nov. 12 at the Bluebird (I love that place).I've seen him there before. This time I took my 7-year-old, my 17-year-old (both MJ fans from a very early age)and her too-cool-for-this-kind-of-thing boyfriend. Well, I guess he's not as cool as he thought, because he loved the show as much as we did.

Date: November 16, 1999 at 11:41:52
Name: Joe Morton
City & State: Palm Harbor, Florida
Comments: Michael

Had the extreme pleasure of FINALLY seeing you live at the BBIRD on Nov 12th. I flew in from Tampa and met my best friends to make the show. It was everything I had hoped and more. I deal with major CEO's, and have met the prez and vp of the US, along with many, many "important" politicians and celebrities. Still, this was the first time I was tongue-tied. Your talent and presence in the small venue was unlike any musical experience I have ever had. Anyone who has not seen MJ in concert is missing the treat of a lifetime. I had hoped to be able to se you in Ft. Pierce, Fla on the 17th, but I will need to be in court. Perhaps you will consider further visits to the sunshine state in the near future. I can almost guarantee a sellout! Again, thanks for the kindness you showed to all your fans, "Hobo Jim".

Hope to catch you again in the very near future, and have your "40's" CD out VERY soon.

Joe Morton

Date: November 20, 1999 at 23:12:53
Name: margaret jenkins
City & State: bloomington minnesota
Comments: Where's our christmas album?? "Christians roasting on an open fire!"

Date: November 23, 1999 at 18:03:02
Name: Bill Bentz (the other car guy in Minneapolis)
City & State: Twin Cities
Comments: We'll sure miss you on December 26th. After 23 years, I'm not sure what else we're supposed to do the night after Christmas. In your honor, at 8pm on the 26th, we'll sit in front of the fireplace, drink a toast to you, and rack up all of your CD's on the changer. We'll try our best, unsuccessfully I'm sure, to fill with appropriate MJ stories and commentary. Have the best Christmas ever.

Date: November 29, 1999 at 16:08:20
Name: Norris Elwood
City & State: Clearfield, UT
Comments: Hi Michael!
Just a note to wish you a happy holiday season and to tell you it would be great if you could make it out to Country Jam in Colorado at the end of June sometime...

Date: November 29, 1999 at 19:50:45
Name: John W. Hays
City & State: Eden Prairie, MN
Source: Paul Keiski pointed me toward it.
Comments: I am truly indebted to you for the energy, effort, and perseverance you put forth to re-release the gems "There is a Breeze", "For All You Mad Musician's", and "Ain't Dis Da Life"! I have missed them, pined for them, and searched for them. I am thoroughly enjoying hearing them again. Thank you for sharing your voice and your guitar playing!

To those of you fans who haven't had the pleasure of hearing Michael's earliest albums, you gotta check this out!! I am sure you will be pleased you did.

All the best to you, Michael Johnson!

Date: December 09, 1999 at 18:13:02
Name: Heather Wisell
City & State: West St Paul, MN
Source: Looked for it and did a search
Comments: I need to find a CD of "The Michael Johnson Album". I grew up listening
to a record. It was one of the reasons I started singing myself. Please if you know of anywhere I can buy it I would be very thankful.

Date: December 10, 1999 at 02:32:36
Name: Dennis
City & State: Honolulu, HI
Comments: didn't they make a typo on the "Early Albums" CD?

disc 1, selection 17 is instead "For All you mad musicians"

Date: December 11, 1999 at 02:58:16
Name: Jerry C
City & State: St. Peter
Source: You told Me Michael:
Comments: Wow, another great show, after 30 years of coming here you think at least one show would be a bust, but it just never happens. Have to say the sound guy was a little shakey the first set, but it was always fun.
( for those of you who don't know, I am the sound guy.)

Thanks Cindy for giving us such a great web site to check out.

Merry Christmas Michael.and friends


Date: December 12, 1999 at 21:27:18
Name: Allan Meyer
City & State: Lynn Haven, FL
Source: Surfing
Comments: Micheal,
I saw you in concert in Panama City on November 18. My wife and I were fortunate enough to speak with you prior to the concert, and you were gracious enough to get us inside the auditorium prior to opening time, and right in the front row. This is the first time I've seen you live, although I've been a mega-fan since 1978. I have since ordered the 3-album CD of the early years, which complete's my collection of your music. Except for the European release, I now have all your albums on CD. Hope to see you again soon, and it would be great to have your video w/Allison Krause, as well as a CD of your Christmas music. You are truly an awesome talent. Thanks for the music!!!!

Date: December 14, 1999 at 04:53:09
Name: Doris Marie Kinnick
City & State: Eau Claire,WI
Source: I went to a concert and picked up the price list and the web site was listed
Comments: Michael it was great seeing you in concert in Chippewa Falls. I really enjoyed your show. You are a great entertainer. I hope you can come back next year.
I thought it was really cool when you sang Cain's Blood. My husband was a big fan of the group who recorded it, but he didn't know that you wrote it. We played the song on WAXX 104 too.
I like your web site too.
I hope you and your family have a Blessed Christmas
Doris Marie Kinnick

Date: December 14, 1999 at 22:23:18
Name: Rick Silloway
City & State: Chippewa Falls, WI
Source: literature from your concert
Comments: Michael,

Really enjoyed your show last night in Chippewa Falls. I haven't seen you for some time. I'm a musician myself, after I finish teaching fourth graders all day--actually, the teaching of children is the only gig I've ever had where I'm sure no one will walk out on me (unless they have to puke). I'm a percussionist but my first love is to sing--I learned alot singing your songs and others like Al Jarreau. Hope to see you again soon!

Rick Silloway

Date: December 17, 1999 at 19:42:11
Name: Tom Moran
City & State: concord, massachusetts
Source: I queried under Michael Johnson
Comments: I've been listening to Michael Johnson's music for over 16
years and I've never grown tired of it. There is not a lot of coverage on him in the Massachusetts area, so the web site is a big help. I would love to see him perform, but I've never seen or heard of any shows in the area.

Date: December 22, 1999 at 23:26:04
Name: Mark and Carla Lane
City & State: Launching Place, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
Source: CD Jacket
Comments: Some two years ago we made a trip to America for a two week holiday. We were in Los Angeles, flipping-out at ACTUALLY being in Tower Records etc (it's a long way from Australia!) and all the other record stores sent from heaven. Whilst in one of the stores, an overhead video monitor was playing this strange version of Kenny Loggins and Melissa Manchester's song, "Whenever I Call You Friend". My wife and I stopped in our tracks and stared up at the screen transfixed. This version was amazing - incredibly beautiful, incredibly intimate. "Who in god's name is that?" we asked each other. Neither of us knew. We continued to watch the screen and listen oblivious to our surroundings. The name of the artists appeared very quickly and briefly at the bottom of the screen - Michael Johnson and Allison somebody which was too quick to see. We immediately made for the counter at the finish of the song. "Do you have any Michael Johnson stuff?" we pleaded with the Assistant. He took us to the "J" section but were disappointed to find nothing. Damn! During the next couple of weeks we searched other record stores but found very little of Michael's and definitely no album with the Loggins/Manchester song on it. We returned home to Australia and have continued our search of our own stores without success for two years. But then we became computer literate!!!!!! We jumped on the internet, searched the CDNow site, and discovered that "Then and Now" could be ordered via credit card. Well yesterday it arrived. I wish I could do justice in mere words to the unbelievable surprise the album gave us during our first listen yesterday. We both sat there repeating "Wow" to each other song after song. Soon as I read to credits and the names Goodrum, Snow, Kaz and Labounty appeared I thought this may be okay. I am familiar with some of their work. But nothing prepared us for the absolute thrill this album gave us. We have played it repeatedly since it arrived yesterday. Every song is brilliant, but in particular, "The Moon is Still Over Her Shoulder" is incredibly moving. We are thrilled to have discovered a treasure that has been around for some time, but sooo out of reach all these miles away. You are terrific Michael. Thanks to the internet, we will now be able to share in the enjoyment of Michael's other work. We are so glad we walked into that L.A record store two years ago. More, more, more!!!!!!! Mark and Carla from Australia

Date: December 23, 1999 at 15:20:30
Name: joe gelarden
City & State: indianapolis, indiana
Source: damm fool luck
Comments: Merry Christmas Michael.
Only four more years and susan and i will move to east boothbay. joe

Date: December 25, 1999 at 21:27:17
Name: jane Nix
City & State: Olympia Fields, Il.
Source: Friend
Comments: HAppy New Year! Hope to have you come to the Chicago area in the year 2000! Addus to your newsletter!

Date: December 26, 1999 at 08:59:06
Name: Dr. Jan Herman
City & State: Stroudsburg, PA
Source: Just searchin' around for MJ stuff...
Comments: Michael, I've loved your songs for decades. They've touched my heart and meant so much to me in so many ways at some really wonderful (and some really hard) times in my life. Thank you for helping to get me to this point! I can't believe, looking at your schedule for the last two years, that you were so close to my home in Eastern PA and that you did a gig with Dave Pomerantz and Stephen Bishop, two more of my favorite singer/songwriters of the last 20-30 years! I'd give my eye teeth (or almost, anyway) for a recording of that show. I might have been there if I'd known about it (although Manila is a long way off). Is a recording available? Please let me know. Good luck in all your endeavoers in the future. And please come back to Eastern PA, New Jersey, or NYC soon... Dr. Jan Herman

Date: December 27, 1999 at 19:25:15
Name: paul alford
City & State: santa maria, calif.
Source: from the cd "then and now"
Comments: really like your style. I've been playing and singing over 40 years. Have a 35 year old martin classic. My life changed when I discovered the major 7th chords. I play along with your songs adding my own style. I also enjoy and play along with alison krauss. keep up the beautiful work. Paul

Date: December 30, 1999 at 23:09:44
Name: Shawn
City & State: Lubbock, TX
Comments: I have an autographed copy of Michael's "Lifetime Guarantee" LP up for sale, (what a rare, great LP!). All is in near mint condition, cover has large bullet hole (delete mark). $10 + $2 S&H. E-mail if interested.

Date: December 31, 1999 at 14:17:13
Name: John Evans
City & State: Colorado Springs, CO
Source: been here before
Comments: Greetings All,

I located some out of print CDs of Michael's at
www.secondspin.com - in particular, I found the
CDs, The Best of Michael Johnson and Michael Johnson.

Hope all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

john evans

Date: December 31, 1999 at 16:03:07
Name: Shawn
City & State: Lubbock, TX
Comments: Just found 2 more MJ LPs, Dialogue (autographed) Excellent shape, and There Is A Breeze (Promo DJ Copy)...e-mail me an offer!

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